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  • The Order of the Stick
    • In a case of a literal Idiot Ball, Xykon wipes out the Azure City paladins by tossing a superbounce ball inscribed with a Symbol of Insanity into their midst, causing them to turn on each other in a tremendous bloodbath of confusion.
    • Old Blind Pete believes that coming home while it is in the middle of a massive Thieves Guild operation involving fighting numerous high-level characters he personally betrayed was a good idea. He couldn't even wait ten minutes (literally, the cleric couldn't cast Sending in that time, which has a ten minute casting time).
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    • Author Rich Burlew is also on the record stating that characters carrying the idiot ball for whatever reason is sometimes necessary for good drama: if everyone always made the best available decisions, there wouldn't be much plot, and it would also be unrealistic.
  • Hazel from Girls with Slingshots goes through an insane level of mental gymnastics in her belief that Jaime's new love interest must be male, despite knowing she's been with girls before. When Jaime tells Hazel her new "boyfriend" is Erin, Hazel (who, admittedly, doesn't remember Erin's name) hears it as "Aaron", even when Jaime repeats it several times, and when Erin herself points out her own name with a meaningful stare. They then go on a double date, where Erin shows up in a bowler hat, glasses, and a fake moustache, and not only does Hazel not recognize her, but has to be told by her boyfriend that Erin is female, after she and Jaime have gone to the restroom together.
    • "Aaron" and "Erin" are homophonous in many regions in North America. Erin is an androgynous name, also.
  • Sidekicks: Camilla, the former Secretary General of the Committee that deals with supublics, holds it right at the end of season 1. Having found out that her former master hero, Guardian, was dead and that the Big Bad has usurped into Theo's body she comes to the conclusion that Theo, Guardian's son, could still be saved no matter what. Just as Darkslug is about to rid the world of the Big Bad for good, Camilla jumps right in the way to protect him, with her back facing the villain. She promptly gets attacked from behind and gets her superpowers drained from her.
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  • A rather in-character Idiot Ball is given to Jade in Jade 6, when she helps with a rather... dangerous-sounding deal. Thing is, she said she'd help, the person really needs it, it SHOULD all go okay, right? (She's shown ALMOST catching herself, but she keeps slipping back.) Partially caused by a massive Hero Ball, as well.
  • Darths & Droids
    • The entire plot of the comic is based off of people refusing to let go of the Idiot Ball, not to mention that the entire point of the comic is to explain the large amount of Idiot Balls in the prequels (see above).
  • In The Dreamer at the end of issue #10, Alexander offers to take Beatrice to safety to Washington's headquarters, but Beatrice stays put with Alan and Nathan. Alan is supposed to take Beatrice to Washington for interrogation about what happened when she was with Howe - and Alexander could easily have taken her to Washington himself!
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  • This strip from Chaff City features a literal Idiot Ball for sale in a gadget shop - the characters experiment with picking it up, and as the title of the strip states, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Dubious Company
  • Sunstone. Keen to convince Alan to try more intense bondage with her, Marion did something everyone including herself agrees was stupid, unfortunately for Marion she realised this only at the moment she slipped the knots about her wrists tight without a way to undo them.
  • In Commander Kitty, pretty much everyone except the eponymous character (in a surprising twist) grabs the ball pretty tightly after they find the hard drive containing the transporter patterns of 45% of the galaxy's population. Not only is CK the only one who seems to understand that escaping Zenith Central with their precious cargo (not to mention their lives) is a higher priority than him getting a new outfit, but Nin Wah's attempt to sabotage CK in the process ends up sabotaging the entire rescue attempt.
  • In Questionable Content, Dora lampshades the idiot ball when she explains that she could have fixed every bad relationship in college way earlier by simply breaking up with the person.
  • In The B-Movie Comic, Mopey is actually seen holding it (and lampshades it) while giving uncharacteristically dumb advice.

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