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  • Flaming Carrot from the eponymous Flaming Carrot Comics, actually described in his origin story as "quintessentially retarded". Surprisingly, for some people he's actually a mentor and on occasion it even gives him the "superpower" of Zen Stupidity.
  • Enemies of the Green Lantern Corps attempted to discredit them by giving counterfeit power rings to several idiots. One of those idiots, a G'newtain named G'nort, uncovered their plot and helped defeat them. He was rewarded with membership in the real Green Lantern Corps.
    • Specifically, his original concept was that he was an incompetent GL who got into the Corps due to nepotism. Eventually it was retconned to "reveal" that his uncle had actually gotten him into a fake GL Corps (which he thought was real). The retcon was presumably intended to explain how on Earth the Guardians (who never much cared for individual GL's opinions, much less familial relationships) would ever give such an idiot a power ring or let him keep it, but it was still very much played for laughs, including showing several members of the idiot GL Corps.
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  • It's a good thing Ben Edlund's The Tick is nigh-invulnerable, or he'd probably have gotten himself killed years ago with his boisterous recklessness.
  • Groo the Wanderer is notoriously slow of mind, lacking ideals other than acquiring mass amounts of cheese dip. Early in the title he inadvertently, and often obliviously, pulled Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, but now his destructive reputation has grown to the point that armies will flee at the mention of his name, and the writers are running out of foreign lands to put him in to make use of the trope.
    • Groo is almost always both stupid and unbelievably naive but he has, on occasion, lost the stupidity but retained the naivete, taking him into Skilled, but Naïve territory (no one disputes Groo's fighting skills, or at least those who do find out pretty quickly they were wrong, often fatally).
    • "What did you mean, 'slow of mind'?"
  • Big Johnson Bone from Bone: Tall Tales is a Bone folk hero with a serious case of Small Name, Big Ego who (due to boredom and overestimating his abilities) cheerfully embraces every single danger that comes his way and never walks away any wiser.
  • Fighting, cooking, and music are Scott Pilgrim's strong points, thinking things through and snappy comebacks are not.
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  • Thor is perceived as such, but is actually quite smart. However, he's Hot-Blooded and like his mythological counterpart his answer to most every problem is "hit it with his hammer until it goes away" and he has a number of buttons that are fairly easy to press. This is largely the reason his nemesis Loki is able to trick him so often. However, particularly in recent years, Thor's shown a much more cunning side, which often comes as a surprise to those expecting him to be this trope.
  • Hercules, on the other hand, Thor's close friend and rival - he's pretty much Thor's match for strength and has the edge on him in hand to hand combat - is very well meaning, but generally considered to be rather dim. He can, at times, be surprisingly eloquent and is astonishingly charming and personable, particularly (but not exclusively) to women, even when he's not trying to be.
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  • In the Disney Ducks Comic Universe, Donald Duck at times counts (if only because of naivete, acting by impulse, not listening to his nephews or all combined) while his cousin Fethry acts stupidly most of the time.
  • Al from Marville, who believed that time travel somehow gave him super powers and tries to solve poverty by handing out $100 dollar bills. Unfortunately, his idiocy is not endearing in any way, and more often is just a result of bad writing.


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