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  • Amazing Super Powers[1]: The paper bag isn't holding Ted's lunch. It's Ted.
  • The Black Brick Road of O.Z.'s Pepper is implied to have a taste for human flesh in her interview at the end of first chapter.
  • This occurs in several different chapters of Book of Lies.
  • Bronze Skin Inc, In the prologue a giantess tries to eat the shareholders of Bronze Skin Inc, but she spares them when they promise to provide tanning services to giantesses.
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  • Channel Ate does this sometimes. It even had a comic poking fun at the donner party. "Though he may be gone, I guess you could say there is a little of Jim in all of us..."
  • Butch of Chopping Block regularly eats the people he kills, and a lot of disgusting jokes have been made about various aspects of this (for instance, his fear that it makes him gay if he enjoys the taste of testicles.)
  • A Complete Waste of Time has Graves Monskay, who is reputedly able to taste a troll's emotions through his/her blood (though it's usually fear followed by anger). Corroborating his case is when he eats his past self.
  • In Cthulhu Slippers cannibalism is rife, and all of the Old Ones indulge. Nyarlathotep, Cthulhucorp's head of human resources takes his job title very literally.
  • Sally, Jar-Jar Binks' player in Darths & Droids whose active imagination was responsible for a lot of stuff in the campaign, turned the Gungans of Star Wars into these and had tried to offer the other PCs as food for her people.
    Jar-Jar: But wesa can can use the humans for food!
    Qui-Gon: That's a good... hey, wait, what!?
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  • Cave elves in Daughter of the Lilies are cannibalistic and have Innate Night Vision. Their appetites have caused them to be classified as non-sapient creatures even though they're known to have a language and culture.
  • Debugging Destiny has this as one of Osborne's traits. It's treated as a Moral Event Horizon when it is revealed.
  • In Deep Rise this is an accepted part of the culture of The Nobles, Humans are considered tasty and nutritious.
  • Naga from Does Not Play Well With Others. It's ok, though, as she eats pedophiles she meets online. Even the cops don't mind.
  • Dominic Deegan antagonist Karnak appears to have some kind of compulsion related to this; he frequently takes bites out of other demons after killing them, though he mostly spits out the gobs of meat again afterward. This is presumably related in some way to the fact that he was raised by herbivores, and spent his life as a vegetarian. Oh, yes, this demon lord is one screwed-up puppy.
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  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: U13 Kakarot as he comments "Yum, tender flesh..." before biting U13 Yamcha's arm.
  • In Drowtales, Drow will eat almost anything, including humans, orcs, and their own dead. Food is relatively scarce in the underdark and some nobles suffer from malnutrition; humans are rarely actually killed for food, but to bury a dead slave is considered a waste of resources the impovershed, war-torn society cannot afford.
  • Dumm Comics had a Skadi story arc where she encountered the cannibalistic "Hill People". Read here Not work safe!
  • The trolls of Errant Story, though they don't usually eat humans, just other trolls. To them it's something of a compliment, they believe it grants a sort of immortality as the spirit of the eaten is passed on to the eater. They did it once to some particularly skilled humans they killed as a show of respect and got a bad rap for it. Actually one of the punishments in their culture is "no one save the dirt and the worms shall eat of your meat."
  • Poor Xodin from Furmentation just wants sympathy, while the old man he's talking to is constantly asking if his captors tried to eat him.
  • Girl Genius: "Snapper" Boikov and "Jack A'Horned" — prisoners in the Castle Heterodyne — are both cannibals.
    • The "Revenge of the Weasel Queen" radio theater sidestory has the eponymous character, Ferretina, a Spark-created fusion of human and weasel. In this comic, one of the locals from the village she's been attacking claims that she demands young, good-looking men to be delivered to her, which are then eaten (apparently grilled with cheese). This comic, meanwhile, opens with a fake out; the first panel implies that she has done this to Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!, who grievously insulted her in an earlier strip, though the very next panel reveals he was simply thrown into a "Pit of Doom", which failed to kill him.
  • In Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy, it's stated that "Usaginari don't eat meat, except for that of other Usaginari".
  • The MS Paint Adventures series Homestuck has Hearts Boxcars, in this surprising turn of events.
    • Also Dave is put in a pot by his crocodile consorts. However, that doesn't make them cannibals, as they're not humans. And since he wasn't tied up, there was more cry than harm.
  • I Luv Halloween - Oblivious of the zombie apocalypse, evil psychotic little girl Mocchie is handed a human liver from a zombie during her trick-or-treat routine. She then eats it.
  • Karate Bears often eat people Dealing With Rejection Pack a Lunch
  • Devils in Kill Six Billion Demons need to draw on the more stable Life Energy of corporeal beings, either through forging Magically Binding Contracts or by chomping it down directly from the source. Older and nastier devils opt for the latter rather than accept constraints on their power. Cio, a.k.a. Yabalchoath, clarifies that she wasn't being metaphorical about sipping the blood of her vanquished rivals.
  • Richard, from Looking for Group... is there a nice way to say "he eats babies"?
  • Mindflayed had an illithid who just tasted some bandit's brain arguing with an insane elf that since neither of them is a human, it's not cannibalism.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, the Witch (based on "Hansel and Gretel"). It's actually portrayed as being tragic as well as horrific—-she's clearly insane, originally eating her own children in order to keep them "safe" with her at all times. When more children show up around her house she believes that they're her own who have somehow "gotten out," leading her to continue her cannibalism.
  • The D'bo sisters in Our Home Planet start off the whole comic by attempting to eat Rika and Mai (who aren't actually humans, but close enough). They're actually offended at being called cannibals, claiming that they don't eat others of their race.
  • In the Penny Arcade strip The Line Experience, Gabe reveals that he did this when he waited in line for the PS2's launch.
    Guy: God, we've been out here for hours.
    Gabe: This is nothing. I waited three weeks for the PS2, back in 2000.
    Guy: Three weeks? Wow, what did you eat?
    Gabe: The guy behind me.
    Gabe: I could stand to kill a few more hobos.
  • Peter Dolcett is an online artist who created many pornographic comic strips, all of which had an extreme BDSM theme. Gynophagia, or woman-eating, featured prominently in his work.
  • Here in +EV. Fortunately, just a dream.
  • Poison Ivy Gulch:
    • In one strip, a hermit encounters Pickaxe Paul and says he only eats natural food by doing this.
    • Parodied here when Mayor Sidewinder declines the merchant's lunch.
  • In a dark interpretation of the Treaty of Trianon, France feeds Romania and Czechoslovakia the insides of a still alive! Hungary in the appropriately-titled Polandball comic "Whiplash".
  • In Prophecy of the Circle the races of tikedi and tekk hunt and are implied to eat each other regularly.
  • In this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, it turns out the government-sponsored food called "Sponch" is made of people (probably). However, even though the shocking accusation is made in public, the reaction is a little... political.
  • In The Savage Sword of Sharona, the Kharnivors and their "queen", Engorgia feast upon the flesh of travellers who travel across the desert where they lived.
  • Scary Go Round has some.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
  • If Skin Horse is to be believed, at least some fraction of U.S. military rations are made from the corpses of people the government has abducted. In context, this is a joke.
    • Human brains and other parts are frequently eaten by zombies, such as Unity who's actually one of the protagonists.
  • Baldy and Shorty pretend to be this as an interrogation technique in this Skullkickers strip.
  • Sluggy Freelance actually had a Cannibals Anonymous support group (though their definition of "cannibal" was a little loose). Freaky-Fred, one of the more crazed characters, was later shown to have a Dimension of Lame counterpart who makes rice cakes shaped like people then bites off the heads.
  • The Cat Girl cosplayers in Something*Positive , among other things, decide to take the idea of communion a little too literally with a Pepito dressed up as 8-Bit Jesus.
  • String Theory (2009) has Prof. Phineas Armastus, Schtein's fellow inmate and a cannibalistic serial killer.
    • He made a judge throw up.
  • Subnormality has various monsters, and most frequently Sphinx eating as many humans as they can get their mits on, and discussing ways to go about it Seen here.
  • in Tales Of Gnosis College Iris Brockman works in a strange (and extremely expensive) restaurant/mermaid bar that has this trope as its premise.
  • Angel in Tower of God is roughly human (some kind of half-breed who can grow wings, but it's hard to tell who's "human" in the Tower anyway). She's said to be always hungry, and it's hinted that she eats people, possibly after dating them. It's never shown, but she's certainly a bit of a psycho.
  • Barring Entegra, Devin(two driders) and Gloria(a gluttony demon) this trope tends to be averted with characters who would be expected to do so in White Dark Life. Damien(also a gluttony demon) is a picky eater and has a psychological fear of people tearing through his stomach lining, Saru wants to avoid any illnesses associated with cannibalism, Ophelia Is Damien's daughter and thus was told to avoid such actions, while Blake(yet another gluttony demon) just finds the idea gross and ineffective. This gets disturbingly played straight with Adult!Damien who decides the fastest way to complete his bargain with Luke(to punish 1,000 sinners) is to start eating them. In fact he even goes so far as to eat his own wife(albeit as an impromptu way of warping) in a roleplay!
  • WTF Comics has one comic where Straha Ironscale (a lizardman) was eating some food. Annashi, a young wood elven girl traveling with him, wants to try some. He warns her not to eat one sandwich. She ignores him, takes a bite and comments how good it is. Then she asks him what is in it. His answer, "Smoked wood elf".


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