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  • In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Professor Snape leaves a "Snape-shaped hole" in a window upon departure (though it was probably an exaggeration of the narrative, for comedic effect).
  • In Robert A. Heinlein's novel, Sixth Column, revolutionaries use their Applied Phlebotinum to spook the occupying army by carving precisely man-shaped holes in the walls of the prison cells they escape from.
  • Tom Holt once lampshaded this, by stating that a robot "left a robot-shaped hole, like in a cartoon".
  • In the Discworld book Reaper Man, the zombified Windle Poons does this twice, first by walking through the outer wall of Unseen University, then again after walking through the wall of the UU library when the Librarian refused to let him in.
  • In Gust Front, Lt Rogers is said to leave a "vaguely human-shaped hole" in a building he deliberately ran straight through, at the battle in Washington, DC, when stopping to turn would have put the troops he was leading at a tactical disadvantage. As part of an ACS unit, the building was the clear loser of the event.
  • In Animorphs book #25, The Extreme, the Animorphs (as Polar Bears) are being chased by Venber at the Arctic Yeerk base. Marco stops quickly and a Venber misses him, slamming through a steel door and making a vague Venber-shaped hole in it. Marco even calls it a "Bugs-Bunny-runs-through-the-door kind of hole."
  • In the Circle of Magic book Cold Fire Daja melts a perfect outline of herself in the snow when she falls into a bank of it while keeping herself warm through magic. The onlookers are puzzled.
  • In The Unexpected Enlightenment Of Rachel Griffin, one character on the losing side of a magical duel leaves "a Mr. Chanson-shaped" tunnel through fifty feet of earth and stone wall. The character in question explains that it was magic at work.