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  • Inuyasha: Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire Rat is stated to be stronger than any human-made armor, and yet it constantly gets shredded whenever he fights. Which implies the demons he is usually fighting are strong enough to trump a flaming rodent demon.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • In the anime, when Frieza and King Cold are landing on Earth, the Z-Fighters state that Cold's Power Level is even higher than Frieza's. Of course, since Trunks kills Cold with even less effort than when he killed Frieza, who is explicitly mentioned to be even stronger as Mecha-Frieza than he was when he fought Goku on Namek, this is a little difficult to believe, though it could be explained by Frieza suppressing his power.
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    • Burter of the Ginyu Force repeatedly boasts that he's the fastest in the universe, to the extent that he's in disbelief that Goku's able to outrun him. While his traveling speed appears to be genuinely exceptional, his fighting speed is clearly outmatched by the likes of Goku, Ginyu and Frieza. Lampshaded by Goku in their fight:
    Burter: "What?! How did you sneak up on me?! I'm supposed to be the fastest in the universe!"
    Goku: "I guess that makes you the second-fastest, then."
    • Supplemental material establishes Krillin as the strongest human character in the series. Barring the fact that most non-Saiyans Can't Catch Up, Tien Shinhan had the better showings in fights throughout the series, though this could be attributed to Krillin's cowardice, the fact that he tended to enter fights with Goku and Gohan by his side, and Tien is actually descended from an alien race that landed on Earth and interbedded with humans, so Krillin is the strongest pure human character.
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    • Due to the fact that the series starts on a rather high power scale, the audience more or less has to take how strong a given character is at the words of other characters. Even to the end of the series, you'll still see a character being able to blow up mountains, create giant ki blasts, or move faster than the eye can follow as an Oh, Crap! moment, when such feats were shown as early as Dragon Ball. More or less, the series loves to say that a character is thousands of times stronger than another, when their actual feats appear to be on about the same level (if not lower). This was lampshaded in one episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, where Freeza creates a massive explosion with a wave of his hand, at which Vegeta angrily claims "Not impressed! I can do that, too!"
    • A number of characters are lauded for their masterful tactical abilities, particularly Gohan and Piccolo. While they're not stupid most of the time, they rarely display anything more complicated than the occasional misdirection ploy, and seem to hold the Idiot Ball with about the same frequency as everyone else. Both of them were even Out-Gambitted by Super Buu.
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    • A particularly terrible example occurs during the Android Saga. After scaring Android 20 into retreating after Android 19 is destroyed by Vegeta, Piccolo realises that Vegeta was bluffing and had lost more energy than he was letting on. Piccolo says that he "Thinks of every conceivable advantage... tactically, he's impossible to beat." This is laughable given that over half of Vegeta's fights involve him woefully underestimating his opponent due to arrogance, and being beaten.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: Maguro, Agitaro, and Furiyo are stated to Gozaburo's Elite Mooks, but they're just as scared of cats as any other merperson, and in episode 16, they're completely pounded by Akeno not once, but twice.
  • Due to a combination of The Magic Poker Equation, the need to advertise new cards, a mess of CCG Importance Dissonance, and flat-out bad duel writing, Yu-Gi-Oh! is full of duelists who are treated as experts despite their actual strategies being laughable, and cards treated as unstoppable despite being average at best.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX:
    • Fubuki is said to be one of the top duelists of the school and is even lauded as the best duelist they have left after Kaiser graduates. Both duels he has as himself end in a loss, one of which is chalked up to a decidedly amateur mistake. (His duels as Nightshroud involved either Judai or Hell Kaiser Ryo.)
    • Another example is Manjyome Jun's two brothers, Shoji and Chosaku. Their plan was to Take Over the World using business, politics, and Duel Monsters, Shoji mastering the first and Chosaku the second (with Jun himself mastering the third, until he became disgusted with them and quit the plan). The thing is, while each of them claims to be tops in their field, no details are ever given of the company that Shoji owns or the political office that Chosaku holds, or any accomplishments that either has made in either field. (Not to mention that, from what we've seen of them, their skills in leadership and strategy are terrible, and whatever influence the two actually have, Seto Kaiba is clearly not impressed at all by it.)
    • Tyranno Kenzan is referred to as the highest-scoring student in Ra Yellow. Over the course of the series, he Duels eleven times and wins only four, two of which were offscreen.
    • Obelisk Blue students are claimed to be the top-ranked students, and being in the dorm is a sign of prestige. For the most part, unless they're major recurring characters, they don't seem much more skilled than their Red and Yellow counterparts. About three-quarters of the cast is below Blue, and all are more skilled than the majority of its students. Indeed, several plots (the Duel Giant, Kenzan's introduction, the White Dorm, the Duel Zombies) were predicated on someone of a lower dorm being able to certifiably hand dozens of Blue students their asses. About the only implication of Blues being more skilled is Monster of the Week students have a mild tendency towards being Blue. All in all, they come off as the Duel Academy version of legacy-admitted university students, getting in more due to their money and family reputation instead of skill.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:
    • Harald is supposed to be the most skilled of Team Ragnarok, the worthy wielder of Odin, and his team's answer to Yusei. During his only actual Duel, he completely spoils a huge lead where he started out with two Olympus Mons, misplays multiple times while demonstrating no particularly impressive combos, tries to outplay Yusei when he had more than enough power to just smash him, and concludes the duel with an entire five-card hand of useless Traps (two of which aren't just useless in the situation, but in his deck, period).
    • Team Unicorn is praised for their amazing teamwork, yet when Team 5D's looks up data on their past duels, it's revealed that Andre defeated each opposing team by himself without relying on Breo or Jean. Even in their match against Team 5D's, Andre did the majority of the work by defeating both Jack and Aki, as well as cutting Yusei's life points in half, while Breo pursued a mill strategy which didn't intersect in the slightest with Andre's rapid beatdown.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V:
    • Zarc, who was an internationally-famous celebrity and entertainer before he became the Big Bad. In his only onscreen match, he uses what might well be one of the most boringly straightforward strategies in the franchise, relying entirely on his overpowered dragon's protective effects to No-Sell everything the protagonists throw at him. This is suggested to be the result of his fear of losing, but this was something that developed well before he turned evil.
      • Another example from Zarc is Pendulum Summoning, which he claims to have created to combat the four Nature Cards. His Pendulum monsters proved no less vulnerable to destruction from the Nature Cards' effects, merely being easier to summon back to his field afterward.
    • Ray, the original incarnation of the Bracelet girls, was supposedly a professional duelist whose crowning achievement is defeating the aforementioned Zarc so thoroughly that his dragons are later shown to be terrified of her revival. At no point are we shown even a sliver of her talent, or even her personal deck; her victory was, from what we can see, mostly a result of using the four special cards that her father made specifically to defeat Zarc. Yet the narrative insists that she, not just the cards, is crucial to defeating Zarc when he revives. While Leo fails to use them to defeat Zarc, it only didn't work thanks to a card that would have countered Ray equally well—the only reason the series didn't end in tragedy was that Leo ran into Zarc's trap before she could. The closest we get to seeing her skill is when she advises Riley during her duel with Declan.
  • Bleach:
    • 9th Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie claims to have copied the abilities of over 36000 Hollows. Before he's killed, we see him use at most three of them. Particularly silly is when he announces he has this ability and boasts about his massive versatility, and then immediately whips out the same halberd he's been using for the whole fight at this point.
    • Yammy Llargo is normally the 10th Espada, but when he goes One-Winged Angel he jumps up to the 0th Espada because it's fueled by his anger and rage, meaning he's stronger than the likes of Barragan and Starrk. Despite this, he's treated as a Butt-Monkey by just about everyone, and when he actually does activate it, all he does is beat up some vice-captain level fighters off-screen, and then he gets taken out off-screen easily by Kenpachi and Byakuya, both of whom were still injured from fighting lower-ranked Espada, and they treated the fight as an annoyance. The other "weaker" Espada get closer to winning and killing their foes than he does. It's not even that they defeat him by exploiting weaknesses in his power or fighting style; from what we can tell, they just straight-up slashed and stabbed him to death.
    • Taken to an extreme with Chojiro Sasakibe. His funeral reveals he possessed Bankai but had always refused to use it. His case isn't helped by the fact that the one time we see him enter a fight, at the end of the Soul Society arc, Ichigo knocks him out with one punch.
    • According to pg.82 of The Official Bootleg, Sui-Feng's division is said to excel at stealth, which they use to scout enemy territory and undertake special espionage missions. Yet that isn't what the reader sees. In fact, their spy network was never used once in the entire manga.
    • Mashiro can hold her mask for 15 hours. But the only time she fights with her mask on it breaks after a few minutes.
    • It's supposed to be impossible to overcome the effects of Shinji Hirako's shikai (so we're told over and over). It's been used twice, and neither of those opponents were more than mildly inconvenienced by it. One of them was Aizen, and the other was Bambietta, who solved the problem of having her senses flipped around by just nuking everywhere.
    • The captains in general. These are supposed to be elite soldiers with hundreds of years worth of experience (if not close to a thousand in some cases). They end up succumbing hard to The Worf Effect—to the point in which viewers end up surprised when they do end up winning if only because they didn't see it coming.
      • Sajin Komamura is a particularly huge victim of this. As a captain, you would think he would be one of the strongest. After all, Statistically Speaking, he's not so much on the kidou or mobility, but his stats suggest a Mighty Glacier. He ends up getting regularly taken out in one hit, and has only been able to win with help from people like Hisagi, and his final battle (the only one he actually wins... and on his own, it's a Pyrrhic Victory.
    • The five members of the Zero Squad are stated to be stronger than the entire Gotei 13 - and maybe they are. The problem is that A) They are poorly fleshed out due to being introduced right at the end of the series, so it is hard to argue using on-page evidence that anyone except Ichibe could have defeated someone like Yamamoto or Kenpachi, and B) in the first major battle we see them in, they are up against Yhwach, with the end result that four out of five of them were defeated between scenes.
    • The Sokyoku is supposed to have the power of a million Zanpakuto - which Ichigo blocked using only one (and in his Shikai form no less). And to make matters worse, we later learn that Ichigo's current sword is in fact only using a fraction of its true potential due to how his powers work, meaning that Ichigo achieved this feat using an imperfect Zanpakuto. He's strong, but there is no way that he is that strong.
  • Shinra from They Are My Noble Masters is supposed to be a world-famous, talented conductor. Yet all we see her do is waving her staff around in a very unprofessional manner and answering stupid questions from her musicians. The music that results from her conducting is also not really noteworthy.
  • Fairy Tail
    • There are several moves which represent this, although it would be classed more as Informed Power than ability. The Iron Dragon's Sword is stated by Gajeel to "be able to tear through anything it touches" yet has not hit a single target, presumably due to fights ending rather quickly should it actually hit (it is a chainsaw and the results would be messy). Whilst there are other moves that fit this bill, such as Laxus' Raging Bolt, the Abyss Break is a noticeable case. It's supposedly a devastating spell that is capable of wiping away an entire town. The first time it's attempted to be cast, its power source is removed, the second time, the user loses concentration before being able to finish casting it because of a previous injury. Abyss Break is the only spell to have never been officially cast despite being mentioned practically once every other arc.
    • In fact, any such spell that's potentially able to end a target's life can be predicted as likely to miss (Sherria's Heavenly Gathering of Clouds when used on Wendy due to some quick strategy), failing to be cast in time (Hades' Grimoire Law against Fairy Tail as a last resort before Natsu takes him down with his new finishing move), prove nowhere near as effective as claimed (Sting's Holy Nova failing to scratch Natsu during the Grand Magic Games), or have someone else with more health take it instead and barely survive, implying it would have worked if it actually hit the intended target (Gajeel tanking Laxus' Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd in place of a weakened Natsu).
  • Yukito from Air supposedly managed to support himself for years by performing tricks with his magic doll, but in the TV series and manga he hardly makes a single yen with his act. He fares a bit better in The Movie, though.
  • Gates, the villain of Full Metal Panic!! The Second Raid, is supposedly an extremely skilled and dangerous Humongous Mecha pilot who leads a team of specially trained hunter-killers for Amalgam, all of whom are equipped with extremely powerful BlackBox mecha (for a comparison, one such mecha in the hands of a lower-standing member of the organization fought Sousuke to a standstill three times, killed several redshirts and mortally wounded a Mauve Shirt during the first season). Alas, five minutes after actually entering combat and proving his 'fearsomeness' by killing an overstrained and mentally unstable girl who was using an inferior machine, he and his entire team are bowled over by Sousuke in one go like so many mooks.
  • Code Geass:
    • Tohdoh is described as a great general (having beat Knightmare Frames during the invasion without any of his own), only to have disaster strike whenever he is put in a leadership position, the most obvious instance being the season finale where he manages to get nearly his entire army either killed or captured. He is a pretty good pilot but otherwise not too remarkable.
    • The Knights Of Round. Two of them are killed by Suzaku with ease. At least Luciano Bradley and 4 of his subordinates, together, manage to defeat a sniper in melee, but even the ones who live don't show impressive ability. Anya's greatest skill is using her Knightmare's giant cannon to blow stuff up, and with a cannon that big, it'd be more shocking if she missed. Gino is the only one who shows actual skill, and he's left in the dust by the Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi - so much so that he's not even a challenge. At least he can go toe to toe with every other pilot in the series... Except, you know, the Black Knights' own ace, Kallen. But that's not unexpected, so that's... a 2 out of 7?
    • Dorothea Ernst and Monica Kruszewski get the worst of it though, being left mostly out of the spotlight. Monica had a little bit of extra screen time, but both only received enough battle time to get one-shotted by Suzaku in a better robot. Fan favorite Nonette Enneagram was spared from a potentially similar indignity by being kept entirely in the background. Speaking of Nonette, she's been said to make even Cornelia nervous.
  • Punie from Dai Mahou Touge is supposed to have nigh-infallible submission techniques to bring down her opponents, but everybody who knows a bit about martial arts should see that it's a bit silly. Most opponents don't even defend against her approaches—and when they fall down they don't even try to get up anymore, making it all too easy for Punie to perform a lock on them.
  • Naruto:
    • Stealth and black ops for ninja in general. Ninja teachers will take any chance they get to lecture their students on the subtle arts of subterfuge, sabotage, assassination and spying. In practice, they are as stealthy as a barrage of fireworks, and their chief concern is fighting other (equally flashy) ninja. Essentially, everyone's Drunk with Power and waving it around like they're big shots.
    • The Chunin examinees are said to be the best Genin in the world, but all nine of the rookies fresh out of the Konoha academy, as well as Team Guy, whose members have been ninjas for a little over a year, all make it to the finals while many more experienced ninja fail although in Kabuto's case, he did it on purpose to gather intelligence on the competitors. More so, Orochimaru, along with some Sound Village minions, Kabuto included, were deliberately thinning the herd behind the competitors' backs to scout out someone from his homeland, which he knew contained exceptional ninja, as a viable candidate for his body possession tecnhique and also to spite his old master, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the current Hogake and head of the village. Sasuke Uchiha became the unfortunate target.
    • Kakashi Hatake is said to have "over a thousand" different abilities he has copied from people over the years. Unfortunately we only see about ten of them over the course of hundreds of episodes and a handful of movies.
    • Kakashi is better off than Sarutobi Asuma or especially Yuuhi Kurenai. Asuma is supposedly one of the most powerful guys in Naruto, and besides defeating cannon fodder Sound nins, his next opponents were Kakuzu and the immortal Hidan. Kurenai, on the other hand, had faced undefeated Itachi. (Doesn't help that the only thing she really does in the plot afterwards is get knocked up by Asuma shortly before he dies.)
    • The ANBU are sent on all the most dangerous missions, any badass main character has spent time in the ANBU, and overall, are supposed to be the SEALs of the ninja world. When they actually get into a fight, they're degraded to mook status, those formerly badass masks now cementing their status as Cannon Fodder. The fact that they're anonymous but allegedly elite makes them custom-made for The Worf Effect.
    • The audience is told Hanzou, leader of the Village Hidden in the Rain has almost unstoppable power and skills but we never actually see him in combat. This is then mixed with The Worf Effect when Hanzou's assassination is used to hype up Pain's own power, emphasized even more by the fact that Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru all lost to Hanzou during the war. Both of these tropes are eventually averted for Pain when he proceeds to kill Jiraiya and blow up Konoha proving that the rumors of his abilities are no exaggeration.
    • Naruto himself throughout the first half of Shippuden as practically every mention of him was accompanied by a comment over how strong he is and how much he has improved, yet the only improvement he ever really showed was a bigger Rasengan, and the constant need to get bailed out of any dangerous situation by his teammates. Thankfully, he got better as the series went on. And well, he was better than he started out.
      • Another one is how while goofing off in class, he secretly trains extremely hard when no one is around because he both wants the attention of being a goofball but be skilled enough to one day be Hokage. Virtually any time he's shown actually trying, he's just as unskilled as when he goofs off (such as failing the graduation tests and being unable to complete missions equivalent to yard work). Likewise, most of his successes are accomplished either from tricking his opponent in some way or just overwhelming them with his naturally high amount of chakra. Added on to this, we only see that hard training in flashbacks as with the exception of training arcs, almost all of his downtime seems to be eating ramen and just doing normal civilian stuff.
    • Another victim of this trope is the 2nd Hokage. Despite doing all of nothing in the one fight he has on-panel in the series, much, much later chapters have revealed several capabilities of his that have never been seen, including creating the Edo Tensei technique, which allows the user to use golems of dead people to fight their opponent, and being a master of Space/Time techniques, the same techniques used by Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, which make him Nigh-Invulnerable.
    • Sasuke has actually flirted with this trope from time to time. While he's without a doubt very skilled, when you actually take a closer look at his Win/Loss ratio, Sasuke doesn't put up the best performance. A good majority of Sasuke's victories have been a result of Worf Had the Flu; Naruto specifically held back at the end during their battle at the Valley of the End, he ambushed Orochimaru when he was on a sick bed; Itachi was nearly blind and, according to Zetsu and Tobi, holding back and terminally ill, and still Sasuke only technically won because Itachi dropped dead on the spot, his supposed illness having caught up to him.
    • Hayate Gekko, the Chunin Examiner was heavily implied to be pretty tough judging by the fact that he had the job he did. However, he gets offed while listening in on two villains, one of which, the Sand Ninja Jonin, was his killer.
    • Kaguya is supposed to be an unstoppable Physical God who conquered the world and even the Sage himself would have no chance against her. Yet Naruto and Sasuke smack her around all while Black Zetsu orders her around.
    • Shikamaru Nara is said to have an I.Q. of 200, which, if true, would make him one of the smartest people to have ever existed. While he can be noted to be quite bright, he has by no means demonstrated that he is 200 I.Q. smart. Though this could be chalked up to being Brilliant, but Lazy.
    • It's often claimed that the Byakugan is held in equal regard to the Sharingan. At the start of the series, you could probably debate which was better (the Byakugan's all-around vision and seeing chakra points versus the Sharingan's Power Copying), but as the series went on, the Sharingan gets a good dozen or so additional powers or upgrades revealed for it (including the Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan, which are pretty much New Powers as the Plot Demands), while the Byakugan is still more or less limited to those two abilities.
    • Yagura, the Jinchuuriki of the Three-Tailed Turtle, is stated to be one of the four people who has a complete control over his Bijuu, yet when we see him fight after being resurrected by Kabuto, he fights no better than the other Jinchuurikis sent to fight Naruto. Adding insult to the injury, he easily falls under Tobi's Genjutsu despite the fact that he normally should be immune to this by virtue of his own Bijuu breaking it.
    • Itachi having supposedly been terminally ill and holding back against Sasuke, which is only said ex-post facto by Zetsu and Tobi. The only health problem he is shown to have before the battle is that he was going blind from Mangekyo Sharingan overuse. Ultimately, he seems to collapse from chakra exhaustion caused by overworking his eyes: it had been established that his safe limit was three times per day but he is forced to use it four times during the battle (Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu once each and Susanoo twice, after Sasuke obliterates it the first time). Notably, the "symptoms" of prior damage mentioned by Zetsu (coughing blood, sluggish movements, blindness, etc) are displayed by Sasuke himself when he starts overusing his own Mangekyo Sharingan, and Sasuke goes onto living a perfectly healthy, normal life, with no terminal illness in sight.
  • In Hitohira, Nono is supposed to be able to beat up all of the karate club on her own, even though later she is shown to have her hands full fighting only one person, namely her female fellow club member Risaki—which even results in a tie.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • The Canis Niger group of bounty hunters, who were made out to be an incredibly strong group of mages. We see them capture Nodoka (a total noncombatant) and her group of treasure hunters (who we've never seen fight), before Negi shows up and wipes them all out single-handedly. The only real thing of note that they pull off successfully is luring Setsuna and Kaede into a trap.
    • In the penultimate chapter, one of them defeats Yue, who has become a decent Magical Detective combatant, but then she is defeated by Negi just as easily as before.
    • In an in-universe example, Nagi Springfield the Thousand Master's legend says he knows 1000 spells. In truth, he knows 6. To his credit, though, most of the other rumors tend to be true. It turns out that those 6 spells are all he needs. The lesser-known rumor that he got his title from bedding a thousand women is unconfirmed, though given what his son's like, it's plausible.
    • Any given monster or non-humanoid creature generally fits, most notably the Sealed Evil in a Can Ryoman Sukuna no Kami, who was overwhelmed by an even more evil being Evangeline the Dark Evangel (among her many titles). Also odd was a massive black dragon which Ninja Kaede defeated while blind-folded.
  • One Piece:
    • Downplayed with the Sea Kings. They are supposedly very powerful, and serve as a means of dissuading sailors from entering the Calm Belt, but they only demonstrate how deadly they are when the Lord of the Coast- which was extremely vicious compared to most Sea Kings- eats Higuma the Bear in Luffy's past, and then eats Shanks' arm. Their strength being never shown onscreen, they mostly serve to show how powerful certain characters are by falling in battle against them. Some even get cut in two.
    • There is, however, immense variance in size and power among Sea Kings. One arc has appearances by Sea Kings like Stripey who are bigger than good-sized islands; Lord of the Coast is probably about the size of one of their teeth. These uber-Sea Kings also, unlike previous smaller ones, demonstrate human-level intelligence.
    • Additionally, their primary threat is what they can do to ships rather than characters. A lot of the high-end characters are Devil Fruit users. Destroy the ship and there's nothing keeping them out of the water. TKO. This is why Marine ships have Seastone hulls, because that material keeps Sea Kings from noticing their presence (Though it doesn't make the ships invisible to them). Other modes of transport, like the Sea Train, have a whistle that scares them off.
    • Finally, while there are creatures so powerful that they prey on even Sea Kings, said Sea Kings are also dangerous by their sheer number. To the point that the ability to talk to and command Sea Kings is enough to make the person who wields it considered one of the three Ancient Weapons, Poseidon, capable of destroying the world if in the wrong hands. Good thing the person who currently holds this power is an adorable and extremely kind young princess who wouldn't hurt a fly.
    • Usopp deliberately invokes this trope through Blatant Lies so he can intimidate and frighten off people, claiming he has a force of 8,000 loyal men at his command from his very first appearance. A hundred or so flags pop out among bushes and start waving. Nami quickly sees through the trick and rats out the real size of his force- three little children playing pirate.
    • Blackbeard somehow has the ability to absorb at least one more Devil Fruit ability in addition to his own because of a unique body structure, but there is no solid explanation for how it doesn't tear his body apart as of yet, or how he absorbs the new power.
    • Franky, in his original cyborg body form, had a feature known as Tracking Cannonball, where he would expose two shoulder cannons, though dislocating both shoulders to do so. Chopper thought he would fire projectiles which targeted the enemy. Instead, Franky chases down the target while firing his cannons wildly- which stands out as a case of Misinformed Ability.
    • Ain from the twelfth movie can turn her Fountain of Youth powers into a Touch of Death, by repeatedly rejuvenating the enemy until they disappear. However, she never gets a chance to perform it onscreen.
  • Asuka of Neon Genesis Evangelion offers an intellectual example. Reportedly, she is a prodigy who graduated from a German University by the age of 13, and though this emphasizes the competitiveness of her character, she never displays the education level she should have (the most she ever does is show off how easily she can do Shinji's homework, which is a straightfoward physics problem). Further, accelerated admission to higher learning in Germany is as much dependent on emotional maturity of the student, but her temperament doesn't suggest someone who'd be considered for Gymnasium early, much less Universitat, or even someone who'd been immersed in a mature peer group, academic or otherwise. In the manga, she at least shows an ability to act more mature than she actually is.
  • Lampshaded in the The Prince of Tennis 40.5 databook. Aragaki, a character whose sole contribution was to lose a doubles match the author didn't even bother showing, is given a bio something like: "In order to hold his own on such a formidable team, he must have awesome tennis powers ... well, he should..."
  • Saint Seiya spends hours of footage telling us that Bronze Saints can reach the speed of sound, Gold Saints can reach the speed of light, and so forth. But when any of them need to get anywhere in a certain limit in time (read: once per arc), they run more-or-less as fast as a normal person (even slower).
  • Several examples from Rave Master. The first is Mega Unit, described as The Alcatraz... while the person talking about it is looking at it in ruins after the Big Bad broke out. The next is Miltz, who's supposed to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. It takes, at most, one spell to knock him down, and he never cast a single effective spell in battle either. The final one is Beryl, supposedly the strongest of the Oracion Six generals, all other six (as there were really seven) were quite a feat to beat, if beaten at all, and one later took down a demon lord. Beryl took only one hit.
  • According to background materials, the GM Sniper II from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket was the most advanced mass production mobile suit made by the Federation during the war, with specs rivaling or even surpassing the original Gundam. Less than a minute after their introduction, they were all destroyed off-screen by the Kämpfer.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, the Gustav Karl made an appearance. According to the background, it was a next generation mobile suit that wouldn't officially enter service until a decade later. It was easily disabled by a Jesta before it could even fight back (though its pilot was caught completely off guard, and was eating snack in the cockpit when he was attacked). It was similarly curbstomped by the technologically inferior Dijeh in Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, the OMNI Enforcer's Windam was said to be a high performance unit, yet just like almost every other grunt suit in the series, they drop like flies whenever they face named characters in combat (at one point, thirty of them were destroyed by two main characters). The sole-exception was the Ace Custom piloted by Neo Roanoke.
  • The Mobile Suits in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 have a knack for using weapons once or twice (e.g. Exia only uses its wrist vulcans twice in 25 episodes. But blink and you'll miss it!) But supplementary materials make things worse. For example, did you know the GN-007 Arios Gundam in season 2 had a beam shield? According to the official file it does, but it has never been animated. The Special Editions do add footage of some weapons in use, but these are only glimpses in action packed sequences.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE does this to Kio Asuno, the third-generation protagonist. Initially, he's an inexperienced pilot who relies on the power of the Gundam, his X-Rounder abilities, and his wingmates to get through battle. As the series progresses, everyone starts talking about what a great pilot he is, except he's still entirely reliant on the Gundam, his X-Rounder abilities, and his wingmates to survive—as soon as he's deprived one of those three things, he starts losing.
  • The Royal Knights from Digimon Data Squad are a downplayed example. In their first couple of encounters with them, they gave the main cast a hard time that required the intervention of another Royal Knight opposing them. But after unlocking Burst Mode in their following battles, almost half of the knights start dropping like flies until they switched sides and spent the remainder of the series keeping both the Human and Digital World’s apart.
  • Mitsuko Kongou from A Certain Scientific Railgun. She's a Level 4 and worthy rival to teleporter Kuroko Shirai, and boasts about her powers to anyone who will listen (including those she's about to fight). Despite this, the first few times she appears in onscreen battles, she loses before even having a chance to use her ability. It's subverted when you actually do get to see her fight and she launches an armored truck at two helicopters and then goes about fighting Powered Armor soldiers with Kuroko. Turns out she can apply a constant force to any surface she touches.
  • Touka in Saki is supposedly a great Mahjong player. However, every match she's in, she manages to lose horribly. Offscreen she does fine though, in some cases because of her "Cold Touka" state, which she enters without knowing of it, and has a drastically different playstyle, enabling her to defeat the main character, Koromo and professional Mahjong player Fujita in a practice game.
    • Toyone Anetai of the Miyamori team supposedly has six different abilities. However, she only shows two of them in her match with Saki, before losing and resulting in Miyamori being eliminated from the tournament.
    • Similar to Toyone, Komaki Jindai of Eisui is sometimes possessed with different "god" spirits that cause her to have different playstyles, but is only possessed by one in her match, which is fairly weak. Like Toyone, her team doesn't make it to the next round, but she expects to do better in the individuals.
    • Several of the professional players' styles are hinted at in supplementary materials, but apart from Fujita easily defeating Saki and Nodoka, we never see them in action.
  • Konata from Lucky Star is said to be a good martial artist, but aside from that Street Fighter parody, we have yet to see her fight for real.
  • Lorelei Wang from Love Is in the Bag never passes the opportunity to tell everyone that she is a genius, but even the rest of the cast is in doubt of that status.
  • In the Excel Saga manga, Elgala and Hyatt claim to be a master swordsman and marksman respectively. Elgala is seen holding a sword on a cover, once brandishes a stick like an Iaijutsu Practitioner, and claims to have gone on a real-life adventure for treasure. Hyatt died trying to throw a rock the only time she's attempted "combat".
  • Yoshii from Holyland is said to know how to use a knife properly, but apart from slashing some random guy once, he gets promptly demolished by Masaki when he tries to do so.
  • Character sketches describes Literature Girl from Daily Lives of High School Boys as an otherwise sociable, popular girl in Sanada West High... When not trying to re-enact her Romance Novel's Meet Cute by lounging next to Hidenori—which is nearly the only case when she appears.
  • Rando from Yu Yu Hakusho is said to have 99 Techniques, but in his one appearance he uses only seven. He does refer to the last spell he uses as something he usually doesn't need to draw on.
  • In Tokyo Mew Mew, Aoyama and Zakuro are both said to be excellent at speaking English, but they and the supposedly native speaker Mary McGuire do not speak it much better than Gratuitous English; there are relatively few grammar issues, but the delivery is very stilted.
  • Meg from Burst Angel is suppose to be a bad ass mercenary that can handle herself in any fight against humans, cyborgs, or mechs. However, during the Anime series, we see her getting kidnapped over and over again with her partner Jo having to rescue her.
  • In the Soul Eater manga, Mosquito was about to assume his youngest form, when he was at his most powerful, but thanks to intervention, he was killed before he could finish the transformation.
  • Kirika Yumura of Noir is supposed to be fluent in a large but unspecified number of languages. The number of times she (Or anyone else, for that matter) is seen speaking any language other than Japanese (Or whatever language the DVD is subbed into) is zero.
  • In the manga series Real Clothes, characters are sometimes praised for their ability to color-coordinate an outfit. Since Real Clothes is published in black and white, it's not really possible for the readers to see how good the coordination actually is.
  • In Eden of the East, Saki is at one point stated to be a brilliant programmer, and all her peers at Eden express a wish that she would take over their fledgling company. She is never actually shown doing any programming in the series or its two follow-up movies, instead spending most of the time following Akira around.
  • Kai Suwabara of Yakitate!! Japan is said from the first volume to be a once-in-a-lifetime talent and is positioned to be the one to beat for any tournament that he enters. Throughout the entire series, he only wins outright once, in the preliminary round of an international tournament. In comparison, Butt-Monkey Kawachi is constantly mocked for substandard baking skills, yet the only times he outright loses are when he's against the Invincible Hero and once when a Smug Snake sabotaged him.
    • Since the character's skill all revolve around edible things that the reader cannot taste, everybody in the series qualify as an Informed Ability wielder
  • One might be excused for forgetting that Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is meant to be an academic genius and an athletic prodigy, as the Rule of Funny means she regularly falls for painfully obvious tricks and the Rule of Sexy means her general method of movement is clumsy enough to invoke plenty of swinging shots of her Gag Boobs. She's also laughably clueless, although in that regard she may be justified due to her absurd wealth making her unfamiliar with the way the "real world" works.
  • In Battle Spirits Shonen Toppa Bashin, despite Numbers Elite being a team supposedly composed of the best battlers in the world, they have an incredible loss record. Notably, Masako/Number Eight, who doesn’t win a match until she’s paired with Striker in a tag battle and especially Elliott/Number Two, who is the actual designer of the game and wins a grand total of zero times in the series.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • In Stardust Crusaders, there's many remarks to the effect that Kakyoin's Emerald Splash is a powerful attack, to the point that Star Platinum being able to block it was treated as a small miracle. In practice, you'd struggle to name a single time where he actually hit someone with it and it did any real damage; most notably, DIO deflected a barrage with his bare hands.
    • Stone Ocean gives a Random Power Ranking to most Stands, and mostly they add up or at least make sense at a glance... except the one for Ermes Costello's Stand, Kiss. Kiss lets Ermes place a sticker on an object, which duplicates it and can be removed at any time, causing the duplicated objects to merge back together and be damaged. Sounds gimmicky, but useful, about in line with your average Stand. Its stats? A-rank in Destructive Power, Range, Speed, Persistence, and Developmental Potential, and C-rank in Precision. They're the highest recorded for a Stand with all its stats listednote . Going by those stats, Kiss should be doing things like exceeding the speed of light, shattering brick walls with a single punch, and showing off new abilities in every other fight, pulling off tricks on the level of Big Bad Stands like The World, Killer Queen, or King Crimson. Suffice to say, Ermes never demonstrates anything even slightly resembling this kind of power. If anything, in the (few) fights she has in the series, she comes across as Weak, but Skilled.
  • In My Hero Academia, Minoru Mineta is the only member of Class 1-A who has a 5/5 in intelligence, making him second only to Momo Yaoyorozu and her 6/5 ranking, and placing him ahead of Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki and Tsuyu Asui, all of whom have 4/5 intelligence. Unfortunately, Mineta doesn't display much more intelligence than his peers, with the aforementioned characters (as well as Ojiro and Jiro, both of whom have 3/5 intelligence) placing ahead of him on the midterms and displaying more clever strategies in dangerous situations. Compare Yaoyorozu, the top scorer in the class, who not only needs to be intelligent enough to know the chemical attributes of an object in order to make said object with her Quirk, but also has to be clever enough to use her creations effectively.
  • Played for Laughs in One-Punch Man. Many characters boast about or have others talk up their skill, strength, powers, or other attributes. But, Saitama being Saitama, he regularly defeats or overshadows them before they can show it to Saitama's dismay.
  • Cromartie High School plays this for comedy. We're told many times about how various characters are stone-cold badasses who aren't to be messed with, and hear many a Badass Boast or claim of being The Dreaded. Naturally, since the show is a comedy, there are basically zero serious fights in the entire series, and the vast majority of these stone-cold badasses never throw a punch. The closest things to fights in the series are the characters posturing in their opponent's faces or doing weird things to throw each other off.


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