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Impact Silhouette / Web Comics

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  • The Order of the Stick: On "Black and Blue", you get a Miko-shaped hole (and a Windstriker-shaped hole) in a stone wall as a result of the too-confident paladin agreeing to play a "game" with the Monster in the Darkness.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • In "Summer Vacation", when Zoë is having to share a hotel room with Bun-bun, Bun-bun manages to annoy her so much that she kicks the literal Killer Rabbit through the wall, leaving a cracked but rabbit-shaped hole in the wall.
    • In "The Isle of Dr. Steve", Bun-bun's mental image of what he could do if he gained control of the brainwashed superhuman gymnastic assassin Oasis includes an Oasis-with-money-bags shaped hole on the side of a bank.
    • When Kiki the ferret goes hyper-speedy after been given something sugary, she goes through a wall leaving a ferret-shaped hole with sizzling-hot edges.
  • This happens in Freefall, in one of the strips where Sam and Helix flee an angry mayor, leaving a pair of holes shaped like them in a Sheet of Glass.
  • Everyday Heroes: Even when just starting high school, Jane was badass.
  • Adventure Dennis has a fatal version.
  • A clue that The Unstoppable Higgs may be more than he seems in Girl Genius is an example of the imprint variety of this trope, left in a stone wall.
  • Schlock Mercenary had a few, including one case of intentionally provoking Elf into an outburst.
  • In Pacificators, the pirate "wanna-be" Ferdinand Cook is downright terrified of women, to the point that he gladly abandons ship - the ship he tried to hijack, nonetheless - upon discovering there are women aboard.
  • Kevin & Kell:
    • Played with here when Coney eats a hole in a hedge made to look like it had been caused by a giant predator busting through the hedge, and not her and her two companions.
    • Rudy performs a belly flop into a pool, leaving a him-shaped crater in the pool's water in one strip talking about impact craters.
  • Precocious: Following a blizzard, Jacob goes outside to make a snow angel and promptly sinks out of view.
  • In one panel of The Gamercat, Sweet leaves an impact silhouette in the wall after fleeing from a spider. Amazingly enough, above his silhouette were similar holes spelling "NOPE"