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  • The origins of the Furude family in Higurashi: When They Cry stem from a marriage between a human and a demon ( Hanyuu). Note: Hanyuu was older than the form seen in the 7th and 8th novels during said marriage.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend uses this for its deliberate Audience-Alienating Premise: it's a Dating Sim, like many others, where your character tries to romance cute guys. Only this time, replace "cute guys" with "photo-realistic birds".
    • This trope is zig-zagged, to an extent. To help players identify with the characters, many of the birds have official artwork showing what they would look like if they were human (answer: Bishounen). There first game has the option to show these designs when each love interest is introduced, and said designs are also occasionally used in the sequel and various spinoff media. Regardless, it is made clear that the birds really are birds, and this is just a visual Translation Convention.
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    • This trope eventually turns out to be enforced. Because of political tensions between birds and humans after the birds' rise to sapience, the heroine has been sent to a birds-only school to test how closely humans and birds can interact. If she doesn't romance anybirdy, the experiment is considered a failure, and the Hawk Party condemns humanity to destruction, starting with the heroine.
  • Dra+Koi is a love story between a nameless protagonist and a dragon who similarly has no name. She picked him out as the one who would slay her, a choice he can reject.
  • Taken pretty seriously with Kanon (between Yuuichi and Makoto [who was originally a fox) and CLANNAD (between Tomoya's landlady Misae and her first love "Katsuki" Shima... who was actually a cat with the form of his once owner), both by Key/Visual Arts. Both scenarios are demonstrated in rather emotional routes following the Beautiful All Along path, except...just replace beautiful with animal.
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  • DRAMAtical Murder has one between Aoba and Clear, an android.
  • Morenatsu is a visual novel where you have the option to romance one of 9 different guys, all of whom happen to be anthropomorphic beast men. Since the protagonist is a human, any choice you make which leads to romance will be interspecies.
  • Lake Of Voices has Lu and the Guide as possible love interests. Both are Nixi, although it's known that Lu tends to keep his human appearance for most of the time.

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