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  • Garfield employs this from time to time. One notable variation has Jon flatly saying "I don't think you could get any fatter."- which causes Garfield's eyes to widen as he dashes to the refrigerator. "That wasn't a challenge!"
    • One exchange between Jon and Garfield goes like this:
      Jon: "You have many flaws, Garfield."
      Garfield: "Thank you!"
      Jon: "One of which is thinking that insults are compliments."
      Garfield: "You're too kind."
    • Another variation occurs when Garfield asks Odie to act like one another as an excuse to mock Odie for being a dog. Odie then wolfs down Garfield's food, and kicks him like Garfield does to him, and finally lies down and falls asleep.
      Odie: Zzz
      Garfield: I've been a dog for less than a minute, and already I hate cats.
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  • U.S. Acres: Roy Rooster decided it was time for Booker to start rooster training.
    Roy: Okay, Booker. It's time you started rooster training.
    Booker: Why?
    Roy: Because you need to practice if you want to be like me.
    Booker: I'd rather drink pond scum!
    Roy: Good! You've got the Obnoxious part down!
  • Dilbert:
    Dilbert: That is the most cynical thing I've ever heard in my life!
    Dogbert: Thanks. I'm blushing.
    • And:
      Dilbert: Dogbert, that is the vainest, most superficial thing I've ever heard!
      Dogbert: (Wagging) Thank you.
    • Also, when the PHB hires a man-hating supervisor:
      Man-hating supervisor: You're fired for being a man.
      Asok: No one has ever called me a man before. This is the happiest day of my life!
  • Sovisa has had a version of this crop up a few times as a running gag between Alexi and Travis. It typically follows a pattern like this:
    Travis: [Disparaging comment] (he makes a lot of these)
    Alexi: No you're [Same disparaging comment]
    Travis: I hate it when that stupid comeback works...
  • Beetle Bailey: The Chaplain asks worriedly whether Sarge has gained more weight again. Sarge thanks him for noticing, saying that it took him a lot of effort to become so big and important.
    • In another strip, Beetle says something to Sarge which he doesn't quite take as a compliment, but he definitely fails to see it as an insult:
      Beetle: Your mother wears army boots!
      Sarge: (to the fourth wall) I didn't know he knew my mother.
  • In one Popeye Sunday arc, the managers of Tinearo, Popeye's upcoming boxing opponent, decide to send the sailor flowers with the unspoken message, "These are for your funeral". However, Popeye, Comically Missing the Point, just gives the flowers to Olive Oyl to win brownie points, and thinks that the bouquets are just Tinearo's idea of being friendly.


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