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Hypocritical Humor / Radio

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  • Digger, a caller on the Australian football radio show The Coodabeen Champions, had the Catch-Phrase "I never complain about umpires, but...", before immediately launching into a rant about how the umpires had "crucified" his team.
  • In one episode of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, the wildly incomprehensible caricature of sports commentator Eddie Waring is speaking to a German with a mild accent.
    Eddie: Hah-ar, well, 'e's certainly gorra' fonny accent--I'm sure you could understan' what 'e was sayin', and if you can't, well, you'll jus' hafta barra scradley scrive, ya know!
  • In the surrealish sitcom At Home With The Hardys, Kit and Jeremy are having an argument.
    Kit: Oh my god—you are such a hypochondriac!
    Jeremy: I am not a hypochondriac, and stop shouting at me, you're making me ill!
  • Sandi Toksvig making jokes about Andy Hamilton's height on The News Quiz.
  • A recurring bit on Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, for instance:
    Jeremy: But nothing alienates the young more than attempts by their elders to understand them. Isn't that right, kids?
  • In The Men from the Ministry General Assistance Department along with Mr. Crawley are planning on giving a petition about the poor quality of Ministry's bathrooms, and Mr. Crawley says that they have to stand up to Sir Gregory. After talking with him about it:
    Mr. Crawley: I said we just have to stand up to him.
    Lennox-Brown: You can come out from under the desk now.
  • Jim Backus' recorded comedy skit Dirty Old Man is about a happy-go-lucky squire who makes obscene phone calls to women he randomly picks from a phone book (actually, he has his servant Gwendolyn do the dialing). He turns the last names of the women he calls (Melanie Tate, Peggy Percy) into a bleeped-out play on words. When he gets to Peggy and starts his vulgar spiel, Peggy is more than ready for him:
    Squire: Now don't run off, my dear. How would you like it if I came over and—
    Peggy: Oh, I'd love it! I'd just simply love it! But hurry while I'm still in the mood. I'm not a light switch, you know. (Squire quicky hangs up)
    Gwendolyn: Something wrong, sir?
    Squire: What the (sound effects) is the world coming to? She was a pervert!!