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  • LEGO and its products get so much of this it's not funny:
    • None of the characters in BIONICLE are "Bionicles". Word of God says it means "biological chronicle", in that it chronicles the biological workings of a Humongous Mecha (which only became clear after the creators explained it), and you can count the times it is used in-story on one hand (generally as a piece of Magi Babble, "the way of the Bionicle" or some such). Unfortunately, even LEGO itself fell into this trap on occasion; for example, the last wave of toys included pieces of gold-colored armor for one character to wear, which the packaging advertised as "Collect the Golden Bionicle!"
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    • Then there's the term "Legos", which under pretty much any circumstance is a Fandom-Enraging Misconception. The name of the company that makes the toys is "The LEGO Group" ("LEGO" being a contraction of the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well"). Their famous children's construction toy products are "LEGO bricks". The only time they themselves use the singular term "LEGO" is when referring to the corporation or its business, so using "Legos" actually implies multiples of the corporation, not their bricks; also, the word sounds very grating. The company does not like this trope, with a strong insistence on its products being correctly namednote . The fandom, for the most part, is in strong agreement.
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    • Those little figurines that come in LEGO sets? They are called "minifigures", or are abbreviated to "minifigs". They are not "Legos", either.
  • It happens similarly with Rasti, an Argentinian construction game similar to LEGO. Initially Rasti referred only to the game, but then the popular use extended the word to the blocks themselves or to any construction made with them, to the point that phrases like constructed like a Rasti or it came down like a Rasti became common.
  • There is no Liv doll actually named Liv. Similarly, none of the Moxie Girlz is named Moxie.


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