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  • Lisa Gail Allred, a country "singer" from Texas who hilariously boasts that she sounds like Shania Twain and Faith Hill, and not like Kim Kelly's mom on Freaks and Geeks.
    • Her most (in)famous song is "3 Second Rule", a bizarre dance-country hybrid with dopey lyrics telling a faithful man to "only look [at other women] for three seconds". Her voice is flat, nasal, and off-key, the backing vocals on the bridge sound like someone imitating SpongeBob, and the musical accompaniment is a limp backing beat that probably took ten seconds to churn out in GarageBand. The video is no better, showing Allred as a "teacher" to a classroom full of cowboys, none of whom look like they want to be there. Some critics and sites compared her unfavorably to "Friday".
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    • Her Reverbnation page includes music of equally horrid nature, including tone-deaf covers of "Santa Baby", Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing" (a song noted as one of the prime examples of Incredibly Long Note in Country Music), and Heidi Newfield's "Johnny & June", along with insipid originals such as "Coffee or Tea". She supposedly had equally-wretched covers of LeAnn Rimes' "Blue" and Terri Clark's "Dirty Girl" and "You're Easy on the Eyes" (which was misspelled "Your Easy on the Eyes") on her Reverbnation page at one point, but they were taken down.
  • Animae Capronii, the solo Christian black metal project of Italian musician Cesare Sannino. He is incredibly prolific, releasing eight full-length albums in 2008 alone, but all his releases have the same faults: atrocious sound quality, powerless and frequently off-key vocals, badly-programmed drums, failed attempts at integrating keyboards (which sound like a $10 Casio) into the music, and clashing and dissonant melodies. Despite having been releasing music since 2003, he has never shown any sign of improving as a musician. Sannino stopped making black metal in 2015, changing the project's name to Trust Your Heart and its style to power metal... and it isn't any better.
  • Ryan Bane. His singing voice is horrible, off-tuned, poorly timed, and unable to be on-key even through copious amounts of Auto-Tune. His songs often contain horrible lyrics, usually vile sexual content that is simply unsexy as all get out and/or him being homosexual - but written ridiculously to the point where it'll only just induce facepalms from actual gay men. Mirrors of his songs have been taken down several times due to Ryan himself getting them removed and because of the sexual content.
    • "God" (NSFW) is just an example. Not only does the song contain everything listed above (in addition to lyrics that attempt to portray church-related pedophilia as sexy), it's also topped off with a truly horrible music video, depicting Ryan's pasty white body in what can only be described as awful softcore porn. It contains several delightful moments such as Ryan licking pubic hair off a bible, sucking off a crucifix and then dipping it in his urine, drooling over rosary beads, a bizarre moment where the song stops to show him in a bathtub while receiving fellatio, and a stinger where he ejaculates on a children's bible. Blasphemous probably wouldn't be the correct word for this, so much as "unforgivable" and "what the actual fuck" and "how is this guy not a registered sex offender" would. Fortunately it has been taken down numerous times.
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    • "Christmas" (NSFW) is yet another example. The video features Ryan dancing provocatively in his underwear and singing in front of a badly-rendered greenscreen, with repulsive lyrics about how Santa Claus made him gay and how he wants to do perverted things with him (such as cumming all over his white beard). The video also features other gross moments, such as Ryan stuffing his own underwear in his mouth, sucking off a TV remote control, pretending to jerk off with said remote control, and the video finally ends with Ryan ejaculating all over a Justin Bieber album. It's all just as bad as it sounds...
    • "Prince Charming" is thankfully much less Squicky, but it's no less horrible. The whole song is littered with extremely bad rhymes in the lyrics (one of which involved touching his anus) and an extremely repetitive beat and vocal melody that could easily drive one to insanity. The video that was taken down is simply boring, featuring shots of him naked and licking things - at least he doesn't jizz on anything.
  • Paolo Bartoli is a now-forgotten Italian internet personality who was known mainly by his aliases Paolo Chiavator (which in Italian sounds something like "Paolo the Shagger"), and 869 (a portmanteau of "883", a 90s Italian pop band, and the "69" sexual position). Being tied with popular comedy metal band Prophilax (he was their sound engineer and webmaster), he made songs and dubs that mimicked their trademark gross-out sexual humour; the dubs are objectively bad, but So Bad, It's Good enough to cross the line twice and managed to earn a moderate fanbase, while the songs are so terrible that nowadays they're hard to find, either because he had them removed out of shame or because they were flagged for offensive content, though many mirrors exist (for example, this channel that reuploaded his songs, who turned off the comment section because of the vitriolic comments it received).
    • As "869", he was active from the late 90s to the start of the millennium. His songs were hosted on a website linked to Prophilax's, and they were horrible beyond belief. He sang over MIDI files of random songs (including cartoon theme songs) in a horrid off-key and off-tempo voice, sometimes with random pitch-shifting that makes lyrics hard to understand. The songs were overfilled with gratuitous blasphemy, cursing, vulgar sex slang, very obscure and unexplained references to god-knows-what, stolen lyrics from Prophilax, and often don't even stay on the same theme (sometimes a song would stop dead in its tracks to spout out Paolo's unfunny sex jokes... or even more blasphemy). Whether you could understand Italian or not, you would find these examples awful.
    • "Sexy Shop" starts with an angry customer being ripped off at a sex shop, and after raping the shopkeeper swerves into a string of insults to The Pope. Obviously, the shift is very jarring and happens without rhyme or reason, and it ends with a half-sung, half-not-sung skit of him ranting aimlessly, with really bad impressions of the Pope and an old lady.
    • His worst song from that era could be "Nerkia Spropositata" (approx. "Oversized Kök"), which not only has indiscernible lyrics with ear-grating pitch-shifted vocals, but it sounds like both the backing track and the vocals were recorded with a broken microphone in an empty hallway. The track is made even more unbearable with loud belching and the usual random vulgarity, and a skit without a punchline which is also covered up by vulgarity to hide his utter lack of comedic talent.
    • As "Paolo Chiavator", he developed a self-indulgent, sex-fixated persona, and his songs didn't improve in the least: from a song that insults the late Mother Teresa that stops in the middle for no reason and doesn't have any semblance of creativity or satirical intent, to a horribly written song about anal sex that cranks the overabundant and redundant blasphemy Up to Eleven, and a godawful off-key vocal cover of "Le Tagliatelle di Nonna Pina", a popular children's song, that showcases his musical and acting limits, and for some reason it's the opening theme to a Harry Potter parody dubbed by him. After a brief hiatus he started making new material in the early 2010s, and they were better received, but after that he seemed to have vanished from the web.
  • Black Out Band were a band of preteens active in 2005-08. The band members didn't seem to understand how to make music, nor did they seem to actually care about the sound or the quality. They had expensive guitars and equipment most garage bands would love to own (courtesy of their parents, all blatant Stage Moms), but couldn't play them professionally. The lead singer, Hunter Watson, often sounded off-key and constipated and/or completely wasted despite being around 10 years old at the time. Nonetheless, most of the mockery the band received at the height of their "fame" is now mostly considered more of a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, since Watson died in a car accident in 2016 at only 20 years old.
    • "Video Games", their most infamous work and one of the few that isn't a cover, has horrid lyrics about how video games are awesome and "everything else is really lame". Despite being satire, it manages to fail at that for not being funny at all. Here's a video satirizing how horrible it is. The Music Video Show also looked at the video here. It may have been the reason why the world went to crap at the end of the video. Furthermore, the description of the song on their former site (now a blank domain) claims that it had won a Grammy. The official Grammy site does not list their song as an award winner.
    • The band also did an awful cover of The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop", which used to be on YouTube along with numerous other covers before their official channel took down all their videos due to negative comments. Their version replaced the guitar riffs during the chorus with the kids going "yeah yeah". According to their website, they've also covered "Louie Louie".
    • Their MySpace page used tonote  have their entire catalog (6 songs) available for listening, and they prove that "Video Games" was not intentionally sung poorly.
  • The music of Christian and the Hedgehog Boys - Christian as in the deadname of Christine Weston Chandler, the highly, highly controversial individual responsible for, among other things, Sonichu. note  Terrible lyrics too atrocious to incite laughter, shouted off-key over random pop songs. Most of the time, she "sang" over actual songs with actual lyrics, instead of instrumental versions of the songs, with very poor recording quality to boot.
    • For one example, here's "So Need a Cute Girl", with lyrics about being "stuck as a virgin with rage" (not) sung to the tune of "I Want It That Way". "So Need a Better Voice" is more like it.
    • To wit, she turned Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" into seven-and-a-half minutes of pure, unrelenting fail. The fact that she didn't realize she wasn't differentiating between the male and female voices makes it even worse. note 
    • Her most incomprehensible song was "Sonichu Zip", which has her screaming over the lyrics of Sonic X's "SONIC DRIVE". The song is so fast-paced that you hear more of the original song than the "new" song.
    • For Spanish speakers, there's La Cocina en La Casa de Casanova (The Kitchen In The House of Casanova). Not only are the lyrics idiotically laughable (over half of it consists of "OLE, OLE, OLE!"), but it also is based on a fundamental Critical Research Failure (Casanova was Italian, not Spanish) and the lyrics, when translated, vary from the stupidly simplistic to the downright incomprehensible.
    • On "Lovin' You", Chris attempted to cover the titular Minnie Ripperton song a cappella. Unfortunately, Chris didn't seem to do any sort of practice or rehearsing before recording it, because she gets the tune completely wrong, mangles several lyrics, and sings in a manner more than one have compared to a dying animal.
    • Her cover (and music video) of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero". Poor recording aside, Chris' vocals are completely off-pitched, sounding very monotonous during the chorus and climax of the songs (both of which are best left to someone with a high vocal range). Chris exaggerates usage of The Cover Changes the Gender by changing it to be about her note  crush, most of which are bland at best and asinine at worst. One of the most notable errors in the music video is Chris playing a Guitar Hero guitar throughout (despite the fact that the song has a piano and horn solo, not a guitar solo), before proceeding to whack the whammy bar several times before clutching to the ground. This scene is often considered to be the highlight of the video.
  • Flos Mariae is a band of Catholic sisters (Bellido Durán) who made the group as a promise to the Virgin Mary if their mother was healed from a malignant tumor. The problem is that their songs are bland and most of the women sing out of tune. The electronic enhancements accentuate the shoddiness of both the singers and the songs themselves, and that's not to mention that they are so poorly put together that they ruin the Willing Suspension of Disbelief and are so overdone that they lose any seriousness. The video clips are unimaginative and flat. A notable song of theirs, "Viva el Papa" (Long Live the Pope) has off-putting singing and a cringeworthy descent of notes.
  • Franchi$e dBaby. At best, he encompasses every negative cliche about white rappers plus every negative cliche about party rappers. At worst, he comes off as a less talented (and infinitely less likable) version of Wesley Willis. His beats are at least competent (likely because they were made by someone else), but he clearly doesn't care at all about his rapping (he even says so in a couple of songs). At several points, he stops singing entirely and just pants heavily into the microphone. If you dare, check out his only released album. Highlights include "Spencer Mayo Swag", "Bomb Ass Pussy", and the almost So Bad, It's Good "Boat".
  • Girls With Attitude were a group of session singers from Cambridge, Ontario, who consisted of preteen girls who sounded like they're on the verge of dying singing/talking about preteen life, compiled with poor electronic instrumentation. They could have been a modern version of The Shaggs if they had any of the charm. Their most well-known song from their only album, "Don't Judge Me", just shows this - the lyrics are mundane at best and Padding at worst (the chorus is literally them introducing themselves), the "singers" sound uninterested, and they're backed by a bored-sounding wah-wah synth so off-key and off-tempo that it sounds like it's from an entirely different song.
  • The infamous JustinRPG is notable for several other things, and one of those is his music. First of all, like Paolo Bartoli mentioned above, he sings over MIDI songs he found off the internet, and terribly too. His voice is really slurred and he has the tendency to pronounce words in an odd way (Lubby Chudder, anyone?). It's worth something when you're so bad you become a SiIvaGunner meme. Along with the person himself, his songs have become a huge source of Snark Bait.
    • His most infamous song, "I Love Reshiram", is a chore to get through. It features jaw-dropping lyrics such as "Love, it doesn't matter if one is a Pokémon and the other is human as long as you love each other." Along with that, it features one glaring Critical Research Failure: Reshiram, like most Legendary Pokémon, is genderless. note  This goes on for five minutes. And the parts where he just goes "Love" over and over again takes up about several minutes of that time.
    • Another one of his songs is "Stuck in Lugia's Stomach Alone", a song about Justin being eaten by Lugia and being inside of its stomach. Ignoring how this song is about the vore fetish, it's yet again sung terribly with Justin sounding bored the whole time, along with flat-out taking lyrics from Stealers Wheel's song "Stuck in the Middle With You". Not to mention, there's the constant sound of stomach churning, meant to be the sound of Lugia's stomach, but all it does is make the song worse to listen to than it already is.
  • Ostie is the black metal solo project of a man simply named "Prince Grothmer the Cruel ov Cobaltia" from Toronto. He's been involved in ten album releases since his start in 2012. His albums have received two reviews on Metal-Archives: a 1% and a 2%. His "screams" are quiet rasps into a microphone, mixed louder than anything else on the track. His lyrics are ridiculously over-the-top, with lines such as "You'll be frozen with hate". The backing music is a drum machine and what sounds like a guitar being tuned. To say that people are still unsure if he's serious or not is an understatement - some people think he's doing it as a joke, but his social profiles play it completely straight. One reviewer even said that he hopes Ostie continues on, not because he likes it, but because he wants to see how much worse the music could possibly get.
  • Melbourne-based "rapper" Raed Melki has drawn scorn from an enormous amount of people, many of whom argue that his output doesn't even qualify as music. Why? Because it consists of cheap, pre-programmed beats that often seem to change direction abruptly and for no reason, over which Raed spouts a nearly incoherent mess of lyrics that seem to be improvised on the spot and stumbled over to catch up to the background music, and display no consistent rhyme scheme, if there's any at all. This, combined with his occasional rebuttals of critical comments, in posts consisting of a virtually indecipherable medley of expletives and bizarre colloquialisms, has led some to believe he may be insane, and the worst part of all is that they're not even the only reasons - in 2001, he called in a bomb threat to a casino.
  • Rasputin's Vision (their channel has since been terminated) was a band who gained some notoriety on YouTube for their awful covers of various professional wrestling themes, most of which could be seen on the now-defunct "Worst Wrestling Themes" You Tube channel. Their non-wrestling song covers aren't much better, either. Their guitar work is sloppy, their vocals are lazy, every member struggles to stay on the beat and often goes out of sync with the rest of the band, and they frequently screw up the lyrics to the songs they're covering. Their cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" exemplifies all of this perfectly.
  • Savage is allegedly an 80s-style Hair Metal band. In reality, it's just the soloist named Scott Savage (not to be confused with the Jars of Clay drummer) and a bunch of session musicians. The background music is boring, which wouldn't be so bad if he himself weren't incredibly off-key and his lyrics weren't absolutely horrid. He produces and mixes the recordings himself, bungling everything from the mic placement to the sound quality to the post-production. Also of note, his promotion - "band" photos are just photographs of famous bands with his picture photoshopped onto one of them, and he attributes his own reviews of his own albums to famous musicians as well.

    To his credit, his 2014 album shows some improvement. His vocals seem to be more competent and the lyrics much less inappropriate. On top of that, unlike a lot of the artists listed here, he appears to be a lot more humble about the negative reception. He has stated multiple times that he only does music as a hobby and doesn't take himself terribly seriously as an artist, which explains some of the weird imagery and album covers.
  • Mishovy "Misha" Šílenosti is a child singer from the Czech Republic whose songs (if they can even be called that) are horribly sung, obnoxious, and pretentious. He is also known for his inability to take criticism that shows up in many of his songs, which only add to his egotism. The latter traits are taken to ridiculous heights in his diss tracks against his haters. Suspiciously, most his songs have "FOR KIDS" written on them, despite him singing about adult themes that would be considerably unacceptable for his likely target audience (he often wears an uncensored "FUCK" cap in his videos).
    • His most infamous song is about how much he enjoys Pokémon GO, and the lyrics are utterly banal, repetitive, and simplistic to the point that it's hard to defend even though he was only nine years old at the time, and even other kids don't enjoy it. The only good that came from this song is its use as a Running Gag in SiIvaGunner's Bait-and-Switch videos.
    • After his Pokémon Go song got poked at by people such as Pyrocynical and LeafyIsHere, he released a song aimed at them. Said song is nothing more than a lazy diss track towards them, consisting mainly of calling them, along with RiceGum and Keemstar of DramaAlert, "cancer" and "retards"...just because they didn't like his music. It's made even worse by the fact that the latter two hadn't made any videos about Misha before he released the track or even seemed to know who he was at all, and even though the four YouTubers mentioned enough are very contentious in the internet community, even their detractors thought his song was poorly done.
    • After Misha's diss track was flooded with hate, he came out with another diss track, this time directed at his haters. Much like the song released before it, it features lazily made Take Thats at his haters ("You tried to bully me, but now, I make more money than your mother!"), as well as Misha declaring himself as the "next Justin Bieber" as he proceeds to mock well-known YouTube users such as Filthy Frank and Jacksepticeye. The diss track comes off as being insipid and plain laughable. It doesn't help mentioning that the soppy beat (which consists of none other than a repeated guitar riff alongside a small breakdown in the middle of the song) is nearly nonexistent. The video doesn't help, either: It shows Misha going around Prague as a Chick Magnet stealing girls from their boyfriend, all of whom seem to be way older than him. Near the end, Misha does a dance by a fountain with his brother doing a guitar solo, before cutting off to Misha Flipping the Bird to his haters. Akin to the last two tracks mentioned, it ended up putting a sock into Misha's Dear Negative Reader songs... for a while.
    • Then Misha came back with an entire rap song sung in Czech once again dedicated to his haters. He completely lets his It's All About Me attitude flow through the song, most of which is him guilt-tripping about how everyone has supposedly bullied him the entire year (but the amount of glamour in the video, including the fact he has g-men accompanying him and a suitcase of money, would make you think otherwise), all put under a repetitive bass sound. Even in his native language, where his "flow" is more natural and less broken, Misha still sounds off-key and as whiny as ever. The backlash of the song has been so fierce that Misha has had to disable the rating system for said video, although it hasn't stopped the comments section.
    • Not even Misha's parody songs are much better. An example is "I'M VEGAN, DEATH TO ALL MEAT EATERS!" - a Straw Vegan Misha declaring death to all meat-eaters (using arguments such as "meat-eaters live shorter lives", and for some reason "pigs are more intelligent than three-year-old kids"). Once again, the song is filled with repetition, constant title drops, and a rather lousy rock instrumentation that sounds like what someone could piece together in 30 minutes using a generic sound system.
    • "THE BEST LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SONG!!!", which praises League of Legends while giving a feeble Take That! to its competitor, Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars. His claim that "Dota is for little children" is ridiculous in more than one ways: Misha himself would fall under the umbrella of "little children", his videos' titles imply that they're targeted towards said demographic, and it's bordering on Blatant Lies as DotA is known for being much more complex and difficult to play than League of Legends, which would make it less appealing to younger players (if he wanted to insult DotA's player base, it would have made much more sense to make the opposite accusation, that they're stuck-up old-school elitists). The lyrics contain poor grammar, such as "Every time when I'm the best with so many kills in the row". He also complains about Russian players. This is all on top of the usual flaws with Misha's music.
    • "Trump Vs. Hillary" is marginally better than his other songs on a musical level, but is brought down into this trope with his pandering to US viewers (they already had their feelings of frustration from the 2016 election validated) and Critical Research Failure: not only is Misha too young to run for US President, but he could never qualify because he's a native Czech citizen.
    • Despite singing "fuck Donald Trump" in the aforementioned "Trump Vs. Hillary", Misha made another election-themed song called "Donald Trump for President", presumably purely for the sake of offending people who dislike Trump. Even putting its subject matter aside, the song might very well be Misha's worst to date, as it consists entirely of him yelling the song's title over a generic electronic music loop.
  • In 2004, a young lad known only as "Shadow of Death" sought to shake the metal world through his music as Apocalypse. He is regarded by metalheads everywhere as one of the worst. How bad is he? His most famous demo, Upon the Crimson Rivers, has 7 reviews on Metal Archives, with an average rating of 3%. The production is non-existent, the instrumentation is screwed up in ways previously unimaginable, and he doesn't as much sing as whisper hoarsely. If you're still interested, then go over here and remember - curiosity killed the cat.
  • Submarine Man is an American rapper who began recording in 2018. All of his tracks follow the same pattern: making bad parodies of rap hits, mentioning his foot fetish (and eating dog poop), heavily using Auto-Tune, and repetitive beats. His album covers are very cheaply made with Plotagon and Microsoft Paint. He claims to have been born in 1993, when in reality he sounds over a decade younger. Submarine Man's most infamous track is "Sese" by 6ix9ine, on which he guest starred with Lama Doodle and Footye North. The track was actually made without 6ix9ine's involvement, using audio clips of him from Instagram. Submarine Man has a very low rating on Album of the Year, with none of his songs scoring higher than a 10/100.
  • David Tanny is a notoriously unfunny novelty musician who has spent more than ten years "rapping" monotonously to bad MIDI tunes in an effort to get his music on The Dr. Demento Show, which he is a major fan of. The man was so desperate to get people to like his music, he took one of his earliest albums and re-released it with a Laugh Track.
  • Jan Terri. Her music will make you want to run screaming into traffic. She's tone-deaf as hell, her lyrics sound like they were written by a 12-year-old girl, her music videos are boring as hell, and she just doesn't realize just how untalented she is. The best thing to happen to her was Marilyn Manson feeling sorry for her and letting her open for one of his gigs. Besides that, she's usually forgotten... well, except the occasional person on the internet that makes fun of her videos.

    The truTV program World's Dumbest had lots and lots of fun with her song and music video for "Excuse My Christmas", on an episode of "World's Dumbest Performers". One comment (about a trio of amateurishly-drawn animated "Mexicans" with moustaches and wearing sombreros) stated that said piece of "animation" was too crude to be offensive.
  • Thrash Queen, easily the worst possible start for all-girl thrash with one of the most awful heavy metal albums under their belt. Strangely, their label still attempted to cash in on their name with a bunch of session musicians; the quality's slightly better.
  • WoahhVicky, a social media personality best known for pretending to be black, has also released some horrendous songs:
    • This diss of YouTuber RiceGum. The entire chorus consists of Vicky making a lame racial stereotype about his Asian ancestry and it just goes downhill from there. The racism is actually one of the more tolerable parts of the song because it's actually understandable words; the rest of it consists of Vicky mumbling incoherently over a generic trap beat. As Pyrocynical put it, "If you can understand a single word she says, you're lying." The song received so much hate it got taken down on Vicky's official YouTube channel, but not before several mirrors of the video had been made, exposing her lack of talent to even more viewers.
    • A few months later, Vicky dropped another diss track on Danielle Bregoli, better known as Internet celebrity and rapper Bhad Bhabie (who, while a contentious personality in the Internet community, does have legitimate fans who enjoy her music). In this track, Vicky still displays a complete lack of ability to enunciate properly and is ridiculously off-beat. Most of the YouTube comments are complaining something along the lines of "rap is dead" or asking when the English version of the song is coming out.


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