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  • Portrayed very often in Ranma ½, particularly when someone is Megaton Punched upwards to turn into A Twinkle in the Sky... while indoors. Or someone falls from high up in the sky into a house, usually leaving these holes through every floor on the way down. Ranges from tiny old man-shaped holes to holes in the shape of a winged-minotaur-with-an-eel-for-a-tail.
    • Once, after falling from a bridge across two mountaintops, Ranma, Ryōga, Mousse and Genma fell to solid ground so hard as to press it into holes shaped as themselves.
    • Also happened to Kinnosuke after falling off a helicopter and refusing to pay for the parachute that would have saved him.
  • One Piece
    • This happens to Miss Doublefinger when Nami's Clima Tact sends her through a series of walls. Also, because Miss Doublefinger was spinning at the time, each Efficient Displacement is rotated at a different angle.
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    • A horizontal version occurs at the end of "Franky VS Fukuro" when Franky's full power Coup de Vent sends Fukurou several feet into the ground.
    • Blueno has the power to make doors out of anything he touches, and is assumed that, before his powers were completely thought out, he could only makes holes the size of his body/what his body was touching. (Supported in that the first time he does this, he uses his entire body, and next time we see him, he simply makes big holes.)
    • Sanji does it to Kuroobi the Fishman in the Arlong Park arc with a particularly powerful kick. He didn't get back up.
    • When Ivankov argues with Sadi-chan, Luffy runs to her to teach her a lesson, but Ivankov slaps him and sends him flying. Moments later, you can see a Luffy-shaped hole in the brick wall.
    • Brooks falling from a great height in Thriller Bark leaves a perfect silhouette of him, his afro and his cane in the ground.
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    • Also from Thriller Bark was Sanji defeating Absalom, sending him into a wall (which is the only way we can tell where he ended up).
    • Kaido is introduced by making a huge one on the floor. From an airplane-height jump from a floating island. Guy barely got a headache from it.
  • In Mazinger Z it happened sometimes to Butt-Monkey Boss, either when he was on his own or when he was riding Boss Borot (his personal, made-from-junk Humongous Mecha). A particularly hilarious example happened in the Mazinger vs Great General of Darkness feature. His robot flew through a wall leaving a Boss-Borot-shaped hole. It crashed into the battlefield, and it was quickly smashed back by a Mykene War Beast. The robot crashed back in the Institute, leaving a second Boss-Borot-shaped hole right next to the first one (the biggest difference between both holes is the shilouette of the second one was inverted).
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  • Inverted to horrifying effect in Junji Ito's The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Here, there are already human-shaped holes in a particular mountainside, each one seemingly tailor-made for a different person, and as soon as that person sees the hole, they are compelled to enter it. The inversion is complete by the time the victims emerge from the other side: the holes gradually change shape, distorting the victims' bodies until they become nightmarish monstrosities.
  • Happens twice (to the same beastman, no less) during the prison fight scene in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Do not mess with Viral.
  • In the Pokémon Episode "Solid as a Solrock", Ash orders his Pikachu to use Quick Attack on Solrock, but Solrock moves; Pikachu misses the attack and lands on a model of the planet Saturn, leaving a Pikachu-shaped hole.
    • There's also one in the episode "A Mudkip Mission", Jessie and Meowth blast James into a wooden dam to break it, and the water starts pouring out through a James-shaped hole.
  • Dragon Ball Z: During the anime, Caroni, one of Hercule / Mr Satan's top students, tries to fight Cell before Hercule himself. He leaps into the air to deliver a kick, and Cell uses his ki to add a little something to the jump. When he lands...
    • In Dragon Ball Super, Goku creates a Goku-shaped hole in a wall after hearing Bulma in the next room mention that Vegeta has gone off to train with Whis, the most powerful being in the universe.
  • After being displeased by one of his henchmen, Gyoko in Fist of the North Star splits the guy's skull with a knife and hits him so hard that he crashes through Gyoko's transport train's wall and leaves a man-shaped hole behind.
  • In Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, after Princess Morbucks wiped the girls using her new hair, they crashed through the wall, leaving Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles shaped hole in the building.
  • Kill la Kill: Nui Harime makes one of these in a solid concrete stadium wall when Nonon blasts her. Later, she's sent flying through several consecutive sheets of metal by Ryuko. In both instances, her Impact Silhouette includes her Mega Twintails.
  • Haruna makes one of these in Arpeggio of Blue Steel after her ship is destroyed and she's thrown through a warehouse wall. Investigating the Impact Silhouette is how Makie meets Haruna.
  • In episode 7 of Sword Art Online, Kirito tries running up the sheer side of an icy wall, slips, and leaves a Kirito-shaped hole in the snow on landing (complaining that he'd have made it up the wall with a better running start).
  • Downplayed in episode 8 of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. When Tohru blasts Elma out of the apartment, the hole doesn't really resemble her body... but her horn leaves an almost perfect outline at the top.
  • Happens in Episode 5 of Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur when Dancho Arthur busts through a wall.


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