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Impaled With Extreme Prejudice / Webcomics

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  • Fafnir The Dragon: Vlad Tepes does this to some of his opponents. "Just like the good old days."
  • Goblins: The sadistic Dellyn Goblinslayer falls into a sharp, upsticking bit of broken pipe during his duel with Thaco the old goblin monk. Although the impalement doesn't kill him, he probably wishes it did shortly thereafter, as he finds he cannot pull himself free and is effectively stuck, and Thaco is advancing on him with sword in hand and murder in his eyes...
    • and then horrifies him by...telling him he's Not Worth Killing, definitely not his nemesis, and then walking away.
  • 8-Bit Theater
    • White Mage gets (accidentally) impaled by a tendril of dark energy - caused by Black Mage whilst he's in 'full evil' mode.
    • Finishing an Rasputinian death-attempt, Vilbert von Vampire is impaled with the Armoire of Invincibility. It doesn't go through his heart, so he survives.
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  • In Parallel Dementia Alexi sticks a pole from the base of a woman's skull so that it pokes through her mouth.
  • Sidekicks:
    • Limpid gets a hand through her chest courtesy of Metheos and the latter receives his karmic retribution when Darkslug does the same to him.
    • Afrostar does this to a villain with a h-bar steel. Shame the villain could heal.
  • Tower of God
    • Cassano gets impaled by a spear made out of electricity. Despite being felled, he doesn't appear to take much, if any, damage from the attack, despite it being called a one-hit kill.
    • In the climax of the Hidden Floor, Hwang's human body gets impaled by a large Combat Tentacle sent by King Zahard from the outside. He dies, all right.
  • In MS Paint Masterpieces, one-shot villain Allegro is impaled with his own laser sword. Which wouldn't ordinarily count, except that said sword went through his face.
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  • In Monster Lands this happens to one of Nixtos' partners when he had his back turned to an enemy.
  • Mijuu of Juathuur gets impaled on a flower.
  • Penny Arcade makes fun of this in their strip about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Gabriel Belmont is leaping down upon a hapless werewolf, who cries out, "Don't stake me, bro!"
  • Zeetha and Higgs have this happen to them in Girl Genius. Zeetha by her own sword.
  • This seems to be the preferred way of offing characters in Homestuck:
    • Bro, John (twice), Dream Nepeta and the White Queen were killed by Jack Noir in this fashion, though John recovers both times. Vriska kills Tavros this way with his own lance, and Terezi does the same to her in turn using her cane.
    • In addition, many mooks in the kids' session, as well as the Prospitian and Dersite royalty (and by extension, Jack Noir and PM) and Davesprite, sheath swords through their chests by default as a result of Dave prototyping a crow accidentally skewered on a katana.
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    • During or as a result of [S] Game Over, Karkat, Jake, Jane, Dave, Rose, and Terezi all die this way, with Karkat skewered multiple times with Terezi's sword by Gamzee, Jake and Jane impaled with Dirk's katana by Aranea, Dave run through with PM's and Jack Noir's swords, Terezi shanked with her own sword telekinetically by Aranea, and Rose stabbed with the Condesce's trident, though they are all brought back to life by John retconning the timeline.
    • At the end of the final battle, Roxy finally kills the Condesce this way, using Dirk's katana to stab her In the Back.
  • In Problem Sleuth, Mobster Kingpin suffers this fate by way of the Ham Needle after being defeated and falling all the way down.
  • A flashback in TwoKinds, shows a couple of examples from when trace went on a rampage in a wolf village.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Vampires generally need to be staked through the heart to kill them, although it may not be enough, depending on the clan, Lysinda vampires needed to be decapitated and their mouths stuffed with garlic or incinerated by the sun, while the vampires in the Buffy parody arc crumbled to dust upon being stabbed with a toothpick. One of Sam's many temporary deaths involves being impaled on the spoke of a wooden chandelier.
    • In "Mohkadun", the Destroyer impales his "ally" Symachus with one of his talons. Being a Physical God, he doesn't die; the Destroyer merely needs some of his blood to seal a magical box, besides of wanting to make clear he doesn't sympathise with his plans. Later, King Farahn stabs Kron clean through from behind, and since he made a Deal with the Devil to get a god-killing sword, this time it works.
  • Happens to Hero in The Property of Hate, on an improbably sharp tree branch. She's somehow okay.
  • In Crimson Flag the commodore of the Red's fleet walks calmly out of a crashed airship, smoothly decapitates an attacking wyvern, comes face to face with the big dragon that destroyed his ship, grins, and is run through with one of its claws.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Tarquin stabs straight through his own son, Elan to land a hit on Roy. "You'll live." For extra points, Roy had just recently been impaled by a triceratops.
  • King Radical's entrance in the Final Battle of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is to appear riding on a "birdosaurus" and impale the Doctor's ally Old McNinja with a chainsaw through the stomach.


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