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Improbable Aiming Skills / Fan Works

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Improbable Aiming Skills in fanfiction.

  • Averted in the Uplifted series. The accuracy of weapons is shown with a surprising degree of realism. Someone's clearly done their research.
  • In Part Two of the notorious fanfic Sailor Moon: American Kitsune, protagonist Davey Crockett manages to shoot and obliterate a throne on the Moon from the Earth with what amounts to an automatic, double-barreled sawed-off shotgun fired at a soda can thrown into the air. As if that weren't enough, the character sitting in said throne is left completely unharmed. The countless questions this raises, such as how Davey can tell where the moon throne is in the first place, are never brought up or answered.
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  • In the Death Note fanfic Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, Dark buys a sniper rifle with which to assassinate Near, and aims at him from the top of the "Eyfal Tower". The implication is that he could have killed Near with a single bullet and didn't need to buy a box... if Near hadn't used a Nerf gun to shoot out Dark's bullets and scope. Later, in what might be due to a typographical error, Dark manages to kill 1000000 (one million) Stormtroopers with 100000 (one hundred thousand) bullets, which requires killing on average, ten people with a single bullet, and only misses once.
  • And then there's Haloid. The Spartan soldier in that video is simply put, an insane marksman with just about ANYTHING. Ricochets from sniper fire hitting moving targets and ricocheting off of OTHER moving targets, insane levels of accuracy with rapid-fire weapons at a full run, THREE TON VEHICLES, SHOTGUN FU. Seriously. It's like watching every action movie hero's specialty with a weapon crammed into a can of complete fuckwin.
  • Tiberium Wars has a deliberate Take That! directed at the official novelization, where a character gets a headshot on a target a hundred meters away with a pistol... except unlike in the official book, the one making this headshot is Colonel Nick "Havoc" Parker.
    • Later on, a Nod Commando disarms a thrown grenade by shooting the fuse off it with her laser pistol. Admittedly, she's a cybernetic killing machine that has hyper-advanced technology crammed into her body, but damn.
    • Lieutenant Fullerton, a GDI Commando, twists this around. With some careful setup using an air vent, a remote camera, and his helmet computer, he's able to calculate the precise angles to fire through a wall to kill every Nod soldier in the next room with his railgun.
  • In the Poké Wars 'verse, Dawn (yes, that Dawn) becomes an amazing sharpshooter after her dampeners are disabled. Her key highlights:
    • In The Coalescence she lands "headshots" from a pistol on a swarm of Cloyster. Their "head" (actually the black pearl) is small relative to their body, they are leaping up and their shells are open only for a short time. She doesn't miss a single shot.
    • In Dawn of a New Era she kills three Fearow, one after the other, with headshots... from three kilometers away.
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    • In The Pokémon They Carried, it is implied that all the snipers defending Groudon's Wall can easily make two kilometer shots. Dawn is the best of them all.
  • In Child of the Storm, Clint is widely acknowledged as being the best shot in the Nine Realms, matched only by Prince Faradei of Alfheim, the real life Legolas. To take one example, while showboating he casually fires a shot that bounces off three pillars and snatches Volstagg's sandwich out of his hands before embedding in the wall. And then it exploded. Taking the sandwich with it. A Justified Trope due to the fact that Clint is Minerva McGonagall's illegitimate grandson by Bucky Barnes and his magical talent manifested in slightly enhanced reflexes and eyesight, much like Ultimate Hawkeye, but with a few extras.
    • The Winter Solder. If he shoots at you, you're probably dead.
  • Jun-A266 in Halo: A Fistful of Arrows gets some pretty good shots, like sniping an abductor holding a hostage from a helicopter. But he's also shown struggling to snipe a Hunter, and one improbable shot turns out to have been a Gone Horribly Right for him.
  • Averted in Mass Foundation: Redemption in the Stars. In the first chapter, Courier Ethan Sunderland has only a decent chance of hitting the flamethrower gas tank at medium range with the VATS targeting system.
  • Inverted in Pony POV Series with Shining Armor. His aiming skills are indeed improbable... improbably BAD.
  • A Small Crime: Kit can throw a card in the air and then shoot it (with her crossbow) right in the middle before it even hits.
  • First Sargent Benjy in The Hell-er-Nator II: Ghosting the Machine explains that she's so good with her wrist rocket by practicing with it daily for almost four years. She practices hitting moving targets by shooting dragonflies, wasps, and hornets out of the air.
  • Ferris: The main feature of the alien Infiltrators, which are this fic's Thin Men. And that's before one gets plasma sniper rifles.
  • Wings To Fly: Lucrezia Noin gets a few seconds of a glimpse at an enemy mobile suit before it moves into cover behind a row of buildings. She lines up on a matching pair of windows in one of the buildings and times her shot to blow off the enemy MS' lower leg.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos Episode 61, Espio manages to throw an explosive shuriken at a pursuing Jewish cruiser. Not only does he manage to actually hit it in zero-gravity, he gets a direct hit on the ship's ammo magazine and immediately blows it into scrap. Even Espio himself is surprised he made the shot.
    • Tsali demonstrates this numerous times with both his Chaos powers and his wrist-mounted weaponry. Justified, since he's a very advanced battle android and has been fighting a war by himself for thirty years.
  • Korsan in The Pirate Pegasus can shoot a bullseye from across a room with a custom-made crossbow twice, with the second bolt actually piercing the first.
  • Several characters possess this in Broken Bow, but it's entirely justified, since the ones who do are the Hunters of Artemis, who are blessed with this as a power and have had centuries of experience to boot; Apollo and Artemis, the twin archer gods; and their children. Well, Artemis' child.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Panchito "Pistoles" Rojo manages to aim at Izuku from underneath the docks just from the glow One For All: Full Cowl gave off, cutting a hole in concrete with his revolvers to make Izuku fall through. The kicker is that he did this while the docks were full of containers packed with volatile Dust, doing so without hitting any of them or anything else in the chaotic firefight above.
  • After becoming a vampire in More Than Just a Man, Lelouch manages to shoot out the factosphere of a Knightmare (a roughly fist sized target) from over a hundred meters away with a pistol while on top of a moving train.
  • Distortions (Symphogear): Kir Voronin introduction is shooting Genjuro from a building 3 kilometers away with his sightline obscured by a host of trees in a park. The only reason that his next two shots don't end up hitting Hibiki and Miku is because it was intercepted by their bodyguards.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Shirou scoffs at the archery portion of the tournament, and gets a bullseye from a hundred and twenty yards away. Everyone else was having trouble with thirty yards. He privately notes that he could have done it from farther, but a hundred and twenty was the edge of the field. Morgan quickly realizes that he could have hit a moving target at that range with no more trouble.
  • In Gambit: Play For Keeps, a fan video involving Gambit and Rogue, Gambit is forced into a high-stakes life-or-death poker game by a gun-dealer he had cheated some time in the past. To force Gambit to play the gun-dealer has Rogue bound to an Electric Torture machine, in an undisclosed location that can only be accessed by Illyana Rasputin, who is serving as his Dragon. At one point, as Illyana steps out of one of her portals, Gambit throws two playing cards past her through her portal, lodging them into the computer systems controlling Rogue's shackles, freeing her.


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