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  • In the Yuri one-shot Affinitive Vision, a teacher confiscates some lesbian AV tapes that two girls brought into school. When the girls go plead for the teacher to return the tapes, they find out that she... got a little bit too curious. Hilarity and Coitus Ensues.
  • One of the early Anpanman edutainment OVAs involves Tendonman getting upset because his friends are taking an afternoon nap, and won't play with him when he wants to. He sees the naps as a worthless waste of time. After failing to wake them up, he's forced to wait for them to wake up, getting bored fairly quickly. Finally, when they wake up, and he's ready to play... he ends up falling asleep mid-game, his energy completely drained from waiting, and now his friends end up playing without him.
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  • Tomo in Azumanga Daioh will always make a huge deal out of it any time someone makes a mistake or gets an answer wrong, taunting them to no end. However she herself is so stupid and ignorant that everyone else has long given up trying to convince her that she had ever been wrong about anything. In one Christmas episode, she never shuts up about ridiculing the facts that some of her friends believe that reindeer exist.
  • Absolute Boyfriend has Riiko think how uncreative the Kronos Heaven company is, when they register Night at her school with the surname Tenjou; Ten written with the kanji for heaven. This from Riiko, who came up with Night's name because he's part of the nightly series of androids.
  • In Bakuman。, when Mashiro's having trouble getting serialized, he accepts an offer to become an assistant to Eiji Nizuma, in hopes of learning what he can. Fukuda, hearing about Mashiro's intentions, tells Mashiro that Eiji doesn't intend to teach his assistants anything, whereupon Mashiro replies that he doesn't intend to have Eiji do that, but will just watch and learn what he can. Fukuda then grouses about how young people are rude, at which point Nakai, the oldest of the four and someone Fukuda had regularly insulted, thinks "You're still young yourself and you're the rudest guy here, scumbag."
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  • Yami from Black Clover is prone to this. He reprimands his team for destroying large sections of their base, while smashing the wall behind him in annoyance.
  • Benny in Black Lagoon.
    "It's dangerous to [answer the phone] while driving, so let's do it at the hotel."
    Benny, while driving and having sex.
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi deliberately invokes this in Chapter 303 (Episode 198) of Bleach by calling Ishida a fiend (or reprobate, or heathen, or whatever the translation is) after revealing that he had been violating his privacy for quite some time.
    • Earlier than that, in Chapter 229 (Episode 138), Yumichika and Rangiku complain about their respective Zanpakutō's personalities being infuriating. Yumichika hates that Fuji Kujaku is a narcissist (and Rangiku lampshades it by pointing out that they're the same), and Rangiku hates that Haineko is "selfish, moody, lazy, and stupid" (and Yumichika lampshades it).
    • In Chapter 612, Omaeda LOUDLY orders everyone to be quiet and not disturb his little sister's sleep. Soifon kicks him below the belt and tells him he's the only one being loud.
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  • In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Mr. Bo-Jiggler (a fusion of Bo-BoBo and Jelly Jiggler) spends his entire fight talking about the importance of peace and how he hates fighting, all the while brutally beating up his enemies.
  • Chrono Crusade has a scene in which Father Remington makes a comment that members of the mob should "behave themselves"—while looking over his shoulder to flirt with some smitten teenage nuns. Sister Kate immediately calls him out on it by saying "You should, too!"
  • City Hunter:
    • Every time Ryo criticizes someone else of acting perverted or immature, it falls into this trope, as he's a Handsome Lech Manchild himself.
    • Police superintendent-general Nogami insists on having Saeko address him as "inspector general" instead of "dad" in the police office because he insists on keeping work and personal issues separate, but he spends more time at work talking to Saeko about getting her a fiancee/husband than anything that's remotely "work-related".
  • From Code Geass:
    Rivalz: I've had it with your emo routine!
    Suzaku: Wha- emo?
  • Most of the scenes involving Fujimoto in Cromartie High School involve this, with his actions and personality as a gang leader in real life being a complete 180 from his internet persona. Exemplified in one scene where he chastises his gang for getting worked up by rival gang members loitering around their coffee shop to get a rise out of them, only to go home and get worked up himself by an internet troll.
  • Commonly used in Daily Lives of High School Boys.
    • The intro to Episode 1 showed a Late for School scene for the main trio—Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Hidenori. Tadakuni was eating toast per this trope's tradition, and then he saw Yoshitake eating curry, and then Hidenori opined Yoshitake should have eaten toast—despite eating noodles himself.
      • The anime's Bookends segment doubles this up, by having Yoshitake and Hidenori taking Brazilian barbecue and fondue respectively, while keeping Hidenori's line.
    • In High School Boys and The Power of Friendship, Hidenori denied stealing Mei's lingerie while wearing her bra.
    • In High School Boys and Culture Festival (3), Ikushima put on the air about boys liking to put on the air. Her Distaff Counterpart Yoshitake is smart enough to keep himself slient.
    • In High School Boys and Assertiveness, the Literature Girl commented it's shameless for a girl to flirt a guy in the open. Takahiro reminded that by the time everybody knew she chased down Hidenori (who studies in another school) to the next town, in High School Boys and Run.
  • Death Note:
    • There's a scene where Light's sister, Sayu, catches him reading a dirty magazine (it's a long story...) and Sayu says, "Hey, isn't that a dirty book?" Then, she picks it up and begins reading it, while smiling.
    • And:
      L: I hate it when people's cellphones go off when I'm talking. I find it very distracting... (ring) Excuse me, I have to get this.
  • In Chapter 36 of The Demon Girl Next Door, Yuko's mother Seiko reflects that ten years ago, Yuko told her the latter spoke with a cat that entered her room. Shirosawa wonders if that was All Just a Dream, saying it's impossible to have a Talking Animal around. Shirosawa is a talking tapir.
  • In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, this is another source of the comedy attempts on Zenitsu’s behalf, which gets explored more once his Cowardly Lion antics start to take a back seat; Zenitsu freaks out when other people do, or he mistakes them as doing it, exactly what he himself would like to do, as in Zenitsu throws himself on a random girl imploring she marries him, when he is on demon slaying duty, but loses his mind when he mistakes Tanjiro and Nezuko as a pair of lovers instead of siblings, babbling about the serious duty that is demon slaying, so fooling around in love is taking their duty lightly; he repeats this episode at the beginning of the Red Light District arc, mistaking the recon and rescue mission as Uzui wanting to score himself a woman to have as his wife.
  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!: Olba condemns Emi for working with Maou, questioning her sanity. This is despite the fact that not only is he working with Lucifer, a Fallen Angel and The Starscream to Maou, but is actively using him to terrorize the population. Everyone (including Lucifer) immediately calls him on that one.
  • In the dub of Digimon Adventure, Gatomon complains about one of her henchmen: "What's that big-eared freak trying to do?". This coming from the cat Digimon with the huge ears, though to be fair she was talking about the appropriately named Mammothmon.
  • In the third Dirty Pair OVA after Yuri and Kei take off their dresses to reveal their Stripperific uniforms, the members of the religious cult say that they're naked and call them "shameless adulterous whores", the duo are confused by this and Yuri comments "it's almost like we're wearing something indecent".
  • Dragon Ball Super has an odd example, when Future Trunks arrives in the past to inform the others about the appearance of an enemy who resembles Goku, who Trunks refers to as Goku Black. Bulma finds the name ridiculous and asks why Trunks couldn't be more creative with the name, only to learn by Trunks that her future self was the one who made the name.
  • Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai:
    • When Dai, Pop, and Maam encounter a group of people who were impersonating them for free stuff early on in the main story and try to set them straight, Pop considers them pathetic for only fighting weaklings, only for Maam to point out that Pop isn't so different himself.
      Pop: How pathetic. How can you call yourselves heroes when you only fight weaklings?
    • When Chu meets Dai and Pop for the first time, he remarks that Dai is rather short, despite Chu himself being one head shorter than Dai.
    • After Noah suffers a humiliating defeat from the Shinei Kidan and is in a depressive funk about it, Maam twists his wrist to get him to stand up before giving him a harsh speech to snap him out of his depressive mood. Leona, having witnessed the scenario with Dai, shares her reaction with Dai, who believes that Leona herself isn't so different from Maam.
      Leona: (whisper to Dai) It's gonna be pretty rough for whoever she marries...
      Dai: (thinking to himself) Leona should speak for herself first...
    • After the human forces on the ground manage to fight off the demon army led by Zaboera, Flora and Crocodine wonder who should go into Vearn Palace as reinforcements and retrieve the wounded. Cue Chu making the announcement that he'd be the one to select those he considers qualified members for reinforcement along with himself, claiming that "those who are wounded and those with insufficient abilities would only add to the casualty list". One of the human fighters, who happens to the very same one who defeated Chu earlier in the martial arts tournament, reacts by commenting in whisper: "Isn't he the one with the most insufficient abilities...?" note 
  • Cisqua from Elemental Gelade helps bring down a gladiator ring / betting parlor, and also helps free a large amount of enslaved Edel Raids, and gets a huge sum of money as a reward. She yells at Coud for throwing his last match, thus proving that she was exploiting Edel Raids for personal gain, a big no-no in Arc Aile. With the dispatcher right behind her. He confiscates the reward money.
  • Lullaby calling Natsu a Monster. It's become a Running Gag in Fairy Tail.
    • Gray telling Natsu to put a shirt on or Lyon telling Gray to put a shirt on despite not wearing one.
      Lyon: Gray, do something about that stripping fetish.
      Gray: I don't wanna hear that from you!
  • One of the extra panels for Fullmetal Alchemist features Hiromu Arakawa's cow avatar telling the reader to not spend all their time reading manga. Edward Elric punches her because he "doesn't wanna hear that from someone who draws manga for a living".
    • One sequence features Ed and Pinako coming up with elaborate ways to call each other short, in what can only be described as throwing entire mountains of rocks at each other from within a glass house.
    • When Al first meets Barry the Chopper, Barry is at first upset that Al has never heard of him, then says Al should at least be surprised to encounter Animated Armour...before freaking out when Al shows Barry why he isn't surprised.
      Barry: Shouldn't you be going "AAAAAAH!" or "What happened to your body?!" or something!
      Al: (silently removes his head)
  • In Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Sousuke runs out of bullets during an arcade light gun game and reacts instinctively by pulling his very real gun on the game and blasting it to pieces. When Kyoko tells him he's supposed to reload by aiming the light gun outside of the screen and pull the trigger, Sousuke responds this would be "horribly unsafe".
  • Gintama:
    • In the first episode of the third season, after accidentally causing a Time Stands Still situation, Gintoki and Shinpachi decide to use it fondle Otsu's breasts. Kagura calls them out for abusing the situation, and then orders them to rob a now-unguarded bank.
    • In the Dekobokko arc, after the entire population of Kabuki district undergoes a Gender Bender, the Dekobokko say that the only way to go back to normal is if the population begins acting like their new genders. Gintoki says "Who in their right mind would believe that crap?", before acting like a stereotypical high school girl, with a high pitched voice and a flirty attitude.
    • Sarutobi often dislikes being compared to Kondo, despite being just as big a Stalker with a Crush.
  • In Goldfish Warning! episode 9, Wapiko protests the school dresscode of mandatory school uniform while wearing a school uniform. She's one of the few students who was already coming to school in uniform every day.
  • In Gundam Build Divers, The Heel–Face Turn Ayame and her RX-Zeromaru captures a Mass-Diver using a Mass-Produced Qubeley Mk-II, then proceeds to use her suit's NT-D Mode to capture the funnels he launched to attack her from behind. Despite being the guy using an illegal modification to make his suit invincible, he accuses Ayame of cheating.
  • In Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, Captain Zeon scolds a bunch of griefers to "keep the Antarctic treaty in their hearts" (a metaphor for sticking to the rules of fair play). The original treaty forbade nuclear weapons, abuse of prisoners of war, and the use of Colony Drops. He does this while punishing them by using his Limit Break on them... dropping the Axis colony from the end of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Fortunately the setting of GBN is a video game, but still.
  • While watching a news report on a rogue Anaconda, Hayate the Combat Butler's Nagi Sanzenin remarks, "I don't know why people keep such large and dangerous animals as pets"... while petting her large and dangerous pet tiger.
  • America in the Hetalia: Axis Powers 2011 Bloodbath:
    "Can't you guys be less noisy at other peoples' houses?"
    • Germany in the dub: "Stereotypes are for brainless dummkopfs." Considering that the entire show is built on mocking stereotypes...
    • An instance in the first episode dub:
      Switzerland: (to Japan) Man up, or I'll beat you with my Peace Prize!
    • England constantly ridicules America's belief in aliens, despite the fact that he not only lives in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink, but is the same guy who is good friends with and regularly talks to fairies, unicorns, and other magical creatures.
  • Hidamari Sketch: Often happens on Hiro, who likes to eat but has a serious case of Weight Woe.
    • Once in the anime she mentioned she serves jellies used as meal substitutes with sweetened condensed milk.
    • In the first episode in Sotsugyou-hen, she complained to her underclassmen about gaining 3kg during her college entrance exams as her underclassmen all made her tonkatsu for lunch. Then Sae enters with cake... No guess what happens.
    • Also in the first episode of Sotsugyou-hen, the tenents serve two pizzas to celebrate for Hiro getting into her first-choice college. Hiro said she doesn't have much appetite because she's still nervous... Then proceeded to stuff her face with two pieces of pizza.
  • In the Beach Episode of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Rei, when Mion, Rika, Rena, and Satoko see Takano in a bikini, one comments that her breasts were huge. Mion then says that there should be a law against women with large breasts. This coming from the girl who often does a Marshmallow Hell on Keichi.
  • Chapters 49 and 50 of How to Treat a Lady Knight Right have Leo's duel against the demoness Irmgard interrupted by an adventurer showing up to confess his love to the demoness, causing her to fly away in embarrassment. Houli criticizes the adventurer for just confessing out of the blue like that without any consideration for the situation. Leo immediately thinks back to the events of the first chapter where Houli made exactly such a confession to her and is astounded at Houli's obliviousness to his own hypocrisy.
  • Ritsuko in the anime version of THE iDOLM@STER tell the girls to fight off the heat with their minds, while she is with both feet inside a bucket full of water.
  • Is the Order a Rabbit?:
    • When Cocoa first meets Rize, the latter points a gun at her. She then thinks Cocoa isn't really a high school student and is up to no good. Cocoa, for her part, wonders who's really the more dangerous threat at the moment.
    • Cocoa comments that Rize and Chino both have cool talents, and wishes she had something like that. She then looks at Chino's homework, and tells her the answers. Rize then asks her a rather difficult math question, and she answers it instantly. Then Cocoa goes back to lamenting about not having any talents whatsoever.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • From Stardust Crusaders: Despite Jotaro criticizing Joseph that only he would know the answers to his obscure trivia/security questions -Bo Derek and Weird Al Yankovic in that order if you're wondering- the fact is Jotaro himself had to ultimately know the answer to those questions, in order to tell if the answers were correct.
    • From Golden Wind: When forced by Talking Head to make Abbacchio look at him using the toilet, Abbacchio complains.. yet had pissed in his "tea" earlier in the part.
  • In episode 6 of Gourmet Girl Graffiti, Shiina enters Ryou's apartment just to find Ryou having a stomachache from the indigestion because the latter ate eel rice, ice cream, and red bean and rice cake soup in the same meal. After complaining Ryou of having such weird food combinations, Shiina asked Kirin if there are extra helpings of the red bean and rice cake soup.
  • From Lucky Star, Kagami teases Konata and Tsukasa for doing something so cliche and childish as talking into a fan (to hear their voices distorted.) Their dad, working nearby, informs everyone that Kagami is no exception.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • From Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Vita chastises Nanoha for bringing a weapon while trying to negotiate, after she beat the crap out of Nanoha in their first encounter.
      Vita: You know, we have a saying in Belka. "If you're an emissary of peace, don't carry a spear." Even though you say you want to talk, you come armed, idiot!
      Nanoha: ...The girl who came at me fighting without even a warning is saying that to me?!
      Zafira: And that's not a saying. It's the punch line to a joke.
      Vita: Shut up! Who cares about those minor details!
    • While training with Fuka in ViVid Strike!, Miura tells her that it's important for children to not lift anything too heavy. As she's saying this, she's lifting at least twice as much as Fuka is.
    • The On the Next ______ segment in episode 4 of ViVid Strike! has Nove commenting how everyone has a dark past and then begins teasing Einhart over all the stuff she got up to at the beginning of Nanoha ViVid. Bear in mind that Nove herself is an ex-terrorist.
  • In Macross Frontier, Ranka Lee enters the Miss Macross competition and suffers a case of A-Cup Angst as several other contestants bully their way past her with copious amounts of Gainaxing. Ranka's best friend Nanase tries to reassure her by telling her that size doesn't matter and cue Nanase's own Gainaxing because she's the most well-endowed woman on the entire show. More so than those contestants even.
  • Munakata Kei of Medaka Box has an unfortunate compulsion to kill anything at the slightest provocation with something akin to Tranquil Fury. In his introduction he claims he would never kill without a reason and gets offended when someone accuses him as such. He then goes into a list of reasons he would want to kill someone with one of the reasons being no reason at all.But it turns out that he doesn't want to kill anyone, despite his impulses and skills at killing. He makes himself sound threatening to scare people away so that he won't kill them.
    • At one point, Medaka herself claims that she doesn't like people who think everything should go their way. This is coming from the girl whose efforts are always rewarded and is blessed with an abnormal good luck streak. Zenkichi immediately yells out that she is the one person in all of existence who doesn't get to say that.
    • When Zenkichi declares "war" on Medaka (long story) and is about to go train or something, Medaka leaps at him excitedly and states her intention to not just sit and wait while her "enemy" gets stronger. Kumagawa remarks with offense at such a tactic being employed... despite having done the exact same thing in the previous arc. Though, it's Kumagawa, so he might very well have been intentionally hypocritical.
  • Late in Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Chibodee pulls out the whiskey he was storing in his Gundam in order to celebrate when he won the Gundam Fight. George immediately chews him out for how irresponsible it is to keep alcohol in your Gundam, giving him the pointer finger... with a bottle of champagne in hand. Chibodee points this out, and the two share a laugh and have a final drink before going to fight the Grand Gundam.
  • From Monster Musume we have Zombina expressing distaste over modern zombie movies featuring quick, active zombies... despite being one herself.
    • Then there's Miia, Mero, and Rachnera, being surprised that dullahans are real and having thought they were made up. Despite being a lamia, mermaid, and spider woman respectively. Lampshaded by Kimihito.
  • In My Best Friend Who I Love Fell Completely in Love With My Vtuber Self, Sukoya, who's in love with the Vtuber "Taiga Doujima," remarks that as much as she likes Taiga, she wishes she'd get enough sleep and take care of her body, with several arrows pointing out that Sukoya has bags under her eyes, messy hair and rough skin, obviously from not getting enough sleep.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Momo Yaoyorozu chides her classmates for relying on Bakugo and Todoroki's Quirks to start a fire at the training camp, saying it's their opportunity to learn new skills. She then uses her own Quirk to create a gasoline lighter.
    • Neito Monoma from class 1-B mocks the five members of class 1-A who failed the exam and have to undergo remedial classes. The only reason he finds out about this is because he also failed the exam and also has to undergo remedial classes.
    • Gentle Criminal professes to dislike violence, so when Midoriya attacks him to stop him from breaking into U.A., Gentle sets up an elastic air barrier... that sends Midoriya flying several yards backwards. Lampshaded when La Brava, Gentle's sidekick, says, "Um, that was ridiculously violent, Gentle."
  • In the Cooking Duel of My-HiME, Nao mocks Natsuki for being stupid because she is unable to properly break an egg, when she hasn't had any more success.
  • In My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, Katarina is supposed to be the evil rival while Maria is supposed to be the Dude Magnet protagonist, but they became friends instead and Maria fell in love with her. When Katarina asks Maria about her love life she gets confused and says that she has no such thing. Katarina chalks this up to dense harem protagonist syndrome, completely unaware that Katarina herself is the dense harem lead after destroying the script of the story she's in. Maria knows what she's talking about because the boys that are supposed to love hernote  are instead after Katarina.
  • Naruto:
    • In chapter 347, Konohamaru performs a variation of the Sexy Jutsu with two naked girls holding each other suggestively. Sakura punches Konohamaru for being a pervert and after Naruto tries to explain that it would serve as a distraction, she says "You're the only idiots who'd fall for a jutsu like that!". Konohamaru then decides to try the same jutsu again, but this time with shadow clones of Sai and Sasuke. Guess Sakura's reaction.
    • In general, despite being a bit of a Covert Pervert himself, Naruto usually gets annoyed at most people (especially Jiraiya) for showing any pervy traits. Kind of justified in Jiraiya's case, since he usually takes the time to conduct "feminine research" when his attention should be on his student.
    • There is another incident soon after Sai joins Team 7. When he insults Naruto, Naruto picks up a fight with him. Sakura lectures Naruto about the importance of teamwork and asks him to ignore Sai's comments. A moment later, Sai insults Sakura. Guess what follows.
    • Another one is when Suigetsu comments that he's the only normal member of Taka- right before going on a rant about how he's compelled to cut things apart.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! does this as a Running Gag. Nyarko, a Lovable Sex Maniac, is forever glomming onto Mahiro and trying to convince him to have sex; he invariably responds with shouting or Dope Slaps. Then we meet Cuuko, who is forever glomming onto Nyarko and trying to get her to find somewhere quiet so they can "have (their) love take form". Nyarko's responses are almost always exactly the same thing Mahiro said/did in response to her not a minute earlier, which he will gladly lampshade.
    • Cuuko gets it turned right back on herself later on in the story, when her overly clingy and obsessive cousin Cuune comes to Earth and proceeds to do to her exactly the same things she tries to do to Nyarko.
    • For a more specific example, in episode 9 of the second TV series, Nyarko tries on some glasses to try and charm Mahiro with the Meganekko look (it doesn't work). Then Cuuko tries on a pair and gets Nyarko's attention, only for her to respond with a rather stern "Quit playing with the merchandise, that's store property." Cuuko sniffles and even says "Double Standard" in Gratuitous English.
  • One Piece:
    • In an early episode, Buggy the Clown shows that his Devil Fruit power makes him a "Splitting Man". Luffy says that Buggy is a freaknote ... and then an arrow points to him that says "Rubber Man".
    • Luffy does this quite often due to his naïveté/obtuseness - One such example is where Kidd and Law demonstrated their magnetic and space-warping powers, respectively, while Luffy showed off Gear Third, and a post-Gear Third shrunken Luffy remarked that the other two have weird powers.
    • Also, when Garp reprimands Luffy for falling asleep during a lecture—right after falling asleep during his own lecture.
    • Zoro has done this several times with the running gag of commenting how his crewmates have gotten lost when he himself has the worst sense of direction.
      • This is parodied/lampshaded during the Enies Lobby arc. The Strawhat members agreed to assemble at a certain point. When Sanji reaches there, he imagines he must be the first, only to see Zoro standing before him, leading to this conversation.
        Zoro: You are late. Did you get lost?
        Sanji: Oh ho ho, I don't want to hear that from you.
    • During the CP9 saga, right after the Straw Hats break into the Tower of Justice (literally) and then emerge triumphantly from the rubble, Franky calls them weird. This coming from the fire-breathing, nail-spitting, cola-powered cyborg whose usual attire is an aloha shirt and speedo, and that's saying nothing about his dancing.
      • Kalifa spends the CP9 saga complaining about sexual harassment from the most miniscule things, from saying her name to existing. Then she gets Devil Fruit powers, and her fight with Nami has her using them on her by outright groping her.
      • Earlier than both of those, we see Chef of Iron Wanze calling fellow Chef Of Iron Sanji weird-looking due to his eyebrows. Sanji angrily retorts that Wanze is in no position to say that. He really isn't.
    • Absalom's Suke Suke no Mi (Clear-Clear Fruit) gives him the power of invisibility, which he uses to peep at and molest a bathing Nami. Sanji's fury at him burns even hotter, however, because Absalom possessing that ability means Sanji can't get that ability to do the same peeping which he had dreamed of since youth! The stupefied zombie priest presiding exclaims "You're one to talk!" at both of them several times as they accuse one another of perversity.
    • On the subject of Thriller Bark, Oars said the Straw Hats were like demons at one point. Considering how absurdly powerful they are, and how ruthless they can be, it wouldn't be all that surprising...if it didn't come from someone who looks like this.
    • Genzo complaining the fact that Nami is in a two piece on her wanted poster, which he says will attract more perverts than bounty hunters, despite the fact he has an enlarged one covering the wall in his house.
    • Admiral Kizaru calling the supernovas "Scary Monsters".
    • In the Punk Hazard arc, we have Monet, The Dragon of the arc, who has a tendency to call people cold. One example is directed at Zoro when he just sits back and lets Tashigi fight her alone. There are two reasons it's hypocritical: Monet is no less apathetic and merciless herself, and more blatantly, she ate the Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow-Snow Fruit).
    • In the Dressrosa arc, one of the Big Bad's top henchmen is Senor Pink (and while it's pronounced the same way, it is Senor, not Señor), who dresses like a baby (bonnet, pacifier and bib, along with swim trunks). The Straw Hat that ends up facing him calls him a pervert. It's hypocritical, of course, because said Straw Hat is the aforementioned Franky.
    • Also in the Dressrosa arc, Giolla and the subordinates are swayed for a few seconds due to the cuteness of one of their prisoners. Giolla snaps out of it first, and knocks out one of the subordinates, telling them not to get distracted.
    • In Film Z, Sanji berates Usopp for joking around (i.e. accidentally offending Robin by saying her being rejuvenated is a good thing since's she's become hotter and cuter). Not two seconds later, he does the same thing in his own way, saying how awesome it is that since Nami was turned into a little girl, he'll be able to see her blossom into "a beautiful butterfly" again, before getting into an argument with Zoro when the latter calls him gross.
  • In Persona 5: The Animation, Ren and Ryuji meet Ohya, a journalist who eventually become one of Ren's Confidants, when Ohya is staking out Madarame's shack. Since Ren and Ryuji are investigating Madarame in order to facilitate their infiltration of his Palace, Ohya quickly realizes that they know more than they're letting on, and comments that they seem "fishy." Ryuji then points out that Ohya's hardly one to talk, at which point she laughs and admits Ryuji has a point.
  • Pokémon: The Series :
    • Misty lambasts Ash regularly for his poor training, despite Togepi and Psyduck being just as poor under her handling, relying on dumb luck with either of them using their abilities effectively. She is equally bad taking her level of criticism back; the first time Ash called her out on this in the latter's case, she threatened him quiet in frustration.
      • She also often talks about how stubborn he is, yet she's kinda stubborn herself.
    • In the Best Wishes arc, Cilan's rival Burgundy makes a comment to the effect of Trip being a Sore Loser because of his ego. This coming from the girl who spends the rest of that tournament in a bitter bad mood because she'd lost. There's also a bit of a duel with this trope between her and Iris's rival Georgia (who also has this as pretty much the basis of her rivalry with Iris).
    • Iris herself can also show this. Whenever Ash messes something up (sometimes by accident) or says something out of place, Iris would often call him a kid...even though SHE'S a kid herself! However, when the show progresses, it's more like a sister teasing her brother than actual taunting. Cilan does lampshade this once:
      Cilan: I'd say Iris is acting a bit like a little kid, too.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a less humorous example happens when Sayaka refuses to work with Homura in a previous timeline, accusing her of being in league with "that Kyouko creep" and trying to cause strife among the group. Madoka then says "Sayaka-chan, what you're saying is causing actual strife." When Sayaka turns into a witch, Kyoko was already in their team, and assuming to her reaction afterwards, both, Sayaka and Kyoko, were friends at that time.
  • In Puni Puni Poemi:
    Poemi: What was that, you afro bastard?
    'Producer': Hey, watch your fucking language!
  • Ramen Fighter Miki: All the core cast is guilty: a character criticizes another character for some fault that is an established part of their own characterization, or just before or after exhibiting that particular fault themselves. There is almost always an immediate lampshading:
    Miki: Joining in the middle of the game, trying to influence the outcome… This Is Unforgivable!.
    Junior baseball players: Didn’t you just do that too?
  • In Sailor Moon, Minako Aino spends a whole episode going out on dates with two men. When it turns out they were two members of the Quirky Miniboss Squad in disguise and they knew it all along but pretended not to so they could capture her, Minako tells them "H-how dare you lie to me?!". They promptly say that she has no right to say that.
  • In Saki, Yuuki looks and acts significantly younger than she actually is. When she sees the similarly Older Than They Look Koromo Amae, she has this to say.
    Yuuki: No matter how you look at it, isn't she just a kid?
    Hisa: Amae is sixteen, one year older than you.
    • In Achiga-Hen, Harue, upon meeting Nodoka, glances at her breasts, and lets slip that she finds their size fascinating. When Kuro comes in minutes later and openly expresses excitement over the size of Nodoka's breasts, Harue bops her on the head and tells her "Enough sexual harassment!", prompting Shizuno and Ako to mentally note that Harue was doing it, too.
  • Early in the manga of Sakura Wars, Sumire comes across Iris and Sakura listening at General Yoneda's door as Ogami, who doesn't yet know about their special mission, yells at him about the need to take action. Sumire says, "Oh, you're eavesdropping. Please ... you two have some of the most distasteful little hobbies. It's quite shocking!" Then she puts her ear to the door and asks the other two, "Who is it?"
  • Silver Spoon: Students trying to sneak out of school consider the teachers "rotten" for installing security cameras like they don't trust the students. It happens in Chapter 30 of the manga.
  • Slayers gives us Prince Phil, a self-proclaimed pacifist...who kicks bad guys' asses with attacks like "Pacifist Crush", "Kindness to All Creatures Kick", and "Good Will Towards Men Smash".
  • Soul Eater: Death the Kid is constantly obsessed with symmetry, while having three white skunk stripes in his hair that only cover the left side of his head. It's a point of angst for him whenever they're brought up.
    • This actually isn't an example of Hypocritical Humor. Kid is obssessed with symmetry, but the stripes in his hair are permanent, and can't be removed. If he could, we would totally get rid of them.
  • From episode 18 of Star Driver. When Takuto finds an old photo album, which contains a picture of Wakko and Keito playing idol, Keito calls Wakko childish for still wanting to be an idol. One Gilligan Cut later, we find Keito singing a peppy little J-pop song, alone, at a karaoke bar. And Takuto just happened to be delivering a drink to the room she's in
  • Steins;Gate's Okabe and Kurisu like taking jabs at each others' dorkier tendencies while forgetting or ignoring the fact that they share a disturbing amount of them. Thus, you end up with a scrawny, socially awkward, nerdy, virgin, tsundere 2channer making fun of another scrawny, socially awkward, nerdy, virgin, tsundere 2channer for being a scrawny, socially awkward, nerdy, virgin, tsundere 2channer.
  • In episode 13a of Tamagotchi, Akaspetchi freaks out when he thinks aliens have abducted on Tamagotchi Planet except for him, Spacytchi, and Pipospetchi. Spacytchi laughs at the idea, saying there is no such thing as aliens. Spacytchi and his brothers are from another planet besides Tamagotchi Planet and planning to take over it.
  • In Tamako Market, Anko demands that others refer to her as "An"... while referring to herself as "Anko" in the same sentence. Her father calls her out on this, while the Talking Bird's compliance with her request actually causes her to freak out.
  • Early on in Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Connor asks Lag, an aspiring Letter Bee, about how his efforts to train a dog to be his "dingo" or Letter Bee partner are going, and Lag says he was unable to get the dog to listen to him. Connor then concludes that happened because Lag was too nice, and says it's important to be strict as well as kind when training one's dingo, like Connor is. As Connor says that, it's revealed that he's carrying his own dog dingo, and Lag thinks, "Strict, huh?"
  • In the second chapter of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Guren Gakuenhen, Yoko goes ballistic on Simon because Nia is in his room "...wearing such exposing clothes..." (a long sleeved shirt). Yoko is wearing her usual attire.
    • This happens in the main series, too. During the Beach Episode, Yoko is complaining about wearing a bikini. Never mind the fact that Yoko wears more with the bikini than with her normal clothes (Bikini top and short shorts).
  • Much of the humor in The Tyrant Falls in Love comes from Souichi loudly proclaiming that he would love nothing more than to see all homosexuals drop dead and definitely isn't one of those homos Morinaga, his gay kohai who's openly smitten with him. The real hypocrisy in all this? Souichi has let Morinaga have sex with him multiple times, despite ample evidence that he could easily leave Morinaga a bloody heap on the ground before getting that far with him. The very fact that Souichi, a violent homophobe, hasn't killed, run away from, or even tried to straighten out Morinaga speaks volumes by itself, and that's before you consider his open declaration that he can tolerate sex only with Morinaga...
  • UQ Holder!: When they're fighting the Lifemaker, Evangeline warns Touta not to fall for their enemy's tricks. Evangeline then falls for said tricks repeatedly, due to the Lifemaker currently possessing Negi (whom Evangeline is in love with) and exploiting this. Touta even lampshades this.
  • Keima in The World God Only Knows does this on occasion. For example, claiming during the Sumire arc that he doesn't care for indiscriminate enthusiasts while surrounded by a mountain of eroges, or during the Yui arc claiming it's troublesome if Yui stands out by not acting like him while buying more eroges when he's supposed to be acting like Yui.
  • Inami of WORKING!! Does Not Like Men because she thinks they're violent and carry dangerous weapons— the same character, who later shows that she's the show's main source of violence comedy, says this while hiding behind Yachiyo, who's been carrying a katana since she was in grade school.
    • The manager Shirafuji also provides an instance of this when she kicks an errant customer harassing Popura in episode 1 while saying "Violence is not permitted in this establishment."
  • At the pool in Yotsuba&!, Fuuka pushes Jumbo in after he makes unflattering remarks about her. When he struggles, she points out to Koiwai that he can't swim. Koiwai replies that there's nothing wrong with it, so Fuuka pushes him in and learns he can't swim either. As she's laughing, Yotsuba pushes her in...
    Koiwai: So. You can't swim, either.
    Fuuka: Right. I'm sorry.

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