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Humanlike Foot Anatomy / Newspaper Comics

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Cartoony Foot Stance Examples:

  • Strange variant with Garfield. The title character has reasonably normal, digitigrade, cat-like feet when lying down, but plantigrade, somewhat humanoid feet when he stands up.
    • It's even odder than that: while Garfield usually walks upright with plantigrade feet, on the occasion he goes on all fours, he moves with digitigrade feet. Interestingly, in Real Life, a cat that has/wants to balance on its hind feet independently (that is, not leaning on anything) for more than a few seconds will usually go into a sort of half-sitting position, giving its feet a plantigrade look.

Cartoony Foot Shape Examples:

  • When he stands on two legs, Garfield's feet look somewhat humanoid. However, they revert to fairly realistic catlike hindlegs when he's lying down.
  • Opus from Bloom County.
  • Most of the characters in Pogo, including the title character.
  • Snoopy in Peanuts, after his Anthropomorphic Shift.


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