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While it's no secret that a lot of professionally-made video games can suck, the same principle also applies to fan-made spinoffs. One has to wonder how much of a fan these developers are of their favorite games if they manage to screw up so badly.

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  • Periphery of Power - the firing patterns, a major selling point of Touhou games, go from mediocre to absurd. The final boss' attacks consist entirely of blue bullets and lasers. The bonus spellcard turns the entire screen white, so you'll probably die without knowing why. The bosses consist of Self-Insert versions of the makers. While the official website says the game hasn't actually been released yet, somebody still made a Let's Play of it.
  • disfact has made several bad Touhou fan games (they have improved in the many years since these were released, at least):
    • Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor - the character artwork is even worse than in the originals (at least, pre-Undefined Fantastic Object) the music is painful (especially the half-composed Stage 1 theme, which gets repeated play), and enemy fire is an afterthought at best. Note that Touhou in general is famous for its kickass score and its shooters are known for their very elaborate firing patterns. The characters are broken, and Aya is both the final boss and a playable character. Its lone saving grace is the inclusion of the Extra Bosses from the original games as player characters and Mima as the Extra Boss. If you enjoy pain, watch a member of Maidens of the Kaleidoscope get very close to killing himself, and if you want to see everything this game has to offer this Let's Play shows it all. Oh, and this dreck was originally a paid fangame (it was later released for free on the developer's site) - while it only cost ¥300, it's still insulting because many far better fangames are offered for free.
    • Astronomical Few Minute isn't much better. The characters are no longer broken, but the game keeps most of its predecessor's other flaws like bad music and questionable firing patterns. On top of that, the two playable characters (Eirin and Utsuho) only get three stages each. The fact that they have different routes is supposed to make up for that, but only the bosses differ - the stage portions themselves are the same. And for some reason you'll face Aya (again) and whichever playable character you didn't choose in the final stage. This game costs ¥500 and was not re-released as a free download, which makes it more expensive than its predecessor even though it has less content and the quality isn't much better.
    • You Are Newspaper! has a somewhat interesting gimmick: The arena is much larger than the screen, so you can move around on it and turn around to shoot in all eight directions. Unfortunately, this ends up being more annoying than fun because it makes hitting the boss a pain, which makes the questionably-designed attacks drag out for even longer. It doesn't help that the game is pretty unforgiving - if you get hit when the slowly-recharging bar below you isn't full, you die and have to do the whole level over. At least this one has always been free.
  • This obscure disaster (played by the same Touhou fan as above). All of the attacks are uninspired, with many of them being nothing but really fast and/or dense spam that may even be impossible to dodge. Other "interesting" features include wildly inconsistent difficulty, enemies that come from behind without warning, bullets that randomly change direction while you're trying to dodge them, the Stage 2 midboss' seizure-inducing flashing bullets, the murky bullets that are hard to see in Stage 3, various attacks that are impossible due to the enemy's movements, the Stage 2 boss having two attacks that do nothing at all note , Stage 5 being the same "pattern" (random spam) over and over again with different colors, and the Final Boss having a bunch of attacks with both the same name and the same annoying gimmick.
  • 東方虹夢化学 ~illegal Science~ has a cool concept for a Touhou fangame where you have the ability to absorb bullets of your own color and change color at will, which works similarly to the polarity mechanic in Ikaruga. Unfortunately, it seems like this promising gimmick was little more than an afterthought: Instead of using it in clever and compelling ways, the developer just lazily slapped all the colors on the enemies' attacks. It doesn't help that most of them were plagiarized from official Touhou games (which obviously weren't designed with this gimmick in mind) in the first place. Combine this with ugly graphics and a bland soundtrack, and you have a major stinker that's far from worth the ¥500 pricetag (especially not in a world where good freeware Touhou fangames aren't hard to find).

  • Retsupurae found three awful Metroid fangames on Newgrounds, all of which definitely belong here.
    • Metroid Genesis, an on-rails First-Person Shooter where Samus lands on the planet Newgren 5 and has to shoot Metroids in the Fulpian Research Institute. It looks like it was made in MS Paint, has virtually no challenge, and can be beaten in five minutes. The final boss fight is against Ridley, who is so hideously drawn it looks like he's dying of cancer. Amazingly, of the three Metroid fangames to be Retsupuraed, it's the most playable of the three.
    • Metroid Elements, the "sequal" to Metroid Genesis. It manages to be too easy and too hard at the same time: It is easy because most of the bosses pose zero challenge and there are barely any enemies, but also hard because the controls are atrocious, there's no Mercy Invincibility, Samus's movement control is slippery, there are Bottomless Pits everywhere (even in places where it doesn't make sense), and Ridley, the final boss, is almost impossible to beat thanks to an unfeasibly tiny hitbox. The music is nothing but dull, droning remixes of other Metroid songs. The graphics are bland, with no backgrounds other than gradients and plain platforms everywhere. Every sprite is hideously resized - Samus' ship is gigantic, while Samus herself is smaller than most enemies. The bosses are almost comically atrocious: one is a crudely-drawn worm (described as "Amorbis drawn by a kindergartener"), and the other is an eye-door from Super Metroid resized, put on the ceiling, and given a ludicrously-easy-to-dodge beam attack. What's worse, though, is that it was apparently made by The-EXP, the same person that later created actually good Flash games like Shift and K.O.L.M. We can only assume that this is an Old Shame by now, especially since it was taken off Newgrounds entirely as well.
    • Metroid; Beginings [sic] is a very Obvious Beta that makes Elements look like Super Metroid in comparison. If you play it, you'll find that most of the time the game ends when Samus glitches out and falls through the floor. The game has no save feature, and if the player dies they have to replay the entire game. There's no semblance of exploration or nonlinearity, and in fact very little to connect the game with the Metroid series (the author's excuse for the sheer ignorance of canon is that he "didn't want to plagarize", in which case why bother making it a Metroid game at all?). The plot is somehow both nonexistent and all over the place, the art style is ugly, the bosses are all insanely hard in the worst possible way note , and there's literally No Ending. note 

    Sonic the Hedgehog 
  • Chaos (stylized as "ChaoS" for some reason) has all the usual bad Sonic fangame problems: bad physics, bland and uninspired level design, failed attempts at being edgy and etc. But what truly puts this game here is its bosses: most of them are overpowered, glitched, and boring to the point of making the game nearly unplayable. This video analyzes Chaos in detail. Vinny also suffers through it in this collection of similarly awful Sonic fangames.
  • Sonic the Star Hunter is a horrid Flash game that looks and plays nothing like a Sonic game. The camera is awful and turns almost every jump into a blind jump, level design is boring and bland, Sonic runs extremely slow and can barely jump over pits, sound effects are loud and obnoxious and your enemies are generic green blobs. This video rips it apart.
  • Sonic VS Dogs is a maze game in which Sonic for some reason needs to collect diamonds and get to the house while avoiding dogs. Hitboxes are awful, enemies can spawn right on top of the player, and the music is a 13-second loop. This video demonstrates the game in all its glory.
  • Deep within a long-forgotten abandoned Russian website lies a game called Sonic VS Shadow 3. The physics in this game are so bad, they make Isaac Newton perform spin dashes in his grave. What's worse is that the game has multiple very tight platforming sections with these physics. It can be found here among some other ancient horrors.

    Super Mario Bros. 
  • On Mario Fan Games Galaxy, there are quite a lot of absolutely godawful fan games based on the series, so here are a few that are seen as bad by the standards of everyone, both within the community and outside of it:
    • Super Mario Bros Super Quest is one good example. For every single action Mario does, he shouts out a catchphrase from Super Mario Advance. As in, he screams "WOOHOO" at the top of his voice every single time he jumps, and shouts "Just what I needed!" the second he collects a single coin. So if you jump through a bunch of coins, he basically shouts machine gun-style at the player with his voice clips overlapping each other and cutting everything off, which is the very epitome of Most Annoying Sound. The game physics are even worse; Mario goes straight to full speed the moment he moves, his momentum completely dies when he jumps, and generally, pivot points are poorly placed on Mario's sprite, causing him to jump around noticeably each time he turns around, and it handles in a way that's outright unplayable. Add graphical cutoff, use of Microsoft Paint for the menus, the Super Mario Bros. Super Show rap on the title screen, a Game-Breaking Bug instead of a proper ending (the game pops up an error message once you clear the final level, since it uses the "Go to next room" command despite no next room existing in the game data), and you've got something which just needs to be seen to be believed. Just watch LSF Games tear it down here.
    • Another bad one is Boo Mansion. It only consists just a Boo aimlessly floating around a maze of cut-off doors and floating Piranha Plants with very little content that can be considered a game even present. It also doesn't allow for motion in more than one direction (and that includes changing direction), the Piranha Plants are animated so quickly there should be a disclaimer about seizure warnings put around somewhere, the game over screen is just a default Game Maker dialogue box, and the game doesn't even have a real ending since it crashes if you play long enough. note 
    • Mario's Toad Hunt (by the same developer of Super Mario Bros Super Quest and Boo Mansion) is also bad. Not only does it have awful graphics that look stretched as hell and a foreground that's blatantly cut off in many places, but there's also a bad physics engine and a general lack of "game" here: there are no enemies or obstacles bar bottomless pits, the goal is simply to eat all the Toads (made worse by the actual munching sound used when Mario "collects" one), and there's no real point to even playing it since there's an A Winner Is You ending and a grand total of just two levels.
    • The Miraculous Boss Battle trilogy is what happens when a troll uses a basic Game Maker platformer engine to make three Mario games a week apart from each other. Needless to say, the games have gotten abysmal reviews and angry comments. The complaints in common with all three are mismatched graphics (Mario grows raccoon ears whenever he climbs behind something), the lack of sound effects other than music taken from Capcom games, stiff controls courtesy of said engine, and the overall lazy level designs. The games are short enough to be beatable within 15 minutes total, provided you remember where the numerous fake platforms are in the 1st one, that you've out-bested the clusters of randomly-bouncing fireballs in the 2nd one, and know that beating the 1st game's boss - a flying mass of spikes - simply requires you to touch a smaller version of itself that it shoots out in random directions. You do however have infinite lives and the room just restarts itself upon death, but the 3rd game's level isn't divided into sections like the other two and is one long level stuffed with enough giant MS Paint-looking Thwomps and long, claustrophobic passages to make you go insane if you die multiple times. The end of the 3rd game also has the gall to ask you if you want to play it again, which at this point sounds like a rhetorical question. The author, Awesomeface, threatened to ban other MFGGers for their bad reviews, and later marked the three finished games as "scrapped".
  • Super Mario Fusion MF (not to be confused with Super Mario Fusion Revival) doesn't have a bad concept (Mario crosses over into different worlds like Mickey Mouse), and if it was done well it could've been a good Mushroom Kingdom Fusion clone, but the problem is that the gameplay is just irredeemably broken. The physics don't work well, with Mario handling in a jerky and uncontrollable way. Bugs are everywhere, as Mario can get stuck in solid walls/ceilings like they were made of quicksand and there are places where you can get stuck and forced to reset because Ice Mario's abilities don't work properly. Enemies are programmed poorly with Thwomps moving too fast, cannons firing when you're on or next to them, and other minor issues. The levels are way too long (every level bar the first is a Marathon Level, which makes the game's stingy powerups and shoddy physics unbearable), way too hard (the game uses precision jumps and enemy spam in a game where the engine is completely unusable to begin with), and one level is completely Unwinnable by Mistake (the pipe to the next area doesn't work at all). And if you hit the edge of the level, there's no invisible wall, so Mario can literally fly off the screen past the camera and fall into nothingness, dying immediately. As you can read in this review, it's a game with a lot of potential, but made absolutely horrendous by a broken game engine.

    Mega Man 
  • The Megaman is a fangame that appears to be coded in Game Maker Lite, as the Game Maker watermark appears in the corner of the screen as the game is loading. If that doesn't ring any warning bells, then nothing will prepare you for the game's quality. All the stages are played in a strictly linear order, the physics are completely off, and the only weapon is the Mega Buster, which has an ammo count that goes into the negatives. Pivot points are badly placed on Mega Man's sprite, causing him to teleport a bit when he turns around. And the signature sliding move is utterly broken since it just warps Mega Man forwards for a second before returning him to his original position. Not only are the stages ripped from the official Mega Man games (with the last two stages ripped from other NES games), but all of them are broken into single screens with no transitions at all. All the enemies and bosses fight nothing like their established counterparts, and the first two bosses even feature horribly-compressed sound effects. Most of these enemies are either spammed throughout most screens, unleash Bullet Hell, or both, forcing you to tank a lot of damage. Typo-ridden text is presented through the default Game Maker dialogue boxes, and the "health meter" is displayed on the game window's title bar, next to the "Minimize" and "Close" buttons for no good reason (if the game has functioning ammo and boss health counters, adding a health counter for the player should have been easy enough). And as a final note, pressing Enter at any point instantly starts the ending "cutscene".

    Five Nights at Freddy's 
  • While most FNaF fan games vary in quality, most of them are not as dishonest and unoriginal as The Return to Freddy's note , which steals textures and mechanics from the first two FNaF games, including the Dummied Out "toxic" mechanic from the second. The mechanics are poorly implemented, and balanced in a way that renders doors useless note , other oddities include animatronics disappearing before the player's eyes (the actual games use Offscreen Teleportation by way of the office lights flickering and video errors on the camera), animatronics appearing on top of the camera screen to kill you (in the official games, they pull the screen down first), or Foxy leaning in the doorway even though it's supposed to be closed. Even the "new" animatronic, Sugar the Cat, is very blatantly another fan's character, Candy the Cat (yep, that one), though due to said fan's demand, it was later removed. The only thing the creator did produce, the phone calls, are poor renditions of the official games' Phone Guy and sound more like Butt-Head. It also adds a ton of bugs that weren't in the original, such as the game occasionally hanging on the jumpscares without going to the game over screen. The hidden bonus night is also completely unwinnable since the Puppet will jumpscare you regardless of whether or not you have the mask on or off. The game was eventually taken down, but can still be seen - along with the overwhelming backlash it received - in this Let's Play. A grand total of three sequels were later made, while thankfully having more original mechanics, custom 3D models, and Original Characters, it all compensated for a convoluted, insane, and downright nonsensical story that borders on being absolute gibberish, only made worse by the Novelization.note  A fifth game was planned as was a sixth, but after some Development Hell and personal drama, the developer canned both games and abandoned the series entirely, with the fifth game only seeing the light of day in 2018 as a Fan Sequel.
  • The Five Nights at Toy Freddy's series mostly uses assets from the original games (with a little "original" content sprinkled in) and the first two have horribly edited-in models. While the series got better as it went on, the first two are downright horrendous.
    • Five Nights at Toy Freddy's has the same plot as the original FNaF game, but instead it's the toy models from the second game. It takes place in the exact same pizzeria, but has horribly edited-in photos of the Toy animatronics and the person on the phone is a woman. The game is glitchy with the animatronics, sometimes being a complete crapshoot on whether you will live or not. But the most glaring flaw is the save function is broken, meaning if you make one mistake through all five nights you have to do it all over again, making a lot of players just outright quit the game.
    • Five Nights at Toy Freddy's 2 fixes a few problems from the first game (like the save function actually works) but has a few more problems on its own. It takes place a few years after the first FNaTF, where you go back to the pizzeria for a bet you and your friend had. You thought $100+ was too low for a job this risky in the original games? In this game, you get $10. The voice acting has taken a major hit, replacing the British woman with a squeaky preteen who constantly begs you not to die and will get on your nerves fast. The AI is still a crapshoot, and is made even worse because now there's a ghost that will kill you if you move so much as an inch. But despite all that, it is the exact same game as the first one: It takes place in the same pizzeria, all the rooms are the same, and despite there being a few cracks horribly edited in here and there it's basically the same game. If you played Five Nights at Toy Freddy's, you've basically played Five Nights at Toy Freddy's 2.
  • FNaF: Left To Rust is a disaster of the most catastrophic kind in video game form. Similar to the other two games showcased, this one also uses various assets from the original games, and even a few from fangames such as at least one sound effect from Five Nights at Candy's 3. What separates this one from most FNaF games, however, is that it is horrific in every sense of the word: The story is positively nonsensical, perhaps even moreso than The Return to Freddy's, as evidenced by the "introduction" note  that very clearly resembles some fanfic a 10-year-old could write note . The animations are incredibly janky and poor in both gameplay and cutscenes, looking like they were made within only a few hours. The voice acting is pathetically lifeless, the dialogue also being an edgy, ad-libbed mess. The audio is outrageously, unbearably loud at all times, even in the main menu (which uses a reversed Toreador March), and the visuals are positively ugly to look at (the textures on the obvious SFM models are a mess, the pizzeria itself looks dingy and wretched, and is very poorly colored with vibrant greens, yellows, and reds). The gameplay especially is all over the place, being a glitchy mess that features far too many animatronics and mechanics, and even when the game shifts gears to utilize a different style of gameplay, it is still an unbearable mess if not only because of the disgustingly loud audio. If you manage to beat the game, it ends on a very poor cutscene in which Springtrap kills William - with a gun! - all the while incessantly swearing and spouting nonsense, before ending on a Sequel Hook that is most likely never going to pay off, as the game was never updated again afterwards. For these reasons, Left to Rust is most likely one of the worst FNaF fangames by far, if not the worst. IULITM showcases the game without commentary in several of his videos.

  • Pokémon Ultra Version (not to be confused with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) can easily qualify as the worst Pokémon hack. The tilesets are clustered up, such as you get things like water currents on land, Pokémon Centers mixed with the Marts (and not in a way that combines them both like in Gen 5), buildings you can enter that lack doors, etc. The movement permissions, which dictate what you can walk through (like roads or water) and what you cannot (such as walls and rocks), are completely mixed up, so much so that it is impossible to clear the game without using a Walk Through Walls cheat, multiple times (assuming you only use it to get past them and deactivate it afterwards). The warps (placed on tiles like cave entrances and doorways to make a player go from one room to another) frequently lead to completely random places if you try to go back through one, meaning that if you enter a cave or a building and try to leave it, you could easily be sent to a different location entirely, such as the beginning of the game or an unintentional ambush from a rival that outlevels you by a wide margin. There are some unimaginably nonsensical changes to certain moves: Recover for example is an attack that does 255 base damage with 50 accuracy, and there are similar moves like that, like Smokescreen. Some trainer sprites are so poorly made that they're vomit-inducing and even have background palette errors. This includes some very hideous fakemon sprites replacing the starters. And the boss fights, apart from the moves, aren't even edited, despite a change in the plot and names of characters. There are also a ton of text errors that go beyond just grammar, misspellings, and capitalization: On top of those listed, frequently the text can go out of the box sentences and sometimes displays garbled gibberish, which actually makes the new plot of the game nearly incomprehensible thanks to the text issues.
  • Pokémon: Touhoumon Insane: This Touhoumon mod makes great use of Fake Difficulty and has plagiarized maps from the original Touhoumon Lunatic, with "original maps" with Flash mazes where you can't use Flash. There is even a forest under the Game Corner with rain and grass. This also has the worst level curve of any Pokémon hack: the second rival battle after the first town is Level 25 minimum, and it skyrockets from there. You are expected to legitimately grind to Level 100 by the fifth Gym, since Rare Candies are renamed "Noob candies" to insult the player for using them to speed up the grinding process. This game loves to insult the player, and has incredibly tasteless titles, such as Concentration Camp for the Safari Zone, without any in-universe reason, other than to make the game sound "dark and edgy." This unrestrained crudeness also extends to the dialogue, trainer classes ("Bitch" replacing "Beauty"), and even actual names of grunts, the nicest one being named "Ass". While Touhoumon Pokémon mods are known for some extreme base stat changes, this one just hands the AI some exclusive mons with base stats over 1200, in a poor attempt to make the game difficult. Maiden's Graveyard, the Victory Road section, has permanent Flash mazes, invisible walls, and pitfalls that trap you if you don't have any Escape Rope, forcing you to wipe out your whole team to low-leveled wilds to escape. Repels are also disabled for unavoidable wild battles. The end bosses have battles and dialogue that crash the game sometimes. And for being touted as a difficulty hack, some sets are poorly made: a Legendary with 5 special attack actually has an inaccurate special attacking move, which proves this game was actually plagiarized, since these custom sets were from Touhoumon Lunatic. The true final boss is basically an Author Avatar without any real involvement with the lore or very poorly made "plot". Watch Kyoko Sakura nuzlocke it here and CaperNerd play it here.
  • Quest For Magma Mountain is a shmup-type game where you play as a Heatmor trying to go up Magma Mountain that unravels into a molten mess of an Obvious Beta as it's played through. The game's biggest problem is its sloppy implementation of Dynamic Difficulty: As you progress through the game, the enemies' health increases exponentially which, combined with the fact that letting an enemy pass you costs you a life and the protagonist moves painfully slow even with maxed speed, means that you ultimately have a game that cannot be beaten because the enemies have more health than you have firepower, and the "shiny" enemies with regenerating HP become completely immortal, resulting in a guaranteed loss of a life. In a bizarre game design choice, buying upgrades also increases the enemies' health, defeating the entire purpose of upgrading in the first place, not that they or the single-use items provided are useful to begin with - the MP upgrade barely increases your bar (if at all), the MP restore refills it by barely a sliver, the shield lasts for such a short time that the enemies won't completely pass before it wears off, the purchasable melee attack is weaker than the default ranged attack, the triple shot stops working at random, and the smokescreen attack stops working entirely and permanently for the entire playthrough if you ever saved and reloaded the game for any reason. There are also several lesser glitches littered throughout the game: buttons and icons vanish periodically, the sprites sometimes fail to animate, you can get stuck on the results screen and have to reset, and the score ranking system is broken, always overwriting your prior rank regardless of if it was better or worse. This is all topped off by a horribly crass story where the protagonist comes off as a mass murderer trying to restore a group of villainous oppressors to power. Even if you theoretically could reach the Final Boss, the game doesn't even have a real ending and simply boots you back to the map afterwards. You can play it here if you're curious enough.

  • Cheetahmen 2: The Lost Levels was touted as a remake of another horrible game, claiming to be "broken, but now complete", allegedly ironing out the bugs and making it playable. Despite having a massive budget for an indie game (funded by fans on Kickstarter), it somehow ended up worse than Cheetahmen. Not only did none of the bugs from the first version get fixed note , but there are now bugs that render the game completely unplayable.
  • Slender Graveyard is not so much a fangame as a threepenny rip-off of Slender with worse graphics, pointless stolen stock assets, horrible map design, and inexcusable sound design, including audio levels that must have been taken in the dark. Any attempt at a scare is either apropos of nothing or completely telegraphed, and they're all obnoxious jumpscares punctuated with the same heavily clipped, unimaginative audio. Worse still, the game is outright horribly optimized - despite being done with the Unity engine, it suffers regular framerate drops.
  • One-WAY, a Yume Nikki fan game in which you play as Aitsuki and explore your dream world. What makes it so bad is that the music is incredibly unfitting and possibly stolen, MS Paint backgrounds, the sprites are less than mediocre, and the ones that aren't that bad are stolen or recolored. Heck, they even stole some sprites from Ib and used them for an effect NPC seemingly totally unrelated to the effect Aitsuki receives, unless you count that one puzzle in Ib involving collecting balls of paint as what the effect is referencing. Thankfully, the game is being remade.
  • Hunt Down the Freeman, a commercial fan game which is supposedly a Perspective Flip of Half-Life 2, in which you play a marine trying to seek revenge on Gordon Freeman after being attacked by someone with a HEV suit and a crowbar. It's not very good. The many, many problems include:
    • The game is an Obvious Beta with a ton of bugs and glitches, sometimes game-breaking (to the point that most players have needed to use cheats and debug commands to even progress), as well as badly-done or missing textures (including one very egregious example near the end), and Loads and Loads of Loading.
    • There's bad lighting design, the maps don't flow very well, and sometimes have non-linear layouts that contribute to other problems (such as a lack of cover - especially when a large number of enemies are spammed into a single area because Nintendo Hard, making it hard to find the next objective, and levels where your only goal is to navigate a long stretch of area without any enemies/etc.).
    • The storyline reads like a bad fanfic and has a Plot Twist that will leave you even more confused. It features cutscenes made in Source Filmmaker, which gives them a cinematic and slightly better look than the rest of the game (and contributes to the game's 60 GB size)... that is if they even load properly. The game store banner, trailer (which show him assaulting the protagonist), and thumbnail image feature Gordon Freeman... While in the game itself the assailant wears a helmet on top of his HEV suit. This was meant to be Foreshadowing but ended up being The Un-Twist instead.
    • The dialogue is quite cringeworthy at times, and the voice acting has very inconsistent quality and sound mixing - the voice cast also features a fair few noteworthy YouTubers such as Mick "Ricepirate" Lauer as the Player Character, alongside I Hate Everything, Sky Williams, Pyrocynical, and most bizarrely of all, Keemstar as the US President. None of which is very good, by the way - even the VA for the G-Man (whose overall performance is actually pretty good) mispronounces "Black Mesa" at multiple points.
    • By far the most controversial aspect is the allegations surrounding stolen assets (from Source games/mods, and even other games, although some have argued that there may have been Prop Recycling from previous mods made by the developers too), especially given that this game is being sold as a commercial product. Some of the game's assets are of a higher quality than others, and some don't even seem to fit within the Half-Life universe and style. It also makes what they did make stick out, from a quality standpoint.
    • IHE himself has since released a retrospective on being part of the game and the aftermath of the game's release, revealing that part of the problem was that he - and the other voice actors - didn't have any discernible story to work with because the writers made it up as they went along. Pyro did the same, although his video is structured more like a review of the game itself rather than reflecting on his role. Connor Shaw suffered through it here, Tehsnakerer did a full-length dissection of the game here and Jim Sterling pulled no punches when discussing the game here. Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame took the game rather personally in his review of it, with its violation of the once-beloved Half-Life franchise (with Valve's tacit approval) almost driving him to a Heroic BSoD; he would later declare it the single worst game of the decade in the credits of his roundup of the decade's most-significant games.note  DX felt similar regards also, noting it's his worst indie game of the decade for not just how it butchers things with the Half-Life series, but how it's emblematic on how Steam (which is owned by the same company that made Half-Life) fails with its quality control multiple times over. When watching gameplay of this travesty, keep in mind that this game costs $20, and used to cost $25.

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