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Ironic Echoes in Internet media.

  • From Minecraft: The Ex-Communicated Series, Nova booted Seamus off the edge of a cliff to go get a werewolf, saying "What's that down there?" Later, Seamus shows he's Not So Above It All when he uses a superpunch to boot Nova off the edge, saying in a very cynical tone "What's that down there?" Link here.
  • In a Katers17 YouTube Video, this happens at the halfway point, when the main character is told not to wear the dress.
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  • In Survival of the Fittest, in a scene that's an homage to the Joker, Blood Boy says "Why so serious?" as part of his intimidating speech to Matthew Wittany. He then attacks Matt, viciously beating him with his gun, as well as killing Matt's friend, Corbin. The tides eventually turn, though, and Matt gets out his own gun and shoots Blood Boy with it. What does he say while shooting? "Why so serious?"
  • In the lonelygirl15 episode "Handcuffed", when captive villain Lucy is dying, Jonas tells her, "No you stupid bitch, no! You don't get to die! It's not that easy!" After the Grand Finale, "The Ascension", Lucy uploads a video showing that she is still alive, the description for which is "It's not that easy, Jonas."
  • In the third book of Shadow of the Templar, Jeremy finally loses patience with a bedridden and uber-bitching Simon and tells him to stick it because he's the only friend Simon has apart from his teammates. Simon replies that Jeremy isn't his friend, "just this guy." Later on, when Simon tries to stop Jeremy from leaving in the fourth book, Jeremy says coldly that Simon's "just this guy" to him.
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  • This Let's Play of Ratchet & Clank (2002) affectionately titles each part, starting with "And they say this is hard...", however, after a long 63 part playthrough, he decides to change his mind.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has a number of echoed lines, but the two most prominent are likely:
    • At one point idealist Love Interest Penny sings to Dr. Horrible/Billy, "keep your head up, Billy buddy", to try to cheer him up and get him to be more optimistic. Then later on Dr. Horrible repeats the line to build up his courage to commit his first murder by killing the Hero Antagonist.
    • Then later on, while Evil Gloating, Dr. Horrible sings triumphantly, "Then I win, then I get everything I ever", in anticipation of what he's expecting to be a victory. In the next song, after he's achieved the victory at the high cost of Penny accidentally being killed, the phrase "everything you ever..." is repeated as an eerie, almost mocking refrain.
  • The Runaway Guys have this sometimes.
    • One notable one is in their very first project, the classic Mario Party for Nintendo 64. Towards the end of the first part of Luigi's Engine Room, when Jon gets a Poison Mushroom, Chugga chimes in with this:
      Chugga: Hey, Jon. Hey, Jon. Don't eat the mushroom.
      Jon: ...I hate your face.
      *Chugga laughs, NCS groans*
      NCS: Man, talk about perfect timing!
      Chugga: I was saving that joke!
      Jon: I like how you scripted jokes for— to say—
      Chugga: Well, I just thought of it on the plane!
      Jon: You thought of it on the wa— You literally have thought of this for days! You've been waiting days to make a "Don't eat the mushroom" reference!
      Chugga: Well, I guess I knew it would bug you! I knew it would bug you, that's why I did it.
    • One turn later, Laser-Guided Karma strikes: Chugga gets a Warp Block ("NOOOOOO!"), switches places with Jon ("NOOOOOO!"), and also gets a poison mushroom ("NOOOOOO!"). NCS bursts out laughing while, naturally, Jon remarks with a mocking tone, "HEY, CHUGGA! DON'T EAT THE MUSHROOM! I HEAR IT'S BAD FOR YOU!"
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In Episode 51, Vegeta asks Cell how can he be 'semi-perfect'? "Either you are perfect or you are not me". Come Episode 52, the now perfect Cell hands those words right back to Vegeta, before slamming him through a mountain.
    • The beginning of Episode 55 has Piccolo complaining about how people are panicking over Cell's ultimatum when his father did far worse, prompting Vegeta to mockingly comment "Look at the poor little Namekian, lost and forgotten to time." Moments later, the news reports that Cell even makes Vegeta and Nappa's invasion years earlier "look like a rampaging toddler", invoking an outraged reaction from Vegeta while Piccolo comments "Look at the poor little Saiyan, lost and forgotten to time."
    • In Episode 48, Cell responds to Android 18 refusing to let him absorb her by saying "To be honest, your compliance isn't a factor." In Episode 60 Part 1, Android 16 tells Cell "Your compliance isn't a factor." when Cell objects to being killed by 16's nuclear Self-Destruct Mechanism. Cell is mystified by how 16 could even remember that line, since Cell had damaged his cybernetic brain before saying it.
  • These two fanmade Thomas the Tank Engine episodes are meant to provide a possible interpretation of the events between Dirty Work and A Close Shave. In Part 2, upon Diesel's lies getting exposed, the big engines decide to do to Diesel what he tricked them into doing to Duck in "Dirty Work":
    [Gordon, Henry, James, Edward, Thomas, and Percy all block Diesel from entering Knapford Station and blow steam at him]
    Henry: Keep out!
    Diesel: Stop that! What's going on here? I want to go through, I'm tired!
    Gordon: So are we. We're tired of you. We like Duck.
    James: We don't like you. You tell tales about Duck and Henry to the trucks.
  • In The Last Angel, the phrase "Burn with me." seems to be rooted in the only transmission the Compact made to Humanity during the battle of Earth: "You. Will. burn."
  • In Outside Xbox, while playing the Colorado level of Hitman (2016):
    Nameless Guard: Did you see who threw that?
    Andy: <hits guard in the head with a thrown brick> Did you see who threw that?
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged:
    • Father Alexander Anderson gets to throw out two of these back to back against Bishop Maxwell in the eighth episode. Maxwell, leader of a Renegade Splinter Faction of the Catholic Church, led his forces to England first to defeat Millennium and to kill as many Protestants as possible before intending to return to Italy and overthrow Pope Francis and name Maxwell the new Pope. When ordering his men to fire on the English bystanders, Maxwell tells them give no quarter to sinners and let God sort them out. Later, apparently not satisfied with the thought of being Pope, he takes a page out of Light Yagami's playbook and declares himself the god of this new world. Shortly afterward Anderson betrays Maxwell, throwing him to the horde of ghouls Alucard has unleashed. When Maxwell demands to know why, Anderson quotes the purpose of their organization: "To destroy the demon, the heretic, and the false god." Maxwell then tries to say that he doesn't deserve such a death, and Anderson simply quotes him about giving sinners no quarter and letting God sort them out.
    • Later in the episode, Anderson tells his subordinate Heinkel that one doesn't have to obey a leader "when he's acting like a daft cunt." After that Anderson goes to attempt to challenge Alucard, an immortal Humanoid Abomination who has long since proven himself all but unkillable and has only now unleashed his true power. When Anderson inevitably gets in over his head, Heinkel and the rest of the Iscariot organization comes back to save him despite Anderson having ordered them to safety. Heinkel throws the bit about not having to follow orders if your leader is acting like a daft cunt back in Anderson's face, who isn't happy about it despite the fact that he certainly appreciates having been saved from certain death.
  • Urinating Tree:
    • For his "Congrats, Indians!" made after the Cleveland Indians were knocked out of the 2017 postseason, he plays a clip of a play-by-play announcer proclaiming "Once againnote  Cleveland, you will have an October to remember!" after they had clinched a playoff spot, then again after winning the first two games of a best-of-five series against the New York Yankees...before losing the next three.
    • His postmortem on the 2017 Cleveland Browns includes a clip from the end of the previous season where Browns head coach Hue Jackson states that the team would not go 1-15 again. Strictly speaking he was right...the team went 0-16.
    • Tree's videos on the NBA before the 2019 NBA Finalsnote  featured him telling fans of teams not named the Golden State Warriors "You're fucked". Come the Finals, and a disastrous outing by the Warriors, Tree turned that catch phrase around on the Warriors, as key players Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson would not be available for the majority of the next seasonnote .
  • This Quora answer, where the respondent gives a shifty car salesman his own line after buying from a different dealer.


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