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  • Vince McMahon has had a few of these:
    • The 11 June 2007 episode of Raw, which, in a display of just how overblown his ego had become, was dubbed "Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night." Throughout the course of the three-hour special edition, various wrestlers superstars from past and present verbally dismantled the chairman, one after another. At the end of the show, he comes out to address the crowd, while getting unparalleled disgust from the crowd, walks back through the building and catches dirty looks from everyone he passes, only to go out to his limousine...which explodes after he shuts the door. (The explosion was Retconned following the Chris Benoit murder-suicide.)
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    • At WrestleMania 23, our favorite Corrupt Corporate Executive was on the receiving end of this during his interactions with Donald Trump. First, his son was beaten up by referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for having the audacity to pose as a second ref; then, Donald Trump tackled him for trying to interfere; then, his wrestler lost the match; THEN, he was caught on camera trying to crawl out of the building; THEN, he was chased down and tossed back in the ring for Austin to beat him up again; and FINALLY, he was strapped into a barber chair and shaved bald. WWE got their money's worth from The Donald on that one.
    • They actually got even more out of it the next night. When Bobby Lashley and Vince were in the ring. Vince is trying to hide his hair (or lack of) under a hat, and when Bobby yanks the hat off his head, Vince repeatedly tries to hide again, under a towel, J.R.'s cowboy hat, The King's crown, the ring apron, and ring announcer Lilian Garcia's skirt. Each time, Bobby simply yanks them away (yes, even Lilian's skirt, giving us a two-for-one of sorts) exposing McMahon's Chrome Dome over and over again.
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    • The McMahon/Austin feud of 1998 was filled with such moments for Vince. A big example was in May of 1998, a week after McMahon had Dude Love beat up Austin. The next week on RAW, with police officers in the ring to protect him, McMahon bragged of having "assaulted" Austin. Austin then used Vince's own words against him to have the cops arrest McMahon for assault, handcuffing him in the ring. When Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco tried to interfere, Austin had them arrested too. He then kicked the handcuffed McMahon in the groin, poured beer over his head and made the cops stuff Vince into a hot car for the rest of the show. Vince tried to get payback by having Austin face The Undertaker with himself as the special referee. But that backfired as the Undertaker choke-slammed Vince and Austin then beat up the Stooges and Dude Love with a chair.
  • In June 2008, then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge got his own personal conga on Monday Night Raw. After coming to the ring to brag about the recent WWE Draft and his victory at the PPV the night before (which left Raw without a world title), he pulled all the standard Heel tricks to get booed, including having Jim Ross escorted from the building by his personal lackeys. However, when Edge tried to leave, he got jumped by a very pissed-off Batista. Then while he was lying dazed in the ring, newly-drafted-to-Raw CM Punk came down to the ring, cashed in his "Money in the Bank" contract (which allows the holder to challenge a World Champion to a match at any time within a year of winning it), and pinned Edge to win his first WWE Championship. A well-deserved humiliation to a big frickin' Jerkass as well as a great callback to how Edge famously won his first WWE Championship (in 2006, following a victory by John Cena in an Elimination Chamber match, Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and took out Cena to win the title) and his first World Heavyweight Championship (in mid-2007, after both an exhausting cage match and a post-match assault by Mark Henry, The Undertaker got smacked down on SmackDown! when Edge cashed in another Money in the Bank contract). Karma never felt so good.
    • It only got progressively worse for Edge after that — after losing the World Title, he proceeded to Jump Off The Slippery Slope the following Smack Down, beating up everybody and breaking off his engagement with then-fiancée Vickie Guerrero. When they finally get back together and get married, Triple H reveals in the reception that Edge had cheated on her with wedding planner Alicia Fox. Then he loses the title match with Hunter for the WWE Championship. And after he begs for Vickie's forgiveness, she takes pity on him — except not, as after accepting his apology, she revealed that she had reinstated The Undertaker and had placed him in a "Hell in a Cell" match against Edge at the following SummerSlam. At which point Edge loses it completely, goes into complete Sanity Slippage, and has arguably what is the most brutal "Hell in a Cell" match of the post-Ruthless Aggression Era. The match ends with him losing and getting "sent to hell" for three months until that year's Survivor Series.
  • John "Bradshaw" Layfield got an agonizingly prolonged Conga during the fall of 2008 and throughout the winter and part of the spring of 2009. It all started in October when Batista rather handily defeated him to become the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. JBL confessed to the crowd after the match that his heart hadn't really been in the competition because he was still distraught over losing his fortune in the recent stock market crash. He perked up a bit when he realized that he'd be getting bailout money from Congress, but then witnessed his private limousine being stolen by Cryme Tyme and a crew of Divas and taken for a joyride. A few months later, Shawn Michaels, who had also lost some investments in the crash but wasn't getting a bailout, agreed to become JBL's employee in order to support his family. JBL ordered him to help him win the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble, but things didn't go as planned: after the angry and conflicted Michaels kicked both JBL and Cena in the face and then stormed out of the arena, Cena managed to retain the title; JBL was also unsuccessful in a rematch. Furious, JBL threatened to fire Michaels before challenging him to a match at No Way Out that would either see JBL either buy out Michaels' contract to him with a large lump sum or essentially own the copyright to Shawn's name and likeness depending on the result. But JBL lost this match too, and got slapped in the face by Shawn's wife, Rebecca, as an added humiliation. He would then switch his focus and would set his sights on The Undertaker and his infamous win streak. However, HBK would pin Bradshaw yet again to earn the right to challenge the streak. Determined to go to WrestleMania as a champion, JBL did manage to defeat CM Punk and win his Intercontinental Championship; he was then booked to face Rey Mysterio Jr. at WrestleMania XXV as his challenger. JBL would promise the most dominant victory in WrestleMania history, but Mysterio (whom JBL had always viewed with contempt due to his small size and Mexican heritage) totally embarrassed him by pinning him for the title in a mere 30 seconds! This final straw caused JBL to suffer a complete Villainous Breakdown and scream "I QUIT!" before leaving WWE for good.
    • The true humiliation was that he kept thinking he had this destiny for WrestleMania. First it was to defend/take the World Heavyweight Championship there (hence owning Michaels, who would help him do that). Then it was the Undertaker's streak. Then after he won the Intercontinental title it was the aforementioned "most dominant victory/title defense ever". But in the end, his legacy would be the shortest failed Intercontinental title defense in WrestleMania history. This can also count under some subverted variant of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy as well.
  • Drew McIntyre had one of these between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 26. He lost two matches trying to get into the Money in the Bank Ladder match, both of which were wiped clean by Vince McMahon, preserving his undefeated streak. He finally got into the match after defeating a local wrestler, but the next week, he "officially" lost his first match against the Undertaker. Finally, on the last SmackDown! before WrestleMania, he was in a ten-man tag team match and won the match for his team. Afterwards he mimicked what Dolph Ziggler did a week earlier, pulled a ladder out from under the ring and climb it to symbolically unhook the briefcase which hangs over the ring during matches tying into Money in the Bank prior to WrestleMania. Midway through his climb, the nine other men in the match tipped over the ladder, causing him to fall, Matt Hardy and Kane, who beat Drew Mcintyre to get into the match, went on to topple the ladder onto Mcintyre, adding even more insult to injury. However, it looks now like he's in a bit of a Villainous Breakdown now after not winning the match and attacked Matt Hardy the WWE SmackDown! after WrestleMania. It is entirely possible the conga will continue.
    • Oh, it did. At first, everything seemed to be turning around for Drew. He savagely beat up Matt Hardy whenever he got the chance. Teddy Long tried to stop one beating by threatening to first strip him of his title and then suspend him and carrying out both threats when Drew wouldn't let up...but the next week McMahon had overruled both decisions and Drew was back as the Intercontinental Champion. Drew also used his status as McMahon's "Chosen One" to arrange for Long to face him in a match or lose his job. Once Long was in the ring, McIntyre used the threats of both physical violence and termination of his employment (which would mean being unable to financially support his famiily) to make Long get on his knees, declare Drew the "Chosen One", then crawl to the middle of the ring and lie on his back to let Drew pin him after calling him pathetic. But this wouldn't last; after The Nexus hospitalized Vince McMahon, things got bad for Drew and progressed to worse. First, he was forced to defend his title against Kofi Kingston, and lost. Then, he was forced to face a recovered (and pissed) Matt Hardy, and he lost that match too. Immediately following that defeat, Teddy Long appeared on the big screen to inform Drew that his work visa had expired and that he was in the country illegally, before having security physically remove Drew from the premises and take him to be deported over his enraged protests. Drew managed to get his visa issues resolved, but upon his return to the U.S. he still didn't have McMahon to support him. So he publicly kissed up to Teddy, claiming that he realized the way he had treated Teddy had been wrong and to be sorry for it, and telling Teddy he was going to nominate him for the WWE Hall of Fame. Teddy used Drew's desperation to get into the upcoming SmackDown! Money In The Bank match to make him get on his knees and beg for the chance. A visibly galled McIntyre did so and was then told to say that Teddy was "the most handsome, debonair, high-class, sharp-dressed and intelligent" and that it was an honor and a privilege to have Teddy Long as his boss. All of which he did while trying to hold an extremely forced smile. Then he was told that he still wasn't in the MITB match.
  • Prissy Jackie Gayda got a well-deserved one at WrestleMania XX in 2004. She and Stacy Keibler were booked to face Torrie Wilson and Sable in a Playboy Evening Gown Match; unlike more traditional Evening Gown Matches, this one would begin with the participants willingly removing their gowns and wrestling the match under normal rules in their underwear. Sable, Stacy, and Torrie all obligingly removed their high-heeled shoes and gowns, but Miss Jackie played the role of a shameless cock-tease by slowly taking off each of her shoes....and then slipping back through the ring ropes and trying to leave the arena. Sable and Torrie weren't about to let this happen, though: Sable grabbed Miss Jackie and threw her back into the ring, and she and Torrie proceeded to tear off her white gown and matching long gloves to leave her in her lacy white undies. Then Torrie rolled Jackie up in a pin to win the match for her team, continuing to hold Jackie in the pin for several seconds with her butt pointing up into the air. Then Torrie delivered a spank to Jackie's upper thigh, which was bared by her skimpy white panties. And then Torrie grabbed Jackie's panties and yanked them down (or rather up, since Jackie was basically sitting on her head), exposing her butt crack to the entire world. Only then did Torrie release Miss Jackie from the hold, and the poor lovely hastily covered her coin slot and fled the arena sobbing in humiliation. Oh, and did I mention that this all happened in front of a crowd of 20,000 at Madison Square Garden in New York City - the single most famous forum for professional wrestling in all of world history? It just doesn't get more mortifying than that. (And, just to top things off, Miss Jackie was a Face when this all happened and remained a Face even afterward, which does make what happened to her seem rather unfair.)
  • The Big Show got one at that same event - right at the beginning of the show. He was booked to defend his WWE United States Heavyweight Championship against John Cena (who was still partially a Heel at this point). But first Cena came out dressed in hip-hop gear and led the crowd in a derogatory rap appropriately titled "Big Show Sucks." In the end, Cena won the match and the title by punching the giant in the jaw with a pair of brass knuckles while the referee was distracted and performing an awe-inspiring F-U to get the pin.
  • Molly Holly, again at WrestleMania XX. She vowed that she would submit to having her head shaved if she could not beat Victoria for the WWE Women's Championship - and then, when she lost the match, she reneged on her promise and tried to run away. She was caught, tied to a barber's chair, and shaved bald in front of everyone while screaming in terror. There's no question about it: March 14, 2004, was an unforgettable night for many, and for all the wrong reasons.
    • It would only get worse for Molly, as she had to spend the next several months wearing a ridiculous wig with a chin strap on it to hide her bald head (this was WWE's idea - she wanted to just come out bald) and losing several matches due to Hairstyle Malfunction. During the summer of 2004, WWE management changed direction with the Divas, emphasizing looks over talent and Molly was reduced to being a jobber, having to repeatedly put over Faux Action Girl Stacy Keibler, all while Jerry Lawler made jokes about her on commentary for being old and ugly.
  • None other than John Cena himself on the October 4, 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw, where he had to deal with the consequences of having lost a match to Nexus leader Wade Barrett. Not only was Cena forced to become a member of Nexus, he was given a trademark black-and-yellow "N" armband which he was forced to pull onto his arm in the presence of everyone (replacing a trademark "Cenation" purple armband) and compelled to read a statement officially establishing him as a member of Nexus. Then, in a 20-Man Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership to Randy Orton's WWE Championship, Barrett made him eliminate himself from the match, thus making Barrett the winner. And then things got worse in the following episode: since the anonymous Raw General Manager (who apparently is biased in favor of Nexus) informed Cena that if he struck Barrett in anger even once, he would be fired from WWE. The Jerkass Barrett exploited this handicap by taunting Cena mercilessly - and then, when John restrained himself from lashing out, called him a coward in front of the whole world, which only made John want to hit Wade more. If WWE's intention is to turn the Invincible Hero Cena into The Woobie, then they have succeeded spectacularly. This made Cena's own Humiliation Conga of Barrett later on particularly satisfying.
  • Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler at Over The Limit can only be described as this for Michael Cole. Not only did he receive a Curb-Stomp Battle from Lawler, Cole then faces the wrath of WWE Diva Eve Torres representing the entire Diva's Division, who Cole had been verbally assaulting for weeks (Eve in particular), in the form of a Moonsault. Then, it gets worse. Jim Ross then takes his turn, pouring a bottle of his famous barbecue sauce on the prone Cole. Cole then tries to escape and brags that he never really lost and will never kiss Jerry's foot...and it gets EVEN WORSE for him. Bret "The Hitman" Hart cuts off his escape, driving him back to the ring and locking him in the Sharpshooter. As Hart punishes Cole, Jerry takes the opportunity to make Cole kiss his feet (or in a more literal sense, shove his toes into Cole's mouth). Considering Cole's recent behavior to all involved except for Hart (Unless you take account of the bashing of his family, particularly Natalya), this counts as Laser-Guided Karma in it's purest form.
    • Continues next night on RAW when Eve taunts him with her shoe to rub salt in the wound, he gets heavily mocked by the WWE Universe as he comes out to apologize, his overinflated ego having finally been popped like a balloon. Jerry continues to rub more salt in his wounds with memories of the night before. Even when he lets him back to the announce table, Jerry makes it rather clear Cole won't be Easily Forgiven.
    • Continues on SmackDown!'' that Friday. Booker T calls Cole into the ring and once more shows a picture of Cole with Jerry's foot in his mouth. He then proceeds to lead the crowd in a "Kiss My Feet" chant against Cole. Cole was humbled once more.
    • Keeps going when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gives him a Stunner and beer bath. Booker T lampshades the Humiliation Conga on the next SmackDown, pointing out that if Cole would keep his mouth shut, most of this wouldn't have happened.
  • LayCool at the 2010 Royal Rumble. They had been bullying Mickie James for weeks about her weight, calling her "Piggie James" and Layla had even dressed up as Mickie in a fat suit. There was a title match between Mickie and Michelle. Mickie won the match and the title in 20 seconds, then all the face divas came down to the ring with a huge cake and Mickie smashed it all over Michelle and Layla. Layla was even stuck in her fat suit.
  • Heath Slater got a heavy dose of this at Raw's 1000th episode, where he continually challenged WWE Legends to a match... he lost all but one, against Doink the Clown (played here by Steve Lombardi). After that win, Diamond Dallas Page comes out (to massive applause), congratulates him and shakes Slater's hand... and promptly hit the Diamond Cutter on the poor sap.
  • Daniel Bryan at the 7/30/12 edition of Raw. He starts out the night confronting newly appointed Raw General Manager and former fiancee AJ Lee, who promptly calls him out on trying to marry her so that he could legally have her committed. She then puts him in a match with long-time nemesis Sheamus. Bryan loses the match and suffers a rather convenient neck injury in the process, remaining in the ring and loudly demanding to see a doctor. During this time, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (as well as R-Truth's imaginary friend Little Jimmy) come out to laugh at him, prompting Bryan to bring them into the ring, talk to them a bit, and then punt Little Jimmy. AJ then brings out some orderlies to take Bryan to the back for a psychiatric evaluation, where he slowly starts to lose his mind after answering questions (with a loud YES! YES! YES!) and seeing a goat in a Rorschach blot test. Then, at the end of it all, for absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever, when he's allowed to go free after being declared sane, Kane appears out of nowhere, introduces himself as Bryan's "anger management class", and lays him out.
  • Literalized at Pro Wrestling Guerilla (Please Don't Call It) The O.C., May 6, 2006 and crossed with an undisguised Take That!. Bryan Danielson had defeated Kevin Steen in a match where Steen's career with the company was on the line. Steen pleaded to stay with PWG and not to have to go back to Combat Zone Wrestling. Danielson said that his birthday was coming up and that for Steen to be able to stay with PWG, he would have to sing "Happy Birthday to You!" while doing "the booty dance." Steen took the dance over going back to CZW, saying that he didn't know how to do it but he knew someone who did and asked if Chris Sabin was in the building before finding out that Sabin had left (Sabin had lost to Austin Aries earlier that night). Commentator Dino Winwood came into the ring to demonstrate the dance, and Steen sang the song and did the dance. Danielson asked if Steen should be allowed to stay in PWG and the fans said yes.
  • Survivor Series 2014 ended with The Authority being removed from power after their team led by Seth Rollins was defeated almost single-handedly by Dolph Ziggler, who had been The Lancer for Team Cena. The following night on Raw, Steph and Trips were unceremoniously relieved from duty by none other than Daniel Bryan, who was made interim GM for the show (and whose return was met with thunderous YESing). Daniel proceeded to demote Kane from director of operations to a concessions vendor, and set up less-than ideal matches for the other members of Team Authority, particularly Rollins who was put in 3 on 2 handicap against Cena and Ziggler with his partners being chosen by a poll in the WWE app.

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