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Hot-Blooded characters in live-action movies.

  • The Spartans from 300.
    • Also, most of the Persians who have speaking parts in the movie. Also, since the narrator is a Spartan, even the narration is Hot-Blooded.
  • It is readily arguable that most Arnold Schwarzenegger characters qualify...except for the Terminator, who is extremely calm and collected even when he is kicking ass.
  • Connor MacManus of The Boondock Saints is by far the most hot-tempered and fiery of the title brothers, though we do see his moments of calm as well.
  • Sonny Corleone from The Godfather.
    • Also Vinnie, to Fatal Flaw extremes.
  • This drives Franco Bertollini in The Gumball Rally.
  • The Ip Man films have Zealot Lin from the first and Wong Leung from the second. This eventually costs both of them; Leung gets better. Zealot Lin doesn't.
  • John Rambo definitely qualifies for being Hot-Blooded.
  • Chris-R from The Room.
  • Speed Racer. All of it.
  • Maverick (Tom Cruise) from Top Gun, who likes yanking stunts like the picture-taking with the MiG at dangerously close range and abandoning his wingman for a perfect shot. His ego's writing checks his body can't cash, and it's noted he got it from his father.
  • Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy is a snarky, aggressive, hard-drinking, ill-tempered Blood Knight bounty hunter who is at his absolute happiest when he's either blowing something up or mowing down enemies with a gun that by rights he shouldn't even be able to lift, and will gladly give anyone who demeans him a mouthful of hot lead. He is once seen casually constructing an explosive charge strong enough to blow up a moonnote , his plan to rescue Peter and Gamora involves threatening to blow up the ship they're currently being held prisoner on, and his reaction to receiving aforementioned BFG to fight his way out of prison is what can only be described as a "barely restrained orgasm".
    • In the sequel, he finds a kindred spirit in Yondu, a Ravager leader and Peter's surrogate father with just as bad a temper and who finds equal amounts of joy in unleashing hell on his enemies, merrily mowing down his former comrades after they mutinied and imprisoned him. In fact, pretty much every original Guardian can be considered this, all being career criminals who had to be the toughest or the craziest (or both) just to survive day-to-day.

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