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Impaled With Extreme Prejudice / Comic Books

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  • Betty Ross: Red She-Hulk is impaled by Skaar's massive sword, prompting her to revert back to Betty. However, she transformed back to Red She-Hulk (who has Healing Factor).
  • Also not bad guys, but there are two examples from ElfQuest. In the first Lord Voll and his giant bird get run through by a giant ground-to-air crossbow bolt. Since the bird is in flight at the time and also carrying Cutter and Ember, this gives them a bumpy landing. Shortly afterward in a climactic battle scene Cutter gets speared through the gut and subsequently lives. Artist Wendy Pini once joked that she did it so they could put a pencil sharpener in the character's action figure.
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  • Steppenwolf does this to Earth 2 Wonder Woman, killing poor Diana instantly.
  • Dick Tracy foe the Brow ended up impaled on a flagpole. Worse, he slid all the way down to the ground. Understandably, Chester Gould once cited it as the worst death any character in the comic ever suffered.
  • Non-bad-guy Marvel Comics example: Openly-gay hero Freedom Ring fought an evil Alternate Universe version of Iron Man, with neurokinetic (controlled by his brain) armor.
  • The Norman Osborn the Green Goblin in The Night Gwen Stacy Died, impaled on his own glider. He gets better however.
  • In Marvel, Omega Red frequently impales people with his tentacles and drains their life right out of them but what happens to his captive, Jubilee, isn't his fault as the building they're in is bombed and a beam falls through her chest.
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  • A Golden Age hero named (or numbered) #711 is probably most famous for killing a crook by throwing a harpoon through him once.
  • Subverted in the early 1990s Sleepwalker comics when a villain attempts to impale the alien hero on a roasting spit and appears to succeed. After the villains leave, Sleepwalker gets up, revealing that he merely warped the spit around his body to make it look like he'd been skewered, as a means of getting the villains to leave so no Innocent Bystanders would be hurt by their fight.
  • Daredevil #181: The death of Elektra.
  • Most of Wolverine's enemies die like this.
  • Dee Tyler (also known as Phantom Lady) was killed by Slade Wilson (also known as Deathstroke the Terminator) this way. See here.
  • Ryan Choi (also known as The Atom) was killed by Slade Wilson (also known as Deathstroke the Terminator) this way. See here. Is this Slade's modus operandi or something?
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  • Angela del Toro (also known as White Tiger) was killed by Lady Bullseye this way. See here. She was revived soon after though.
  • Kendra Saunders (also known as Hawkgirl) ended up experiencing this in the Blackest Night storyline. See here.
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel): Snake Eyes actually does this to Scarlett! See here. It Makes Sense in Contextnote .
  • X-Men: Mystique did this to Rogue at one point. Gambit and Rogue both received this simultaneously at another point, which is quite the Tear Jerker as they're Together in Death.
  • The Ultimates
    • When Valkyrie got free from Amora's mind control, she attacked Loki. He simply took her blade and impaled her with it.
    • Red Skull was impaled by Captain America with a plane. And even that did not kill him.
  • Elektra eventually returned the favour to Bullseye. See here. Sweet revenge!
  • Daredevil ended giving this treatment to Bullseye. See here. Bullseye will Never Live It Down when it comes killing Elektra.
  • Elephantmen has Lieutenant Trench getting impaled through the back by a spire while he's suffering from a drug overdose in Issue #76. Amazingly, he doesn't die.
  • Examples found in Superman stories:
    • It almost happened in Supergirl Vol 1 #1 when a serial killer attempts to murder someone by dumping him on metal spikes but Supergirl manages to catch the would-be victim in time.
    • Kara herself is on the receiving end in "Girl Power" when Lex Luthor impales her with a Kryptonite spike in his gauntlet. She recovers thanks to her Healing Factor.
    • Kara is likewise impaled by a Kryptonite giant talon in The Brave and the Bold Mark Waid story arc, The Lords Of Luck.
    • At the end of Reign of the Supermen, Superman jams his arm through the chest of the cyborg Hank Henshaw and vibrates so fast that Henshaw is torn apart into individual atoms. Worth noting that Henshaw's then-current body was largely made of cloned Kryptonian tissue, meaning he was almost as tough as Superman himself.
    • In The Third Kryptonian, villain Amalak murders Karsta Wor-Ul's husband by running an energy spear through his chest.
    • Superman murders the Joker this way in Injustice: Gods Among Us by shoving his entire arm through Joker's chest, also known by some fans as the Superman High Five.
  • Magik does this to Karma.
  • Happens in Nextwave to a hero, but doesn't work out the way the villain hoped.
    Aaron Stack: Excuse me. Have you really ever met a robot you could kill by stabbing it through the chest? My beer-deprived robot brain says: No, pusbag, you haven't.
  • Done humorously in Reyn, where the eponymous character is impaled in the chest with a sword. His first reaction is to nonchalantly utter a Precision F-Strike.
  • In The Golden Age, Liberty Belle rammed Starman's broken cosmic rod through Dynaman's body after Green Lantern softened him up, electrocuting him to death.
  • During the UK Marvel run of the The Transformers, this is how Mad Scientist Flame meets his end. After a Zombie Apocalypse and nearly causing an Earth-Shattering Kaboom, one of the revenant Transformers—former Wreckers leader Impactor—uses most of his remaining un-life force to fire his Harpoon Gun Arm Cannon at the rogue Autobot. Boom, Headshot!, a ten-foot long harpoon straight to the forehead and all the way out the other side.
  • In The Transformers: Dark Cybertron, Jhiaxus is fighting Starcream while wearing reactive armor, which gives him Doppelgänger abilities. Unfortunately for him, when he uses his arm-blades against Starscream, he tips Starscream off to their existence (Starscream having only just upgraded to a new body and didn't know its new abilities yet). Screamer responded by stabbing both blades right through his chest and ripping him apart.
  • The Widower stabs Tim Drake with a sword and leaves him for dead after a sneak attack on Tim and those accompanying him in Red Robin. While Tim did wake up next to a Lazarus Pit the attack only really cost him his spleen.
  • Trakk Monster Hunter: In northern Spain, 1853, Trakk pins Vaquoul to a stone wall while he slays a werewolf that was about to kill a woman. When he's finished, he turns back to Vaquoul, only to discover the upper half of his body getting away.


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