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Identical Grandchildren in live-action TV.

  • The same production company was at the helm of a number of Period Piece series that have been coming out of mainland China: in one, the child actor who played a young Kangxi reappears near the end to play his grandson (who later became the emperor Qianlong); the actor who plays old Kangxi in another drama later appeared in a different series as old Qianlong.

  • Done in The New Addams Family in the episode which recounts how the Addams fortune was made. Also, John Astin (the original Gomez) played Grandpa Addams.
  • In the Distant Finale of 'Allo 'Allo!, Gordon Kaye not only played Rene under aging makeup, but also his son. Gets even funnier when we learn the son was a Doorstep Baby, and it's not entirely clear (at least to Rene's wife) why his mother chose to leave him on their doorstep in particular...
  • Andromeda (a.k.a. "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda"). The Nietzscheans as a race are descendants of humans from Earth, but their founder took his followers (about 8000 individuals, so not a particularly large group) into space, and later reduced their genetic variety by stripping out genes he considered "useless", such as predispositions for obesity, diabetes, haemophilia and various cancers. One of the core tenets of early Nietzschean philosophy was using eugenics (planned breeding) and genetic manipulation to create the "perfect ubermensch" (hence the name). Given that the original gene pool was so small, that Nietzscheans breed for a rather small number of traits, that Nietzcheans at the time of the series number in the trillions, and that there are only so many viable ways for genes to recombine, it is rare, but in no way unheard of, for Nietzscheans not obviously related to be born with identical genetic codes. The Nietzscheans call it "Genetic Reincarnation", and a particular plot revolves around the genetic reincarnation of the progenitor of their race.
    • In-series, Genetic Reincarnation appears twice: Steve Bacic plays the Nietzschean Gaheris Rhade and his identical-looking direct descendant, Telemachus Rhade, who lives 300 years later and the reincarnation of the progenitor Drago Museveni does show up at one point and is, in fact, Tyr's son. We only see him as a child, but he is dark-skinned compared to the original Drago Museveni, played by Lochlyn Munro.
  • Both played straight and averted in the Blackadder shows.
    • Every series featured Rowan Atkinson as the various generations of Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson as his servant Baldrick. However, other actors, in particular Tim McInnery, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Miranda Richardson appeared in regular or guest roles in three or four of the series, but playing characters who were not necessarily related and sometimes had very different personalities.
    • For example, McInnery played Lord Percy in the first two series but left because he considered the "Upper-Class Twit" character too limited - he reappeared in a guest role in the third series as an apparent Upper-Class Twit who was actually a Rich Idiot with No Day Job, and returned as a regular in the fourth series with a completely different personality, while Hugh Laurie took over the Upper-Class Twit role in the third and fourth series.
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    • Melchett on the other hand is played by Stephen Fry in various incarnations which include being one of the only sane men in the second season to being an incompetent general in the fourth whose greatest strategy is to have his troops climb out of the trenches and walk very slowly toward the enemy. Then in Blackadder: Back and Forth his modern incarnation is fairly sane but we also see him as a crazy Roman general.
    • In fact, in Blackadder: Back and Forth Blackadder even says that the time machine appears to be following their DNA through time.
    • Lampshaded in the finale of the third series, when Blackadder and MacAdder are both played by Rowan Atkinson. Several characters note this. They also make it plain that they are played by the same actor, as they keep just missing each other.
    • Also in one episode of season three, Vincent Hanna (a BBC reporter known for doing election coverage) actually guest starred as his own ancestor—who is reporting on the election through an open window to a crowd outside as one would on television.
  • In Black Hole High, Principal Durst has an identical great-grandmother who was headmistress of the future Blake Holsey High at the time it opened. Big Bad Avenir, chairman of the school's board of directors claims to be the great-grandson of identical Avenir who financed the school's construction, though it's all but stated outright that Avenir, being a time traveler, is actually the same man.
  • On Bloodline, the Rayburns are amazed by how much Nolan looks like his father Danny. This may be because the same actor (Owen Teague) plays Young Danny in flashbacks.
  • The Brady Bunch:
    • In one episode, Florence Henderson and Robert Reed did dual roles as Mike and Carol, plus Mike's stodgy grandfather and Carol's hip grandmother.
    • In a borderline case, Florence Henderson had a cameo as Carol's mother in The Movie.
    • Another borderline case: Jan once found a picture of her great-aunt when the great-aunt was Jan's age, and it looked just like Jan (Eve Plumb in the Identical Great-Niece role). Jan wanted to meet the great-aunt to see what she (Jan) would look like when she grew up. The great-aunt was played by Imogene Cocoa. Jan was somewhat less than plussed.
  • Lampshaded and subverted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy and the gang realize that a portrait of Mayor Wilkins' ancestor is really a portrait of Mayor Wilkins himself:
    Willow: Wow. Like father, like son.
    Oz: How about 'like exact same guy, like exact same guy'?
  • The Castle episode "The Blue Butterfly" features a suspect who looks just like an old picture of his grandfather.
  • The original three sisters in Charmed trace their ancestry back to their past lives—their great-grandmother and her two cousins. Piper's boyfriend Dan and future husband Leo also have past lives in that period, Dan's being the sisters' great-grandfather. Charmed explains the resemblance as "souls recognizing each other" implying that they may in fact have actually looked very different. (No such explanation was provided when the sisters time-traveled to the 1970s and happened to meet the father of one of the show's recurring characters, who was identical to his future adult son except for the obligatory Funny Afro.) Later in the series, the fourth sister Paige discovered she had a medieval past life and possible ancestor.
  • In El Chavo del ocho
    • Señor Barriga and his son Ñoño are both played by Edgar Vivar
    • Doña Florinda and her niece La Popis are both played by Florinda Meza
    • La Chilindrina and her great-grandmother Doña Nieves are both played by Maria Antonieta de las Nieves.
  • In the Japanese tokusatsu series Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X, a flashback scene depicts the main character's grandfather as a young man. In flashback, the younger version of grandpa is played by the same actor who plays the main character.
  • The German series Der Clown featured a self-parodic Time Travel Episode where the hero meets his helicopter pilot's ancestor, and ends up with the series trademark highway chase scene in a Bamboo Technology helicopter.
  • Recently in CSI Greg started dating a woman who is avenging the death of her grandparents. The grandmother was murdered by mobsters when they found out about her affair with her grandfather, who was framed and executed. It's even lampshaded by the cast.
  • In Cybill, Cybill is hypnotized into viewing one of her past lives; the mystic says something like "Spirits tend to run in packs, so you can expect to see people you recognize." Thus justifying the medieval-era flashback in which everyone is played by the series' regulars.
  • On an episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart here interviewed the descendants of two of his correspondents, in alternate futures, to see which party's dire predictions would turn out correct.
  • Used repeatedly in Dark Shadows, where every generation of the Collins family looked exactly like every other generation of the Collins family. This extended to non-Collins characters as well, even to the point of people unrelated to the Collins family being Collins family members in past incarnations, while Collinses appear as unrelated past people. This also applied to alternate timelines and past alternate timelines. The practice was continued when the show was remade in The '90s.
  • On Days of Our Lives, it was revealed that EJ DiMera looked identical to his grandfather Santo, while Samantha Brady looked identical to her grandfather's sister, Colleen. This became widely known to the show's characters after a collection of letters between Santo and Colleen was discovered. Oddly, after a letter was uncovered stating that EJ was not really Stefano's son, nobody seemed to recall the fact that EJ looks identical to Stefano's father. (That letter was eventually found to be a forgery, and Stefano really is EJ's father.)
  • Doctor Who/Torchwood:
    • Doctor Who companion Victoria Waterfield was said to be almost identical to her mother, although we only ever see a painting of her mother.
    • The franchise hangs a lampshade on a You Look Familiar by explaining that Torchwood's Gwen Cooper (played by Eve Myles) is a distant relative of the Gwyneth (also played by Eve Myles) who appeared on Doctor Who in "The Unquiet Dead". The Doctor adds some timey-wimey explanation for why they look identical (the Doctor mentions the term "spatial-genetic multiplicity", which sounds a little like a Techno Babble way of saying "there's only so many ways human eyes, lips, noses, etc., can take shape, and sooner or later, they'll all recombine in the exact same configuration again, especially for people who have the same genetics in the first place.") The Doylist explanation for why she appears again is that Russell T. Davies was enamoured with her performance. Word of God, however, is that Gwen and Gwyneth aren't necessarily related.
      Russell T Davies: It's not familial as we understand it. There's no blood tie. Spatial genetic multiplicity means an echo and repetition of physical traits across a time rift.
    • The series hangs another lampshade on You Look Familiar when companion Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman) mentions her cousin (also played by Agyeman), who died in "Army of Ghosts".
    • Jessica Hynes played Joan Redfern in "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood" and her great-granddaughter Verity Newman in "The End of Time".
    • In "A Christmas Carol", Kazran Sardick is played by Michael Gambon, as is his bullying father Eliot Sardick when the Doctor travels back to Kazran's childhood. In the same episode Bailey Pepper plays Abigail's nephew Benjamin in the past and Benjamin's unnamed son in the present.
    • In "Listen", the Doctor and Clara encounter a stranded time traveller named Orson Pink, who looks identical to Clara's Love Interest Danny Pink and even has Danny's childhood toy passed down through the generations. The episode appears to imply that Orson is Danny and Clara's descendant. However, after Danny's death, Word of God is that Orson is a lateral descendant, and the toy was given to that side of the family by Clara.
  • Played with in Everybody Loves Raymond when, in a flashback to Ray's childhood, Frank and Marie (Ray's parents) are played by Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton (i.e. the actors who play Ray & his wife Debra).
  • A possible, though admittedly questionable, example comes in the form of a detective on Tim Minear's series Drive and Joss Whedon's series Firefly. On both series, there was a fugitive-pursuing character played by Richard Brooks. Both characters are named Jubal Early. This potentially counts as a case of identical ancestry, as Drive is set hundreds of years before Firefly, and because the shows are implied to take place in the same general 'verse. (A joke from a Drive script that didn't make it into production was that Amy Acker's character, Kathryn, had a cousin from Texas.)
    • This is more likely because Nathan Fillion starred on both shows, and is a descendant of the real-life Jubal Early, a general of the Confederacy who fled to Canada after the American Civil War.
  • In First Of The Summer Wine, the teenage Clegg's father is played by Peter (Wallace) Sallis, who plays Clegg himself in Last of the Summer Wine.
  • On The Golden Girls, one flashback showed a younger Sophia also played by Estelle Getty, but without the additions to make her look older. Her mother is played by Bea Arthur, who plays Sophia's daughter, Dorothy, in similar additions.
  • The Goodies have identical ancestors in the episode "Alternative Roots", and identical descendants in the episodes "2001 and a Bit" and "The End".
  • Goodnight Sweetheart includes occasional appearances of Reg's Present Day identical grandson, who's followed him into the police force. The episode where Gary travels to the Victorian era, rather than World War II, introduces Reg's identical grandfather as a Bow Street Runner, as well as an identical ancestor of Yvonne.
  • Good Omens (2019) has Newton Pulsifer, played by Jack Whitehall, and a flashback to Newton's ancestor Witchfinder Major Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer, also played by Whitehall with 1600s garb and an old-fashioned accent.
  • On Green Acres, whenever Oliver or Lisa tell stories about their ancestors, they always look like Oliver and Lisa. And an identical ancestor of Mr. Haney always tries to sell them stuff.
  • Subverted at least once in Highlander: The Series, with immortal Duncan MacLeod pretending to be his own son/grandson when he meets an old acquaintance. He seldom lies about it, but when people assume that is why he looks like the person they remember, he doesn't correct them.
  • In the TV adaptation of The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, the characters of Lunkwill and Fook, who activate Deep Thought, and Loonquawl and Phouchg, who receive the Answer seven and a half million years later, are both played by Anthony Carrick and Timothy Davies respectively.
  • Horrible Histories has an Economy Cast and often depicts English monarchs who were related, so this happens. Matthew Baynton plays almost every one of the Stuart kings; he's most frequently cast as Charles II, but has also played Charles I and James I. Martha Howe-Douglas, as the only woman who's a regular cast member, has also done her fair share of playing multiple members of the same family, for example Elizabeth I, Mary I, and their cousin Mary Queen of Scots.
  • In an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a photograph reveals that Dennis' grandfather looked exactly like him when he was young. Oh, and he was also a Nazi SS officer in World War II.
  • On JAG, Harmon Rabb, Jr. is identical to the late Harmon Rabb, Sr. (both are played by David James Elliot).
  • A plot point in Jekyll is that Dr. Jackman looks identical to the real Dr. Jekyll (allegedly a real historical figure) and must, therefore, be related. Thankfully, it's justified somewhat by the fact that Jackman is a 'perfect throwback'.
  • The Movie of Kamen Rider Hibiki has this trope with the three main Riders and the main character, Asumu Adachi. They also work in an Identical Stranger, as the Sengoku-era Touki looks just like the modern Zanki, which the modern characters lampshade.
  • The finale of Kamen Rider Kiva showed Wataru's son Masao, played by Kohei Takeda (the same actor as Wataru's father Otoya).
  • Also played with in The King of Queens, where in a childhood flashback of Arthur (Jerry Stiller), his father is played by the actor's real life son, Ben Stiller.
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was built entirely around this trope, as David Carradine played Kwai Chang Caine, contemporary-era Identical Grandson of Kwai Chang Caine, the hero of Carradine's mid-'70s Western series, Kung Fu. In one Time Travel arc, they trade places for a while when the past Caine is hurt such that only modern medicine can help him.
  • In Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends encounter Sir Henry Stein, a thespian from the late 19th century, who also happens to be a follower of Mallus. He looks identical to Martin Stein, except for a mustache, and is stated by Gideon to be Martin's great-great grandfather.
  • Also played with on Leverage, where Hardison paints a portrait of "Harland Leverage III" founder of Leverage Consulting and Associates to make their "firm" to seem more legitimate. He looks like Nathan aged fifty years…
  • Lois & Clark:
    • In one of the Time Travel episodes, a recurring villain called Tempus attempts to travel back in time to Smallville when Kal-El's rocket lands in order to kill him as a baby, but first overshoots by about a century, and ends up in the Wild West, where the town marshal and the saloon keeper are identical to Jonathan and Martha Kent, and are explicitly stated to be the Kent family's ancestors
    • There was also a similar episode that dealt with reincarnation, therefore several characters in the past are identical to people Lois and Clark have met in the present, but these characters are not blood relatives, but look the same as they are past incarnations of the present characters, e.g. one of Lois' previous incarnations has the Kents' previous incarnations as biological parents.
  • In Lucifer, Cain returns to the bar where he frequently worked out of as a detective in 1958 when a copycat killer turns up in 2018, searching for inspiration, and instinctively calls the bartendress by name before remembering that it can't be the same person as she would've aged quite a bit since then. (He doesn't, because he's that Cain.) Turns out that she's the granddaughter of the woman he knew, and furthermore, his partner in 1958 is the grandfather.
  • MacGyver's identical ancestor (played by Richard Dean Anderson) shows up in one of the last episodes of MacGyver (1985).
  • A Christmas Episode of Malcolm in the Middle has a photo of Francis' grandfather as a young man, and he looks exactly like Francis. Except that he has humongous eyebrows, which Francis hope isn't genetic.
  • In the Miami Vice episode "Heroes of the Revolution," Gina and her mother Elena are both played by Saundra Santiago.
  • In the finale of Mighty Med, this is revealed to be the reason for Hapax the Elder's and Alan's resemblance.
  • Mick tries to pull this on Beth in the second episode of Moonlight, when she finds a picture of him from decades before, claiming it's his father. By the end of the episode, though, she knows the truth—he's a vampire.
    • She starts to suspect something when she meets a retired cop (who is now blind), whom Mick still occasionally visits. When she asks him about the late Mick "Sr.", the cop is confused, as the Mick he knows is alive and well and never had children.
  • In the Murder, She Wrote Made-for-TV Movie The Last Free Man, Angela Lansbury played both Jessica Fletcher and her Civil War ancestor, Sarah McCulloch.
  • Murdoch Mysteries
    • In the episode "Republic of Murdoch", Jacob Doyle is the identical grandfather of Jake Doyle from Republic of Doyle. And in the Republic of Doyle episode "If the Shoe Fits", Bill Murdoch is the identical grandson of…
    • In the Christmas Episode "A Merry Murdoch Christmas", a Flash Back to Inspector Brackenreid's childhood sees Thomas Grieg play Brakenreid's father under huge muttonchop whiskers.
  • Played with on The Nanny when Fran Drescher plays a younger version of her character's mother, Sylvia, and the actor who plays Maxwell plays a younger version of his father.
  • In an episode of The Odd Couple, Felix (Tony Randall) reflects on how he's always been fussy. A flashback shows his grandfather (also played by Tony Randall) telling him "There are two things no one likes—a dirty old man and a clean young boy".
    • Another episode had Felix relate a story a relative told him about how his and Oscar's fathers met during Prohibition. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman played their characters' fathers.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Last Supper", Frank is initially convinced that Laura must be Jade's daughter, since they look exactly alike. It turns out that she is Jade though.
  • In the final episode of Only Fools and Horses, "Sleepless in Peckham", we see a picture of Freddie "the Frog" Robdal, previously hinted to be Rodney's real father, and he's played by Nicholas Lyndhurst with a moustache. (Even Del, who believes his mum to be a saint, can't ignore the resemblance.) Lyndhurst reprises the role in the Prequel series Rock And Chips.
  • Loretta of Outrageous Fortune looks exactly like her grandmother Rita in her younger days.
  • This was used over and over again on Passions, where several characters were depicted as reincarnations of family members from generations past, and the same actors portrayed the characters from these past lives. In particular, Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio were revealed to have lived out many past lives together, as were Miguel and Charity. In one case, the Pilgrim-era Prudence Standish was originally depicted as a past life of protagonist Charity Standish; however, after Charity was written out of the show and her rival Kay completed a Heel–Face Turn, Prudence was later depicted as a past life of Kay and switched to being played by the other actress.
  • In Penny Dreadful, Patti Lupone played Vanessa's Really 700 Years Old witch mentor Joan Clayton, aka "the Cutwife", in the second season. In the third season she returned as Vanessa's therapist Dr. Florence Seward, who was said to have been descended from the Clayton family.
  • The Power Rangers franchise has been very fond of this one. The episode "Wild West Rangers" showed that five of the main characters (and at least one minor character) had identical ancestors in The Wild West (despite the implication that several of the characters were first-generation Americans). "The Return of the Green Ranger" featured two identical ancestors and an Evil Twin in the colonial period (of the same town). Condsidering the amount of magic that was thrown around in the first 3 seasons (as well as the cause of them traveling back), it could be said that A Wizard Did It.
    • During season 9, Jason Faunt played both red ranger Wes Collins and Alex, who was both his descendant and his professional predecessor a thousand years in the future.
    • The Time Force analogy dovetails nicely with its Super Sentai original version.
  • On The Pretender, Miss Parker and her late mother, Catherine, looked very similar (both were played by the same actress, Andrea Parker), to the point where any time she met someone who knew her mother, one of the first things they say is how much she looks like her.
  • Subverted in Primeval season 3 episode 6. The episode starts with a scene of what appears to be 1940's versions of the characters, dressed appropriately, playing a record, etc. They're the normal cast, who had to flee to a disused lodge that had old clothes and other things in it.
  • In the Quantum Leap episode "The Leap Between the States", Sam is able to jump back into his great-grandfather's lifetime, which is only possible because he's genetically identical to his great-grandfather.
  • In Red Dwarf one of Lister's twin sons, Bexley, apparently looks enough like Lister that Rimmer mistook Bexley for him in a future echo. It's unknown if Bexley's twin brother Jim looks like him as well. And then there's the case of Lister's other son… himself. Despite having (an alternate version of) Kochanski as his mother his son gets all his looks from his father.
  • A perfect inversion is done on a clip show of Roseanne where John Goodman plays a grown up version of son DJ.
    • It also featured a flashback in which DJ's actor plays a child version of Roseanne—his mom…
  • In the Sanctuary episode "Normandy", Helen Magnus recalls her part in the D-Day invasion during World War II. During their mission in Carentan, France, they are aided by American troops, headed by Captain Jack Zimmerman, who looks exactly like Will Zimmerman, Helen's second-in-command, and is played by the same actor. While Captain Zimmerman is killed at the end of the episode, it is implied that he is Will's grandfather. Interestingly, Helen makes no mention of this to Will, even though this could be one of the reasons she chose him to join the Sanctuary (i.e. his grandfather saved her life at the cost of his own).
  • The archetypal identical grandson appeared on the 1960s sitcom The Second Hundred Years, where Monte Markham played both a 33-year-old man named Ken Carpenter and his grandfather Luke, who had improbably been pulled out of suspended animation after 67 years in a glacial crevasse into which he'd fallen while prospecting at the age of (ta-dum) 33. The joke was first, that effectively 33-year-old Luke had a 67-year-old son, Ken's father; and second, that while Luke and Ken looked identical, they had completely different personalities, Ken being uptight and Luke loose and colorful.
  • Sesame Street:
    • On one episode, in a flashback, Gordon's father recalls how when he was young he was a singer who greatly resembled his grandson, Miles, despite the fact that Miles is ADOPTED.
    • In the Christmas Special Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas, Elmo's dad tells him a story about his great-great-grandmonster (also named Elmo) arriving in a 19th century Sesame Street full of familiar Muppets in period clothing. It's even Lampshaded when Elmo realizes how implausible it is and catches on that his Dad is making the story up.
  • The episode, "How The Station Got Its Name" from Shining Time Station features the children and Mr. Conductor traveling back in time and meeting the grandparents of the people who run the station in their present. Unsurprisingly, the station's former staff are played by the same actors who play their grandchildren, and thus all look identical to said grandchildren. Even the Jukebox Band's grandparents look identical, though they work in a pedal piano instead of a jukebox.
  • On an episode of Simon & Simon involving an inheritance and Simon family history, we meet several generations of Simon brothers, played by the same actors playing the title heroes.
  • Smallville:
    • In the Flashback episode "Relic", we see Clark's real father, Jor-El, and Lana's great aunt, Louise McCallum, both played by Lana and Clark's actors. (Lionel Luthor's father and Jonathan Kent's father also appeared, but surprisingly Lachlan Luthor was played by John Mann instead of John Glover and Hiram Kent was played by Dean Wray instead of John Schneider.) Especially interesting because of the Retcon when Jor-El comes to Smallville (in the 9th season) and he is acted by Julian Sands… who looks nothing like Tom Welling… to the point of having different hair colors.
    • Also in the episode "Spell", it's revealed in flashback that Lana looks exactly like another one of her ancestors: the seventeen century witch Countess Margaret Isobel Thoureax.
  • In RTÉ's Gag Dub Soupy Norman, Esther's grandmother is identical to her, and is also named Esther. This is because they use footage of Esther with a sepia tint (Rule of Funny).
  • Occurred at least six times in different incarnations of Star Trek.
    • In the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Colonel Worf, grandfather of Lieutenant Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is played by Michael Dorn with a different forehead design.
      • A ''Star Trek novel specifically states the Worf was named after his grandfather, who was killed onboard a transport that collided with a Cardassian freighter (the sheer improbability of two ships accidentally colliding in orbit indicates sabotage). So yes, Worf's grandfather didn't die a warrior's death but was merely collateral damage.
    • The movie Star Trek Generations includes a portrait of one of Jean-Luc Picard's ancestors, who fought at Trafalgar. He looks exactly like Patrick Stewart.
    • In the Star Trek: Voyager episode "11:59," Captain Janeway's 20th century ancestor Shannon O'Donnell, later Shannon Janeway, is played by Kate Mulgrew. What's hilarious is that Seven of Nine is puzzled by Janeway's interest in O'Donnell's life, pointing out that after so many generations Janeway only has a fraction of her DNA. Hah!
      • Even more hilarious since humans share something like 99% of the same DNA, which means that Janeway's "fraction" of O'Donnell's DNA is much bigger than 7 seems to think.
    • A three-part story in Star Trek: Enterprise featured Dr Arik Soong, played by Brent Spiner, who had played Dr Noonien Soong (and all the androids Noonien modelled on himself, including Commander Data as well as Data's Evil Twin Lore and undeveloped twin B4.) in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This has lead to some Fanwanky theories about Arik Soong actually being the same person as Noonien Soong, thanks to a rejuvenating planet Arik was in the neighborhood of once.
      • The source of said fankwankery seems to be a throwaway line by Arik Soong at the end of his three-episode arc, about giving up on genetic engineering (which in his time is illegal) in favor of creating androids. The writers no doubt intended for the implication to be that he would be unable to complete the designs in his own lifetime, and that his descendant later finished his work.
      • Other theories postulate that given Arik's expertise in genetic engineering, Noonien and all the generations between them were straight up clones.
    • The Enterprise story "Carbon Creek" features T'Pol's great-grandmother T'Mir, also played by Jolene Blalock. T'Mir's story is told by T'Pol and may or may not be true, but as to whether T'Pol really had a great-grandmother named T'Mir who really did look like T'Pol... well, that's another story. The episode ends with T'Pol taking out a purse from a box, which looks identical to the one her great-grandmother supposedly had on Earth. Vulcan women don't generally carry purses.
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation—an alternate timeline Tasha Yar and her half-Romulan daughter, Sela, are both played by Denise Crosby. Oddly enough, her sister Ishara Yar is not.
    • Also from the Next Generation episode "The Neutral Zone", Claire Raymond, who was woken up from cryogenic stasis after 370 years, finds that she has a great-great-great-great-great-grandson… who looks identical to her husband Donald.
  • St. Elsewhere: In "Time Heals, Part 2", Ed Flanders plays Donald Westphall's father Thomas Westphall in Flashbacks to 1935.
  • Super Sentai:
  • In Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger V-Cinema movie, "100 Years After", this trope is played literally with the new Kyoryugers. Well, technically it's "Identical Great-Grandson/Daughter" (or Great Great Nephew, in Nobuta's case).
  • In Time Trax, Darien Lambert's paramour from the future, Elissa Chang-Knox, is identical to her police grandmother in the present, Annie Knox. Annie helps Lambert for a few episodes.
  • Elena Gilbert of The Vampire Diaries looks identical to Katherine Pierce. This is unexplained until Elena finds out that she was adopted, and that her birth mother is a direct descendant of Katherine. Furthermore it's eventually revealed that the reason they look identical after many generations is because they're both "Petrova dopplegangers", indicating that there's a mystical reason for the doubling.
  • The Hayes Cooper stories in Walker, Texas Ranger (some of the counterparts aren't even directly related), Justified Trope by the fact that the stories come from a diary, while the picture is just part of Cordell Walker's imagination.
  • Weird Science: In "The Legend of Red Brick Wallace", Gary's great-great-grandfather Red Brick Wallace looks exactly like his father Al. In the same episode, Wyatt and Chett's ancestor Sheriff Donnelly looks exactly like Chett, only with a moustache.
  • Vinnie Terranova's dad in Wiseguy (in an episode based around his father's diary). But they gave him a moustache.
  • Lyle Waggoner as "Steve Trevor" (1940s) and his son "Steve Trevor" (1970s) in Wonder Woman. After disappearing from Patriarch World after World War II ended, Diana meets Steve Trevor Jr. at the first episode of the second season, "The Return of Wonder Woman", a Setting Update in 1977. She first is very confused by thinking he hasn’t aged, but given she is an immortal Amazon warrior, Queen Hippolyta explains to her the concept of "sons".
  • The Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Xena Scrolls" deserves special mention for not only featuring Identical Great-whatever-Grandchildren of all the main characters in the 1930s, but going on to claim Joxer's descendent, "Jacques Ser", is actually the grandfather of actor Ted Raimi!
    • Gabrielle's daughter Hope looks identical to her. Is there a trope for evil identical daughter?
  • Appeared on The X-Files when the actor who played the young CSM in a flashback episode was later cast as Agent Spender, CSM's son.


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