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  • Narbonic: "I love you." "Not enough." Note that both characters who say it are ironically echoing the other. Isn't time travel fun?
  • In It's Walky!, Walky tells Joyce "You are beautiful, Joyce. It's the world that's ugly." Joyce later uses this line on his sister, Sal, in an attempt to talk her down from her Homicidal Rage.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, Perrault tells November "You could always turn around and go home." Then, they meet Red. Somewhat later, following her through the woods, November repeats the line to Perrault.
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  • A Miracle of Science has two, "That, gentlemen, is the sound of conquest" and "Behold, the Martian invasion fleet." The first one is used by Ben first in the flashback as a Mad Scientist trying to take over the moon, and later by Ben when he is confronting Haas. The second one is used first jokingly by Caprice, but then seriously by Ben in the end.
  • Girl Genius: When Agatha awakes on Castle Wulfenbach, Moloch covers her mouth and tells her "Quiet! Quiet! I'm not gonna hurt you unless I gotta, but I will if you act stupid. Now I'm going to take my hand away. I'm giving you one chance." When they meet again in Castle Heterodyne, she does and says nearly the exact same thing.
  • Goblins has the confrontation in the sewer between Delyn and Thaco when Thaco parrots Delyn's "Bleed for me" line after pinning him on a broken sewer pipe.
  • Faulty Logic uses the "malicious" variant in a single (long) strip
  • In The Order of the Stick prequel book Start of Darkness, wizards repeatedly act condescendingly to Xykon, a sorcerer; wizardry, which comes through study, is like a "finely-tuned watch," while sorcery, which comes naturally, is unwieldy like "a rubber hammer." Later, when Dorukan uses the same line, Xykon repeatedly hits him with Energy Drain spells, making Dorukan's own magic impossible while slowly killing him. Xykon points out that even if his magic is less sophisticated, the fact is that at a certain level of power no strategy can work against you, and right before killing him mocks that Dorukan can "keep [his] finely tuned watch — Give me a sledgehammer to the face any day."
    • During the battle in the desert with Tarquin's gang, Elan says that Tarquin can't kill Roy without going through him. Tarquin replies "You're still at full hit points, right? You'll live." When Elan lets Tarquin fall from the airship, the last thing he says to him is "You'll live."
  • In Sluggy Freelance:
    • In "Kiki's Virus", Dr. Schlock captures Kiki the talking ferret and threatens to dissect her, and she says "Don't hurt me! I'll be good!" Then Sam — Kiki's former owner and now a vampire — shows up and picks up Dr. Schlock, prompting him to say the exact same thing.
    • "Weird girl, Sasha" gets repeated over and over again by almost all the (sane) characters... and then Sasha gets a chance to throw it back at them : "Weird guy, Torg"
  • In this Dominic Deegan strip, Rachel, an athletic female friend of Gregory's, goes to break up a fight between him and the bigot slaughterball player she used to idolize, Brett Taggerty:
    Rachel: I don't know what's going on in here, but I suggest you let go of my friend and explain yourself.
    Brett: (lets go of Gregory and raises his fist) Yeah? How about I break your face instead?!
    Rachel: I invite you to try, Taggerty.
    (Brett promptly punches Rachel in the jaw, eliciting a "KRAK"; but in the next panel, he's got a bloody hand)
    Brett: AAAAAGGH!
    Rachel: I break things with my face.
  • In the second arc of The Wotch, Anne accidentally turns Jason into a Jean Grey spoof, prompting Robin to tease him with, "At least you're hot. He he. I mean, you can provide a real distraction!" Nine arcs later, Robin is turned into a large-breasted girl to act as a crowd control diversion, prompting Jason to snark, "'At least you're hot.' 'You can provide a real distraction!'"
  • Zebra Girl: "Doesn't it worry you that I'm not worried?"
  • Bob and George: Jesus, Dr. Light, it's only one button
  • In Impure Blood:
  • In the Touhou fancomic Tag Dream about a tag-team professional wrestling-style tournament, when Flandre and Meiling fight Sanae and Suwako, Flandre launches into a technique designed for fighting extremely physically tough Oni to use against the human Sanae. Meling warns her that they'll be disqualified if they kill an opponent, but Flandre says losing like that would be fine. Later in the match, with Sanae unconscious and receiving medical treatment, Flandre weakened by garlic, and Suwako systematically breaking Meiling's bones rather than pinning her, Flandre tells Suwako to stop or Meiling might die, and Suwako says losing like that would be fine.
  • Bobwhite, this comic. Marlene, a film major, has nothing but complaints about a movie they just saw. Georgie, unconcerned with the technical aspects, thought it was pretty good and doesn't see why Marlene's so worked up. They go to get a burger and suddenly their positions are switched.
  • Archipelago: Credenza and Raven have a bit of back-and-forth in Book 7, involving the line: "Of course. It's only okay when you do it."
  • Schlock Mercenary had Lunesby delivering a fast version.
  • The Fire Red season of the original Nuzlocke Comic has Gary take one of his lines from the original games in a much darker context with regards to how he meant it. In part of the epilogue, his Blastoise decides that he's finally taken enough of his crap, and blasts him out of his shoulder cannon into the distance after echoing the line back to him. He even finishes it up with a One-Liner Echo.
  • xkcd. "My normal approach is useless here too." The first time it's a lighthearted joke about trying to solve love with math. The second time... not so much.
  • From this Exterminatus Now comic:
    Virus: Do you feel kind of bad, deserting Lothar and Rogue like that?
    Eastwood: Balls to that, this is what we pay them for.
    • Next Panel:
    Rogue: Think we should tell them they're running towards the big one?
    Lothar: Balls to that, they don't pay us enough.
  • Sketch Comedy: Susan unwittingly delivers an ironic echo to Karen. In sign language, no less.
  • In the Looking for Group NPC story, "The Hctib Diaries", every time Hctib complains about his job or something the clipboard demon did to him, the clipboard demon sarcastically says, "You know we're demons, right?" Toward the end, the clipboard demon says that he and Hctib's wife who's been sleeping with him are worried about him because of everything that's gone wrong and asks him how he's doing. After a beat, Hctib brains and slaughters the other demon with his own clipboard and yells, "YOUKNOWWE'REDEMONSRIGHT?"
  • In Darths & Droids, the session run by Pete begins with him explaining the GM has "some family emergency or whatever". At the start of the next session, the regular GM says Pete won't make it because "he said he had some kind of family emergency". Ben, still annoyed about the railroaded isn't-R2-awesome deathtrap, adds the "Or whatever."
  • Leftover Soup has "What are you doing?" "I want my ten damn mayhem points, that's what I'm doing." In context: The cast is playing an RPG one of them invented in which, among other things, getting your character laid is worth a guaranteed ten "mayhem points", which work like action points and are awarded directly by the GM for doing something awesome. In the first case, Ellen's character is putting the moves on Jamie's, but he declines for both in- and out-of-universe reasons. In the second, which takes place immediately afterwards, Nicole's character has proceeded to jump in and try to score with Ellen's.
  • Ménage à 3: Between this page and the next:
    Angel: By contrast, with Yuki and Sonya by my side, I'm ready to found a musical empire. I'll be like the genderfluid… I don't know… Julius Caesar.
    [The next page, with Sonya having announced she's quitting the band and Yuki eager to rejoin Zii's band]
    Angel: I'm surrounded by traitors!!! Traitors everywhere!!! I'm like the genderfluid Julius Caesar!!!
  • Tower of God: Robdevil was hired as a bodyguard for the Spoiled Brat Prince on the basis of his claim to be the famous Regular nicknamed "Devil's Right Arm". During a competition of strength for Regulars, he steps forward and tells the previous highest scorer, Horyang, "Hey, pal. Have you ever seen a real devil? Let me show you one." before activating the Super Mode in his right arm and using it to take the lead in the contest. Later, after Robdevil has betrayed and beaten up Prince, Horyang shows up in their room and says "Hey, bruiser. Have you ever seen a real devil? Let me show you the one living in my right arm. Let's see who the real devil is." before activating the power in his right arm that originally inspired the nickname "Devil's Right Arm", and delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.


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