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  • Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: The eponymous monster leaves a Were-Rabbit-shaped hole in the church window during its first rampage. What's odd is that this outline doesn't match the silhouette of the Were-Rabbit when we finally see it.
  • The first Ice Age film does this thrice with a wall of ice, first with Sid the sloth going through and leaving his outline, then Diego the saber-tooth tiger, then Manfred the mammoth, resulting in a progressively bigger hole each time.
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  • In Monsters vs. Aliens, after Ginormica gets captured by Gallaxhar, she escapes and chases him through Gallaxhar's spaceship. He tries shutting a series of doors on her, but she easily busts through each one, leaving a series of holes shaped vaguely like herself.
  • Near the end of Kung Fu Panda , Tai Lung leaves a perfectly Tai Lung-shaped hole in the ground after being belly-slammed straight up in the air by Po.
  • In The Iron Giant, Hogarth explores the woods behind his house and is shocked to find that the trees have been parted in the rough shape of a giant robot.
  • Disney's Alice in Wonderland. When the Walrus is running to escape the enraged Carpenter inside their shack, he runs right through the swinging door, leaving a Walrus-shaped hole.
  • Shrek
    • In the Halloween Special Scared Shrekless, after Shrek's story Pinocchio snaps and runs through the door of the castle, leaving his outline behind.
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    • Happens in Puss in Boots, when he crashes into a crate after swinging from a building.
    • Also played with earlier in the film when Puss in Boots uses his claws to cut a cat-shaped hole in a window, in order to enter a room.
  • Peter Pan
    • In the original film, when the boys play Follow the Leader, they go under a waterfall at one point. Michael, The Runt at the End, jumps through it, briefly leaving a hole in the water shaped like himself and his teddy bear.
    • In Return to Never Land, when Jane fails to fly she falls right into the ground, leaving a Jane-shaped hole.
  • In Cars, Lightning McQueen leaves a himself-shaped hole in the smoke when he leaps over the wreckage in the first race.
  • In Cats Don't Dance, Danny leaves such a hole the floor when Max drops him from such an extreme height.
    • Max himself does this as part of his Establishing Character Moment. Then, when he leaves, he does so by going through the very hole he just left—before disappearing as if he was never there.
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  • In Chicken Run, Ginger and Rocky try to escape from the oven of the pie machine, but Rocky keeps stumbling around and falling into all of the pies in the oven, with all of the pies having Rocky-shaped holes in them.
  • Inverted in Aladdin and the King of Thieves, where the thieves start an elephant stampede on Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding ceremony. Wreckage ensues, so Genie grows to giant size and braces his hands and feet against the ceiling to hold it up. Not long after that, the entire roof has collapsed except for a Genie-shaped overhang.
    Genie: (looks at his silhouette) I guess there's really no point to this now.
  • Fun and Fancy Free: Bongo tries to catch a fish, but stumbles and crashes against a waterfall, briefly leaving a bear-shaped hole through it.
  • In Turbo, during the scene where the main character gets his Super Speed, he leaves this in a part of the engine he gets sucked into.
  • The beginning of The Peanuts Movie has Linus pushing Sally away in a panic when she gets close to him on the ice skating field, and this sends her sliding into a bank of snow leaving and indent of herself in it. The hearts floating around her head also make indents in the snow.
  • In Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, after George and Harold first hypnotize Mr. Krupp to become Captain Underpants, he ends up jumping out the window of his office, leaving his outline in the glass. Later on it's still there, and Prof. Poopypants comments on it.
  • In the film adaptation of Elf Bowling, Lex finds out that all of the other elves, Candle included, were brainwashed by Dingle. Dingle then proceeds to throw Lex out of the factory, with Lex's outline being left behind as he smashes through the wall.
  • A particularly hilarious variation of this occurs in Toy Story 2 when the Utility Belt Buzz seizes regular Buzz and throws him into a pinart toy, leading to Buzz making a perfect impression, complete with a ridiculous look of surprise on his face.
  • In the Coco short, "Dante's Lunch - A Short Tail", Dante leaves one in a fence as he is being dragged by the moving bone.
  • In Werner — Das muß kesseln!, Werner and Andi ride their methanol-fueled motorbike through a closed barn door, leaving one of these. Bauer Horst believes they've cut it out in order to install a window.


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