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  • Subverted in Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità. Germany and Japan thought Italy was this, thinking he was straight since he flirted with girls all the time. Turns out Italy is not straight, but bisexual.
  • In the Mass Effect fic Another Realm, the protagonist Cieran and his friend Trena become Platonic Life-Partners largely as a result of this, as she prefers other asari.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic Compelled, there was a subplot where Connor had a crush on Kennedy, who is both lesbian and taken. It mostly served to give him some Character Development.
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  • In The Knight's Consort, another Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic, Kennedy the Vampire Slayer (a lesbian) slowly falls in love with Xander (not just a crush or a strong friendship, but actual romantic-poetry-flowers-and-schmaltzy songs love). Unfortuantely, the fact that he is male (and has no interest in not being male) keeps her from being attracted to him, or wanting to actually consummate their relationship beyond a single experimental kiss.
  • Evangelion 303: Jessika is lesbian and she likes Asuka. However Asuka is straight AND taken -by Shinji-, so that Jessika kept quiet. It does not help that Jessika already has a girlfriend.
  • In Respawn of the Dead, the RED Spy is in love with the RED Engineer, who is both straight, and has a family back home. Needless to say the Engineer rejects him (not helped along by the many atrocious acts that Spy commits over the course of the story), and the Spy ends up killing himself.
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  • In the Katawa Shoujo fanfic From Shizune's Perspective, which was written prior to the game's release, Shizune is bisexual and Misha is heterosexual, resulting in Misha rejecting Shizune's confession. This becomes Harsher in Hindsight when you consider their backstory in the final game where Shizune is the one who rejects Misha.
  • In Fallout: Equestria Littlepip grows up with a crush on Velvet Remedy, who is straight. They later become best friends and Velvet goes so far as to become something of a motherly figure to her, and they settle for other ponies who they're compatible with. Notable in that it's Littlepip's feelings for Velvet that compel her to leave the Stable when Velvet runs away, so this trope actually sets off the plot.
  • The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone has Andrew (a male human) and Ice Breaker (a male pony). Andrew admits that he's developed a crush on Ice Breaker (well aware of the incredible likelihood of this trope being in force). It is, and they remain Just Friends.
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  • Dragon Ball Abridged's Dende, who comes from an race with No Biological Sex, finds himself smitten by Bulma's breasts. Later, we find he has something of a crush on Gohan, as the two had been friends for a while. After a few months of living together, he confesses his love, to Gohan's confusion. Poor guy...
  • In, surprisingly, a The Lord of the Rings background-era fanfiction, OC Andrahar is in love with his master/best friend, Imrahil. Imrahil is very straight, however, and if this wasn't already made clear by his conspicuous tendency to frequent brothels, he offers to sleep with Andrahar "to see if he is a man for men". The results are definitive, and disappointing for Andrahar. Later fics by the same author imply that Andrahar never falls out of love with Imrahil, but they remain lifelong best friends in spite of it.
  • In You Got HaruhiRolled!, Kyouko has a MAJOR lesbian crush on Sasaki, who will have none of it. The only person Sasaki feels attraction towards is herself. Kyouko is completely oblivious to this.
  • In This Nearly Was Mine, Frederic Horshoepin has a massive crush on his bandmate Octavia. Unfortunately for him, this universe has the VinylTavia ship in full play, so he's stuck watching the love of his life making out with the DJ mare.
  • Reading Rainbowverse has Big Mac's crush on Twilight, who admits she doesn't see stallions that way.
  • The Thor fanfic 5 People Who Thought Loki Was Gay and One Who Knew Better has Thor and Jane's relationship end this way, as Thor finally comes to terms with his sexuality, something he has struggled with for the entire story (which spans centuries).
  • In The Dashverse, Cloud Kicker eventually confesses to Twilight that she actually is in love with Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately for her, Dash is not only straight, but completely oblivious to her feelings, as she just assumes its part of Cloud Kicker's usual personality.
  • Some fans of the Picard/Q pairing from Star Trek have pointed out the implausibility of a stout heterosexual man like Captain Picard (with several noted love interests in canon) changing his preferences by pursuing a relationship with Q's male form. As an Energy Being Q has no mortal body, so any form he assumes is more like a costume than anything else, and that "costume" could just as easily appear to be female as it does male; this is something that Q even lampshades in canon.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic Pretender Robin is love with Chrom, who is straight and gets married to Sumia early in the story.
  • In Despair's Last Resort, Kazumi is in love with Shizuka, who is stated to be straight and was possibly in love with someone during the year at Hope's Peak. Kazumi makes it clear though that she won't chase after her, though Shizuka's execution is not handled well.
  • In Angel of the Bat Cassandra has unrequited feelings for best friend Stephanie Brown, who is both straight and in a relationship. Despite her desires, Cassandra only admits it because she is tired of carrying it and doesn't want to hurt their relationship.
  • Applejack's Love; Applejack has a crush on Rainbow Dash, and eventually confesses her love. Rainbow is straight, hates being Mistaken for Gay, and thus takes AJ's confession badly.
  • The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs: Harry Kim (gay in this fic as an Actor Allusion) briefly carries a torch for Tom Paris, but late in the first season he complains to Emil Tarak that Paris isn't into men. Harry also has to rebuff advances from a female Sikarian in "Factoring Primes".
  • The Elements of Friendship: Book II, Applejack confronts Twilight on the kiss she gave her in Book I, Twilight explains it was chaste and she's aromantic. Applejack admits she's kind of disappointed.
  • In the Frozen (2013) fanfic Becoming Free, Freya kissed her childhood friend Greta when she mistook their bond for romantic. Greta reacted badly. She ran off, told her family, and later that day her family came and burned down Freya's house. They likely would have harmed Freya if she hadn't escaped. Greta didn't intend for them to attack Freya, and when they meet years later she is regretful.
  • Kimberly T's Gargoyles series features an example of this when the Manhattan Clan visit the New Orleans gargoyle clan and meet Robert, a gay male gargoyle who lost his human mate a year ago. Considering the relatively small size of the gargoyle breeding pool, some of the New Orleans clan are prejudiced against Robert, who is so gay that it's impossible for him to be aroused by women; while he has a close friendship with fellow gargoyle Rebecca, the one time they attempted to mate was just embarrassing for both parties no matter how fond they were of each other. After Robert and Rebecca become a mated trio with Lexington, Robert and Rebecca are only able to mate after Lexington helped get Robert suitably aroused.
    • Some of the New Orleans clan accused Robert of being interested in Brooklyn, but it's made clear that Brooklyn has no interest in males; it's even mentioned that back in Wyvern, Lexington once made a pass at Brooklyn, but accepted that Brooklyn wasn't interested in males and the whole incident was basically forgotten about.
  • The Alarmaverse: Twilight Sparkle and the Case of Old Res: Resonius IV and Pitch Drop. One's heterosexual and in love with the other one who is gay.
  • The driving force behind A Stallions Man, which designates a man named Barrett as the object of the affections of seven eager - and familiar - stallions,note  all of whom cannot accept that his barn door doesn't swing that way (it's only a gender barrier, though; Interspecies Romance doesn't bother him and in fact he wants a marefriend). He outright tells them, but only a few acknowledge hearing it - regardless, none give up on winning his heart, certain that they can change his mind and bring out the repressed homosexual they're certain lurks underneath. How exactly Barrett ended up in this situation is uncertain as of right now, but it's possible that, in order to escape a dreary life back home, he wished to end up in the show with all the main characters fawning over him... and just failed to specify which gender he was actually into, or something else that he didn't think he had to clarify. Now he's stuck with it, with no way back. The fic also greatly exaggerates the implications of this trope, making several - if not all - of his harem's members boy-crazy to an over-the-top extent just for laughs.
  • The Loud House:
    • Many fans have written fanfics where Luna's female crush Sam isn't interested in girls. Given that this was a hinted at but never outright stated concern in canon, it's no surprise fans have been intrigued by it. How much angst this causes depends on the work in question but Luna's always disappointed when Sam turns her down.
    • Less popular but still a thing is that Clyde's crush on Lori is being used to cover up feelings for the very straight Lincoln, whether consciously on Clyde's part or not. How much angst there is depends on the work in question but there's always initially awkwardness between the boys and Lori may even be drawn into it considering how weird it would be to have someone's crush on you derive from feelings for your little brother.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: One of Drunk Ami's fears about her relationship with her crush, as said in her thoughts from Beryl's Plan:
    A horrible thought almost made her gasp out loud. Could it be that he was gay? She needed another drink! A moment later, she settled back against him, her thirst slaked. This required some careful observation.
  • Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead: The original work has Applejack crushing on Sunset at the beginning but Sunset gently turns her down due to her being straight, making it a straight example of the trope. However, the sequel Sunset Shimmer Hunts The Undead has Sunset also developing a crush on AJ, suggesting something changed in the years between the stories.
  • Man Of Dreams has this within a Love Triangle: Mito (straight) with Hashirama (gay). Both of them with Madara (asexual).
    Perhaps it was because on some level Hashirama knew who Mito was really interested in marrying; and on that same level, Hashirama acknowledge it was the same person he was interested in.
  • Played For Laughs in the oneshot It's a Trap. Brock goes out on a date with Erika, only to find out partway through that Erika is not only taken but she's lesbian. Erika thought that Brock knew this already (she does give out the Rainbow Badge and have a female-only gym after all).
  • As with the anime, Ooi is into her sistership Kitakami in Blizzard of the Red Castle. Kitakami not only isn't into incest, but she's heterosexual as well. Ooi didn't take it well. It's played for laughs though.
  • Subverted in But You Won't Have To Do It Alone. Rei is a closeted lesbian who is in love with her straight, slightly heteronormative friend Usagi. However, it turns out that Usagi isn't straight... But she still has a boyfriend that she's dedicated to, so Rei doesn't stand a chance anyway.
  • re:Bound (RWBY): Sun has an unrequited crush on his straight best friend Neptune.
  • Crystal Camaraderie:
    • Nomination's first attempt at asking Colt out ended this way earlier in the day, so he's still rather miserable.
    • Chartreuse also has a crush on Chalcedony, not that she's figured it out yet, who is straight.
  • In Aftermath of a Fallen Star, Applejack (lesbian) was in love with Twilight (straight).
  • In Kara of Rokyn, Jara (lesbian) likes Kara (straight). Jara doesn't take rejection well at all, but at the end she accepts the fact that they can only be friends.
  • In Sparkling Shimmer, Sunset breaks up with Flash when she realizes she's into girls. Flash takes it rather well.
  • A parody short posits that the reason Sonic the Hedgehog makes such fast tracks when Amy's around is because he doesn't have the heart to tell her he and Tails have long since passed the point of goo-goo eyes. Amy is not impressed. It's later revealed that this was another scheme of his to keep her away, though when he later needs her help to avoid certain death she decides she's had enough and angrily dismisses him.
  • Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv): Butch Lesbian Rem is in love with Misa, who is in love with Light, who is in love with L, who is "snack-sexual". Also, after Mikami abandons Takada she considers going out with Light, but then remembers he's gay. Rem later ends up with Misa by possessing Mogi and Jumping the Gender Barrier.
  • Resident Evil Abridged turns Wesker's homoerotic obsession with Chris into a full-blown unrequited crush, since Chris is straight and implied to have the hots for Jill.
  • We're the Same! is a trio of fanfics in which Discord creates and runs a club for reformed villains. In the third story, their one-year anniversary meeting includes Pharynx (reformed Changeling), who's developed a crush on Fizzlepop Berrytwist (formerly Tempest Shadow, the Storm King's second-in-command). Fizzle has to gently let him know that she's not attracted to stallions, and is in fact happily dating one of the mares she works with.
  • Shadowchasers Series: Kyon Rokudai was madly in love with Ace and repeatedly tried to win her over, but she never reciprocates. Later, in Shadowchasers: Tournament of Shadows, Ace comes out as a lesbian when she falls in love with Kenshin.
  • In Son of the Sannin, Hinata catches the eye of a female Kumo genin named T, who starts flirting with her when they face off in the Chunin exams preliminaries. Naturally, since Hinata has Single-Target Sexuality for Naruto, T's chances were less than zero from the get-go.
  • Meet Me Where Youre Going has both Steph and Cass believe this by mistake, due to only knowing each other to have dated boys (Robin and Superboy respectively). They don't figure it out until after some clubbing and Cass turning down her friend Xiao Yin because she's too hung up on Steph to date anyone else.
  • In the Everybody Loves Marinette chapter "Juleka", Rose lets Juleka let out her sexual frustrations in an open relationship because while she loves Juleka and is willing to date her, she can't picture herself having sex with another woman.
  • White Devil of the Moon: The basic premise is that Nanoha Takamachi is discovered to be the reincarnation of Princess Serenity instead of Usagi Tsukino. Mamoru Chiba, the reincarnation of Serenity's lover Prince Endymion, tries to rekindle their relationship. He completely fails to win her over because Nanoha is a lesbian who is in love with her girlfriend Fate Testarossa.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Imaginary Letters," fellow male furry-con guest of honor Sassie propositions Bolt. The latter refuses, saying he's already in a relationship with Mittens, and besides, he doesn't "swing that way." Far from being upset, Sassie high-fives him, congratulating Bolt on having a sex life even more offbeat than his own.
  • There's a... genre? of Touhou Project fanart known as The Sad Truth of Gensokyo, which mostly amounts to an Ambiguously Gay Rinnosuke Morichika being annoyed by the various girls. This trope is played for laughs.
  • In The Loud House fanfic, The Nightmare House, bisexual Luna wants to date Sam, but is told by Mick Swagger that she prefers blokes (the series later revealed that Sam is in fact either a lesbian or also bisexual).
  • Where Talent Goes on Vacation:
    • Hikaru Kurogane has a crush on his roommate Shigeru Kojima. Unfortunately, Kojima not only is heterosexual, but is infatuated with Akira Azuki, despite the fact that she personally finds him rather irritating.
    • Himeno Himemiya is a lesbian, while her maid and long-time best friend Kanae Tsukimura is heterosexual. Himemiya is fine with this, though, since the class differences between the two of them would preclude any potential relationship, and ultimately gets together with the bisexual Sayuri Sasaki.


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