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  • Ai no Kusabi: Guy to Riki.
  • Akame ga Kill!: Esdeath in regards to Tatsumi. She repeatedly tries her best to get him to join The Empire, and grows more desperate to win his love and affection as the series progresses, despite him being a member of Night Raid. Even when he decides to say to her face that he's already dating — and beyond that, slept with — another girl, she still tries her hardest. She is even shown being clearly disheartened by Tatsumi constantly rejecting her. Since he won't ever leave Night Raid, she ultimately decides to put Tatsumi up for a Public Execution. At first, she doesn't intend to actually kill him. Instead, she plans to wound him bad enough so that he will seem dead, then take him away to presumably nurse him back to health and resume her attempts to get him to fall for her. When said plan falls through and he rejects her a final time, she ultimately decides to go through with it and kill him herself. She never manages to kill him, though, as Tatsumi's girlfriend, Mine, saves him. And she fails to kill him again in the Final Battle, where she herself is killed by Akame.
  • Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari makes it clear that she won't tolerate her boyfriend Koyomi Araragi showing interest in any other woman. At one point, she nearly stabs him in the eye with a mechanical pencil after he so much as talks about another female using her first name without an honorific. And only stops once he screams, "Stop it! There's nothing guilty about it! I didn't mean it like I knew her well! I'm only devoted to you, Senjougahara!" Afterwards, when he comments that she'll kill someone, she promises that he will be her first and only victim. Unless someone else kills him, in which case, she'll kill his killer. She then goes on to say how romantic it is because then he would truly belong to her and she would be able to be near him while he's on his death bed.
    • Nadeko becomes this in "Nadeko Medusa." "There is no escape from my love!" indeed.
  • In Battle Girls: Time Paradox, Mitsuhide despairs of Nobunaga ever noticing her feelings and mistakenly believes Nobunaga and Hideyoshi have gotten together. Mitsuhide gets Nobunaga drunk enough to pass out, then sets the building on fire, declaring they will be Together in Death. Hideyoshi confronts her and says what she is doing is selfish and if she truly loved Nobunaga, she would do her best to make her smile and have her dreams come true. Mitsuhide realizes she is right and tries to rescue Nobunaga, but it turns out she woke up on her own and was on her way to escaping. Though Nobunaga remains oblivious to her feelings, she forgives her for what she did.
  • In Berserk, during Griffith's Ho Yay-tastic fight with Guts before Guts left the Band of Hawk, Griffith is shown having this kind of thought. He considers all the different possibilities of attacking Guts, realizing that one way, if executed properly, would most likely end in Guts' death. He hesitates, but then thinks to himself, "But... if I can't keep him here..." and ends up attempting it. He fails, leading to him sleeping with the princess of the kingdom he was just made a noble of, getting caught and tortured for months, realizing that his dream was no longer attainable, and starting the Eclipse and ascending to the God Hand, raping Casca and earning Guts' hatred. His raping of Casca also falls under here, as he did it to spite Casca and Guts, and considering his feelings for Casca and implied feelings for Guts, this essentially boils down to "If I can't have either of you, I'm going to make it so neither of you can be happy!"
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  • Elegy to Luka in Betrayal Knows My Name.
  • Black Butler: In the OVA "Welcome to the Phantomhives" the point of view is from a lady (who's name is not given) who at one point is taken captive by the Viscount Druitt who is infatuated to a Yandere degree with her and threatens to kill others and then both of them so no one may interfere with their love and they can be together in heaven.
  • In Black Cat, Creed gets this way with Train. Embittered and horribly jealous that his numerous attempts to have Train join him to rule the world fail because of Saya's influence, he eventually decides that he would rather that Train die than remain under the spell of "that witch." In one instance, acting like a Yandere, Creed even tells Train (after he smashes Train into a wall):
    "This is all your fault, Train! It's your fault for making me mad! Time and time again, I come to get your cooperation so it wouldn't come to this. But despite that... all those attempts were futile. All of them!"
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  • Bleach: Orihime's hollowfied brother Sora tries to kill Ichigo (and Tatsuki, though less so) for taking his place in Orihime's heart. He then says he'll kill Orihime just so no one else can have her.
  • Diva in Blood+, who killed Riku after raping him, partially so that no one else could have him, but also to spite Saya.
  • In Bokura Wa Itsumo the Clingy Jealous Girl Onohira uses this on Haruna when he tell her that he was going out with his Living Emotional Crutch to which she responds by taking out a knife and saying "If I can't be in your arms, nobody else can either!"
  • D.Gray-Man: Komui is implied to be in love with his sister Lenalee and goes nuts if there's even a hint of a guy being interested in her. In fact, a way to wake him up is to say "Lenalee's getting married." In the novel, when Bak (who also has feelings for her) gives Komui a tea that makes one tell the truth he has a breakdown when Bak asks Komui "Isn't Lenalee is free to love who she wants?" He takes this to mean that Lenalee is in love with a guy and immediately pulls out a machine gun saying "Then I'll kill everyone and then die!"
  • Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland, after confessing his love for Nagi, decides that if Nagi refuses to join him in the Undertakers, he'd rather kill him.
  • In a Death Note flashback, when Misa tries to ignore a Stalker with a Crush who surprises her at night, he pulls a knife, saying, "Then I'll kill you and myself!"
    • Light fears that Misa would do this if he chose to reject her feelings for him.
    • Years later, after graduating college, he reunites with his old girlfriend, Takada, who happens to be a Kira supporter like Misa. When he becomes involved with her again, and after an unpleasant dinner with Misa, she threatens to tell Kira on him if she finds out that he's unfaithful to her. It's never stated if this is her threatening to kill him or if she's stating her displeasure in his association with Misa.
  • In Fruits Basket, Akito is surprisingly the victim in this case, as Shigure slept with her mother in retaliation for Akito previously sleeping with Kureno. It's also revealed that Shigure is also responsible for manipulating many of the characters over the course of the series for the purpose of (possibly) allowing Tohru to find some way of breaking the curse (and thereby breaking the bond that Akito is trying to hold on to) and actively keeping Akito emotionally closed off from everyone else, while at the same time goading her with the possibility of his affection (before ditching her in favor of pissing her off). It works out in everyone's favor in the end, but as the main page suggests, this can be seen as If I Can't Have You... I'm Going To Destroy You And Make You Completely Emotionally Inaccessible To Anyone Ever.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Takuma (at least, in the novels) is shown to start acting like this towards Tessa. "I don't care if I have to kill Tessa to get the others. On second thought, I should kill them all. After all, Tessa made a fool of me and didn't bother to acknowledge my good will. If I can't have her, I'll break her."
  • The Count of Monte Cristo is the basis for the manga Gankutsuou, where Mondego shoots his wife and son, then dons a mecha suit to fight The Count.
  • Raoh in Fist of the North Star was prepared to kill Yuria if she did not reciprocate his feelings. However, he finds she is already dying of radiation poisoning, and so moved by her determination, he uses his own power to extend her life.
  • Haru To Natsu has protagonist Makoto caught between twin sisters who both want him. He prefers Haruna, the stable and sweet model student, while also being chased by Natsuki, who wants him because Haruna wants him. Oh, and did I mention Haruna's quite Yandere for Makoto? To the point that their first kiss is while she's holding a very large butcher knife, and later promises (while wielding that same knife) that if he ever cheats, he wouldn't like what happens.
  • Girls Bravo: Lisa Fukuyama is an insane user of black magic who develops an intense infatuation for Yukinari after his appearance matches a description in her horoscope for her soul mate and often employs her magic to get closer to him-which often fails spectacularly. She often has her attendant Kosame stand nearby with her loaded gun trained on Yukinari, making a not so subtle threat to shoot Yukinari if he refuses her.
  • Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun: Inner Reika (who's Yandere for Shungo) completely loses it in the last episode upon seeing him try to kiss Mayu, and screams at her subordinate Hosaka to kill Shungo.
  • Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation qualifies for this when the stress of Yuki being outed puts him into the hospital, and Shuichi, in the polar opposite of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, talks at length about how he would rather Yuki die than leave him.
    • That said, Shuichi is a Love Martyr who allowed himself to be raped in order to keep Yuki's relationship with him a secret despite Yuki generally being a Bastard Boyfriend. He implies at some point that he'd be happy to die for him, just not for him to leave him.
  • In Gunslinger Girl Cute Bruiser Henrietta, who has a major Big Brother Attraction towards her handler Giuseppe, recreates the incident where one of the other cyborg girls killed her own handler. This is chillingly summed up as: "She was making a subconscious threat — if you don't love me, I'll kill you." In chapter 83, they both kill each other after Giuse is mortally wounded at her hands. Laser-Guided Karma for Giuse because he Took a Level in Jerkass several chapters earlier after realizing that he had failed Henrietta, but Henrietta herself was Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
  • In Helen ESP one of the school's mannequins take this attitude to her builder. And since she, being a doll, can't...
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, "America's Storage Room Cleaning" reveals that during the Revolutionary War, when America declared his independence, England was prepared to kill him to keep him from leaving him. Subverted when he lets America go, breaking down in tears.
  • At one point in the Hot Gimmick manga Hatsumi tells her abusive boyfriend Ryoki that she can't be with him anymore when he orders her to make the impossible decision of choosing between him or her family. When she leaves him he's shown thinking to himself, "That stupid woman...If she can't be mine she should just die."
  • Inuyasha:
    • Naraku couldn't have Kikyou and killed her because of it. Then she came back and was out to kill him in revenge, and she was one of the few capable of doing so, so he killed her again.
    • Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler revealed that Takemaru was in love with Inuyasha's mother Izayoi, but she chose Inuyasha's father. He repeatedly tried to get her to leave her husband and marry him instead, but when she refused, he got so angry that he killed her. Her husband quickly revived her and killed him in a Mutual Kill. Many years after Izayoi died again, Takemaru is revived and goes on a rampage. Kagome and Rin both remind him of Izayoi and he tries to kill them. Just as he is defeated, he ends up regretting killing Izayoi.
  • Balder of Kamigami no Asobi is possessive of Yui and jealous of the other's attraction towards her. He explicitly states to Loki that if he has to see her with somebody else he'd rather see her dead.
  • Rune of Karakuridouji Ultimo in chapter 11 says he needs to kill his crush Yamato and then die himself.
  • One of the creepiest examples comes from Minoru Murao's Knights manga. Of all people, Nina, the cute little girl of the cast goes nuts when she assumes that the object of her affection Mist is physically involved with his Ms. Fanservice companion Euphemia. Her response is to lead a supernatural agent of the Corrupt Church (the same Church that nearly burned her at the stake after accusing her of being a witch) to kill him. She even shoots him in the leg with a crossbow. Her motivation? To send his soul to Hell, where it will be "purified," then join him in death so they can be together for all eternity. This guy saved her life in the first few chapters, which is why she's so hung up on him in the first place. This is borderline Love Makes You Evil. To her credit, she does eventually realize just how utterly screwed up she was, and works to undo her actions.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh!: Wolfram to Yuuri season one, episode fifty-two- "Maybe I should just kill you now; then you'd be mine forever." Presumably not meant seriously, as he sheathes his sword and forgets about that plan of action the moment Yuuri falls down a short staircase. It never comes up again.
  • Naoe from Mirage of Blaze was prepared to kill Kagetora and himself so that Kagetora will "never belong to anyone else".
  • Played with in Monster. Johan seems to have less of an "If I can't have you, no one will" attitude toward his sister Anna as he does an "I can't have her, so no one can", and proceeds to murder her foster parents.
    • Played straighter with Lady Drunk Eve Heinemann toward Dr. Tenma.
  • In the My-HiME manga, Shiho, Brainwashed by the Princess earring she has, challenges Yuuichi to a quiz to determine if he is the "real" Yuuichi, and any answers that she deems incorrect (that is, refusing to say that he loves Shiho and wants to leave with her), result in her claiming he is an imposter and having her Child slam him into the ground. When he fails the first two questions and responds to her question of whether he loves her with a Like Brother and Sister answer, she decides he is a fake and prepares to kill him, but Mai is able to destroy Shiho's Child and save him.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Chapter 338 features Chisame's brief stint as a Yandere, played for laughs, with a dose of If I Can't Have You.
    Chisame: Oh yeah, you're gonna get stabbed and killed one day! No, I'm going to stab you and then I'll die too.
  • While the traditional lines are never said, the subtext of Yurimaru's death via Zakuro's Action Bomb trap in Ninja Scroll is blatant. Yurimaru is an an electrokinetic Bishōnen who uses Razor Floss- Zakuro is a viciously inventive explosives expert with at the least a prominent facial scar and at most is so covered in scars she looks like Frankenstein's Monster. Zakuro has a major crush on Yurimaru, but Yurimaru is a Depraved Homosexual in love with (and sleeping with) their leader, Himuro Gemma, and so he rejects her advances rather bluntly. Yurimaru promptly stumbles into an explosives-rigged shed near the climax of the movie, and is blatantly blown to pieces when a detonating rat triggers the whole place going up in flames.
  • Kanou in Okane ga Nai clearly stated to his lover Ayase that he is not getting away from him. Ever. And if he tries to, then he will find him and repossess him, by force if necessary.
  • One Piece:
    • In the Fishman Island arc, captain Vander Decken has this attitude toward the gigantic mermaid princess Shirahoshi. He's constantly sending her 'love letters' in the form of large weapons that are guided to her by his Devil Fruit power, forcing her father to keep her locked up in a tower for ten years. This nutter's motto to Shirahoshi (at least in the anime) is: "Dead or marriage!"
    • "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin believes in a version this. While she doesn't care about her lovers beyond their giving her children, she's very possessive of everyone else who joins her service, lives in her territory or is from a country that is under her "protection". Those who try to leave her control or can't pay for her continued protection nearly always end up dead (either an outright execution or being tricked into an "equal exchange" that's always fatal); the only way to survive is via open rebellion and fleeing, though she still won't give up on going after them if they do so.
  • Noise/Doldum tries to do this to Vincent in PandoraHearts.
  • Mizore in Rosario + Vampire tries to kill the rest of Tsukune's harem and turn Tsukune himself into a popsicle so she can have him all for herself. However, once she's added to the harem she becomes friends with her love rivals and continues to stalk Tsukune. She says herself that she doesn't really "need" to stalk him anymore, it's just "more fun."
  • In Ranma ½, an unusual variant occurs when Shampoo repeatedly spurned Maomolin, the ghost cat. Maomolin then declares he would possess her body instead. She responds by giving him a well-deserved kick in the face.
  • In the The Rose of Versailles, Oscar's father wants to marry her off to Girodelle — but she does not want to marry him. André is so distraught about this, that he puts some rat poison into Oscar's wine and his, but he prevents Oscar from even tasting it, since he realized on time that what he would have done was wrong.
  • Sakura Gari: Everyone does this over Souma. And then Souma in turn does this to Masataka.
  • In School Days Sekai stabs Makoto to death after he is shown choosing Kotonoha over her and later tells Kotonoha that she and Makoto truly loved each other. Kotonoha responds by killing Sekai and slicing her stomach open to reveal that she isn't pregnant with Makoto's child, then embracing Makoto's severed head on a NICE BOAT.
  • Ann from Sailor Moon said something of the sort about Mamoru at one time; as did Ali about Usagi.
  • Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo: After being dumped by her boyfriend Fumio Kirisaki declares "Alright, I'll kill him... Then I'll die."
  • Soul Hunter:
    • Played for Black Comedy when Dokuson ask Tou Sengyoku what she would do if he reject her, she answer that she would kill him before killing herself.
    • Played more seriously when Ryuukan, after seeing Sengyoku risking her life to save Dokouson, finally realise that she is'nt interested in him, and flip out and try to kill her with a giant fire bird.
  • Sword Art Online features Kyouji threatening to kill Shino in a crazy jealous rage after he sees her being hugged by Kirito. This was almost fused with Attempted Rape until Kirito saves her in time.
  • After he realizes that Ichigo loves Masaya and not him, Quiche from Tokyo Mew Mew becomes this way. In episode 45, after Ichigo refuses to leave Earth with him, he goes into a rage and tells Ichigo that if he can't have her then he'll kill her. Ichigo seems like a goner at first, but then she is rescued by Masaya, who turns out to be her Mysterious Protector the Blue Knight.
    • A few episodes later, Quiche asks Ichigo to be his "toy", which she responds by saying that she'd rather be dead than be his. Quiche almost grants her wish out of anger and jealousy, but Masaya wakes up and attacks him as the Blue Knight.
  • Threads Of Time: Sali Tayi explicitly tells Atan Hadas that if she runs away with Moon-Bin and doesn't marry him, he'll kill them both.
  • Yurika towards Reia in Yuri Kuma Arashi. In her case it's If I Can't Have You... I'll Eat You, and Your Daughter Too Once She Grows Up.
  • Tokyo Ghoul
    • Tsukiyama is implied to have feelings for Kaneki to a Yandere degree and it's implied Kaneki's repeated refusal to allow Tsukiyama to eat him is infuriating to him. He tries to persuade Kaneki to stay with him and the group and prevent him from basically going on a suicide mission. When Kaneki coldly rejects him Tsukiyama freaks out and screams "In that case, you can die right here and now!" He then tries to kill Kaneki telling him "I'm not going to let anyone get in the way of me eating you! Not even you!"
    • Eto informs Kanae as she's emotionally and physically torturing her that she knows about her unrequited feelings for Tsukiyama and says that they should both kill the ones they love for not returning their feelings.
    • Mutsuki has feelings of a possessive nature towards Kaneki and when he rejects going back with them they decide to attack Kaneki with knives and Touka too for having Kaneki's love. Kaneki and Touka escaping makes them scream "Please don't leave me! I'll kill you! I will!" and it's implied they are directing this towards Kaneki for refusing to be with them but they also wouldn't object to killing Touka too for being the one that Kaneki's attracted to.
  • Mookyul from Totally Captivated was looking for Ewon Jung for 10 years before finally finding him. Luckily Ewon feels the same way. Luckily for Ewon. Mostly...
    Mookyul: I was gonna lock you in a cage if you told me to let you go, but it turns out for the best, since now we won't have to go through the pain in the ass of fighting.
    • Ewon really, really hopes he doesn't mean that. (He does.)
  • Jagara from Wolf's Rain has this relationship going on with Darcia. Particularly notable since Jagara killed her twin sister Harmona, Darcia's lover who had essentially been on life support for years, in order to get her out of the picture. (In all fairness, as said, Harmona had been on life support for years and Jagara didn't know that Darcia had probably found a way to heal Harmona. It's still a Moral Event Horizon for her, and the Despair Event Horizon for Darcia.) Later, during a confrontation between the two, Jagara stabs Darcia with a poisoned dagger when he refuses her.
    Jagara: [After stabbing Darcia with a poisoned dagger for refusing her] But why? I did it all for you. Why? Why do you love her and not me?!
  • This is the reason why Seto Kaiba destroys the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon trading card in Yu-Gi-Oh! when he gets his hands on it. The rules of the game forbid duelists from having more than three of the same card in their decks. He already had the only other three ever printed, so he ripped it in two since he couldn't use it.
    • Well, that and in the manga, the Blue Eyes he destroyed disobeyed him in a (shadow) duel and refused to attack Yuugi. He destroyed it out of revenge.
  • Zetsuai 1989: Kouji swings between both I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and If I Can't Have You with regard to Izumi. He's aware that I Want My Beloved to Be Happy is a better attitude, but he can't quite bring himself to feel that way, and often talks about how he'd like to lock Izumi away. In fact, his behaviour tends to stop short of full-on If I Can't Have You, but he angsts quite a bit about how he resents anything that makes Izumi happy if it takes Izumi's attention away from him.
    • Also, when Izumi was five, his mother discovered his father was cheating on her, and murdered him in front of Izumi so that she could "possess him completely". Years after this, after getting out of prison, Mrs. Izumi goes to her son, explains her reasons and kills herself in front of him.


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