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  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Space monsters are known to exist. Not space aliens, space monsters. They're planet-sized and humanity prays they don't notice the Earth.
  • Blade Bunny. People keep mistaking Bunny for some assassin named Rabbit or Hare or something. It's Bunny!
  • The protagonist of Catena may be named Treiss, but as far as her housemate Bear is concerned, her name is Chinchilla. Full stop. Nobody really knows why, given that she's actually a snow leopard...
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  • In Commander Kitty, Moose will have you know he's entered a contest, not a pageant.
  • Dragon Mango has Cherry who can teleport. However, anyone actually calling it that will provoke a correction from her, where she insists she can "pfffft".
  • Dregs: Those aren't guns Mags has, they're "Pneumatic Weapons".
  • Drowtales, Dycle calls it 'courting', expressing the desire to court one as beautiful and smart as Snad. Snad calls it wanting to fuck her.
  • Dubious Company:
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Even after Susan gives up trying to distance the Aberration she and Nanase fought in France from the word "vampire" she insists on referring to it as "the monster". Sarah and Grace continue calling it a vampire though.
    • In one of the canon EGS NP side comics, Susan insists that a fairy doll she just received is an action figure despite the fact that such objects had been referred to as dolls on every prior occasion.
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    • Lavender, a US-born member of an extraterrestrial race, strenuously objects to being called an "alien," to the point that Mr. Verres threatens to send Wolf to sensitivity training for doing so.
    • In one of the Fourth-Wall Mail Slot comics, Kevin objects to being called a "minion," instead preferring "assistant." Dan points out that minions are paid more, and Kevin decides he's fine with being a minion.
  • Galaxion has a reasonable example - the planet 76432-69-GM has landmasses exactly like Earth - the protagonists have to remind themselves they are, in fact, on an alien planet.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!. It gets so ingrained that Krosp once does the correction reflexively without Othar present (before stopping halfway and noticing to his horror what he'd just done).
    • In The Rant rather than the comic itself, hyperlinks are always "elegant and finely-crafted".
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    • And the comic itself, which is a part of the Gaslamp Fantasy genre, most definitely not Steampunk.
    • Gilgamesh is very insistent that the little Heterodyne generator is not a lamp. The novelisations state that it is in fact a lamp. It just happens to have other functions as well. The Heterodynes liked building devices with multiple uses, "at least one of which was invariably for surprising people."
    • When Agatha officially announces herself as the new Heterodyne, the Castle is very insistent that she say "tremble and obey!" This is because the Castle is about to ring the Doom Bell, which makes everyone (except the Heterodyne) tremble.
    • Castle Heterodyne also insists that its guardian systems aren't called "devil dogs" but "fun-sized mobile agony and death dispensers".
  • Homestuck:
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! Bigfoots prefer to be called Bigfeet.
  • Inhuman. They're not furries, they're aliens.
  • In the fantasy theme of Irregular Webcomic!, Mordekai is not a thief. He is a "lovable rogue."
  • In Mage & Demon Queen, lamia general Melathia insists that her writing Yuri love stories is not a hobby. It's a side-occupation.
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: When the Commander's superiors leave him in a briefing room for hours in an effort to drive him crazy, they blink first when they realize he's making paper stars out of the briefing documents they left behind. The admiral calls it "passive-aggressive defiance," but the Commander insists it is "deliberate, aggressive, non-violent defiance."
  • In Nedroid there are no vampires, only Draculas.
  • Pokémon-X: His name is Jim Gai, but you can just call him Gym Guy. Except when he randomly reverses this. It seems that whatever spelling he prefers is the one that the protagonists did not just use.
  • Riverside Extras: The tattoos that girls in the Roses get aren't "ink", they're brands. This is to distinguish themselves from their rival gang the Ink.
  • Jareth in Roommates insists on calling one of the memetic bad habits of his species babysitting in Girls Next Door he also insists on calling his pouting / sulking Glowering Ominously.
  • Sam & Fuzzy. If you're in the Ninja Mafia, does that make you a Ninja Mafioso?
  • Silent Hill: Promise doesn't have pages, it has screens.
  • Unsounded's Duane Adelier is not a zombie, thank you very much, he'd much prefer you use the term Galit.(Which is basically 'zombie' in his first language.)
  • In Vattu: It's Lord Morrian.


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