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  • Hannibal Lecter of The Silence of the Lambs fame and his other movies. oh where, oh where, has my little sister gone....
  • In the movie anthology Three... Extremes, the segment Dumplings features a woman who regains her youthful appearance by eating dumplings made of aborted human fetuses.
    • The segment was later made into a feature length film of the same name.
  • In Soylent Green, when the world's food supply has run out and people are no longer satisfied with Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow, corporations create the eponymous food product Soylent Green, which is recycled human corpses.
    • "IT'S PEOPLE...."
    • In a biological sense, this is analogous to having a compost pile for one's garden. By using the remains of other plants, you enrich the soil so that new plants can grow better. (It doesn't make it any less Squick, though)
  • In Dog Soldiers a group of British soldiers on a training exercise find an abandoned cabin, inside one of the soldiers finds a stew cooking on the stove. After eating a bowl he comments that he doesn't know what it is but it "Tastes like pork." Later they discover that the missing residents are anthropophagous werewolves. Whether the werewolves themselves are cannibals is debatable (half-cannibal?).
    • The same director's next movie The Descent also had technical cannibalism - a couple of characters were eaten by monsters who were evolved cavemen themselves.
    • And in the third, Doomsday, the guy who played one of the flesh-eating monsters in The Descent now gets to go the full hog - he prances about onstage singing a song by the Fine Young Cannibals, then tosses little plastic plates to his followers, cooks a guy, and starts handing out pieces of charred corpse.
      • In addition to the Crawlers and the cannibalistic savage, that actor was also one of the previously mentioned werewolves. Neil Marshall obviously loves both this trope and this actor.
  • In Eat The Rich, a disgruntled waiter violently takes over the restaurant that fired him with the help of his pseudo-anarchist accomplices, and start serving minced human flesh (with a side of chips).
  • The island natives that show up near the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest kill and eat their chiefs, who they perceive as a god bound in human form.
    • Also, prior to that, Will encounters a Jamaican on his search for Jack, who mentions "delicious long pork".
    • Worse, it's the exact same Jamaican who takes him to the island.
  • In the black comedy Eating Raoul, conservative couple Paul and Mary Bland systematically lure and murder "swingers" — at first to sell their corpses to a pet food company, but at the end...
  • The French black comedy Delicatessen deals with cannibalism in a post-apocalyptic 1950's France.
  • Tim Burton's adaptation of the classic Stephen Sondheim musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - which was itself an adaptation of the old magazine serial The String of Pearls, which was written by either J.M. Rymer or Thomas Prest - with Johnny Depp as the eponymous barber. Todd and Mrs. Lovett aren't cannibals themselves, as far as we know, but Mrs. Lovett does sell meat pies made from Sweeney's victims to her customers.
  • In the second The Lord of the Rings movie, one of the orcs is killed by an Uruk-hai leader for trying to eat Merry and Pippin against orders. The leader looks down and announces "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!"
    • This is in direct contrast to the book, where an accusation of Orc cannibalism is seen as a horrible slur. (Though this may not apply to Uruk-hai eating Morgul orcs.)
  • Dying Breed involves a bunch of young people stumbling upon a remote community in Tasmania where humans are on the menu, to emulate the behaviour of the convict who founded the place. The kicker is that the Tasmanian state government is trying to use the film to attract tourists.
  • Played straight and then subverted in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, Master of Disguise Sam Smith infiltrates a group of the eponymous tomatoes and is enjoying a meal with them... until he realizes just what the tomatoes are eating. In a later scene, he's back to being casual about the matter (he is a master infiltrator, after all), until he forgets and asks someone to pass the ketchup.
  • Alive is entirely based around a rugby team being forced to eat their dead teammates and family members after their plane crashes high in the Andes and they learn no rescue will ever come.
  • Hostel Part II has one scene where a middle-aged man is torturing Miroslav (Whitney's love interest) by slowly cutting away the meat on his leg and eating it at a nearby table. He's also played by Ruggero Deodato, the director of Cannibal Holocaust.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show has Frank'N'Furter serving Eddie to their guests who are unaware of this.
  • Most zombie movies following Romero's seminal works Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1978) involve the animated dead eating the living.
  • American Psycho: "I ate some of their brains... and I tried to cook a little."
  • In Slither anyone infected with the alien parasite becomes obsessed with eating meat. Any meat. We are treated to a close shot of the Mayor becoming overcome with hunger, and knowing full well what he is doing and disgusted and terrified by it, taking a huge bite out of the arm of a (hopefully) dead human...
  • Bizarrely, the film version of My Favorite Martian had one of the good guys cheerfully eat someone. The sweet natured love interest (played by Daryl Hannah) temporarily gets turned into an alien monster and swallows a luckless human mook whole, before turning back in a beautiful blonde. She doesn't seem all that fazed by the experience.
  • Cannibal! The Musical, a musical about legendary Colorado cannibal Alferd Packer.
  • In Dune, human flesh is not eaten, but water is so precious, the dead are cremated and the water collected and distributed for drinking.
    • Similarly, in Tank Girl, the Big Bad has these bottle-thingies he sticks in people that suck the water out of their bodies. He then drinks it.
  • In The Matrix, the machines liquefy the dead to feed the living. Therefore if you live inside the Matrix, you're an (involuntary and unknowing) cannibal.
    • And, it tastes like chicken.
  • The Danish black comedy The Green Butchers (De Grønne Slagtere) is about a pair of young entrepreneurs who fall ass-backwards into this trope. Having to dispose of the body when they accidentally kill a man, they chop it up and sell as chicken rolls in their butcher shop. They keep it up because they believe people love the taste of human. In the end, they switch back to chicken and people like that even more. It turns out it was the marinade people liked so much. Human meat has an unpleasant aftertaste, but chicken is just plain delicious. Ironically the actor who played the human butcher mads mikkelsen later returns as the canibal Hannibal Lector in the tv series Hannibal
  • In Parents, a young boy discovers that his folks have been serving human flesh as "leftovers" all along.
  • The Hills Have Eyes (1977) involves a clan of inbred mutants who are not above consuming those unfortunate enough to end up within their territory.
  • Auntie Lee's Meat Pies was all about this trope. Guess what the main ingredient is in those meat pies.
  • In Ravenous (1999), eating human meat is revealed to give you an incredible surge of strength and awareness, drawing on the Native American Wendigo myth. The main villain is addicted to human flesh.
  • Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, "Listen up, sonny Jim, I ate a BABY!"
  • The parody Disaster Movie The Big Bus contains the immortal line "Jeeze! You eat one foot and they call you a cannibal!"
  • In the film Cannibal Apocalypse, a group of Vietnam POW's contract a virus that gives them a taste for human flesh. After returning to the U.S., they spread the virus to anyone they bite.
  • The Hong Kong film The Untold Story is Very Loosely Based on a True Story in which an employee in a Macau restaurant kills the proprietor and his family, and cooks them as pork buns. Although, he isn't the one eating them.
  • The trolls goblins in Troll 2, who eat humans, but only after turning them into "half-human, half-plant" creatures, because they're vegetarians.
  • The final scene of Peter Greenaway's The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.
  • Both the original series and the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. After a small town becomes deserted, a family resorts to cannibalism, killing any unfortunate travelers who happen to come through town.
  • In the back-story of Wrong Turn films, all the animals have died due to industrial shenanigans and the villainous family of inbred hillbillies resort to hunt people for food.
  • Played for laughs in the little-known comedy Sorority Boys. The end credits begin with about a dozen Tri-Pis (ditzy blonde sorority girls) stranded in the middle of the ocean on a life raft. The Stinger for the film shows about four left, with one asking another, "Are you done with Ashley's leg?"
  • Toyed with in the film version of Logan's Run. "The Box" is a large freezer which freezes animals and Runners—people—for use as food.
  • Many people see the Ewoks as cutesy toy-bait, but they were intending to chow down on Han and Luke before Luke bluffed them.
  • Jan Švankmajer's film Food involves a part called 'Dinner'. A man pours condiments all over an unseen food item and then proceeds to bang nails into his wooden left hand to hold in place a fork. Guess what is on the plate?
  • The title character of the movie Lisa, Lisa, also known as Axe!, turns one of her tormentors into soup and feeds it to another tormentor.
  • Italian horror film Anthropophagus is about a group of people who end up stranded on an island with Nikos, a man who lost his mind after being forced to devour his wife and son to survive a shipwreck, and now eats anyone who comes to his island. At the end, the hunger for flesh has overtaken Nikos to the point that, on being disemboweled with a pickax, he attempts to eat his own intestines.
  • The titular feral woman in The Woman has no qualms with biting off Chris' finger or Belle's face. For that matter, the other feral woman Chris has locked up doesn't have a problem with eating Miss Raton alive.
  • In The Book of Eli cannibalism is wide-spread. One way to prove that you're trustworthy is to show your hands are steady; implying that many people are suffering from kuru disease.
  • Averted in Snow White: A Tale of Terror, though not for lack of trying. Claudia has (what she thinks) is Lilli's heart cut up to eat in a stew.
  • In The Addams Family movies the family's Pretentious Latin Motto translates in "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". At first it just seems a boast... Except that in The Addams Family Values the school camp counselors try to subdue Wednesday and Pugsley, and they're last seen being roasted alive, with Wednesday's accomplices waiting for them to be cooked.
  • Jack the Giant Slayer: Whilst the giants can eat animals, and presumably vegetables, they like human flesh even more and are shown devouring people several times throughout the film.
  • The opening scene of Doctor Zhivago has Alec Guinness' character reflecting upon the cost of the Russian Revolution against its benefits: "We've come very far, very fast.... Yes, but do you know what it cost? There were children in those days who lived off human flesh. Did you know that?"
  • Joked about in Tillie And Gus:
    Tillie Winterbottom: Do you like children?
    Augustus Q. Winterbottom: I do if they're properly cooked.
  • The Lone Ranger: Butch Cavendish who eats the hearts of his victims. He does this to the title character's brother. Probably another reason Tonto thinks he's a Wendigo.
  • Lillith and her clan do this to teenagers in Hansel and Gretel (2013)
  • The mutants roaming "The Wastelands" in Robot Holocaust, they have Haim for a nice snack.
  • At the end of Compulsion, it is obvious that Amy (Heather Graham) has killed, butchered, cooked, and eaten Saffron (Carrie-Anne Moss). Det. Reynolds (Joe Mantegna) figures out what Amy has done only after she had served him the last few pieces of evidence. The weirdest part is that it was Saffron's idea, and she asked Amy to do it.
  • The preferred food of the experimental reel film in the short film Recorded Live.
  • The villains of The Colony subsist entirely on human meat.
  • In The Hide, hide this text Roy kills his wife and her lover and throws the bodies in a chicken grinding machine; later he uses the paste as sandwich filling.
  • Dark Angel: The Ascent: The demons in Hell are not averse to anthropophagy. Veronica later gives some leftovers of the evil people she killed to her dog, and prepares some of it for her oblivious love interest Max.
  • Les Misérables (2012) shows that Thenardier uses human parts among the meat products served as sausages at his inn.
  • In Raw, the formerly vegetarian Justine starts out just liking meat in general once she finally eats it, but eating her sister's accidentally cut-off finger awakens her taste for human flesh. It turns out it's In the Blood.
  • Cloud Atlas: Cannibalism, both literal and figurative, is a running motif through most of the stories. A few examples: In the first story Ewing is afraid the Moriori will eat him, and Dr. Goose remarks, "The weak are meat, the strong do eat." Cavendish jokingly references Soylent Green. In Sonmi's story Fabricants are recycled into food and other Fabricants, and the last story has the Kona, a tribe of outright cannibals.
  • XX: In "The Box", Mary has a nightmare where she is being Eaten Alive by her family.
  • The Butchers: Albert Fish and Jeffery Dahmer are both cannibals. Fish is destroyed before he as an opportunity to demonstrate this part of his personality, but Dahmer takes several bites out of Kip while fighting him, and later captures Brian and is preparing to butcher and eat him.
  • When Evil Calls: After one of her classmates wishes she looked good enough to eat, she gets literally devoured by Molly.


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