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Examples of I Knew It! relating to anime and manga.

  • ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. - many viewers predicted the twist that Jean and Lotta are royalty and Jean is the actual heir to the throne. There was a lot of evidence pointing to it - viewers could tell that if the conflict revolves around the only heir being unsuitable, there's likely a Hidden Backup Prince around somewhere, and unless there's a better candidate around, it's probably the main character. There's also all of the times Nino called Lotta "princess" - a nice thing for his friend's little sister, but considering he's the one who clearly knows more than the rest of them.... However, some fans were saying it must be true because Jean and Lotta are the only characters other than Prince Schwan who have blond hair, which... isn't true.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Many fans suspected the Female Titan to be Annie Leonhart long before the revelation came due to the way it resembled her.
    • Many people also predicted Titans being transformed humans.
    • Most people guessed that Berrik was a Titan shifter and eating him allowed Ymir to become one too long before it was officially revealed.
    • It's confirmed that Eren ate his father, which many people have theorized for a good while.
    • One of the tvtropes users guessed the nazi twist about a year and a half before it happened.
  • Many Bakugan fans guessed that the new Big Bad Mag Mel was actually Emperor Barodius, the Big Bad of the previous season, because they shared the same voice actor among other hints. They were right.
  • Black Butler: Many fans had theorized that the Shinigami were originally humans. This was later confirmed in chapter 105 of the manga.
  • Bleach:
    • Many fans correctly guessed which Espada had the ranks 1, 2, 3 before the Espada numbers were revealed.
    • A long running joke regarding Yammy's power ended up being true. It was joked Yammy was really the Zero Espada. He was.
    • Given Aizen's habit of claiming he'd planned things was reaching memetic proportions, fans were speculating Ichigo's growth in power was down to his planning, too. It was. Aizen's interest in Ichigo predated even his conception.
    • A long running belief about Gin's motive for going with Aizen turned out to be true. The theory was that he was looking to betray Aizen and that it would have something to do with Rangiku. Both correct.
    • A very, very old theory where fans theorized Isshin's shinigami identity turned out to be true. The theory was that he was a Shiba and the former tenth squad captain in charge of Rangiku and Hitsugaya prior to Hitsugaya becoming its captain. The theory was right on all accounts.
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    • An equally old theory speculated about Masaki having the spiritual ability to see Hollows to explain her behaviour the night she died. The theory was that she was a Quincy related to the Ishida clan. She turned out to be Ryuuken's cousin.
    • When Kanae Katagiri entered the story her role was quickly guessed at by the fandom. Although Ryuuken's maid and bodyguard, they were extremely close, so fans speculated she was Ryuuken's wife, Uryuu's mother and dead in the current storyline. Right on all accounts.
    • Tite Kubo's habit of using Only Six Faces didn't stop the fandom speculating about the significance of Zangetsu's appearance. Yhwach and Zangetsu look so similar, they were speculated to be the same being. Zangetsu is indeed the manifestation of Ichigo's Quincy blood, representing Yhwach's appearance from a thousand years ago.
    • Fans guessed the truth about Kenpachi's Zanpakutou years ago, assuming Zaraki's claim that his sword was incapable of being sealed was just Zaraki's poor understanding of Zanpakutou. Turns out all the Shinigami were wrong about that. Fans correctly guessed Zaraki's Zanpakutou ability was cutting power, his lieutenant (Yachiru) was his Zanpakutou spirit and that Kenpachi would be clueless about both until Yachiru revealed it to him. People guessing that Kenpachi's Zanpakutou would have such a straightforward power that perfectly fits his personality was no real surprise, but the Yachiru part was widely guessed long before the actual evidence supporting the theory began to emerge.
  • The Boarding School Juliet fan theory that Chiwa had been in an interracial relationship started because of a scene where she sings a Western lullaby to her son. It gained steam when Rackdoll mentioned a couple in the previous generation of students that were discovered and ostracized. Since Rackdoll and Chiwa are the only characters from that generation to appear in the story, and Generation Xerox is such a common trope, it was only a short jump to 'Chiwa dated a Westerner' and from there to 'Chiwa dated Juliet's dad', which was confirmed dozens of chapters later.
  • When Charlotte first started airing, pretty much everyone suspected that Ayumi would die. And then Episode 6 happened.
  • At least a few fans of Claymore said this during The Reveal that the Organization is responsible for creating both the Claymores and the Yoma, but not as many had guessed that the land the series takes place on is really a testing ground for living weapons in a large scale war.
    • The rumor that the Organization is responsible for causing Yoma attacks was mentioned in-setting by Rubel very early on (in one of his first appearances), long before there was any hint that it was true. Which turns into Fridge Brilliance when you realize he was actually The Mole - it's entirely possible he started that 'rumor' himself.
  • Following the literal bomb-dropping in Code Geass, many fans declared Nunnally and Sayoko dead (and the official website seemed to support them). However, one blogger posted a thorough essay explaining why he was convinced they had survived, using screencaps to suggest that there was a second airplane, and that Nunnally's had gotten away earlier while the second was caught in the blastnote . One month later, a battered Sayoko appears to Jeremiah and explains exactly how it happened.
  • In the second season of Darker Than Black, some fans suggested that Mao was still alive despite having lost his consciousness at the end of the first series and having April kill his cat body in the first episode on the logic that his voice actor was credited in the first episode. Sure enough, he now inhabits Suo's pet squirrel and his consciousness has returned in that body.
  • Fans of Delicious in Dungeon have long suspected Asebi would join Laios's party due to her appearance in the one-shot.
  • Detective Conan:
    • Shuuichi Akai is murdered, but in a manner that leaves his body unrecognisable. Later on, a mysterious man called Subaru Okiya appears, who resembles Shuuichi in many ways and is trusted by Conan (who's normally Properly Paranoid). Both men's names contain references to Char Aznable.note  Naturally, it turns out that Shuuichi faked his death with Conan's help and disguised himself as Subaru.
    • Tooru Amuro is actually the Black Organisation agent Bourbon. Another case of Meaningful Name, as Bourbon is previously described as hating Shuuichi, and Tooru is obviously named for Amuro Ray (among other similarities).
  • The D.Gray-Man fanbase has been making jokes for ages about why the Millennium Earl wears hats all the time. Bunny ears were suggested... as were horns. Cue chapter 187...
    • Another example: It took Hoshino 186 chapters (including the breaks in between) to finally reveal who was the person Kanda was searching for. During Journey to the Center of the Mind to which Allen is accidentally pulled along, it's shown that this person is a woman he had had feelings for in his past life. When the arc dealing with Kanda's past went on, some fans started to speculate that his childhood friend Alma was actually her, as Kanda saw form of this woman only when Alma was around the corner. To cut long story short after the journey: Alma becomes an Akuma, Kanda and him both get used as tools, fight ensues, barrier is broken so Allen's eye works again and- wait, that's the soul of the woman Kanda loved! Cut to several fans screaming I Knew It!.
    • A meta example is this: There were fans that guessed that the 2016 series would be part of Funimation's summer simulcast season, despite not having touched the series since 2011. Turns out they were right.
  • Digimon Adventure 02 had people correctly guessing that Vamdemon orchestrated the events of the series after somehow surviving his death in Digimon Adventure.
    • A darker example occurred several years later with Digimon Adventure tri.. As early as the series was announced, fans began theorizing that Leomon would show up in some form, and be killed off, continuing the Running Gag of one incarnation of the character dying per series. And their predictions came true.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • In Chapter 70-something Erza reveals through a flashback the face of the current arc's villain, Jellal. To everyone's surprise, he looks exactly like Siegrain, a council member introduced on the second page of the first chapter. By this point it's a solid fact that Siegrain is evil, so the assumption would be that they're one and the same; however, one is most definitely at the council while the other is most definitely in a tower miles away. The assumption, considering this, is that they're one and the same. They were.
    • The Zeref-Mavis connection/relationship. Many fans speculated that Zeref and Mavis had some kind of connection when it was revealed the island Zeref stayed on is the very same island where Mavis's soul rested. At that point, the only thing driving the whole connection was that fact alone. Come chapter 340, it's all but confirmed. Fairy Tail Zero shows how they first met, and chapter 450 ups the ante by revealing that they were once in love with each other. This is taken Up to Eleven with August, Zeref a Mavis's son..
    • When the Master of the Dark Guild Tartaros, known as E.N.D., was first mentioned, a large amount of fans jumped to the conclusion that he was actually Natsu in some form or another, believing E.N.D. was short-hand for Evil Natsu Dragneel and that he was the result of Zeref turning him into a monster of some sort. The connections grow stronger upon learning that E.N.D. is a Flame Demon, Igneel implying that he chose not to kill him, and Zeref's words that only one of them would make it to him. Zeref's final words at the end of Chapter 416 confirm it, though it is revealed E.N.D. actually stands for Etherious Natsu Dragneel.
    • Another common theory, in tandem with the one above, is that Natsu and Zeref were somehow blood related. Chapter 436 eventually confirmed this by revealing that the two were brothers, and that the main reason Zeref delved into black magic was to find a way to revive Natsu, who had died when he was young.
  • Fate/Zero, on the identity of the Servant Berserker, Black Knight. Let's see, grudge with King Arthur/Saber, ability to turn any weapons to Noble Phantasm (even a bloody F-15 fighter)? Why, of course he is... Lancelot. Considering his proficiency with any weapons and his affair with Arthur's wife Guinivere, it's bloody obvious.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • The identity of Pride in the manga was surrounded in Wild Mass Guessing. Someone on Livejournal posted their "Pride Crack Theory" detailing their guess that Pride was really King Bradley's son, Selim based on subtle speech nuances and seemingly innocuous coincidences. Everyone laughed along with them at the silly theory, but nine months later, they were proven right.
    • As of Chapter 100, the popular fan theory that Riza Hawkeye would somehow be used to force Roy Mustang to open the gate almost came true: at first, Roy couldn't choose between saving Riza or stopping the Big Bad's plans, but following her eye-signal about the cavalry arriving, he managed to refuse... But then Bradley appeared and literally forced him to open the gate anyway.
  • The idea that Yuno was from an Alternate Universe in Future Diary had been bounded around for months before it was finally confirmed.
  • Gundam:
    • Virtually from the moment Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn was announced, fans predicted that female lead Audrey Burne was Princess of Zeon Mineva Lao Zabi on the basis of her hairstyle and eye color resembling Mineva's, and her age matching the princess. Their predictions were absolutely right.
    • When Episode 11 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE confirmed Yurin L'Ciel to be Flit's preferred Love Interest, longtime Gundam fans compared her to Lalah Sune and saw her inevitable death coming a mile away. Three episodes later, they were right.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: when the second season introduced a masked character named "Vidar" who disliked McGillis and was working with a political rival of his, it didn't take people long to guess he was in fact Gaelio Bauduin, who had been presumed dead in the first season at McGillis's hands. This only intensified when it came out that Vidar knew the circumstances behind Carta Issue's death, which McGillis had orchestrated. Few were surprised when it turned out that, indeed, Vidar is Gaelio.
  • Many people guessed the final ending of InuYasha after the first 20 chapters. What would happen with Naraku, Kohaku, Miroku, Sango, Kikyo and pretty much everyone in the entire show was figured out many years before.
  • In K: That Shiro was actually The Silver King, body-swapped with the murderer.
    • In Missing Kings, that Anna would be the new Red King.
    • In Return of Kings, that Saruhiko's betrayal was fake, and that he was The Mole for Scepter 4 in Jungle.
  • An Italian Kill la Kill fan impressively predicted, after only 3 episodes, not only that Ryuuko and Satsuki were sisters, but also that they will form an allegiance against Satsuki's mother, the real Big Bad of the series. Here's the post, it's in Italian but the relevant part is written in English.
  • The anime version of Visual Novel Koihime†Musou features Ryuubi (Liu Bei) as The One Guy, when the show was supposedly about an Improbably Female Cast. But there's also the announcement of Shin Koihime Musou, which features a female Ryuubi. It turns out to be true and that this Ryuubi is a Jerkass imposter.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Around the time chapter 229 was released, a theory popped up on Wild Mass Guessing that the Asuna that was with Negi and co. was not the real Asuna, but a fake, while the real Asuna was kidnapped during the previous battle. It was based mostly on the fact that a) we never physically saw Asuna joining up with everybody after the battle and b) she was acting more out-of-it than normal. Then came chapter 233...
    • There are probably a number of fans who are happy that Mundus Magicus is, in fact, on Mars. Well, sort of.
    • An in-universe example: in one of the early chapters, a rumor gets started at Mahora that Negi is a prince. Some 200+ chapters later, it turns out...
    • Show of hands: who else guessed that Ku Fei's Pactio artifact could grow to ridiculous proportions ala Lavi's hammer?
    • Quite a while back, a theory popped up on WMG that Zazie was a demon. Guess what...
  • Naruto had so many theories going around that some were bound to be true:
    • Itachi. Turns out his fans correctly guessed that he actually was a good guy all along and that he was under orders from Konoha's top brass to exterminate the Uchiha clan for plotting rebellion. Even Crispin Freeman predicted this, saying that it's the only reason Itachi spends all his time obsessing over Sasuke.
    • On the same level as Itachi's, and so bloody obvious we don't need spoilers. Be honest with me, how many of you didn't think Naruto was the Fourth Hokage's son? The real mystery is how anybody in-universe was unaware of it, given the ridiculously Strong Family Resemblance between them.
    • Not quite as many shouting victory, but people suggested Naruto's mother was the Kyuubi's last jinchuuriki not long after learning her name.
    • A few fans who paid attention to the Third Hokage's explanation of the Shiki Fuujin could have guessed that the Fourth Hokage's soul was also sealed inside Naruto.
    • Tobi in particular went back and forth on this. Initially, many people claimed that Tobi was really Obito, but a smaller group thought he was Madara Uchiha. Eventually, he publicly announced himself as Madara, only to have it eventually turn out that he really was Obito all along. Everyone got feel they're right at one point!note 
    • Mizukage being a woman, which was an idea that was in about 60% of fanfiction that turned out to be right.
    • How many people had predicted that war monger Danzou had a Sharingan underneath those bandages?
    • Who thought that Kankuro would eventually gain Sasori as his new puppet?
    • Chapter 467 was full of this for many tropers. This chapter reveals that: there is a ten-tailed bijuu, there is a combined form of all the bijuus (which happens to be the Ten-Tails), the moon does have something that the Sage of the Sixth Paths sealed in it, and Madara is going to use Tsukuyomi on the moon to cast a massive scale genjutsu on the world.
    • Chapter 471 revealed that Kisame could have his sword Samehada combine with him to heal his wounds (among other things) which someone actually predicted he could do over two and a half years before based on a scene where it appears that a wound of his disappeared without explanation and an obscure biological feature of sharks.
    • When Chapter 474 ended on a Cliffhanger with Danzo taking some sort of seal off of his apparently non-functioning arm, and before the next chapter came out one person correctly guessed that it would be the eyes of a bunch of other Uchiha killed attached to his arm.
    • Not many were surprised when Chapter 670 revealed that Sasuke and Naruto were the reincarnations of the Sage of the Six Paths' older and younger sons, respectively. As if to drive the point in further, Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju were their respective predecessor incarnations.
    • Naruto Gaiden included both a correct example and an aversion. The correct example? When the DNA test by Suigetsu concluded Karin, not Sakura, was Sarada's biological mother, fans immediately had their doubts. They were right. The aversion, however, pertained to the antagonist Shin Uchiha's true identity: some theorized he was really Shisui Uchiha, but he was a separate character entirely.
  • One Piece: The speculated true relationship between Luffy and Ace was proven right, but then Oda threw a curveball that almost no one saw coming.
    • There was some Wild Mass Guessing that Ace would die during the war at Marineford and seriously traumatize Luffy in the process. Other people speculated that Whitebeard would die and effectively end the old Age of Pirates to begin the new. No one could have guessed that both would happen!
    • The idea that Mantra and Haki are the same? We were right.
    • As of Chapter 700, the theory that the letter that Buggy got pre-Time Skip from the World Government was an invitation for him to become one of the Shichibukai seems to be confirmed.
    • There was a lot of speculation about Luffy's grandfather after Aokiji mentioned him in passing at the end of the Davy Back arc. An early version of One Piece's first chapter had actually featured Luffy's grandfather, and long before anything further was revealed, someone noticed that the Marine Vice Admiral who'd so far only appeared in Coby and Helmeppo's cover page story seemed to have a similar design.
    • Chapter 731 indicates that the most prevalent theory in the entire fandom after Luffy and Ace's real relationship is true: Sabo is alive and a member of the Revolutionary Army. Well, I say "indicates", but subsequent chapters make it so obviously true only the most skeptical fans would doubt it, and even they are silenced when it's outright confirmed in Chapter 744.
    • Chapter 739 confirms that the Thunder Soldier is none other than the legendary gladiator Kyros. This was officially revealed during the beginning of March 2014, but some people already guessed it as early as September 2013.
    • Chapter 783 previewed Gear Fourth, and in the two weeks between that announcement and The Reveal in the next chapter, many predictions were made. Many people predicted that it would have something to do with muscle and Busoshoku hardening, many others predicted it would be some combination of Gear Second and Gear Third, many others believed it would have to do with compression, and many others believed it would be Nightmare Luffy 2.0, or it would involve more manipulation of his rubber body. But when Chapter 784 came out, it turns out that it wasn't any of those. It was all of them combined.
    • Towards the end of the Thriller Bark saga, Lola gave a vivre card to Nami, which would direct the Straw Hats to Lola's mother, said to be a powerful pirate in the New World. A common fan theory was that her mother was Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors. Chapter 835 eventually confirmed this to be true.
    • One that overlaps with Hilarious in Hindsight: for a long time, fan characters who joined the Straw Hats in fanfics were commonly given one of two positions, helmsman or ship musician, as many fans noticed that those roles were vacant. Both jobs ended up being filled by actual canon characters; Brook became the ship musician and while Jimbei hasn't officially joined yet, he's shown incredible skill helming ships and him joining the Straw Hats is largely seen as a Foregone Conclusion.
  • The Pokémon anime's fandom have said I Knew It! a lot, including in regards to the Aipom/Buizel trade, which many saw coming a mile off.
    • Many fans predicted Ash would obtain Paul's Chimchar almost a year before it actually happened, the rationale being that Ash always has a Fire Pokémon on his team and that it seemed unlikely that the writers would give Ash a Magmortar or a Heatran. And if Ash was going to obtain a Chimchar, then why not the one that was introduced three episodes in and clearly had a less-than-perfect relationship with its trainer?
    • A Best Wishes prediction was whether or not Meowth was fired from Team Rocket or not. Some fans declared it ruined when he joined Ash and the group. It is shown that Meowth did a Heel–Face Mole which is what the audience figured out the minute they got the information that Meowth was fired.
    • Fans correctly predicted that Alain was in fact working with Team Flare.
  • Pretty Cure:
    • Setsuna's Heel–Face Turn in Fresh Pretty Cure! was guessed by the fandom months before it actually happened... yet the same people still got incredibly angry when Toei put blatant spoilers for the event in question up on the side of an arcade game a month before it happened in the show. Note to creators: just because someone called it doesn't mean "give up completely".
    • After episode 13 of Heartcatch Pretty Cure, which revealed certain facts about Tsukikage Yuri's backstory, a handful of fans posited that her Disappeared Dad was, in fact Professor Sabaaku. Thirty-four episodes later, Sabaaku's Cool Mask falls off, revealing...Professor Tsukikage.
    • When Suite Pretty Cure ♪ came out, it didn't take long for fanart featuring the Cures wielding magical electric guitars to appear. Thus far, Rhythm and Melody haven't received said instruments, and are still stuck with the belltiers they've been using since the beginning. Newcomer Cure Beat on the other hand?
      • Also from Suite: the identity of Cure Muse was revealed in promotional materials several weeks before the episode covering that revelation was released in October, but at least one fanartist on pixiv predicted that revelation back in May.
    • When fans discovered a description of a series called "Gangnam Girls" by Saban, they were surprised at the mention of a team of girls fighting "story book-themed villains", making them think that Saban was planning on dubbing Smile Pretty Cure!. It took two years and a name change to Glitter Force to get that confirmation.
  • Quite a few theories in Psycho-Pass due to some subtle hints/foreshadowing:
    • Kougami, used to be an inspector.
    • Shogo being immune to the Sibyl system.
    • Masaoka being Ginoza's dad.
    • In episode 16, everyone who thought Kagari would be the first of the main cast to die were proven right.
    • Quite a few people guessed that the Sibyl System was powered by the brains of Criminally Asymptomatic people. Episode 17 proved them right.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica probably set a record for this before half the episodes were even out. To count: the Soul Gems are Soul Jars, magical girls become witches, Kyuubey is straight out of a Cosmic Horror Story (and his name stood for something - namely, Incubator), Homura is a time traveller, Madoka's dream in episode one was of an alternate timeline where she actually became a Puella Magi, and Madoka would use her wish to erase all witches from the world. Whoa.
  • In the character design notes for Rurouni Kenshin, Nobuhiro Watsuki says that the character, Kamatari, was based on a suggestion from one of his assistants around the pun, an "okama with a kama", or a "crossdresser with a scythe". This assistant was not mentioned by name, but everyone guessed that it was Eiichiro Oda. In a later interview, Watsuki confirmed that this guess was correct.
  • Boy were Saiyuki fans excited when Mad Scientist, Evil Priest, and Resident Plushophile Nii's missing Sutra turned out to actually be hidden within his stuffed bunny companion. Speculation had been made literally years in advance.
    • Also, fans had been assuming since Saiyuki Gaiden started that Hakuryuu/Jeep was the reincarnation of Dragon King of the West, Gojun. Guess what?
  • The Seven Deadly Sins fandom guessed early on that something was up with Meliodas and Elizabeth's relationship, especially since they acted more like a couple than the total strangers Elizabeth thought they were. The name of Meliodas' previous Love Interest was also something the fandom thought too big to be a coincidence.
  • Star Driver is notable for repeatedly Jossing fan's theories and defying their expectations. However, the fans have been right on the money about three things so far: Keito Nichi's identity as a maiden, Marino You being a Tomato in the Mirror, and Head is Takuto's father.
  • One of the more awesome, yet unsubstantiated theories about Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was that Gaume the Steady, the alligatory-armadilloy member of Lord Genome's four Generals is the counterpart to Team Gurren's Team Pet, Boota. Cue Parallel Works #8.
  • Early on, many Tiger & Bunny fans hypothesized that Kaede, Kotetsu's daughter, would turn out to be a NEXT like her father. Episode 17 proved them right.
    • Another very popular fan theory that turned out to be chillingly accurate come episode 19 was that Maverick was behind Barnaby's parents' death. And he was the show's Big Bad to boot.
    • An OP on the Tiger and Bunny Kink Meme noticed Maverick patting Kaede on the head in episode 21 and requested a fic where Kaede copies Maverick's memory-power and uses it to resolve the situation.
  • Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:Re has several times when fans accurately predicted twists.
    • Theories that Sen Takatsuki was the One-Eyed Owl proved true.
    • Some fans predicted that Aogiri Tree would begin producing One-Eyed Ghouls with the assistance of Dr. Kanou. The finale of the original series confirms this.
    • After the shocking finale of the original series, some fans predicted that Kaneki had been captured by CCG and brainwashed into becoming an Investigator. Then came the sequel, which confirmed his fate.
    • Related to the above, few fans were surprised when Haise Sasaki was confirmed to be an amnesic Ken Kaneki.
    • Fans immediately predicted that the mysterious Orochi was Nishiki Nishio.
  • In The World God Only Knows, who held the Goddesses, and eventually which Goddess was in which host was greatly contested. However, the fact that Shiori held Minerva had been almost a foregone conclusion since the names of the Goddesses had been revealed. Yui holding Mars and Tsukiyo as the host of Vulcan was also a common theory, though not quite as prevalent as the Shiori example.
    • And later that Ayumi, rather than Chihiro, was Mercury's host.
  • Many new fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! by way of GX were sure that Judai/Jaden would duel Yugi on the last episode, which more seasoned fans dismissed as noobish nonsense. Of course, while that's actually what does end up happening, instead of dueling the present-time Yugi of GX, we're treated to a weird Time Travel sequence where Judai duels the Yugi of the past while he still has the spirit of Atem, setting up a Stable Time Loop to ensure that Yugi would know to give Judai Winged Kuriboh before he enters Duel Academia.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, it was probably the worst-kept secret on the show that the mysterious Dark Glass and the amnesiac Bruno were the same person. V-Jump eventually confirmed it several episodes before The Reveal was officially made.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, the fans had guessed that Shark is a Barian at around episode 100 - twenty episodes before the reveal.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! manga implies that there's some history between Yami Bakura and Shadi, leading fans to conclude that Yami Bakura killed him at least five years before the series began. Turns out in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions that that's exactly what happened.
  • Many fans of Yuki Yuna is a Hero were suspicious of the Taisha's repeated insistence to the heroes that the disabilities they incurred after using Mankai were only temporary and the result of fatigue, and assumed that they were lying. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened.


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