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Homoerotic Subtext / The Nostalgia Critic

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  • It started with "Nerd-On-Critic action" and then went from there.
  • Special mention should go to Snob/Critic, who end up being Site owner/Sex Slave canon. Doug also showed his appreciation for a tumblr post that called Snob/Critic internet boyfriends for what happened in The Passion of the Christ and The Force Awakens reviews. Even aside from being the sex slave in the Bad Future, Critic is always in the uke position, being more anxious and whiny while Snob takes the lead.
    Snob: Use your adult words!
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  • In Good Burger, he wants some closet doors opened because Dexter asks out a female co-worker who looks exactly like Ed.
  • In Eight Crazy Nights, the movie is apparently female and Rachel had unfulfiling sex with her/it.
  • The last couple of minutes of Rise Of The Commercials are filled with innuendo on how to give good blowjobs, like cereal “washing out the taste of something else”, or it's better when the lights are off and you don't bite, and the one that gets him booed, make sure it's the person you love that's in your mouth.
  • Malcolm told Hyper in her first vlog that he was attracted to Critic, and in Care Bears Nutcracker, tells Tamara that Critic takes him out on dinner dates when the White Guilt hits.
  • Hyper doesn't have much respect for other women, and usually the only compliment she can give them (even Rachel) is that they're pretty.
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  • In The Legend of Zorro review, there's a skit in which Joker and Alfred are in a gay relationship together.
  • Referring to the then-new "gay marriage is legal everywhere in USA" ruling, he turns the Frank guy in Planet of the Apes into the lead's boyfriend waiting for a proposal.
  • Critic/Nerd got a confirmation in The Smurfs, when Critic is talking on the phone about how every part of him is bigger than the Nerd, including that, and “don't ask [him] how he knows”.
  • Forest Warrior finishes the “Film Brain having a crush on Critic since ''KickassiaStory Arc, with Critic ending the review telling him “Film Brain, I love you, and I do mean in that way”.
  • Malcolm in Midwest Media Expo said that Bennie was into Critic, and in Spawn, Critic has his phone number and is suspiciously happy about Bennie's skills.
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  • His assumption for why Blade doesn't kill Quinn off is because he's in love with him.
  • Toxic version with Devil Boner and Benny in "Old vs New Cinderella'', where Devil Boner has a penis gun and wants Benny to "open [his] mouth for the finishing blow".
  • In her review of The Fifth Element, Tamara gets very Even the Girls Want Her about Milla Jovovich. Same thing for The Fly (1986), as she gets distracted by Geena Davis's pretty, tells her to date a girl and volunteers.
    • She did eventually come out as pansexual, making her attraction to girls in her videos less subtext and more blatant.
  • In the Ghostbusters behind the scenes, Aiyanna confirms that she's playing Holtzmann as a lesbian because she was clearly like that in the film, and Tamara Played for Laughs hits on a female mannequin.
  • At the end of Freddy vs. Jason, Bay and Snyder are clearly into each other but don't want to admit it. In TMNT 2, they fuse together and there's the no shit innuendo of Snyder being in Bay's ass.
  • Doug decided in The Lorax that the Chart Guys were a couple (also telling Rob in the Alvin behind the scenes that they were a popular ship) and then Awesome Comics made lesbian distaff counterparts with Heather and Aiyanna.
  • While there's also humiliating because jealousy is involved, Devil Boner literally says he enjoys Critic the tighter tied up he is, and likes making him helpless. He also couples cosplays with Hyper with her dressed as Critic (and her dressed as herself, which could put her in a different category using the same logic).
  • In the "Tamara's Never Seen" one-year anniversary video, Tamara steals and wears Hyper's shirt while Hyper's in the shower.
  • Norm of the North makes Bill/Critic obvious when Critic can't find him and panics because "who'll take care of me?"


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