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Improbable Weapon User / Fan Fic

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  • The Man Who Sold the World has its main character, the Hunter, wield the Burial Blade: a weapon that can be either a curved sword or a scythe.
  • Slightly Damned: Wind of Redemption and Rebirth has Umi Soyokaze. A Rebirth whose main weapon is a flute.
  • Main character Michael uses (and goes through) several fire extinguishers in an attempt to keep the peace at his home. Since he is fighting Fun Size incarnations of Warhammer 40,000 characters, it tends to lean more on the comedic side as he impresses the Space Marine Commander with the bottom of his CO 2 projector.
    • Which really starts paying off when his enemies begin using fire-ball attacks.
    • He also threatens the miniature armies with a vacuum at the start.
  • In Exoria, a Zelda fanfic which is set in modern times, rather than using a normal blade, Link uses a gunsword, a sword that folds back into a silenced handgun. The Valentine special forces also use gunswords as their standard weapon of choice.
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  • In Talk Nerdy To Me, one of the most esoteric attempts on Lord Vetinari's life mentioned in the narrative involved the would-be assassin smuggling a feral cat into the palace in his pants. That worked out about as well as could be expected.
  • In TD the Alicorn Princess, TD manages to weaponize sarcasm through the use of his division of personal guards.
  • In the RWBY fic Guiding Shadow Ruby's mail crate is booby-trapped with a gun and cattle prod. Given Ruby's love of cool weaponry, this is oddly in-character for her.
  • The Kantai Collection fanwork Pacific: World War II U.S. Navy Shipgirls has O'Bannon. While her default weapon is usually potatoes, she can basically turn the environment around her into weapons. Just ask the Abyssal that learned it the hard way.
  • In Guardian, Lulu's infamous moogle doll is explained as her only childhood toy and the only possession she had between the orphanage, Ginnem's pilgrimage, and the Bevelle temple. Her ability to puppeteer it with magic is what gets Ginnem's attention in the first place, and Lulu's first use of it as an actual weapon occurs when she beans a wolf-monster to protect Yuna. (Not that it does much.)
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  • In Wonderful!, Emma's weapon is a mop. A tinkered, super-destructive mop called Wonder Mop. She's smashed tanks with it.
  • Kasumi, the main character of Kasumi's Epic Quest!!! uses rubber bands as her weapon of choice. They are apparently ridiculously powerful against Creepers. Though in the final battle she forgoes this weapon in favor of a preposterously massive flamethrower. Hey, she was fighting an army of books...
  • The RWBY Loops has Ruby Rose, who converts her pet Zwei into a War Corgi (which actually sticks) and later starts up a museum for weapons across the multiverse, presumably containing multiple instances of this trope.
  • Many in The Infinite Loops, but the most notable are the Patchamen, by virtue of not being Loopers (thus not having all the abilities of the immortal dimension-wandering Loopers) and yet still beating a villain to death with napkins (that they choose specifically for the humiliation factor).
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  • In FREAKIN GENSOKYO, the main character uses a selection of enchanted plant hangers as his primary weapons.