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Examples of In Spite of a Nail in fanfiction.

  • In Total Drama fanfic Courtney's Crusade for Redemption Despite Courtney's intervention, some events happen just as in canon.
    • Alejandro gives the Villainous Vulture the victory in the first challenge.
    • Lightning, Jo and Heather get eliminated in the same challenges, and for similar reasons, as in canon.
    • Mike still gets accidentally hit in the head by Scott, which brings Mal back.
    • Mike defeats Izzy in the boxing challenge, with 'Mal' fighting her at first; it later diverges from canon as Mike ends the fight as Vito.
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    • Duncan destroys Chris' cottage ("It was a mansion!") and is sent to jail.
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Before Daniel's arrival Shinji and Asuka were arguing about the past. Shinji wondered if they could have averted Third Impact and led happier lives if they travelled back in time with their full knowledge, but Asuka firmly believed they could not have changed a damned thing.
    • In Avalon, Shinji and Asuka hear about other alternate dimensions and even find their counterparts of other world. Not matter how different, all Evangelion baseline timelines have one thing in common: Shinji and Asuka are together.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion: Whilst the presence of the Autobots ensures the survival of both the Yamato Alliance and the civilians of Saitama, Lelouch still ends up almost being found out by Cornelia and requiring external aid to escape.
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  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic “All These Things That I’ve Done”, depicting a world where Angelus was never cursed because the clan was killed before the spell could be cast, the Scooby Gang still exist as they did originally, and after Janna Kalderash provides the curse to give them an edge by using it on Angelus, Buffy still ends up falling for Angel.
  • Despite the vastly different circumstances leading up to it, Rei still ends up sacrificing herself to defeat the 16th Angel in Advice and Trust. The author said that he did this deliberately to draw a contrast with how everyone was at that point in the main series.
    By having that one event turn out the same, but for entirely different reasons, the whys would be underlined, and the consequences even more so.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog and DCAMU crossover Flashpoint 2: Advent Solaris, despite Barry's latest flashpoint causing a timeline that results in the Sonic the Hedgehog characters existing (talking, anthropomorphic animals and all) in addition to the continents of the earth being in different shapes, not only do Barry and Iris still exist, but they also still evidently have their usual jobs and Barry's mother even met apparently the same fate.
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  • In Supergirl fic Hellsister Trilogy, the Anti-Monitor was defeated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but several events such as so an army of villains coming together to conquer several realities still happen.
  • The One I Love Is: Although Shinji, Asuka and Rei and their relationship changed a lot throughout the story, most canon tragedies still happened. Their different and improved mindset only changed one thing: the outcome of the war.
  • The fic Queen of All Oni (part of Project Dark Jade), while differing from the canon Jackie Chan Adventures plot at the start of the canon's fourth season with Jade having a Face–Heel Turn as a result of a spell of Daolon Wong, has a large number of similarities with the series plot.
  • Jade Dragon, part of Project Dark Jade and by the same writer as Queen of All Oni, has Jackie still ending up fighting a demon to stop an army of dragons from attacking China, despite it being a Demon!Jade instead of canon's Shendu.
  • In Supergirl (2015) fanfic Survivors, Superman doesn't introduce Kara to the Danvers but she meets them anyway. Kal-El isn't found by the Kents but his cousin settles on Clark for his Earth name. And Kara eventually becomes Supergirl.
  • Better Angels has Shane Walsh surviving the ordeal at the end of Season 2 of The Walking Dead. He takes over Rick's position as leader, corrupting the group with his ruthless survival philosophy. Despite this, the Atlanta group is still put on a path to The Prison where Rick leads them in canon.
    • Zig-zagged because Shane's leadership puts the group at much worse odds than their canon counterparts.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, practically every world Michikyuu Kanae has been to contains Kyon, and generally Haruhi.
  • Played with in the Star Wars fanfic Riding the Wheel of If, where in some alternate universes characters don't exist, and others even have them change gender. On the other hand, those versions of the characters that are the same gender are pretty much identical physically, and they're always the same age (per Word of God; when one author wrote a story where Obi-Wan was younger the original author said that didn't happen and it was considered AU to the series). And certain events take place in most or all universes, and if Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both exist they're usually together, but that's all just Because Destiny Says So.
  • The Naruto/One Piece crossover fanfic Shinobi of the High Seas takes In Spite of a Nail to ridiculous extremes. Despite Naruto being there and regularly interacting with the Straw Hats (including adding Nami and Robin to his harem), every major event of the anime/manga happens without fail, even if he's there. It's to the point he completely misses the entire Marineford arc, only hearing of it second-hand.
  • Lampshaded in I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!, when the seating arrangement for the Chunin Exams ends up identical to the original timeline despite Sakura stating that it would be statistically impossible. Most of the characters also end up with the same significant others despite vastly different circumstances.
  • The Sonic The Hedgehog fanfic A Rose And A Thorn 4 features a character going back in time to save the Ark. Despite knowing everything that can happen, she still cannot stop the destruction of the Ark or the death of Maria. It all happens anyway, so Sonic Adventure 2 happens anyway.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K is an inversion of this... it isn't the fanfic that needed the nail, it was canon. It still plays the first several Angels almost completely to canon (with minor changes in character attitudes and relationships and much greater levels of awesomeness) but at about Chapters 15 to 20, depending on the reader, it suddenly stops being anything close to canon. Probably best summed up with the following line.
    Shinji: Then hear my command. Send the assassins. Plant the evidence. All the things we talked about before...let it be done...Begin The Purge. Protect my city.
  • Nights in the Big City includes Alternate Universe versions of dozens of major and minor Kim Possible characters, even though its Alternate History diverged at least a century and a half ago (one character mentions Robert E. Lee as a "Blue" (Union) stalwart who went on to become the 17th President).
  • In A Different Dursley Family, it's said Vernon and Petunia were destined lovers. The "nail" of this fic was Vernon trying to steal a statue from Smeltings (his secondary school) for a prank. In that fic, Vernon was caught and expelled for this, which resulted on him being cut from his father's will and becoming a mechanic to earn a living. This prevented him from being the intolerant man who'd force Harry Potter into Cinderella Circumstances and yet, he and Petunia met, fell in love and had a child. Prior to the fic's proper beginning, the author briefly mentioned other alternative timelines coming from the statue prank and the only one specifically stating Vernon wouldn't marry Petunia was one where the statue fell on him, causing his death. And even then Harry's life wouldn't be different from canon since Petunia would marry a squib who was so envious of his magical relations as Petunia was of her sister.
  • The Rose Potter series is fairly notorious for this, being a literal (as in, largely the same but with the pronouns swapped) rewrite of canon with Harry replaced by a female God-Mode Sue. This results in many places where Rose easily resolves something Harry failed to do in canon, but inexplicably still has to deal with the fallout — for instance, even after clearing Sirius Black's name, she still has to meet and contact him in secret as if he were still a wanted criminal.
  • In the Pony POV Series, despite unforeseen circumstances like the Windigos, Discord's first reign, and Nightmare Moon, the version of Ponyville designed by the Alicorns and Draconequi during the Cosmic Retcon of G3 still comes into existence as planned.
  • Oh, god — the gradually broadening, world-engulfing trope that is OmegaVerse. A human culture that had normal male and female "betas", powerful "alphas" that whether they appear as male or female can impregnate, and "omegas" that whether they appear as male or female undergo periodic sexual "heats" during which they can be impregnated — and during which they are irresistibly attracted to any alpha within scent range, said alpha inevitably reciprocating — would not be in any conceivable way the same as ours. Not remotely.
  • In Perfection is Overrated, while the SUEs' arrival results in an alternate suspect arising for the attack on Yukariko, resulting in the Himes not going after Nao, there are several other changes. Yukariko and Ishigami die when Ishigami tries to take advantage of SUEs with the ability to alter their targets' memories and personalities to spark infighting among the Himes. The First District still gets destroyed, not by Shizuru, but by The Usurper-possessed Obsidian Lord, a brainwashed Mikoto, Nagi and two SUEs.
  • The Infinite Loops have this hardcoded into their premise. An anchor is intended to stabilize a universe, no matter how many variant loops it goes through. Though the Anchor can sometimes replace other characters within a Loop, so they aren't always playing the same role. Also, Fused Loops can have non-native Anchors present.
    • There's a running gag in the MLP Loops where no matter what Twilight does, her library will end up being destroyed by the end of the Loop.
  • Pretty much the whole point of the For Better Or For Worse Fix Fic Foobar; try as Elly might to use magic to make her future better, her very limited ability to influence events (and ignorance of the fact that her victims are aware of what she's trying to do) result in only a minor change in her surroundings. Said minor change is a true awareness of how damaged she is.
  • In Dauntless (Allora Gale), the "Nail" is Clovis discovering Lelouch is alive, reuniting him with the Britannian royal family. Though a lot of things do change, Lelouch still makes contact with C.C. and still gets his Geass.
  • Although history progressively changes over the course of the Axis Powers Hetalia AU fic Monarchy Over The Danube, some events still happen more or less as in real life, such as the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Even further on, a few Historical Domain Characters still manage to become prominent heads of state, like Queen Elizabeth II for England.
  • Despite the Britannian Empire not being a thing in the world of Justice Society of Japan, Lelouch is still Zero, he still works with C.C., he still has a Geass, and he's still the head of a mercenary company known as the Black Knights. The reasons for this are, as of now, unknown.
  • To Paragon!John Shepard's shock, when he meets his Renegade!Female counterpart in Mass Effect: Life is a Game, Jane says that she killed Wrex, Mordin and Legion in her first playthrough. Except, despite her joking about it, there is absolutely no way she'd promote Uldina to the Council over Anderson, something she and John are in complete agreement about.
    • The fact that the divergent Paragon and Renegade paths both inevitably led to them facing down the Star Child in the same way at the same time really ticks her off.
  • In SOS Pretty Cure, Haruhi is still melancholy about the fact that she has failed to discover any supernatural phenomena, even though she becomes a Magical Girl before ever forming the SOS Brigade. When Kyon asks about that later on, it's Hand Waved by means of redefining what the paranormal is.
  • In Façade, despite the fact that Yu Narukami is female, the plot chugs on as usual as far as events go. Thus far at least — Yu's budding friendship with Mitsuo might change things...
  • In The S-Class Mage, a Fairy Tail fanfiction where Earthland Lucy looks and acts like Edolas Lucy and thus joins Fairy Tail years ahead of canon and rises to S-Class, things still happen more or less the same way is they did in canon, and where it diverts, it diverts in a way that benefits the protagonists. For example, Simon survives the Tower of Heaven arc, and Jellal's name is cleared at the end of the Oracion Seis arc.
  • Shown in the Facing the Future Series where, despite Danny preventing the Bad Future in "The Ultimate Enemy," Skulker and Technus still end up joining forces to form SkulkTech. When this is pointed out, the subject of whether or not Box Lunch will be born also came up, much to the disgust of Danny, Sam, and Tucker.
  • In the RWBY fic For All Time, one of the reasons Ruby travels back in time is because she thinks she can manipulate Past!Weiss into returning her feelings. This never works, though she has tried it literally hundreds of times.
  • In the Shadow of the Moon is a crossover fic where Homura Akemi lives in the Moon Kingdom and Walpurgisnacht doesn't exist. But Madoka still dies, and Homura still goes demon. Homura herself lampshades this trope, insisting that the narrator (Sailor Venus) cannot help her and shouldn't feel guilty about that.
  • Several How to Train Your Dragon For Want of a Nail fanfictions will have Hiccup lose his left leg, even if the event that caused it in canon does not happen.
  • Despite the very different setting and tons of OCs added in, Sonic X: Dark Chaos still roughly follows the general plot arc of the original Sonic X. Sonic fights new villain, Cosmo arrives, the heroes go into space to find the Chaos Emeralds, meet several canon alien races, and the adventure ends with a huge final battle and Heroic Sacrifice Bittersweet Ending.
    • Also, the Seedrians are still utterly wiped out and Dark Oak forms the Metarex in both the canon and Dark Chaos universes, even though the Dark Chaos backstory is very different.
  • A character variation occurs in A Different First Crewmember. Nami is still obsessed with money despite not having to buy her home island from Arlong. Justified given that if her family had just had more money, Bellemare would have still been alive when Shanks turned up to defeat Arlong.
    • Likewise, the crew has to get a ship from Kaya despite Nami commissioning one beforehand because Buggy blows it up.
  • It's not uncommon for the Balbadd arc of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic with two outcomes, one, it follows the same as canon, two, Kassim survives, but Balbadd still fall to the hands of Kou.
  • Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion:
    • Unable to give Lelouch a geass, C.C seeks out Nunally and gives her the exact same geass he received in canon.
    • There is still a "Massacre princess" incident, but it's caused by the rogue stand Anubis, not a geass and since the general public knows about stands, none of the controlled people are considered at fault.
    • Villeta still gets stuck in the persona of a woman named Chigusa, but it's because of vampire Kusakabe's stand turning her Japanese.
  • Quiververse: In this storyline, thanks to everything regarding Sunset Shimmer and a desire to avoid becoming a Broken Pedestal, Princess Celestia fills Twilight in on a number of things, particularly the Tree of Harmony. Thanks to this foreknowledge, Twilight's able to put two and two together regarding the plundervines very quickly once the time comes, and convinces Discord to help deal with them. The vines, however, attack Discord, and she and the rest of the Mane Six are forced to return the Elements to the Tree of Harmony anyway.
  • In Eros Turannos, despite Anakin not growing up on Tatooine and his absence from the events of Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn still died during the battle with the Trade Federation, Vader still constructed C-3PO to help raise himself, and Padme now owns R2-D2, justifying her having an astromech droid who doesn’t obviously help her senatorial duties as he saved her life and she just likes having him around. Later on, Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes Vader's Jedi Master as he begins to explore the power of the Light Side rather than the Dark.
  • The Quantum Leap fic "Beth" looks at the reality Sam created when he told Al's first wife Beth that Al would come home; despite Al having a wife and four daughters, he still ends up having the same breakdown that led to him meeting Sam in canon, this time attributed to him having a relapse into alcoholism due to bad memories of his time as a prisoner.
  • The Smallville fic En Tempus Veritas opens just after Lana's funeral, with Clark meeting a meteor freak who can show him how his life would have turned out if he made one different decision; Clark chooses to see what would have happened if he had never crashed Lex and Lana's engagement dinner, believing that if Lana hadn't learned about his powers she would never have died. The new chain of events presented includes Clark and Lois falling in love and having a son, but Lana still ends up dead, helping Clark get over his guilt as he is assured that her death was nothing to do with him.
  • Thousand Shinji: In spite of his completely different upbringing, new powers and improved relationships with the remaining main characters, Shinji was unable to avert most of tragedies: Touji still got crippled when Bardiel hijacked an Eva, he still got stuck inside Unit-01, Asuka still was mind-raped by Arael, Rei still blew up when she fought Armisael and Third Impact still happened.
  • Justified in Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. There is a mysterious character known only as "the agent-in-place" who somehow knows what happened in the original timeline, possesses vast resources and impressive magical power, and secretly acts behind the scenes to ensure that things like Harry violating the Decree For The Reasonable Restriction Of Underage Wizardry, Ginny getting possessed by the diary and Harry getting entered into the Triwizard Tournament still happen, no matter how hard Harry tries to prevent them from happening.
    • Notably, Harry has no idea that the "agent-in-place" exists, which means that from his point of view, these canon events still happen even though it no longer makes the least bit of sense for them to happen.
  • The Senshi Files: Despite Harry adopting Makoto Kino shortly after the events of Storm Front, the basic canon of the Dresden-verse seems to be unchanged. Justified in that the earlier plots tend to happen to Dresden, rather than as a result of him, and the story itself being focused on the Tokyo end of things.
  • Despite Shinji and Asuka's best efforts, several events in The Second Try still happen in accordance with the original timeline (The Stations of the Canon notwithstanding), most notably Shinji getting absorbed by Unit 01 during the battle with Zeruel and Rei II sacrificing herself to defeat Armisael.
    Why? Why couldn't he kill it just like that? Why did it have to happen like this?
    Was destiny meant to repeat itself after all...?
  • While non-DL6 world in an Ace Attorney fanfic A Complete Turnabout is completely different from the one we know some things don't change. Phoenix and Iris still meet and fall in love, Phoenix and Maya still become friends, SL-9 still happens and Karma still kills Gregory Edgeworth although much later.
  • In the Adam Winters series, where Harry Potter's death is faked and he is raised under the name 'Adam Winters', the events of the first two books still take place basically as they did in canon, as does the Triwizard Tournament (apart from 'Adam' not taking part in the Tournament himself). Lupin, Moody and Umbridge all take on their roles as Defence professor a year later than they did in canon, and Sirius escapes a year 'late' because he sees a different photo of Scabbers (this one showing the Weasleys at the World Cup rather than after winning the prize draw), but the general details remain the same, even if Adam has a significantly different academic career than Harry as he starts Hogwarts basically a year later.
  • In The Greatest There Was Or Ever Will Be, Ash actually defeats Sabrina in a Gym Battle on his first try. Even so, she immediately flies into a rage and traps him and his friends into an illusory world, because without Haunter, he could not purify her soul.
  • Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother actually makes an effort to justify this with an analogy that time is a rope composed of probabilistic outcomes that produce fundamentally similar alternate timelines with slight variations. A rope can tangle up, but if you pull on a rope all the strands move in basically the same direction. However, sufficiently large Time Travel events can cause the rope to fray, which results in scenarios such as the Mirror Universe note  and the timeline in which Star Trek: Enterprise took place, the latter of which ended up becoming so unstable it was erased from existence entirely.
  • Lampshaded in Crisis on Two Equestrias. When the Celestiaverse Twilight encounters the visitors from the Lunaverse, she goes off on a rant about how despite the two universes having had radically different histories for the past millennium, the same ponies were still born, ended up in much the same places, and even developed recognizably similar personalities. She's well on her way to a full-fledged existential breakdown before Spike helpfully pokes her.
  • This Bites!:
    • Cross' attempted interventions seem to result in keeping the crew safe... only for him to take the hit instead. This happens with the prehistoric bacteria on Little Garden, the initial meeting with Mr. 2 and the 1st round of the Davy Back Fight.
    • Cross warns Vivi about the bomb in the clock tower ahead of time, and she includes that warning in her message to her father that she sends to Alubarna. Due to the moles in the Royal Army, Baroque Works gets wind of it, and the army they amass together with the Mr. 7 pair's sniping skills results in them guarding the bomb successfully against the siege until the war begins.
    • As Vivi finds out, one of Cross's biggest fears in this world is, despite everything he's tried to do, failing to stop the Paramount War.
    • Despite Cross's planning, Luffy still ends up revealing himself to Jonathan.
    • Cross manages to stop Foxy from shooting the horse Shelly, but after witnessing Foxy's callous attitude, Luffy still ends up accepting the Davy Back Fight anyway. When the rest confront him about it, Luffy says that he already knows the Fight's risks from Shanks's stories, but he also knows about the one-on-one Captain's Fight at the end, and he wants to beat up Foxy for pretending to be a pirate.
    • Despite Cross's promise, Merry's keel is still broken beyond all hope of saving.
    • Robin still hands herself over to CP9 to keep the crew safe.
    • A downplayed example: Shu still manages to rust part of Yubashiri's blade.
    • Despite Whitey and Squardo's assistance, Ace still loses to Blackbeard and is captured by the Marines... on account of Aokiji sticking his nose in at exactly the wrong moment.
  • madsthenerdygirl's MCU Rewrites: In Age of Ultron: Redux, Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver is Spared by the Adaptation during the Final Battle against Ultron. However, in the sequel New Avengers, Pietro is killed by Tomi Shishido/Gorgon.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, even considering all the changes between timelines, as well as Ash and his Pokémon having awareness of what happened the first time around, some events happen more or less as they did in canon. Examples include:
    • Despite arriving in time to Oak's lab, Ash finds out that the three starter Pokémon have already been claimed.
    • Ash and Pikachu are still attacked by a Spearow flock on the road to Viridian City, this time even without provocation.
    • Misty has the same Pysduck she involuntarily caught in the anime. Only this time, she actually caught it of her own volition, plus she already had it by the time she met Ash.
    • Despite her completely different upbringing, Iris has the exact same Axew, Excadrill, and Emolga she had in the anime, in addition to having been raised alongside her Dragonite.
    • Ash once again finds himself banned from entering Erika's Gym, albeit this time for a reason out of his control.
    • Lara Laramie still gets her arm broken, forcing her out of the Big P Pokémon Race. Fortunately, like in canon, Ash is able to fill in for her.
    • MissingNo mentions that all the people and Pokémon Ash met in the previous timeline are still tied to him. Hence why Ash, and to a lesser extent other trainers, end up finding the exact same Pokémon they had in the previous timeline, and how Ash ends up meeting the same people, even if it's under different circumstances.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • Even with the presences of Barry and Kara and the lack of Sara, Shado still dies from a gunshot wound.
    • Replacing Oliver with Slade in his non-Lian Yu adventures only changes the ultimate outcome of one of said adventures. Also, despite the Mirakuru no longer driving him insane, Slade is still forced to leave behind his biological son Joe.
  • In Heretic Pride, Shmi Skywalker is freed from slavery shortly after the events of The Phantom Menace, and consequently she never meets and marries Cliegg Lars. But she still meets and befriends Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun under other circumstances, because some of the author's other works had developed Shmi's friendship with Beru and the author wanted to show a version of that in this timeline.
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: Despite the difference Belle's early liberation (and her Storybrooke counterpart's presence) has on the story, various events and factors still fall into place, considering Rumpelstiltskin was the one that set up the dominoes and this version of Belle is now in on the plan.
    • Henry still gets the book… it is just that Rose gave it to him and not Mary Margaret.
    • Maurice's Storybrooke persona Moe French winds up in the hospital… but it has nothing to do with Mr. Gold, instead caused by organ failure.
    • Mr. Gold's treasured cup gets stolen on Regina's behalf… but by Kit instead of Moe French.
  • Becoming the Mask: The circumstances which lead to Claire's brother being swapped for a Changeling are not recreated - Jim and Toby never follow the goblins into the museum and see Nomura in her Changeling form, pushing her to reveal the recently-recovered Fetch to Bular in the next episode to convince him of her usefulness and to spare her life. However, Enrique still ends up being kidnapped and replaced.
  • In the Life Is Strange fanfic Bloom, Kate Marsh still gets drugged and assaulted at a Vortex Club party, despite the fact that the person responsible for that incident in the game, Mark Jefferson, has been Adapted Out. However, his absence does mean that Rachel Amber is alive and is able to intervene, getting Kate out of there and destroying the video of the incident that caused Kate a lot of trouble in the game.
  • The Daredevil fanfic "When the Rest of the World Walks Out" is an AU of the famous Born Again arc. In the original story, after Matt gets disbarred by Wilson Fisk's machinations, Matt and Foggy part ways and don't meet up again for a long time. In this alternate story, Foggy decides to go to Matt's brownstone to make sure Matt's okay. He arrives just moments after Fisk blows up the brownstone, and finds Matt kneeling in the rubble clutching his costume. Most of the original story's beats still happen with altered details: Foggy learns Matt's identity now, something that wouldn't happen for another decade in the comics. Because of Foggy's presence, Matt is still very much active after Fisk's attempt to have him killed in the cab. As a result of Matt being active, he's able to thwart Fisk's attempt to get rid of Nick Manolis, the cop Fisk had bribed to discredit Matt. Spider-Man has a lengthy appearance that incorporates a meeting with Fisk from his comic line, along with Flash Thompson's legal troubles. Ultimately, all of the immediate problems (Fisk's vendetta, Matt's disbarment, Karen's addiction and stalker) are still solved and the characters end "Born Again" actually in roughly the same place they got to in canon, just a few years ahead of schedule and with a lot less angst and lies/miscommunication.
    • Due to still being written when the Netflix show came out, some minor elements of that ended up being incorporated into the story as well, such as a few cameos from Foggy's Netflix girlfriend Marci Stahl (here a colleague of Foggy's at Kelco), Fisk's front of Confederated Globalnote  getting name-dropped, and Foggy's middle name being Percy.note 
  • How Could You Forget is an AU of True Blood season 4 and beyond. In the original show, Bill Compton sends Eric Northman to a covent to check on some witches. Eric threatens the head witch, Marnie, bites her, and in the original show, she erases his memories. Here, she lets Eric go, and Bill is forced to visit Marnie himself to try apologizing for Eric's actions, only for Marnie to erase his memories instead as revenge for Eric's visit.
    The end result is that all of the scenes that amnesic Eric had with Sookie are now transferred over to Bill with the dialogue mostly intact. Pam's role as the concerned vampire progeny is taken over by Jessica. Jessica and Sookie have to coach Bill in order for him to do everything he does as Vampire King of Louisiana in the original timeline without giving away his amnesia. Pam is still subjected by the witches to her face-rotting spell, but the events leading up to it are slightly alterednote  The witches' attack on the Tolerance Rally still happens, with the witches still controlling Eric, but the faerie magic Sookie uses to stop Eric's attack ends up also restoring Bill's memories. The rest of Bill's efforts to take down the witches from there to the end of the season are unchanged, and Nan Flanagan's death is completely intact. Seasons 5 and 6 ultimately progress mostly the same but with some minor alterations to the details here and there.
  • The work-in-progress The Defenders (2017) fanfic Soliloquy is an AU where the Hand decide to attack Matt, Luke and Jessica's loved ones at the 29th Precinct. Many of the events that happen in The Defenders climax still happen, such as Misty Knight getting her arm chopped off by Bakuto, and Matt still being "killed" under Midland Circle.
  • Within The Loud House fandom, there are many fanfics that try to add an OC (usually an extra sibling) to the family. The majority of these fics follow the same basic strategy: Step 1: create an OC. Give him/her a name, some personality traits, talent(s) and interest(s), but don't think too much about questions like how their presence might change the events of a certain episode. Step 2: go to the Loud House wikia and copy-paste the script of an episode. Step 3: add a few lines or small scenes here and there for your OC, but overall keep the plot exactly the same. Especially the ending.
    • This phenomenon is lampshaded and given a Take That! in chapter 20 of the fic Stories and Tales from Dimension 63. In this chapter, the character William Cryptos gives Lincoln the chance to see other dimensions in which he has even more siblings than the usual 10 sisters/brothers. At first, he is thrilled, but he quickly becomes annoyed by the fact that despite these extra siblings, everything remains the same:
    Lincoln: It's lke the multiverse just spit out a random person and added them to the family, only for them to do nothing to change stuff!!
    William:Sometimes the universe has lapses in creativity is all.
  • A Codette World Tour: Despite being set in an alternate version of Total Drama World Tour where certain events cause the story to snowball into a totally different direction than canon, there are still several examples of this.
    • Although Team Victory become Ascended Extras and have two of their canonical members reach the merge, Harold and Leshawna are still eliminated very early and in the same locations, thanks to Alejandro's manipulation.
    • Sierra, Courtney, and Izzy are still eliminated in the same locations they were in canon (and for the same reasons in the case of Sierra and Izzy), and Cody still comes in third place.
    • Despite the different team compositions, Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot keeps its name. This stands out because in canon, Sierra was originally assigned to that team and came up with its name, but then switched over to Team Amazon so she could be with Cody. In this story however, Cody is on Team Victory and Sierra is on Team Amazon from the start, so Team CIRRRRH's name is never really justified.
    • Duncan still quits the contest when in Egypt, only to be forced to return to the game in London (although through totally different circumstances). Likewise, Tyler is still the one who sees Duncan cheating with Gwen (although the kiss is upgraded to sex) and is forced by Alejandro to reveal it to everyone in Greece.
  • Despite the lack of Poor Communication Kills of Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, What If still keeps pretty much all the same major plot points, simply improving the relationships between characters instead for the most part. Thor still gets banished from Asgard, Loki still invades New York with the Chitauri, etc. Most notably, Erik Stevens/N'Jadaka still becomes Killmonger and tries to usurp the throne despite being taken back to Wakanda after his father's death.
  • In Juxtapose, Izuku isn't Quirkless. But his Quirk, "Minor Banishment", is deemed so useless that he's treated as if he were by everyone from his classmates to his teachers to his Quirk counselors. Because of this, he still gets the All of the Other Reindeer treatment and is a Shrinking Violet from years of bullying and scorn. Despite not seeing All Might's weakened state, Izuku is still being lined up to inherit One For All.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku's origins and powers are radically different thanks to arriving on Earth as Kal-El. Despite winning the Superpower Lottery, he's still lonely and a Nervous Wreck out of guilt and fear after he nearly kills Bakugou as a child. When he does get to U.A., his costume still has the bunny-eared hood designed after All Might's hair despite the Kryptonian elements incorporated into it.
  • In Desire Written in Olive, the events of Captain America: Civil War still play out almost identical to canon despite Wanda marrying Tony (to protect her from possible deportation and imprisonment) and eventually falling in love with him. The only main difference is Wanda acting as a Reverse Mole and trying to stop Steve and Bucky. They still get away, beat Tony in Siberia, and break Sam and Clint out of the Raft because when Wanda tries to stop Steve, he accidentally crushes her ribcage by throwing his shield into it.
  • At the end of the Persona 5 Peggy Sue fic Succession, despite all of Akechi's changes to the timeline, Akira Kurusu still comes to Tokyo to live with Sojiro and attend Shujin Academy for his second year of high school. The details are vastly different, though; in this timeline, Wakaba's survival dramatically increases the popularity of LeBlanc, to the point where Sojiro needs to hire a part-time employee to keep up. Akira is able to accept due to not being framed for assault by Shido, and so he comes to LeBlanc to line his own pockets with spending money.
  • In Seventh Horcrux, Harry ends up with the soul-fragment of Voldemort inside him taking over his body as a baby, meaning he basically has Voldemort's mind, skills, and attitude. In spite of this, his life continues on a broadly similar track, albeit for different reasons. Harry's life is pretty normal and he still goes to Hogwarts because he's a Retired Monster and would rather teach at Hogwarts than Take Over the World, he chooses to be Sorted into Gryffindor because he tried Slytherin and it didn't work out, he befriends Ron and Hermione because he sees one as an able minion and the other as Obliviously Evil, and he ends up opposing Voldemort (or rather, the rest of Voldemort) out of ego and spite. Many other ideas and setpieces in the books also end up being repeated in some fashion, such as Voldemort coming back at the end of fourth year, Hogwarts being attacked during sixth, and the Ministry falling at the start of seventh. He even ends up in a romance with Ginny, albeit an extremely one-sided one (she became attracted to him because she developed a thing for Dark Lords while acting as the Heir of Slytherin). As the story's largely a comedy, this isn't too much of a problem.
  • Parodied in Kara of Rokyn. Although the Crisis on Infinite Earths is averted and the subsequent multiversal upheaval affects the Watchmen Earth deeply, some deaths are impossible to prevent. Like John Lennon's: "The Comedian died, as did the original Nite Owl. So did John Lennon. Nobody could do anything about those."
  • Dead Men Tell Tales: In spite of Hector figuring out from the very beginning how he died unlike what happened in canon, Ernesto is still adored by the living and Hector is still unable to cross the marigold bridge.
  • In Ambition of the Red Princess, Naofumi still ends up purchasing Raphtalia despite never being betrayed by Malty and thus still being in good standing and having a decent amount of money. Rather than being desperate for a way to damage enemies, Naofumi is convinced of the need to expand their party and the werewolf slave Beloukas initially suggests recommends Raphtalia because he doesn't want to see her die.
  • Leave For Mendeleiev sees Marinette transferred into Mendeleiev's classroom at the start of the series, rather than staying in Miss Bustier's. Despite this change, Alya still ends up creating the Ladyblog and pursuing Ladybug's identity... and despite the strain this naturally causes between them, she and Marinette gradually forge a connection, to the point of making a new blog together after she deletes the original one.
  • There's a whole category of Lord of the Rings fanfics called "Tenth Walker" fics. In these fanfics, the Fellowship is joined by a tenth member, often a girl from our world who has fallen into Middle-earth. Despite this tenth member and any possible romatic entanglements arising from their presence the plot goes on as usual. The Tenth Walker will often steal lines and actions from other characters like being the one who guesses the password into Moria or saves Frodo from the Watcher in the Water, but does not contribute anything new. Boromir stills dies, the Hobbits still get kidnappd and so on. It gets especially egregorius when the character is supposed to be extemely powerfull in a way that should rigthfully influence the plot, but doesn't.
  • When Jackalope began publishing chapters past the introduction, the events depicted were almost the same canon (The Sludge Villain attack, All Might's secret being discovered, the entrance exam) with only minor changes that didn't change things dramatically (The Sludge Villain is replaced by Himiko Toga and Jiro is around for both the secret being discovered and the entrance exam).
  • Vigilantes' Dawn:
    • The Lances still get divorced, despite Dinah Lance not having the angst of knowingly allowing Sara to go on the Gambit and not telling anyone (as it was Laurel Oliver invited instead, which was presumably planned and told to her parents). This is even lampshaded by Laurel, who wonders if there were some underlying problems in her parents' marriage that she didn't notice before she left. More likely, Dinah just couldn't deal with Quentin's alcoholism while in the throws of her own grief.
    • Thus far, the story follows Stations of the Canon in regards to Season One, though there are changes that are beginning to snowball into greater ones.
  • The Tudors fanfic Handmaid has a few examples:
    • Anne still becomes Marquess of Pembroke, though in this case it was Katherine's idea (largely as an act of spite to Thomas Boleyn for his poor treatment of Anne).
    • Anne still suffers a miscarriage for her second pregnancy. Though, instead of being poisoned, she was pushed down a flight of stairs by Thomas Seymour.
    • Edward, Henry's son by Jane Seymour, is still born. However, he is unambiguously a bastard and didn't reconcile with his father and siblings until he was twelve due to his mother and uncle being considered traitors. He's also born several years earlier, which is presumably why Jane survived his birth.
    • Jane still dies days after Edward's birth, as she was charged with high treason months prior and was set to be executed after her son was born.
  • In What's in a Hoard?, Ochako still calls Izuku "Deku" even though he developed a powerful Quirk when he was four, because Bakugo uses the name as a taunt whenever he challenges Izuku to a competition.
  • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire:
    • Izuku Midoriya still ends up cleaning up Dagobah Beach like in canon, though his motivation is out of guilt for his crimes, instead of the purpose of training up his body (though that is also a factor).
    • The Sports Festival still continues as planned in spite of All Might's death in the USJ attack.
    • Izuku still saves Iida Tenya from being killed by Stain, though Izuku had no intention to.
    • Despite All-Might's murder at Izuku's hands, All For One is still captured.
  • In Legend Of The Monkey God, Bulma stills spends a considerable amount of time dressed as a bunnygirl despite Oolong not coming with her and Goku, and the Pilaf Gang not managing to blow up their car. Instead, Oolong stole several of Bulma's dyno-caps along with all her clothes, leaving behind fetish gear instead. Bulma chose the bunnygirl outfit as it was the least risque.
  • Son of the Sannin goes off on a different direction from canon only a few days after Naruto's birth with most major events either being changed or avoided altogether (since the author hates The Stations of the Canon). Despite this, lots of little details still match up, if in a wildly different context. To give a few examples:
    • Hinata first meets and falls in love with Naruto after he protects her from some bullies, a fight he manages to win.
    • Sakura and Ino's friendship falls apart during their academy years because of Sasuke, since Ino hates Sasuke for his mother having been responsible for her father's death during the Uchiha Insurrection. She can't bring herself to be friends with someone who could love an Uchiha.
    • Tsunade gifts Naruto with the First Hokage's necklace (as a graduation present instead of for winning a bet).
    • The Rescue Arc at the end of Part I caps off with a fight between Naruto and Sasuke, though here Sasuke is actually trying to free Naruto from mind control.
    • Every canon couple ends up together, most of which happen much earlier.
    • Danzo dies by blowing himself up with the Reverse Tetragram Sealing due to Obito's mind control.
  • In the Good Omens fic Shifting Heaven And Earth, Crowley didn't Fall and is instead an angel named Kralel who idolizes Gabriel and is sent to Earth to spy on Aziraphale who he looks down on for being potentially corrupted. Despite this, he and Aziraphale become good friends like in canon and he eventually Falls, adopts the demon name of Crowley, and helps Aziraphale thwart the Apocalypse. The summary of the Apocalypse-that-almost-was even lists all the major things that still remained the same in spite of Crowley and Aziraphale's different backgrounds.
  • In Lelouch of the Apotheosis, despite C.C. also bearing the mantle of Zero and being an Ace Pilot to put all others to shame, Kallen still pilots the Guren while C.C. uses a Gekka. C.C. justifies it by stating the Guren's more aggressive fighting style doesn't suit her as well as it does Kallen.
  • In A Case Study in the Sturdiness of the Rookie 9, Naruto is assigned to Team 10 with Ino and Kiba under Sarutobi Asuma. However, the events that plagued Team 7 in canon still followed him, such as the Wave mission and Orochimaru attacking the genin during the Chunin Exam, with Kiba ending up with the Curse Seal.
  • Turning Tables: Pepper's Rescue suit still gets built. This time it was Peter who made it, deciding that she and Morgan needed some level of security when he intended to retire as Spider-Man.
    • While it takes him longer, Peter manages to crack the method of time-travel just like Tony did in Endgame.
  • In A New World on her Shoulders, Ruby and Weiss still end up as partners on the same team despite their part of the story being set in Atlas where as the canon story was set in Vale. Yang and Blake also end up on the same team as well.
  • Remnant Inferis: DOOM: Despite initiation not even taking place in this fic, the Beacon teams still form exactly as they did in canon. The Doom Slayer suspects that the teams turned out as they did because Ozpin deliberately set them up that way.
  • Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi Order still happens in Precipice even though Anakin never follows Mace Windu to Palpatine's office. According to the author's writing tumblr, at that point, Palpatine had pretty much absolute control and there was no practical way for anyone to stop him by that point, and Anakin isn't important enough to risk his entire plan just to gain his perfect apprentice.
  • Looping Back to the Beginning: When Shinso loops for the first time, he has no idea what's happening, and calls Midoriya for help. Except Midoriya hasn't gotten his memories back yet, so he's just confused. When Shinso talks to Momo and has everything explained to him, he's worried that he screwed up Midoriya's life somehow and he'll never get his memories back. Momo assures him that time is pretty stable; unless they do something major (such as pre-emptively annihilating all the villains), things will stay the same. In fact, the class often uses this fact to screw with Midoriya before he gets his memories back, since he's the last one.
    Midoriya: [after getting his memories back] I TOLD THEM TO STOP DOING THIS!
  • Deku? I think he's some pro...:
    • Ochako still ends up using her Quirk on Izuku when he trips at U.A.'s entrance, but here it happens on their first school day instead of the exam day.
    • The first Heroes vs Villains match is still Izuku-Ochako vs Katsuki-Tenya.
    • The USJ incident goes through similar events as in canon, from the League's appearance to the spread of Class 1-A across the USJ.
  • The Home We Built Together:
    • Hiccup still builds the Mangler, shoots down Toothless and wreck half of the village. The only difference is that Astrid tries to help and gets clipped by the Nightmare in the process.
    • Astrid's first ride on Toothless goes pretty much the same as it did in the movie, only this time Toothless scares her for call him a "thing".
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • As chapter 10 of Diplomacy Through Schooling notes, even without Spike's presence during the events of "It's Not Easy Being Breezies", some of the Breezies still got separated from the rest of their group and had to be helped back home.
    • Despite an early warning that something had escaped from Tartarus, Tirek is still able to avoid detection and launch his attack.


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