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  • Keet: Spencer Shay. His ex-girlfriend Veronica describes him best.
    "I thought he was crazy and... too loud. But Spencer is a creative, fun spirit."
  • Kid Com
  • Kids Are Cruel: "iScream on Halloween": The kids' response to not getting any candy from Spencer? Roll him down into traffic in his giant carved pumpkin.
  • Kubrick Stare:
    • The usual reaction from any of the trio when someone pulls off a Captain Obvious remark.
    • Freddie and Spencer give a slow stare on Carly calling video games stupid and Sam's obliviousness to the MMORPG terminologies.
  • The Lad-ette: Sam Puckett is this minus the sex and drinking because, well, it's a kid show (kinda ...)
  • Lady in Red: Miss Ackerman in "iHave A Lovesick Teacher". Carly calls her hot (!), Freddie goes "Woah" 5 times (and this is the Season 1 Freddie who hasn't really hit puberty yet).
  • Lame Comeback:
    • Freddie embodies this trope with regards to counter-insulting Sam.
      Freddie: Whaddup, ma'peeps?
      Sam: (deadpan) Wow, that greeting was uncool in so many ways.
      Freddie: Yeah? Well uncool is the new cool.
      Sam: (even more deadpan) Wow, that comeback was uncool in so many ways.
    • This one from "iGet Pranky":
      Sam: Show them the prank, Fred-wiener!
      Freddie: Sure thing, Sam....jerk.
      Sam: And that's why you're behind the camera.
    • Carly herself has her share, when Sam asks her to attempt a Trash Talk for the Shelby Marx press conference.
      Carly: You want a piece of me? Too bad! No pieces for you!... Jerk.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Spencer loves to invoke this trope to Carly's best friends. "Hello, little sis and her two friends who do not hang out in their own homes!"
    Carly: We're home!
    Spencer: Hi, Sam and Freddie with you?
    Freddie: We're here.
    Spencer: When aren't you here?
    Sam: Good point.
    Freddie: So true.
  • Large Ham:
    • Lewbert, Carly, Freddie and... Spencer.
    • In "iFind Spencer Friends," The Cameo from Emma Stone as a crazed fan who makes Spencer look calm. Spencer.
  • LARP: Aruthor and Aspartamay's battle, combined with spoofed references from MMORPG like Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • Nevel, in almost any episode he appears on. Even emphasized in "iPity The Nevel", where his true colors get revealed to everyone for the Jerkass he really is and becomes a social pariah.
    • Sam in the second half of "iSpeed Date".
    • Spencer's former classmates beat him up at the end of "iGet Pranky".
  • Last Kiss:
    • The decision of Sam and Freddie to break up in an hour or so so they can make out for a while after they break up in "iLove You". actually had a caption for it saying it was PROBABLY the last time you'd see them kissing.
    • Freddie invokes the trope when he asks Carly for one, because he didn't know they were going to break up for sure. Carly smiles, and sweetly kisses him on the cheek.
  • Last Minute Hookup: Carly in Freddie in the last few minutes of "iGoodbye".
  • The Last Straw: iDate A Bad Boy with Spencer's pressure trigger plate. An obese postman steps on it but still doesn't activate it. The alarm fires off when Spencer handed the postman a stamp.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • If new viewers of the show saw the trailer of "iThink They Kissed" without watching the prequel "iKiss", Carly yells ''Sam and Freddie KISSED!''.
    • Behind-the-scenes photos from the Word of God had revealed to the fandom very early on that Freddie saves Carly's life.
  • Laugh Track: A Dan Schneider staple. A laugh track is also programmed on Sam's remote in the webshow.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall:
    • Carly's final speech during "iStart A Fan War".
    • Spencer's awareness of being involved in a B-plot in every episode. Having no actual subplot in "iPity the Nevel", he appears doing random antics out of sheer boredom after asking if they want his advice or need his help with anything.
    • "iParty With Victorious": In the ending the DJ says he'll play a song everyone knows, so what does he play? The opening to iCarly. Then the Victorious cast splice in their opening song. It's highly unlikely that a song sung in a school the iCarly cast never even heard of would reach them, let alone be memorized.
    • The April Fools episode made a reference to getting '12 million viewers', which refers to "iSaved Your Life" which gained that level of ratings in real life.
    • In "iMeet the First Lady":
      Spencer: It's like my life is a sitcom, I dunno!
    • "iStill Psycho":
      • Gibby gets caught in a chimney and calls for help. The kids on the street that see him tell the Internet celebrity to take off his shirt. "No!" shouts Gibby, "I do that less frequently now!"
      • The episode ends with Spencer on the phone with his parents, reassuring them that everything's OK, even telling them that it's a happy ending.
    • Carly in "iGoodbye": "Listen... doing iCarly for you guys has meant so, so much to me. And it's changed my life... and I want to say, to the fans of iCarly... thank you." Dan confirmed on his blog that this quote was a message to the fans that he said the rest of the cast feels the same way about.
  • Le Film Artistique:
    • In "iSell Penny Tee's", Spencer watches a foreign film with a Goat and a balloon, to impress a hot girl who can't speak English.
    • Carly and her super smart date Kyle watched "Ick Glokmah", a Russian film that was four hours long with an intermission halfway through.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Gibby in "iPsycho". He rams down the front door of Nora's house; when Nora seems to get the upper hand in their fight, Gibby removes his shirt and resumes the battle.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again:
    • Between the Shay siblings, especially Carly's No Periods, Period in "iDate a Bad Boy" and Spencer's attempt for giving Carly The Talk in "iSpeed Date".
    • Sam and Freddie's agreement about their First Kiss. When Sam's drugged slip-of-tongue reveals it to Carly, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Like an Old Married Couple:
    • Freddie and Carly act like this, but more the "familiar and comfortable with one another" side than the bickering one.
    • Carly and Sam. Their no-nonsense quarrel even gets to the point of having a symbolic divorce but they still reconcile in the end.
    • Averted with Sam and Freddie in "iDate Sam & Freddie". They don't fight Like an Old Married Couple, they fight like Sam and Freddie always have, never-ending bickering, constantly picking apart each other and dragging Carly into the fights. Carly finds it incredibly tiring and eventually berates them and calls them out saying that if they can't stop fighting, they shouldn't date at all.
  • Limited Social Circle: Their social circle consists of Sam, Freddie and Carly. You can stretch that to include Spencer, and maybe Gibby and Wendy, when she was around.
  • Line-of-Sight Name: In "iGet Banned" when pressed by Sam for a name for his and Gibby's 'band' Freddie looks around and finally blurts out "The...(glances at the floor)...Floors!"
  • Local Hangout: The Groovy Smoothie, often-mentioned but unseen until well into the second season. The Meta reason is that having the trio spend so much time at Carly's house was wearing thin. The Groovy Smoothie allows scenes between Sam and Freddie that don't take place at school and can happen without Carly or Spencer being there.
  • Locked in a Room:
    • The trio in "iSpace Out".
    • Carly, Sam and Pam in "iSam's Mom".
  • Logging onto the Fourth Wall: Some of the websites featured on the show are actually real, such as and
  • Long Runner: Relative to other KidComs of its era with 109 episodes. Dan Schneider himself notes that such a large episode order is an aberration on Nickelodeon, citing 60-70 being the norm as was the case with Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 and VicTORious.
  • Long Title: Their "Pathetic Plays" have these: "The Cowboy With A Mustache And The Idiot Farmgirl Who Thought The Mustache Was A Squirrel" and "The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father To His Two Children Named Fuffley And Peeta," plus the pre-'pathetic' "The Prisoner Who Just Wanted Some Soup And The Man Who Refused To Give Him Some."
  • Loony Fan:
    • The Fangirl Amanda "Mandy" Valdez, who personifies overly devoted fans of the show.
    • "iPsycho" introduces Nora, a lonely and homely fan which ended up way worse than Mandy by taking the trio hostage in her basement so she could stay popular.
    • The in-universe Seddie vs Creddie fans in "iStart A Fan War". Spencer and Jack Black's character apear to be this in their sub-plot as well.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • Used to great effect in "iPromote Techfoots" to get out safely from a contract.
    • Also used in "iOwe You" to have Sam keep the money the iCarly viewers sent.
    • There's no rule that specifically states that a full-grown adult can't wrestle in a community wrestling league. The pamphlet only recommended the activity to boys 6-10.
    • Ridgeway High's handbook forbids students to wear tube tops or turtlenecks, but not from attending school shirtless.
    • The rebuilt Proton Cruiser technically qualified as a "new car" as a prize for Nevel in "iGive Away a Car".
  • Lost Aesop: In-Universe. In "iOMG", Carly and Sam say in their webshow that a lesson has been learned, only to retract that and admit they learned nothing and wasted everyone’s time.
  • Love at First Sight: Carly confirmed during "iSaved Your Life" that Freddie had been in love with Carly since he first met her.
  • Love Dodecahedron: Carly once dated Freddie, who is in love with her, only for them to break up because Sam told Freddie that Carly's feelings for Freddie were hero worship. Sam has a crush on Spencer, and then later has full blown feelings for Freddie, who enters into a relationship with Sam. Then Carly kisses Freddie in the series finale, which seemingly rekindles their romance. Gibby has shown interest in Carly and Sam, and had a girlfriend named Tasha, who had an episode where it looked like she cheated on Gibby with Freddie. Melanie, who is Sam's twin sister, had an obvious crush on Freddie, and has kissed him as well.
  • Love Epiphany: Sam and Freddie had have one for each other, but neither moment is shown on-screen. In "iDate Sam & Freddie", Sam reveals she thought Freddie was cute for the first time, after she shoved him into a bike courier, who hit Freddie, knocked Freddie into a fire hydrant with so much force he started bleeding from the ears. Considering we never saw it happen or known it happened, it violates The Law of Conservation of Detail, is an unsatisfactory Ass Pull (because it invents a moment that should have been shown on screen) even though they had a surfeit of potential moments to have chosen from and knew about, because Dan Schneider had spent entire blogs teasing said moments as potentially shippy. Freddie eventually got one for Sam that boiled down to "I like making out with you."
    • Carly gets one in "iGoodbye" sometime before coming up to Freddie to kiss him.
  • Love Makes You Crazy:
  • Love Triangle / Triang Relations : Established as a season 4 finale and ended in "iGoodbye". Carly and Freddie kiss. Seddie is sunk.

  • Made of Incendium: Nearly anything Spencer creates or meddles with ends up on fire. This is roughly split 50/50 between things that shouldn't catch fire, like the doorman bell, or a drum kit, and things he really should be smart enough to not build, such as the overpowered metallic magnetic Christmas Tree. The drum kit is lampshaded by Spencer:
    "How would that even be possible?!"
  • Made of Iron:
    • Freddie endures what sounds like a brutal beating from Sam in "iMeet Fred", including apparently being hit hard enough with a tennis racket cause it to break. A blow of such severity to the head (Say from Sam wanting to knock some sense into him) would likely result in loss of consciousness, a concussion, and severe bleeding from cranial lacerations. Striking any part of the body that severely would be intensely painful and would result in definite physical trauma, possibly even broken bones. However, at the end of this, Freddie walks out looking somewhat mussed and scared but no worse for wear. Moments later Sam pushes him out of a tree house, and yet he is still able to actively take part in making Fred videos afterward.
    • Freddie came out of "iSave Your Life" with a broken leg. The inertia from the moving truck can do much, much worse to a human body. That or he has incredible luck.
  • Magic Countdown: In "iGot Detention" When Carly successfully gets detention and realizes Freddie hasn't yet, she says school's over in three minutes. However, only 30 seconds elapse between when she says that and the time the bell rings.
  • Malaproper:
    • Gibby showing up in "iDo" wearing a bear costume, because he thought he was the Ring Bear and not Ring Bearer.
    • In "iGot a Hot Room", T-Bo (deliberately) messes up with Carly.
      Carly: Here, I'm just done cleaning the juicer ports.
      T-Bo: What?! I told you to read the juice reports!
      Carly: (scandalized) What is a juice report?
      T-Bo: It's part of the fruit newsletter!
  • Malt Shop: The Groovy Smoothie is a modernised version of one of these, used as the Local Hangout.
  • Mama Bear: Mrs. Benson moves in for her Roaring Rampage of Revenge in "iFence", beating a bunch of Freddie's bullies and other fencing students while Dual Wielding a pair of sabers.
  • Manchild: Spencer is a sculptor for a living, often making whimsical and sometimes weird sculptures that usually end up catching on fire or exploding before being perfected. He loves light-up socks, has a pet goldfish (that he often forgets to feed, resulting in another pet goldfish), and once went to law school for three days. Carly calls him a man child in "iLove You". He calls himself a man child in the series finale.
  • Man in a Bikini: "Bikini Dog Food Fight"
  • Market-Based Title: Averted with the series itself, but unusually one episodenote  uses this trope in other English-language territories - "iShock America" airs outside the US as "iShock The World".
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Freddie and Sam.
  • The Masochism Tango: The Sam/Freddie pairing can be seen as this. Once they get together, the next episode "iDate Sam & Freddie" is about them constantly fighting, to the point where Carly tells them they need to sort out their problems or they should break up. The next episode says they only fought three times that day, and that Sam still hits Freddie, just not in the face. They then get into a massive almost break up moment when Sam is revealed to have sabotaged an admission paper that could have helped him get into any college he wanted. Despite this obvious dysfunction, they still remain together at the end of both episodes. They finally break up in the fourth episode of the plot line, "iLove You", when they realize that they have nothing in common interests outside of iCarly and making out, and they can't do anything else together without ruining it for each other.
  • Master of the Mixed Message:
    • Carly does this to Freddie, despite her "We are just friends" lines, she will often act in ways that lead him on.
    • Dan Schneider in his fan interactions.
  • May–December Romance: Mrs. Benson and Spencer during "iChristmas" would be this. Mrs Benson would realistically be at least in her 40's (although it's possible she could be in her mid-30's), with Spencer about 27 years old. The popular fandom ships of Sam/Spencer and Freddie/Spencer would be these also.
  • Meaningful Echo: In "iKiss", after their first kiss Freddie stops Sam walking away by saying "Hey. I hate you" and Sam responds with "I hate you too". Later, in "iLove You" after they break up, Freddie stops Sam walking away with "Hey. I love you", and she responds "I love you too".
  • Mega Nekko: Ms. Fielder, Carly's art teacher in the episode "iMust Have Locker 239".
  • Merchandise-Driven: Parodied when Carly started advertising for sneakers on her show. The foot warmers and wi-fi pedometer linkup exploded and wiped hard drives, respectively, so they obviously didn't advertise them for long.
  • Military Brat: The Shays. Notable in that their father has been deployed so long that not only has he never been seen in-series, but nothing about their home's layout, decor, or location reflects a military background.
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: Spencer in "iCarly Saves TV". He pricks his hand with a screwdriver and starts freaking out because he's bleeding. Luckily for him, Mrs. Benson is as much of an overreacter as he is, and immediately runs to get her gigantic first-aid kit.
    Spencer: Wait! I don't think I should be left alone, there's a hole in my hand! Mrs. Benson?!
  • Misblamed: A few people think Dan deletes criticism from his DanWarp blog, but it is explained here that admins do this instead.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Throughout "iTwins", Sam and Melanie constantly leave the scene just as the opposite is about to appear, leading Freddie to think it's a scam even more. This is because Sam is trying to avoid her sister as much as it takes because she can't stand her girliness. It isn't until the final scene where they are finally shown together.
  • Missing Mom: Carly's mother has never been mentioned, the likely choices are her completely abandoning her children (as their father has been deployed in the military since before the show started), being insane, locked up or dead. Sam's mother is something of a psychologically absent type.
  • "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop: Freddie drops into Nevel's room on cables and is mistaken for a spider by Nevel's grandmother. He also gets stuck, and that forces the girls to complete the task. Then he gets chopped down by Sam.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: Tasha and Freddie, mistaken by Gibby, in "iEnrage Gibby".
  • Mister Exposition: Wendy. Tells the gang that another TV show is stealing their bits. Explains that Freddie gave up a sea trip to get rid of Carly's old friend who was trying to break them up. Turned Up to Eleven in the fandom, who consider her the Seattle version of Gossip Girl.
  • Mrs. Hypothetical:
    • Sam calls Carly and Freddie 'Mr and Mrs Benson' in "iSaved Your Life".
    • Carly in "iDream Of Dance": "If he's a nub, then someday I want to be Mrs. Carly Nub."
    • Sam in "iPie": "Why can't I marry this pie? All I want out of life is to be Mrs. Sam This Pie."
    • In "iParty With Victorious", Carly imagines herself as Mrs. (Steven) Carson, writing "Carly Carson" in various fonts.
  • Moe Couplet: Carly and Freddie. Everything they do as a couple is cute to the extreme.
  • Moff’s Law: Used in-universe by Carly as an Author Filibuster as a stand in for the Word of God constant claim to focus on the comedy rather than the romantic vibes of the show amidst the heavy Ship Tease post-season 2 onwards.
  • Moment Killer:
    • Spencer does this to all 3 of them: he cockblocks Carly so hard in her attempt to kiss Shane in "iSaw Him First"; when Freddie hits on Carly in "iDon't Wanna Fight", a flush is heard from Spencer's toilet; and as for Seddie fans, Spencer breaking in to find his banjo before they even answer Carly's question if Sam and Freddie liked their kiss.
    • The episode "iSaw Him First" is quite full of moment killers where both girls attempt to kiss Shane first in all futility.
    • Also, Mrs. Benson abruptly interrupts the make-out session between Carly and Freddie in "iSaved Your Life".
  • Mondegreen: In "iStakeout", detectives infiltrate the Shays' apartment to spy on the owner of the shop next door because they think he's sells pirated movies, as in illegal copies. He actually sells pirate movies, homemade movies about pirates, which are not illegal at all.
  • Monochrome Casting: iCarly's main cast is entirely white.
  • Montages: Spencer's out-of-control pranking the trio, Gibby, T-Bo and several Groovy Smoothie customers in different instances.
  • Moonburn: In episode "iStakeout", Freddie manages to get out of swimming with his crazy, overbearing mother by claiming that he did not want to get "cloudburn." Oddly enough, she does eventually find cloud block.
  • Morality Pet: Carly is the only one who Sam doesn't make fun of or hurt in some way.
  • Mother Nature, Father Science:
    • Expect Carly and Sam to solve problems in the natural (or the brawn) way and Freddie to resort to geeky gadgets and tech stuff.
    • Played straight with "iGo Nuclear". Carly's projects involve a crude compost pit and an organic pesticide, while Sam used her fingers to rip an orange apart. Contrast Freddie's high-tech modern composter, Spencer's electric-powered scooter, and Cal's illegal nuclear-powered generator.
  • Motive Rant: Missy gives one to Sam, as part of her latching onto the Villain Ball. It ruins the plan because it turns Sam from questioning if Missy even was trying to get rid of her, into sure of it, and decided to bring Freddie in to help her, which she never had to do before.
  • Motor Mouth: The Shays. Both siblings can deliver long and impressive tongue-twisting dialogues. The trope's Sadist Teacher form is Mr. Devlin.
    • In "iSaw Him First":
      Carly: Yes I did too! He told me he could beat his dad at arm wrestling and I said "No way!" and he said "Oh no, it's true" and I said "Wow, you must be really strong" and he said "I work out a litle bit" and I said "Really?" and he said "Yeah, you wanna feel my biceps?" and I said "Sure, I do" and they felt AWESOME!
    • In "iRocked the Vote":
      Spencer: No, I'm sorry I didn't return the video! I watched it in my buddy Socko's house and his mom got mad because we spilled gravy on her carpet and she threw me out and I thought I left the video there, but I didn't. He says I did, I thought I didn't and I looked for it everywhere so - I don't mean to lie, I don't like lying, I don't like the way it feels. And you know I tell my sister that "Don't lie" and I tell my little sister "You shouldn't lie, it's not good" and they have their "Honesty is the best policy", right? But there's Sam, her friend who tells me how to lie and it makes me nauseous and I feel queasy, and I know I didn't —
    • In "iDate a Bad Boy":
      Carly: Well, Wendy and I are trying to study, and Griffin kept turning up the music, so Wendy got frustrated and left. Then I told Griffin he's obnoxious and he said I shouldn't ruin his sense of humor and I said "Oh, really?" and he was telling me how immature I was and then I realized he's super cute. And he asked me if he liked music and I go "Who doesn't like music?" So then I turned on some music and we started talking and I realized he's sweet and smart and his lips were right there in front of me so I leaned over and I kissed him! And I don't kiss like (blathers her tongue), I KISS LIKE A PRINCESS!"
    • In "iWon't Cancel the Show":
      Carly: Freddie says "in five, four, three, two", then points at us, then we introduce the show. Then after that, we go to that wheel over there and do a bit called "put that in your man purse", which you don't know about, but just play along and you'll figure it out as we go.
  • Mr. Alt Disney: Charles Dingo with with its theme park, the dingo as the beloved cartoon animal and its own version of Disney Channel. The whole episode was a massive Take That! against Disney Channel.
    • plus the fact that Mr Dingo's head was in cryogenics, which is a well known rumor about Walt Disney being frozen.
  • Ms Fan Service:
    • Carly, as much as a kids' show will allow: a two-piece bikini, a hula girl outfit, then a sports bra and boxing shorts, among others. The bikini scene in "iHatch Chicks" emphasizes it by putting Sam in a less revealing one-piece and Bermuda shorts to contrast.
    • Sam shrugs off most of the girly outfits for their live skits, but perhaps Sam is merely pandering to a different sort of audience. On the rare occasions she does dress "girly" ("iMake Sam Girlier", "iSpeed Date", "iCarly Awards", "iWas A Pageant Girl") She Cleans Up Nicely.
      • Almost every woman Spencer goes out with or even just flirts with. Like Carly's teacher Miss Ackerman from "iHave a Lovesick Teacher". She starts dating Spencer and shows up at their in a hot minidress before turning into a psycho girlfriend.
    • Though Carly rarely appears on the actual website videos (where apparently she doubles as camera woman), whenever she does appear, chances are there will be some sort of innuendo in her segment while joining the others.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Sam is apparently strong enough to manhandle anyone she needs to, despite Jennette McCurdy being absolutely tiny. Notable when Freddie, after his actor gained a ton of muscle, lost an arm wrestling match with her, despite it being clear his arm is nearly twice as thick as hers.
    • Chuck Chambers and his brother Chip are both strong enough to beat up Spencer, a grown man in at least his late 20s, despite being a scrawny teenager and 9 year old respectively.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: When Carly admits she likes Adam during the Webicon in "iStart a Fanwar", the in-universe Creddie shippers angrily clobber the "Creddie killer", with other Seddie shippers joining in.
  • My Beloved Smother: The most overprotective mother in the nonfictional world would find Mrs. Benson outrageous. She even acts this way towards Spencer as well, especially in "iFence" where she even offers to sew Spencer's name on his underpants.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg:
    • Freddie uses this in "iHate Sam's Boyfriend".
      Freddie: Hello, ladies. Or should I say lady and Sam.
      Sam: (squirts cheese to Freddie's face)
    • Freddie gets this treatment so frequently that he gets forced to just add himself in when they forget to include him.
      Freddie: Dear Carly and Sam. And Freddie.
      Carly: Ooh, they added you.
      Freddie: Nah, I just added me.
    • Freddie gets this all the time from Sam.
      Sam: Sonia, please make me a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato.
      Sonia: Yes, Miss Sam.
      Carly: I like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato.
      Sam: Make that two, please.
      Sonia: Yes, Miss Sam.
      Freddie: I like grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato.
      Sam: Tough nubs.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Freddie utters this line as a group (What have WE done?) when the gang realized that bringing back Marta made Lewbert's life even worse.
    • Carly went into a breakdown of repentance in "iChristmas" when her wish turned her life into one she did not want.
    • Freddie again evokes a variation of this trope in the extended version of "iSaved Your Life". After his break-up with Carly, his face changes expression while in the elevator and asks himself in regret, "What did I do?" Cue a zoom out of the Bushwell building as Freddie yells "WHAT DID I DO?!"

  • Nerdy Bully: Nevel Papperman, despite being wimpy and odd, is a bad tempered kid with great computer skills and a popular blog, both of which he's more than willing to use against his enemies. When Carly rejected his advances he set out to make her "rue the day" and had since become a recurring villain always attempting to take down iCarly.
  • Never Lend to a Friend: The basis of "iOwe You". Sam agrees to pay back her debt of over $500 to Carly and Freddie, forcing herself to get a job that strains their friendship.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Spencer and Socko were taking Socko's grandmother on their camping trip because there might be bears.
  • Never Say "Die":
    • Toyed with in "iHatch Chicks". "If the baby chicks aren't put back in the incubator in three hours... bad things." "What does that even mean?" "Six cute little chicken funerals!"
    • As Sam says, her Uncle Carmine is the one to approach if you want someone "to disappear".
    • Lampshaded aversion in "iEnrage Gibby", when Gibby threatens Freddie with a ''die latte''.
  • Never Say That Again:
  • New Job Episode: Sam in "iOwe You" and Carly in "iGot a Hot Room". For that lone episode anyway once their plotlines were resolved.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor:
    • Amber Tate. Very sweet on-camera, primadonna off-cam.
    • Wade Collins. Turns out that he made up that whole "my mother needs surgery" thing to gain sympathy from the audience. He's really an insensitive, nasty hobknocker! And racist to boot.
    • Carly Shay is a quite a nice girl; by contrast, Miranda Cosgrove (who plays her) is a hardass boss, as seen in "iBloop", in which she criticizes Jerry Trainor (Spencer) for goofing off at rehearsals.
  • Nice Guys Finish Last:
    • Freddie invokes this by trying to prank order a fishy pizza to his teachers house in front of Carly. When the pizza place calls back, he panics and runs away.
    • Actually works in "iStage An Intervention" when he pulls a prank on Sam after she pulled one on him. Carly is impressed, but Freddie lacks the confidence to follow through and try to ask her out.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: When Freddie gets the Shadowhammer on video, T-Bo explains to the newscasters that it was him who did so against his pleas, and one girl even tells the public the name of the hotel and Freddie's apartment. And then guess what happens.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In universe, in "iChristmas", for Carly, Carly no longer being friends with Sam and Freddie, dating Nevel, iCarly no longer existing and having Spencer engaged to Mrs. Benson. The iCarly webshow would be dead, or Valerie or Rhona Berger would have come up with the idea with Freddie and made their own popular one. Carly gets teased by Wendy, one of the only other characters shown to spend time with Carly. With Spencer playing a straitlaced, emotionally absent father figure, no friends, no webshow, Carly probably felt like she didn't exist at all.
    • If there was any 'tipping point' for Spencer to become 'normal', it likely involved the death of their father on military duty. This would have forced Spencer to live with his grandfather, which eventually resulted in 'normal Spencer'.
  • Nipple and Dimed: The chest enhancers from "iWas A Pageant Girl" have nipples on them.
  • Nobody Here but Us Birds: "iGot Detention" episode where they have Freddie sneak into detention with them.
    Carly: (like a bird) Caw-caw!
    Freddie: (unconvincingly) Caw-caw...
    Carly: Do it like a bird!
  • Nobody Poops: Lampshaded on "iPsycho". As Freddie is going over their overly planned itinerary with Carly, she asks when they should go to the bathroom.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Some episodes feature parodies of celebrities.
    • "iCook" has Ricky Flame (Bobby Flay).
    • "iFix a Popstar" has Ginger Fox (Britney Spears).
  • No Ending.
    • One being the end of "iBelieve In Bigfoot" where the gang and some other guys are left stranded when their RV gets stolen.
    • The end of "iThink They Kissed". The trio have been tied up by escaped convicts, and Carly ends up asking if they liked the kiss. Freddie and Sam look at each other for a bit, then Spencer busts in with his Banjo, plays a few chords and the show ends.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Freddie, every time he does a good deed, expect it to bite him on the ass later. In "iSam's Mom", he catches an elusive criminal on video when no one else could. He's rewarded with nothing but a coupon (buy a dozen smoothies, get 10% off on your 13th), which expired the very next day. Then on national television, T-Bo and a female schoolmate reveal his full name and address while the crook is still on the loose.
    • This is is what results in the plots of iPsycho and iStill Psycho.
      • In iPsycho the iCarly trio attend a party for Nora Dershlit, a fan of theirs who has no friends and whose neglectful parents left her alone on her own birthday. They even do a webcast encouraging Nora's school mates to come to her party. Their reward for this kindness is being held hostage by Nora. Fortunately, they are able to escape
      • In iStill Psycho, the iCarly trio are called to Nora's probabtion hearing. Carly is at first perfectly willing to let Nora rot in juvie but after seeing both Nora and her parents in tears decides to argue in favor of letting Nora out on parole. Against their better judgement, they also join Nora and her mother for dinner. This turns out to be a trap and they are once again at Nora's mercy only this time, her parents turn out to be just as twisted as Nora is and are in on the plot.
  • No Guy Wants an Amazon:
    • In "iBeat The Heat" Freddie is bothered when his online girlfriend, Gibby's cousin Sabrina turns out to be much taller than him.
    • In "iMake Sam Girly", Sam becomes convinced of this, and it's what convinces her to get her Girliness Upgrade, but it ends up being subverted with Pete, who likes her better as a tough girl. For some reason he's never shown again.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Gibby versus Nora. It's a battle of Bloodless Carnage, where both of them took quite a lot of punishment and all Gibby got was a cut in the lip.
  • No Indoor Voice: Most of the characters (save for Freddie and Principal Franklin) can get pretty shouty at times.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • In "iMust Have Locker 239", the first bunny Carly drew is never shown.
      Carly: It's better than the first bunny I drew.
      Freddie: That is not possible.
      Sam: Ohhh, it's possible...
    • In "iReunite With Missy":
      Carly: That's Kevin. If he asks if you want to see his onion ring, just say no.
      Missy: Why?
      Carly: Just say NO!
    • In "iSpy a Mean Teacher":
      Freddie: I assure you, twenty years from now, I'll be Carly's second husband.
      Carly: What happened to my first husband?
    • In "iQuit iCarly":
      Freddie (to Spencer): "I'm not giving you a spongebath while you watch television! Not after the last time."
    • In "iBelieve in Bigfoot":
      Spencer: "I met a freaky rabbi in Vegas once..."
    • In "iHire an Idiot":
      Spencer: I can't go back to law school! That was the worst 72 hours of my life!
      Freddy: Even worse than that time those bikers took you to —
      Spencer: *Loud obnoxious interrupting noise*
    • In "iPsycho":
      Spencer: I remember when they said I couldn't go to camp anymore.
      Gibby: Why, because you were too old?
      Spencer: No.
    • The constant references to something involving a goat on Carly's 15th Birthday the year before that made it her "worst birthday ever" in iGot a Hot Room. and how T-Bo's sister fell off the ladder.
    • Sam's life is full of these. Example; her grandfather died fighting a bull but no explanation is ever given as to why he was fighting one in the first place or how he died in the fight.
    • From "iPsycho": The clown had an aneurysm, nobody showed up, even her parents ditched her to go to Wyoming- and Nora's still had even worse birthdays.
    • What did Gibby do in the bathroom in "iSam's Mom" that had that Asian guy run away in terror and get a policeman?
    • "iOMG": What did Sam draw on Gibby's forehead and then upload?
  • No Periods, Period:
    • Spencer had to go a drugstore once to buy some "supplies" for Carly. They promise never to speak of it again.
    • During Carly's freakout in "iMeet Sam's Mom", Pam Puckett asks Carly if she has "girl cramps".
  • No Respect Guy: Freddie.
  • No Sense of Personal Space:
    • A Running Gag where Carly always tells off Freddie to step back when he's too close, but is reversed when it's Carly who grabs on Freddie for a Security Cling.
    • Carly and Sam are a standout example of this, fueling most of the show's Les Yay.
    • Paul, that guy from Pini's in "iDate Sam and Freddie" who keeps trying to tell Carly weird things about himself.
  • Not Helping Your Case: This bit:
    Carly: When did you become so uncool?!
    Spencer: Uhh, when did you become a little baby who yells at me when I don't give her what I want?
  • "Not Wearing Pants" Dream:
    • Gibby interrupts Sam's dream in "iDream Of Dance" in this manner.
    • Spencer is also prone to this.
  • Not What It Looks Like: In "iEnrage Gibby", Freddie and Tasha have a private talk together in the studio, and Tasha trips and falls on him. Then Gibby enters, and it appears as if the two are making out, infuriating him enough to fight Freddie.

  • Obsessive Hobby Episode:
    • In "iStage an Intervention", Spencer becomes obsessed with an old video game called "Pak Rat". He spends all his time playing the game refusing to even go to the bathroom or do the work he's being paid for. He refuses to stop playing until the kids convince Sasha Striker, who's known as the "Pak Rat" world champion, to challenge him. At the end, Carly plays the game and becomes just as obsessed as her brother.
    • In "iFence", Spencer teaches Freddie how to fence and then they can't stop fencing even when they're blocking people in the living room or annoying their friends, because Freddie is naturally talented and they want to beat Spencer's rivals. Apparently, this is genetic and Freddie's grandfather used to be a talented fencer before he became obsessed, leading to his downfall.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: In "iHire An Idiot", Ashley, the hot intern Freddie picked. She seems to be as dumb as Cort but in the end is revealed to be a very intelligent college student. She only pretended to be stupid as part of Freddie's plan to get Carly and Sam to fire Cort.
  • Oblivious Guilt Slinging: In "iPromise Not to Tell", Spencer rebuilds his giant A sculpture for Carly, thinking that she got straight As for the semester. He's completely unaware that Freddie hacked into the school's computer to change her lone B (and two of his grades as well) and they both feel bad about it.
  • Object Ceiling Cling:
    • Carly does this to a worm in "iGo Nuclear". It falls on Spencer's head a bit later.
    • Spencer does this to a tray of cucumber cups prepared by Mrs. Benson.
  • Oddly Named Sequel 2: Electric Boogaloo: The second bloopers episode is entitled "iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo".
  • Oh, Crap!: In "iOMG": The look on Freddie's face when his mood-detecting app states that Sam is in love. Later the look on Carly's face when she witnesses Sam and Freddie kissing.
  • Older Than They Look:
    • Gibby is in the same age as his classmates, but in real life, Noah Munck is actually 3 years younger than Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress.
    • Spencer is supposed to be in his mid to late 20's. Jerry Trainor is 33 (Spencer acts about 9, so maybe it averages..)
  • Old Media Are Evil: "iCarly Saves TV".
  • Old Media Playing Catch-Up: It's a basic-cable Sitcom / Kid Com about kids who do a webshow. Every character seems to have the latest digital gadgetry.
  • Old Shame: In-universe, fencing is this for Mrs. Benson, which also served as her Chekhov's Skill.
  • Once per Episode: The webshow. Only "iBeat The Heat" and "iLove You" didn't include it.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: In "iEnrage Gibby", when Carly is talking to Mr. Klemish, she thinks they're talking about a bad review of Spencer's sculptures, while Mr. Klemish thinks they're talking about Spencer's death.
  • One-Hour Work Week: Spencer. He spent more than a week playing a video game instead of building a commissioned sculpture work, including finding and beating the now hot girl who had the world record 10+ years ago, worked during the night before it was to be completed, and received a huge wad of money for it at 9am.
  • One of the Girls: Played With in regards to Freddie; He is part of the Two Girls and a Guy trio, but in at least one episode he did lament the fact that he did not have any male friends to hang with. As the series went on, it did appear that he gain other male friends as part of nerdy clubs away from Carly and Sam.
  • One Steve Limit:
    • Two characters named Tasha have appeared on the show. The first in the season 1 episode "iNevel", and a recurring love interest for Gibby in Season 3, in the episode "iSpeed Date".
    • Chuck. One is a delivery man "without a personality", while the other is a devious recurring pre-teen character.
    • Brad. One is the big-shot producer from TVS ("iCarly Saves TV") and the other brings the fudge ("iHire an Idiot", "iOMG").
    • Carly's boyfriend's name in "iParty With Victorious" is the same as that of her father's: Steven.
    • Two characters named Fred. One's the tech producer Freddie. The other's the internet sensation Fred.
    • Two girls are named Melanie: Sam's sister and an unseen student, Melanie Katz.
    • The name "Stephanie" is used for Jake Krandle's girlfriend and the baby of Mrs. Benson's cousin who likes anyone but Freddie.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Freddie, again, complete with volunteering for aLiz Lemon Job (almost exactly Liz Lemon's actual job, for that matter.)
    • Carly early on, but they seemed to move away from this so she could do more physical humor.
    • Courtney, the daughter of Freddie's mom's therapist in "iBalls". When the 3D webcast caused the viewers to have problems with their vision, the webcast cured hers — she was suffering from "bilateral optic stenosis" her whole life and her sight became clear from watching it. Because of this the 3D technology is given to the American Optometric Association.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • If it's Carly or Freddie that starts to suggest breaking and entering, vandalism or general mayhem, and not Sam, then the situation has definitely got out of hand.
    • In "iOMG", Sam's wanting to help Freddie and Brad with a homework assignment, and then going to a movie with them, raised a lot of red flags.
    • Freddie tells Sam that she has been acting very differently ever since Brad showed up in "iOMG".
  • Opposites Attract: Subverted or Inverted Trope with the Seddie arc, depending on how you look at it. The subversion is they are complete opposites that become physically attracted to each other but eventually break up when the actual relationship fails. They can't find any common ground in their interests and actually end up sabotaging them for each other when they try being involved in each other's activities. It ends up being one of the main causes of their breakup. The inversion is Sam wants someone abnormal, like her, and Freddie wants someone more normal, so that while they did have an Opposites Attract vibe, it's not what they need for a relationship.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Freddie ignoring Carly bawling her eyes out whilst she's crying and curled up in a ball at the end of iChristmas. When Carly tells him to leave her alone, he shrugs his shoulders and then blathers on about rehearsing for their next webshow. It's done so that they can reveal they are back in the 'real' world, and Carly can get better, but there's no way on earth Freddie would ever ever leave Carly's side when she's crying like that.
  • Overly Long Gag:
    • The code to unlock the Bensons' door in "iSaved Your Life".
    • Germy's sneezing as he leaves the iCarly studio in "iWill Date Freddie."
  • Overly Narrow Superlative:
  • Overprotective Dad: Spencer generally averts the trope though, trusting Carly to make good decisions about her movements and activities. He does play this trope straight with "iDate a Bad Boy" and "iLook Alike".
  • Overused Running Gag: T-Bo's food-on-a-stick is put up with a couple of times, and now every time it's brought up he is forcefully rejected by the other characters.

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