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  • "Unhealthy Obsession" by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra is about a Stalker with a Crush (or possibly two considering the multiple singers). They justify their obsession by insisting it isn't stalking.
    They call it "creeping"/I say "loving"/It's the only way for me
    Some call it "stalking"/I say "walking, just extremely close behind"
  • SiIvaGunner refers to any and all remixes and such on the channel as "high quality video game rips", and when questioned about the nature of such music will only respond with "I only upload high quality video game rips."
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  • Some electronic music performers, particularly Deadmau5, have insisted that they be called "producers" rather than DJs, due to negative perceptions of the term held by those who do not associate themselves with the mainstream "EDM" movement for various reasons.
  • For unknown reasons, non-band-members contributing musically to Havalina Rail Co. albums would always be referred to in the liner notes as "Latino All-Stars" rather than guest musicians.
  • LL Cool J would like to remind everyone not to call it a "comeback", he's been there for years.note 
  • Matchbox Twenty's not "crazy", just "a little unwell" or "a little impaired."
  • Michael Jackson often referred to his "music videos" as "films" (even the standard 3-5 minute ones).
    • Related: in an interview, Céline Dion stated that she felt that her video for "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" wasn't a music video. It was more like a "four minute movie".
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  • Philip Glass is not a "minimalist". It is process music, thank you very much.
  • Public Image Ltd. isn't a "band," it's a "communications company."
  • Steve Albini does not "produce" albums, he "records" them.
  • An Elvis Impersonator would generally prefer that you call him an Elvis "tribute artist".
  • It's "Green Day", 2 words, not "Greenday."
  • Certain bands (such as The Tragically Hip) have "The" as being the first part of their official band name — while other bands (such as the Foo Fighters) don't, but are still usually referred to with "the" at the beginning. In the case of the former, their ardent fans will correct you — if you leave off the word "The". Other bands (such as [The] Rolling Stones) are inconsistent with it, however.
  • Many fans of "real" bands (i.e. ones that play their own instruments) will insist on referring to vocal ensembles as "groups". For example, see any Twitter trending topic related to bands - it's a pretty even mix between those mentioning One Direction and those insisting "One Direction are a group, not a band!".
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  • Whenever a popular rock band goes on hiatus, you can bet them and their fans will be using the word routinely when a non-fan calls it "a breakup."
  • Richard Wagner wrote "music-dramas," folks — not "operas."
  • Enya. Is. Not. New. Age.
  • Drum corps are led on the field by drum majors - except for Phantom Regiment; they're led by "conductors" (a fitting trope, given Phantom's predominantly classical repertoire).
  • Aphex Twin makes "braindance", not IDM.
  • "By the way, which one's Pink?" It's the name of the band, not one of the band members... and was the subject of a lawsuit when they started to break up.
  • In the liner notes to their debut XL, 90s rock band Blue Flannel claim "WE ARE NOT ALTERNATIVE".


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