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  • Trish on Austin & Ally organizes one for Dallas in World Records & Work Wreckers because Ally refuses to fire him from her music store for being a horrible employee who only had the job due to a mixup. Trish hires a Marching band, a group of cheerleaders with a large banner, and a gospel choir to tell him that he's fired. There are even balloons!
  • Much of the first season of Babylon 5 involves G'kar and Londo being locked in a downward spiral of mutual humiliations: Londo becomes steadily more bitter because of constant Narn military advances into Centauri space, and G'kar suffers many episodic setbacks due to karmic backlash from being a huge jerk. For the most part, Londo's woes, being the underdog, are played for sympathy (but also a fair few laughs), while G'kar's are mostly played for laughs all the time. After Londo becomes a pawn of the Shadows this quickly goes into reverse, with G'kar suffering overhanging humiliation after humiliation. And at that point, it's not funny anymore.
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  • Batman (1966) has a great example in "Flop Goes The Joker" when the villain invades Wayne Manor. Alfred defeats the Joker in a fencing match, then, when the Joker accidentally finds the Batpoles (thankfully unlabeled at this time) and tries to slide down. Alfred uses the emergency elevator function on the poles to capture the Joker while preventing him from reaching the Batcave. At Batman's amused orders, Alfred sends the Joker screaming up and down repeatedly, enjoying every minute of it.
  • Bewitched
    • In the show's very first episode, Sheila Summers is a snobby rich bitch who invites Darrin and Samantha to her house for a posh dinner party. Sheila spends the entire dinner party ridiculing Samantha and trying to steal Darrin away from her. Samantha gets fed up and uses her powers to put Sheila in her place. This includes mussing Sheila's hair, unzipping her dress, making food spill on her lap and much more.
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    • In Season 4 (Episode 19) Sheila returns, once again inviting Darrin and Samantha to dinner (this time for a backyard bar-b-q). Once again she ridicules Samantha and tries to steal Darrin away. And once again Samantha unleashes her fury.
  • Big Brother:
    • In Season 16, After houseguest Christine Brecht betrayed her friends Nicole Franzel and Hayden Voss she was evicted by her own alliance The Detonators (who were all too happy to see her out in the end) and was booed upon leaving the house. Then enters the jury house to find Donny (of all people!) making fun of her laughter, and everyone is happy to see her because she's not in the game.
    • In Season 18, house-guest Paulie Calafiore got a good one after both his manipulative and misogynist ways landed him in hot water with his fellow house-guests. During his final week in the house, Paulie was nominated by his once ally Victor. None of his fellow house-guests felt any sympathy for him with the exception of Corey and Nicole. Then after losing the veto, Paulie received a punishment to bake apple pies for the entire summer. After he was evicted, on Twitter there was a hashtag called #PaulieIsEvictedParty which became very popular over his eviction with a lot of fans celebrating his demise in the game. Then when he got to the jury house Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette all mocked him over his eviction and confronted him over his behavior towards women.
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  • Big Time Rush: In the Season 1 finale, Hawk, the Big Bad (and his assistant Rebecca), has kidnapped the boys to keep them from appearing at their concert. He then arrives at the Music Box and blows Gustavo and Kelly's cover and reveal that Big Time Rush isn't there, leaving the crowd to boo Gustavo and Kelly and abandon the Music Box, which would end Rocque Records forever. Just when it looks like Gustavo and Kelly have their backs against the wall, the boys arrive to save them, leaving Hawk and Rebecca shocked. Just before the boys win the show back, Hawk tries to stop them again but is faced with Sebastian -his former butler- who blasts him and Rebecca with hot towels to stop them. The boys then proceed to kick off the performance, doing great and saving Rocque Records, ruining Hawk's plan completely, all right in front of him.
  • In The Borgias, Pope Alexander and Cesare Borgia unleash one onto Lucrezia's first husband Giovanni Sforza, who both abused Lucrezia and showed himself to be a terrible ally, with the latter being the main reason the Pope wants to get rid of him. Since he already made up his mind to grant an annulment the hearing for one is pretty much a Kangaroo Court and excuse to ridicule Giovanni. Once the annulment is granted and Giovanni goes forth into the streets, his humiliation isn't over, as he suffers more ridicule and even Produce Pelting from the citizenry.
  • The Boys (2019):
    • The Deep suffers a rather severe (and karmic) one during Season. Stillwell rejects and mocks his request to do something more substantive and meaningful with his fame. He then attempts to rescue a dolphin from an abusive captivity, but it dies horribly, and the incident becomes a media scandal. After his rape of Starlight is revealed, he is sent to “guard” the largely crime-free town of Sandusky, Ohio. There, he’s scorned by the townsfolk, given a minuscule allowance by Vought, is relegated to publicity stunts like opening water park attractions, accidentally kills a lobster he wanted to save, and is abused by a fan girl. By the end of the season, he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.
    • Stormfront experiences a rather brutal string of karmic retribution in the Season 2 finale. With the help of A-Train, the Boys managed to reveal her origins as a white supremacist and Nazi since the Third Reich, causing public opinion to turn against her. In a fit of rage, she attacks the Boys only to end up fleeing after getting a brutal beatdown by Kimiko, Starlight, and Queen Maeve. Unraveled by her humiliation, Stormfront then loses an eye to Becca Butcher before Ryan uses his Eye Beams to sear off her limbs and incinerate most of her body. Miraculously, Stormfront survives this ordeal only to end up confined by Vought International in an undisclosed location.
    • Homelander to a lesser extent in Season 2 finale. Maeve manages to take Homelander down a peg by blackmailing him with footage of his involvement in Flight 37 disaster. This leads to him losing his son Ryan to Butcher (the irony being that Homelander spared simply to have someone to mock), having to publicly apologize to both Maeve and Starlight, being forced to live with the Boys getting pardoned, and becoming a mere corporate tool of Vought International.
  • Buffyverse:
    • The vampire Spike had this done to him a couple of times, both on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and on Angel, and that was long before he did his Heel–Face Turn, regained his soul and suffered Badass Decay.
    • Angelus is considered the monster of both series, a name everyone fears. Well, after Faith fights him to a standstill she allows him to feed on her, having doped up beforehand so he gets drugged and taken out. "Orpheus" lets the conga commence: he couldn't beat a Slayer that was higher than a kite, he can't attack her during his head trip, ashamed at Faith seeing him live like a bum, horrified she sees him rescue a puppy, goes on about how it sucks that he's such an uncool Fashion-Victim Villain, and to top it off Faith snarks the whole way, ending with the revelation he listens to "Mandy" and attends Barry Manilow concerts.
  • In Chinese Paladin, Yue'Ru's Break the Haughty occurs through this trope, beginning with being defeated in a martial arts contest, cast out by her family, progressively losing her possessions, and being forced to go hungry. The end result changes her to a Lovable Alpha Bitch.
  • Colditz provides a truly epic example; one of the later episodes is entirely devoted to giving the show's only real Nazi character, a Smug Snake who's spent the series singing the praises of the Third Reich, an utterly humiliating send-off. First he realizes his beloved Reich is actually going to lose the war; he tries vainly and pathetically to cajole the prisoners into testifying that he treated them well; he's sacked from his post; his girlfriend denies she knows him; and after receiving no less than three The Reason You Suck Speeches from both his Officer and a Gentleman superior and his own prisoners, flees ignominiously in a farmers' cart. A rather karmic end, considering the show is normally about the prisoners' own escape attempts.
  • Doctor Who:
    • For a Magnificent Bastard, The Master gets some pretty brutal Congas. First, he was stranded on the planet of the Cheetah People where he was infected with a deadly illness, failed in his plan to capture the TARDIS and was killed when the planet was destroyed. Then during his sixth on-screen incarnation, his hold over the Doctor was broken by Martha Jones' Batman Gambit, Jack Harkness destroyed the source of his power, his dominion over the Earth was undone and he was taken captive before being shot dead by his wife. During the Tenth Doctor's final episode, he was manipulated by Rassilon into releasing him and the other Time Lords who planned to destroy the universe and ascend to godhood, but refused to take the Master with them because they considered him "diseased" and tried to get the Doctor to shoot him.
    • Davros has had some nasty Congas as well. First his own creations turned on him and killed him, but they resurrected him for the Time War, but his flagship was almost devoured by the Nightmare Child and he was saved by the time-travelling Dalek Caan, who brought him to the present day where he created a new race of Daleks who made him their slave. Then Dalek Caan betrayed him and the Daleks were destroyed as a result, leaving Davros stranded onboard his exploding ship, refusing to accept the Doctor's offer to save him.
    • "The Idiot's Lantern": Abusive jerkass Eddie Connolly starts getting one from the moment the Doctor and Rose invite themselves into his house, ending with his wife kicking him out.
  • In an episode of the The Drew Carey Show, he and Kate tried to fake a wedding so that Drew could get the money his deceased uncle left him, since Drew had to be married to get the money. They hire a guy to pretend to be a minister, but after their friends, and Drew's brother and parents find out, they plan a ceremony in his house. When Drew and Kate decide to get married for real, the “minister” tells them they made him confess to the whole scam. Drew's friends and family angrily storm out of the house, Mimi thanks him for a good time and leaves happily, the lawyer rips up the check and leaves. Drew then goes on a rant about how he's still unemployed, lost the money he desperately needed, is hated by his friends and family, and Mimi likes him. He tells Kate the only good thing is that her “stupid drunk mother” didn't show up. Kate quietly gets up and walks out if the house, leaving him alone.
  • The opening of Family Law has attorney Lynn thrown when her husband asks for a divorce. When she shows up at their law offices with best friend Dani, she finds the place completely cleaned out down to the furniture. Her husband has been planning this "sudden" move for some time, not only getting the entire staff (except newly hired assistant Patricia) to join but telling all the clients Lynn has "issues" that prevent her from being an effective attorney. He's already bought new offices while sticking Lynn to the deed to this overpriced spot in only her name. The topper is when Lynn's long-time loyal middle-aged assistant comes in...and reveals she's been having an affair with her husband for a year.
  • Farscape:
    • Rygel gets one in the first season episode "Throne for a Loss". He's kidnapped, his captors encase him in mud to prevent him from escaping, they feed him unspeakable glop, he's killed and then resurrected by a fellow prisoner who expects him to turn over all of his empire's territory and subjects to him, gets stuffed in a bag and beaten, and is finally forced to loudly admit to all and sundry that he was deposed as ruler of his empire, that he has no money to pay his ransom, and even if he did, no one likes him enough to pay it anyway.
      • The ending may have been something of a subversion, however, since Rygel's tone is mocking of the prisoner who's decided he'll get his empire. As he points out, he's not going to get a thing.
    • Jool's entire character arc is this for her. Granted, she's both a Rich Bitch and an Insufferable Genius, so she earns a lot of the hostility she receives, but still: she was cryogenically frozen against her will for almost a quarter of a century and wakes up to discover that the cousins who were traveling with her are dead and she's trapped aboard a ship full of criminals and malcontents being chased across the galaxy by a variety of powerful and evil people. And that's just her origin story; the show itself likes to add to her misery (in one particular episode, for example, she is shot through the arm with an arrow, made to drink urine, dumped in the mud, and gratuitously struck on her still seeping wound). Oh...and she has a scream that can melt metal, so the other characters have a habit of scaring and/or physically injuring her in situations where that would be useful.
    • Grayza attempts to make her presence felt like a villain by forcing a Humiliation Conga on both Crichton and Scorpius: Crichton is enslaved by Grayza's pheromones and raped, while Scorpius is dragged around on a lead and forced to lick Grayza's shoes- before being shot and buried in a shallow grave (but survives due to "foresight and preparation"). Unfortunately for Grayza, this comes back to bite her hard in the ass later in the fourth season: first of all, her alliance between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans fails when her Scarran "allies" backstab her and capture her. Then, her attempts to impress Emperor Staleek with threats of wormhole weaponry are ignored, especially once Crichton arrives to steal her thunder. In a vain attempt to get a powerful new ally on her side, she tries to negotiate with Crichton: no luck- Crichton isn't interested in aiding his own rapist; for added humiliation, Crichton's disgusted rebuttal actually drives Grayza to tears. Deciding to try and be remembered as a hero, she decides to attack the Scarran base head-on, sacrificing the lives of all her soldiers in a Suicide Mission... only for Captain Braca- who she'd supposedly enslaved with pheromones- to relieve her of duty and have her arrested. And then, just as you think she can't be humiliated any further, Scorpius reclaims the ship she was commanding and is welcomed with open arms by his former crew; we don't see Grayza's reaction to this news, but according to Braca, she needed to be sedated.
  • Atherton Wing suffers one of these at the end of the Firefly episode "Shindig". Not only does Mal kick his ass and then deliver several stabs to him in insult instead of finishing him off in what was supposed to be a Duel to the Death, but Inara, who the whole duel was fought over, invokes the full power of the Companions' Guild in response to Atherton's comment about how he should have "uglied her up" so that she can no longer work as a Companion and has a Black Mark put on him in the client registry, ensuring that no Companion will ever contract with him again. And just to add insult to injury, His Lordship Sir Warrick Harrow tells him, "You'll have to rely on your winning personality to get women. God help you."
  • Frasier:
    • One of the Valentines Day Episodes devotes its first eight minutes to Niles suffering one. By the end of it he's accidentally set Frasier's apartment on fire, destroyed his own pants and is left standing in just his boxers, ruined the dinner he was making for his date and faints in the open, unlocked apartment after giving himself a small cut and seeing his own blood.
    • "A Lilith Thanksgiving" sees Frasier's son Frederick become a disaster magnet for the entire episode. Frasier and Lilith leave him in the care of Martin and Niles as they attend an interview by the headmaster of the school in which they hope to register him; Martin accidentally beans him in the face with a baseball, Niles unwittingly opens the fridge door into his nose, Martin gives him chewing gum which gets stuck in his hair, and Niles gives him remoulade which contains anchovies (to which he is highly allergic).
  • Jesse from Full House suffers from this in the episode "Making Out is Hard to Do": After he swears off music for good, he eventually ends up leaving the Tanners, all of whom speak of him in unflattering terms (yes, this includes Michelle), his wife divorces Jesse and dates his best friend, Jesse himself has become washed-up, overweight and balding, and, to top it all off, he's engaged... to Kimmy (who looks like Peggy Bundy and acts obnoxiously towards him, too) of all people. It's a good thing the whole incident was All Just a Dream, though that doesn't prevent him from having a Freak Out upon seeing Kimmy again.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The last day of being a King for Stannis. He's not exactly written-off gracefully; Stannis finds out that half his army has deserted him overnight, that his wife has committed suicide, that Melisandre has abandoned him and then he comes on the receiving end of the single most one-sided Curb-Stomp Battle in the show, lacking even Mance Rayder's excuse of being in the middle of parley with Jon Snow. To top it all, he then gets killed by Brienne in the name of Renly, who she calls "the rightful King" despite Stannis basing his entire campaign on being the only contender with a legitimate legal claim.
    • This is Subverted with Queen Cersei Lannister. Since Season 3, everything has been going wrong for her. Joffrey begins to disregard her. Her power and influence began to fade in favor of her Arch-Nemesis Margaery Tyrell who proves to be far better at wrapping Joffrey around her finger, Cersei is regularly outmaneuvered and outgambitted, and is reduced to an Unwitting Pawn in everyone else's game. Despite being Tywin's favorite, he plans to ship her off to marry Loras so that he can have more power. With her attempt to become the new Big Bad in Season 5 being an Epic Fail that gets her arrested), she's stripped naked and publicly humiliated with a walk of shame in King's Landing, two of her children are killed while the third completely turns on her (siding with the aforementioned Margaery Tyrell and the High Sparrow, who was responsible for her walk of shame), she's banned from Small Council meetings or any prominent position in court and is facing a trial for high treason and incest she cannot hope to win. And all of it is entirely her fault. By the penultimate episode of Season 6, Cersei has been completely outplayed by everyone in King's Landing, leaving her a powerless joke to everyone who knows her. Even Olenna Tyrell rubs in the fact Cersei has lost. The subversion occurs at Cersei's trial in the Season 6 finale. Having crossed her Despair Event Horizon almost twenty times over and going through years of Sanity Slippage, Cersei finally snaps from her never-ending humiliation and simply decides to blow up the entire royal court of King's Landing and take the throne for herself rather than risk facing the potential consequences of attending said trial. Needless to say, antagonizing such a cruel, unstable, vicious individual was a bad idea.
    • The Kangaroo Court in "The Laws of Gods and Men" is this for the defendant.
    • Grand Maester Pycelle is constantly abused by both Tyrion and Cersei. By "The Children" he is banished from his own laboratory by Cersei in favor of Qyburn.
    • "Battle of the Bastards" is essentially Ramsay's pride before the fall. Right as he on the cusp of victory, the Knights of the Vale arrive to relieve Jon's army and routs the Boltons back to Winterfell. Ramsay tries to hunker down for a siege, only for Wun Wun to break down the gate and allow the Wildlings to storm the castle, before Jon finally beats Ramsay to a bloody pulp for the atrocities Ramsay has committed: such as Ramsay murdering his brother Rickon, raping his sister Sansa, and for all the hell Ramsay has wreaked. Finally, Ramsay is approached by Sansa in the dungeon, who reminds him that he has not fed his hunting dogs in seven days due to deliberately starving them so that they would kill Jon and Jon and Sansa's loyalist officers before Ramsay is finally devoured by his own dogs.
    • Season 4 starts with Tywin at the height of his power but it proves to be Pride Before a Fall. Throughout the season, he is gradually weakened. He is forced to concede to the Tyrells in order to avoid bankruptcy after the war drained his house's finances. Due to the looming threat of Dany and her army he has to make amends with the Martells who despise his family with a passion. Then Joffrey dies on his wedding day and his plan of getting Jaime to renounce the Kingsguard fails. His alliance with the Martells ends, and he even loses the services of Ser Gregor as The Brute. Then, Cersei confirms that her children were the product of incest with Jaime, to Tywin's shock and disbelief. And finally, Tywin gets offed by Tyrion, after finally being revealed as a hypocrite whoremonger much like his son.
    • After Jaime Lannister's fight with Eddard Stark, he's berated by his father for being rash and stupid, and then subsequently defeated in the field and captured by Robb Stark. He then spends the next year or so as a prisoner trotted from camp to camp and kept in a grubby pen, covered in his own filth. When he's finally freed from captivity, he's escorted, in chains, by a stoic woman whom he's constantly at odds with. His attempted escape ends with him losing a sword fight to said woman, being recaptured by the enemy, and, finally, losing his sword hand. This continues when he returns to King's Landing where his family openly mocks him for sitting out for most of the war as a captive and losing his hand in the process and his own sister turns him away from her because of his loss of limb.
  • In Hannah Montana, Jake Ryan learned the hard way not cheat on the woman behind Hannah Montana. While he's wearing bad lederhosen in Hannah's Christmas Special, Miley got Jake to confess to cheating on her on camera. All this while she knocks the stuffing out of him with a sack of props. For the icing on the cake, Robbie Ray stole his clothes, so Jake has to go back to his movie set wearing his lederhosen costume.
  • iCarly
    • Sam in "iSpeed Date". Insults Freddie about no-one wanting him only to find he had 3 girls ask him. She refuses to ask any boy to the Girl's Choice dance until Carly convinces her to ask Gibby out because Sam embarrassed her on the webshow. Sam is then rejected by Gibby and Freddie laughs at her. She tries again to have Gibby take her to the dance, only be rejected a second time and he's got a stunning girl at his house already. Sam stumbles back to the Groovy Smoothie, only to find Carly and Freddie slow dancing together, leaving Sam completely and utterly alone.
    • "iPity The Nevel" has Nevel being hit with this for most of the first half. He's caught on tape screaming his head off at an innocent little girl, making him a hated outcast. As he wonders the streets in despair, people insult him and it starts raining on him, someone yelling at him that he deserves it. Meanwhile, the iCarly gang are having a "Karma Party" celebrating his downfall.
  • In Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Ouja gets a more personal one. He finally kills his archenemy Zolda, only to discover that the Zolda he just killed wasn't the one he'd be after, who died peacefully at home during the fight, afterward he emerges in disarray into the real world, only to find himself cornered by the police and pinned down by snipers who gun him down. While not as humiliating at first, considering his motivations, this is probably the most humiliating end he could ask for.
  • Law & Order: SVU has had a couple of these:
    • After being a hard-ass with everyone, ADA Sonya Paxton embarrasses herself in court by accidentally showing a CGI video indicating the accused brutally committing a murder and chewed out by the judge. The next day, she stumbles into court obviously drunk as hell, the defendant actually calling her on it and the judge enraged. He calls Benson to do a breathalyzer on Paxton in the middle of the courtroom and when she's shown highly above the legal limit, has her jailed on the spot with her sent to rehab immediately.
    • SVU Detective Amanda Rollins seems destined for this. First, her sister tricks her into killing her "abusive" boyfriend just so she can cash in on his life insurance. Rollins is arrested herself before proven innocent and returns home to find her sister has cleaned her out of everything, even the food in her fridge.
    • Bad as that was, it got worse in season 15. First, while trying to help a woman who'd been raped, Rollins was stunned when her boyfriend of the time testified under oath that he not only hooked up with the woman but he regularly preyed on women in addicts groups, Rollins among them. The realization that she totally missed being played like this drives her back to gambling.
      • THEN, Rollins gets heavily into debt to a major gambling boss who forces her to pay it off by helping to cover up a rape. Luckily, the boss' enforcer is an undercover cop who helps her get out of this but Benson is irate at Rollins getting into this situation in the first place, point-blank saying that if SVU wasn't understaffed, Rollins would be gone.
  • Basically the entire premise of Leverage. At the end of each episode, the bad guy is humiliated in front of his friends and family, loses his millions, and gets sent to prison for a crime he may or may not have committed.
  • This has happened to the whole cast of Married... with Children numerous times (Al mostly, Bud a close second, but all of them at least a few times) along with quite a few one-shot characters.
  • In an episode of My Name Is Earl, Earl has been working as a Burger Fool and has a really Bad Boss. During a child's birthday party, Mr. Patrick berates Earl, and Earl punches him in the face in response. Mr. Patrick gets sent to the emergency room, and his wife shows up...and so does his mistress. The girlfriend dumps him, and the wife throws him out and files for divorce, and gives him a Defenestrate and Berate routine in the process. During which she finds the money he's been stealing. Which lands him in prison, where he becomes his new cellmate's bitch.
  • Red Dwarf: Captain Hollister gets a rather lengthy one in the three-parter "Pete". First Lister spikes the guards' drinks with virility drugs, which he also drinks and ends up unable to remove his boxers for seven hours. Then Lister and Rimmer try to skive off their spud duty punishment with a programmable virus that eats the potato skins as well as their clothes and hair, and accidentally transfer it to him as well. The Tyrannosaurus rex that ate a swimming pool's worth of cow vindaloo is too horrible to contemplate. Finally, Hollister tries to relax a bit with a massage, but the T. rex's hatchling wanders in. After that, he puts himself in solitary confinement just to get away from their antics.
  • Saved by the Bell: The New Class has Ryan and Eric both suffer from this at the end of the Season 5 episode "Her Brother's Keeper". First Ryan's cheating scheme that involves Eric gets busted while it's still ongoing, resulting in it being undone (using the same means involved in said cheating scheme, no less), which is even more humiliating as the scheme comes undone in the form of an Engineered Public Confession. Then Screech takes Ryan and Eric away for a Cool and Unusual Punishment.
    Screech: Come on, boys. We're going to watch 3-D movies... without glasses! note 
  • Scrubs
    • Dr. Cox does a literal Humiliation Conga (or more accurately, a strange form of Irish Jig) when he is once again proven right and Elliot is proven wrong, much to her embarrassment. He redeems himself very, very slightly by delivering An Aesop before mocking her further.
    • This happens to Cox himself in a later episode. After he refuses to give Turk any good assignments, he then ups the ante by sticking him with Lloyd the delivery man, who claims there is something wrong with his arm when he is perfectly fine. He and Turk turf Lloyd back and forth, each trying to get rid of him until it seems that Turk finally gets him to shut up by giving Lloyd an unnecessary operation. Dr. Kelso seems ready to end Turk's career over this and Carla berates Cox, who realizes he let this go too far and is forced to beg Kelso to show some mercy. But, surprise! The operation never took place, and Carla, Turk, and Kelso were conspiring to teach Cox a lesson. They even come out and take a bow.
  • The Shield series finale sees Magnificent Bastard/Sociopathic Hero/Rabid Cop Vic Mackey looking like he's about to ride to glory, Karma Houdini-style, via a deal that he struck for immunity from ALL past crimes. Not so fast! First, he gets into a smug taunting match with best friend-turned-murdering fugitive, Shane Vendrell. Soon after, Shane kills his pregnant wife and toddler son with poison, before eating his own gun. He leaves a suicide note pretty much blaming Vic for turning him into a criminal, which Claudette Wyms reads to a dumbstruck Vic. And while Vic is still reeling from that, she makes sure he sees the last surviving Strike Team member, Ronnie Gardocki, get perp-walked past him as he's taking the fall for all the stuff Vic confessed to because Vic had lied to Ronnie about the immunity deal including him. When Ronnie finds out about this as Dutch (who didn't know the exact details either) is cuffing him, he is not happy about this and proceeds to let loose on Vic — and the entire Barn — about the news, all of which more or less permanently trashes Vic's rep among the Boys In Blue. But wait — there's more! He also finds out his betrayal of Ronnie was for nothing because the side deal he'd cut for ex-wife Corrine was redundant: she'd already cut a deal with Claudette to help try and snag Vic, including an order of protection against Vic and witness relocation. (Bye bye, beloved kids!) And his dream job/consolation prize? Well, that turned out to be a three-year stretch of suit-and-tie paper pushing, courtesy of the slightly corrupt I.C.E agent Vic finessed to get his immunity deal — which Vic has to follow through on, or his deal is voided and he's pretty much guaranteed life in prison — after which the Feds can fire him, and with his sins all public knowledge, he will never be able to get a job in law enforcement ever again, denying him the justification that he used to hide from his crimes. In one single act, Vic is stripped of everything that ever meant anything to him and left to choke on it.
  • Sonny in the Sonny with a Chance episode "Sonny With A Secret". She's accused of stealing twice, accused of plagiarizing one of her ideas, and is framed for telling the press secrets about Chad. And then she's almost killed by a bomb disguised as a cheeseball. Why? Because Penelope is in love with Chad and was jealous of Sonny and Chad's relationship.
  • Survivor:
    • In the final episode of Heroes Versus Villains, Russell Hantz, an Entitled Bastard who had spent most of the game making and breaking end-game deals, blindsiding others, and making everyone around him miserable, is hit with a well-deserved one. First, his last remaining ally Parvati says that she would have voted for his hated rival Sandra over him. When he gets up and goes for a walk, Sandra burns his stinking hat in a Meaningful Echo of his burning Jaison's socks back in Samoa. That Night 39, the entire jury, Hero and Villain, foe and ally alike, just rips him full force. While some of them shower Sandra with glowing and well-deserved accolades, others blast him for his total disregard for them. (Ex-finalist Danielle, in particular, chews him out for his lack of jury management skills, while Candice tacks on a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.) The icing on top of all this? In front of a live studio audience, he has to watch as Sandra, whom he hand-picked to be his jury goat, racks up the votes (especially those of the Heroes) easily, while he gets shut out. But it didn't stop there; pre-jury castoff Boston Rob chimed in on his playing style. Thus, having accepted a re-match with Rob, Redemption Island was born, and Russell was promptly rejected by his new tribe. Guess who went on to the win?
    • In Gabon, resident Jerkass Griefer Randy Bailey went through this in his exit episode. It started with him getting upset because Sugar took his cookie at the reward auction, and deciding to be an even bigger griefer by intentionally pissing off every single person left. How did he plan to get out of it? By using the immunity idol that his ally Bob found on Exile Island, and use at the upcoming Tribal Council since it was obvious that he was going to be targeted. At Tribal Council, both Sugar and his Arch-Enemy Crystal mocked him in their voting confessionals; Crystal even shouted hers loud enough for everyone to hear. It all came to head when he played the immunity idol, only to find out - whoops! - it was a fake that Bob made because Sugar found the real immunity idol very early on. With no way of blocking the votes cast against him, Randy was voted out. But at least he made the jury, where he delivered a Call-Back.'
    • From Millennials vs. Gen X, Day 36 was not kind to Jay. First, he ended up blowing his lead in the immunity challenge when he forgot to uncover his answers causing David to win immunity. Second, he attempted to play an idol only to find out that it was a fake hidden immunity idol. Third, his vote against Ken did not count as Ken ended up playing the legacy advantage that caused all votes do not count towards him. Fourth, the tribe all unanimously voted him out becoming the 8th member of the jury.
  • This happens to Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, after two straight seasons of abusing and terrorizing the residents of Mystic Falls and being promoted (mostly by himself) as the biggest, baddest alpha male in town, he finally meets his match in the latest Big Bad Silas, who effortlessly destroys him in combat and stabs him with a white oak stake (the only thing that can potentially kill him). Klaus is then left to desperately dig away at his own flesh with a pair of pliers before the wooden splinter can reach his heart, all the while being Mind Raped by Silas until he is reduced to a weeping, sniveling wreck, driven half-mad by fevered hallucinations. He is forced to beg Caroline for help - once he finally ascertains that she is not in fact a hallucination - and while she grudgingly agrees, she also taunts and belittles him (and jabs him in the rib with the pliers a few times for good measure.) To add insult to injury, it later transpires that he was never physically stabbed by Silas, and was simply mind-raped into submission instead.
  • Vengeance Unlimited: Mr. Chapel, as a Vigilante Man, does this to pretty much every one of his marks, and each of their (willing) accomplices.
  • In Victorious, Tori and friends deliver one to Ryder Daniels, a Manipulative Bastard who gets a kick out of playing with girls' emotions to trick them into helping him get a better grade, then cruelly dumping them when they're no longer of use. When Tori, his latest victim, finds out, she uses the singing event he wanted to use her to get a good grade in to set one up for him. She tricks him onstage and disables his mic before being joined by his ex-girlfriends in performing "Begging On Your Knees", a "The Villain Sucks" Song she and André wrote just for him. As it's sung, revealing Ryder's manipulative ways to the entire school, Robbie, Beck, and even the teacher hosting the event prevent Ryder from leaving the stage as Sinjinn keeps the spotlight focused right on him. When the song ends and he can finally leave the stage, not only is the entire school cheering his downfall, but another group from the event greet him by singing "You just got burned!" to rub salt in the wound. The icing on top is that this whole thing was 1/3 of his grade in that class and thanks to Tori, he flunked.
  • The fall of Stringer Bell in The Wire fits this trope. After all his scheming and maneuvering in hopes of becoming a rich and legitimate businessman, it all comes crashing down. First, he finds out that Mayor Clay Davis was playing him for a fool and took his money that he used to try and buy his way into the business world. And he can't retaliate in any way, because killing a high profile politician would bring the whole government of law enforcement on the Barksdale crew. His friendship with his best friend and partner Avon Barksdale began to fall apart, especially after Stringer Bell admitted that he had his nephew D'Angelo killed in prison out of fear that he would talk to the police and give them up. Avon in return betrays Stringer Bell to Omar Little and Brother Monzone, two men that he tried to set up in the past but failed. In the end, all Stringer Bell could do was Face Death with Dignity.
  • Larry David has a humiliation conga at the end of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "Shaq." In a matter of seconds he gets soaked from a passing car that drives through a puddle, sees he has a parking ticket on his own car, then finds out the doctor who gave him a clean bill of health is an escaped mental patient pretending to be a doctor.


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