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  • Advice and Trust: Ritsuko orders Shinji and Asuka to start spending more time with Rei, hoping that they help Rei to raise her synch scores. However the result is that Shinji and Asuka are learning things about Rei that neither Ritsuko nor Gendo want them knowing. Even worse, they have helped to Rei to become self-reliant and have bonded with her, and now she questions Gendo's will, trusts Shinji and Asuka more than she trusts him, and is willing to disobey his orders.
  • Happens quite a bit in Arc-Ved Protagonists:
    • In “Coming Right Back”: Yugi was able to get Maximum use out of the spell card United We Stand because he was able to fill his entire field with Kuriboh tokens by the effect of kuritablet, which would only do so after Yuya destroyed a monster. Furthermore, because Yuya attacked one last time after that, Yugi had one open space to be filled with Dark Magician (the monster United We Stand was used with) thanks to Eternal Soul.
    • In “Synchro Testing” Yusei would only be able to use the effect of his Synchro Uprising Trap if one of his Synchro monsters was destroyed that turn. Once Yugo used the effect of his Clear Wing Synchro Dragon on Junk Warrior, Yusei was able to play it to allow him to summon Cosmic Blazar Dragon and win the duel.
    • In “Shining Warrior, Dark Dragon”, Yuto played Magic Cylinder against Yuma, Which can negate an attack and inflict Damage to his opponent equal to the attack of the monster whom had it's attack negated. As an added bonus, Yuma's monster actually had an effect that can take it off the field and dodge the trap card, but because Yuma powered it up with Stoic Challenge, he wasn't allowed to activate that effect, costing him the duel.
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    • In “Reluctant Choice”, Atticus using the effect of Red-Eyes Wyvern winds up helping Yuri more then it helped him, as without it, there wouldn't have been enough monsters on the field for Yuri to use as Fusion Material on his next turn.
    • In “Dark Fusion”, Jaden's strategy to defeat Dennis heavily relied on the fact that Dennis's Pendulum cards were treated as spell cards while in the Pendulum Zone, both to power up his monsters and to get rid of one to stop it's effect from getting in the way. To make it even more of this trope, Jaden haven't even heard of Pendulum Summoning when the duel started or knew anything about Pendulum cards, Jaden only knew this info because Dennis made use of it on his previous turn.
  • Batman Beyond Revisited: If the sadistic Chainsaw isn’t burned to death by his own lighter, he’s killed by his WMD exploding. An explosion caused by his own lighter.
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  • One Star Trek: The Next Generation Fan Fic involving Q creating a second Jean Luc seems to be written just to conclude with Data telling him "I'd say you were hoist by your own Picard."
  • In The Last Spartan, Garrus kills Dr. Saleon by locking him in a test chamber with a Flood infection form, something Saleon had done to at least two other test subjects already.
  • In Ben's New Look, Ben turns into Grey Matter to peep on a woman, but due to a rat in the vents, he ends up getting caught and Gwen decides to punish him by dressing him as a girl.
  • In the Lyrical Nanoha fanfic Infinity, Lindy spends most of chapter 25 getting smacked around by Precia. Near the end, she reveals that she's been sealing Precia's magic the whole time, and electrocutes her with all the magic Precia used during the fight.
  • Around the climax of My Little Avengers, this happens twice. First, when it appears as though the villains have won, Trixie attempts to betray Loki, only for him to turn her own magic back on her. She survives and escapes, but is left horribly scarred. Later, during Loki and Thor's Final Battle, Loki pulls an I Surrender, Suckers, but Thor anticipates it and redirects Loki's own Soul Seal spell back on him, killing him.
  • In Winter War, the Barragan Fragment's power to age things to dust extends to its blood. The fight is going badly when Isane guesses that it might be vulnerable to its own power. At her suggestion, Ukitake and Soi Fong put its blood on their swords before attacking again. Luckily for them, it works.
  • The Fall of the Fire Empire: Azula is ultimately only defeated because one of her own undyingly loyal Chosen is tricked into killing her.
  • In Adventure Time fanfic, Alex, the titular antagonist provokes her opponent, Marceline, to spit at her coat, the same way she spitted at Princess Bubblegum's jacket at "What Was Missing". When she does it, the Witch uses a magic spell to put it at her gray top instead. Much after that, she has Finn and some wolves attacking her, the same way she did it to the former in "Go With Me".
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return: The Diamond Dogs chase the girls into an Ursa Minor's cave, hoping they'll enrage it and it'll kill them. Fluttershy manages to calm it down, and then sic it on the dogs.
    • The Grand Master — Pinkie's father — injects her with Heart's Desire extract in order to bring out her dark side, so she'll join him. Unfortunately for him, said dark side is Cupcakes levels of crazy, and she ends up nearly killing him before he retreats.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: Herald ends up being defeated by several of his own actions throughout the story. Throwing the jar containing the CMC's souls over the waterfall not only allows them to be retrieved, but takes away the one thing that might have stopped Pinkie Pie from banishing him to outside of reality the same way he did it to the Princesses. That action in and of itself ends up costing him, as it allows them to fight him at full strength without having to worry about hurting their subjects as they would in Equestria, allowing them to begin winning the fight. This also buys the Mane Six enough time to kill the Dark Young and stop Shub-Niggurath's summoning.
  • Happens to a nameless griffon Mook in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War. When he tries to bomb Stalliongrad, the pegasi manage to send the bomb he drops back at him, coupled with Derpy knocking the soldier toward the incoming bomb that went off.
    • The sequel mirrors this, with an Exile Pegasus trying to bomb Ponyville. This time, it's Sunburst getting the kill: he delivers a powerful kick to stun the bomber, and then catches the bomb and throws it at his foe (who's already falling out of the sky) to finish him off. There's even a brief cut to the bomber's perspective, as he helplessly watches his own bomb coming at him! And to top it all off, there's Sunburst's Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
    Sunburst: "You forgot something!" *KABOOM!*
  • In Nerve Damage, after Shirou breaks the Heaven's Feel, Zouken forces Sakura to summon another servant besides Rider, even over her desperate desire not to fight Shirou. Cue her summoning an Assassin with just the power set to kill him off for real while leaving Sakura alive, who disdains the Grail and all who seek it as blasphemers, and who sees Zouken as just the type of monster she was designed to fight.
  • Time Lords and Terror: Hydia, who spent the whole story trying to release the S'Muz, ends up being its first victim. Also, the S’Muz itself is defeated when the ponies use their Elements of Harmony to absorb both the PKE it stole and the PKE that makes up its body and disperse it into Equestria.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the Republic Intelligence Service tries to capture a Force-sensitive Siren. However, their attack only makes the target stronger. Naturally, this target is not happy. Ass-kicking ensues.
    • The Force-sensitive Siren in general was this for those who made it. Through some Loophole Abuse, these creators hoped to alleviate themselves of duties they found boring. Their creation saw right through their wordplay and decided to apply the consequences demanded by the law for those who sought to undermine it. Subverted in that creators eventually subdued their creation, at least until the events of Fractured set Sarah free...
  • Queen of All Oni: Jade has Verde construct her an enchanted dog carrier to contain the Oni-masked Scruffy while speaking with the Bat-General; Tohru later uses this dog carrier to capture her (her minions save her, however). On top of that, Tohru reverse-engineers the magic involved to create sutra scrolls capable to restraining Oni.
    • Later, when Lung, Daolon Wong's former apprentice, captures Jade and tries to bind her and thus her Shadowkhan to his will (which also counts as a Critical Research Failure, since Ikazuki's curse only allows her to summon Left and Right), his defenses are no match for her servants and he is Killed Off for Real for torturing Jade and nearly killing her. No tears were shed.
  • During the fiance arc of A Growing Affection, Hinata's grandfather Hyouta uses the Hyuga Clan's laws and traditions to try to break up Naruto and Hinata. When he thinks he has won, he says the wrong thing, and those same laws get turned on him. The result is Hyouta getting curb-stomped by Naruto, and then losing his power and status.
  • Several villains in Children of Time. Notably Dalek Caan and Colonel Marshall in "The Manhattan Conspiracy"... Caan wants to study a Time Lord's regenerative use of the Time Vortex? Give 'im the Time Vortex, then... And Marshall is quite taken with the power of the atomic bomb — the two Time Lords of the story plan accordingly.
  • In the Pony POV Series, at the climax of the Dark World Series, this is how Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox is ultimately defeated. Twilight copies her time magic and uses it to take advantage of how badly Paradox's "Groundhog Day" Loop plan has screwed up the timeline to summon the G1, G2, G3, and (pre-Reign of Chaos) G4 Mane Casts in order to use their combined Elements of Harmony to finally defeat Paradox and her Psycho Rangers.
    • She also gets a double dose because her plan of merging with every version of Nightmare Purgatory the moment of their birth results in all the alternate Nightmare Eclipses being linked to her, so her defeat ends up taking all of them with her.
    • Earlier in Dark World, Rancor showed awareness of this trope and avoided it as best she could, refusing to use her Concept Killing Spear in battle with the Elements of Harmony, and later destroys it after using it to steal Destruction's power from Discord, so no one can ever use it against her. That said, her insistence on fighting Dark World!Spike backfires when he figures out how to get around her immunity to violence to actually hurt her.
    • The Dazzlings run on The Power of Hate. For this reason, when they are frozen in Windigo ice, their own power strengthens the ice and stops it from melting.
  • In Seven Little Killers, Canada has been dumping the bodies of the people America allows to be killed in the river. Unfortunately for him, he turns out to be one of the people America decides to let die. Guess where he winds up drowning?
  • The Calvinverse villain Rupert Chill usually disguises himself as a human criminal of the same name whenever he'd arrive on Earth. ("The Five Calvins" implies this was intentional on alien!Rupert's part.) This comes back to bite him at the end of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series' Season 5 premiere when Calvin arranges for Rupert to be arrested by police while wearing his human disguise, and they dismiss his frantic attempts to tell them who he really is as insanity.
  • In Crowns of the Kingdom, Maleficent falls victim to her own time-twisting spell due to Sleeping Beauty not being made until four years after Disneyland was built.
  • The Princess of Themyscira: Ares uses the Alicorn Amulet to open a portal to Tartarus and unleash the army of demons there in order to start a Forever War. When the Amulet is destroyed by Diana, the portal closes, and Ares' attempts at keeping it open only results in him getting sucked in and trapped inside.
  • Shadows Awakening:
    • Turns out Tarakudo was imprisoned in the Shadow Realm because when he fled there to hide the mask made to seal him, his enemies just sealed him inside.
    • The Queen is defeated during the Final Battle when Uncle and Tohru invoke a Super-Power Meltdown via her unbalanced chi, which she herself unbalanced by going One-Winged Angel.
  • In The Rise of Darth Vulcan, Big Boss, a dragon who obtained a massive hoard of gems by enslaving and abusing the Diamond Dogs, is defeated when the title character uses his magic to form talons from the gems and metals of that very hoard , grabs him, and smashes him around repeatedly with them. And then, Vulcan seals his mouth and nostrils shut with that treasure, causing the backfire that blows Big Boss' head off.
  • The barrier in The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum does this to the Solar Empire ponies. While it's their main trump card (as they'd have been destroyed within days without it), it's made abundantly clear that the Barrier is, for lack of a better term, screwing them over. Since it destroys everything made by humans, like agriculture, infrastructure, buildings and the information on how to make those things, the TCB!ponies that are trying to colonize earth are forced to build everything from scratch (for example, they can't use human steel to make railroads since that gets destroyed) while also diverting their resources to the war. And thanks to the massive influx of newfoals, production of food (and virtually everything else) is at an all time low.
    • Also in this TCB-verse, unicorns can turn human firearms against their shooters. So the PHL puts runes on their guns to make trying... painful.
    • The Fujin missile which took down the Great Equestrian airship was able to do so by absorbing all the magic the TCB!ponies used in a failed attempt to stop it.
    • TCB!Cloudchaser was hit by a poison that works like this — it absorbs any magic in the area and kills the person or pony slowly. Thankfully, Discord saves the day.
  • Mortality: Most likely Moran gets killed by either Holmes or Watson after Moran tries to kill the former.
  • In Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru, Flint's decision to have Wood injured badly enough to be removed from the game comes back to bite him when the replacement Keeper (Hermione) proves to be just as good and have better gear. Then she and Harry knock the opposing Seeker out of the game, making it impossible for Slytherin to not lose horribly since the only way to forfeit is for both captains to agree and Wood's still in the hospital wing.
  • Alicornundrum: Duke Blueblood is ultimately brought down when Nyx and her friends break into his home and find proof of his conspiracy against the throne, which is enough to horrify his son Prince Blueblood enough to help expose him. And all this only happened because the Duke spread photoshopped pictures of Nyx and her friends in lewd conditions as part of a petty smear campaign.
  • Harry Crow: Lucius Malfoy has 24 hours to withdraw the contents of his Gringotts vaults and anything left behind after then will be unreachable until his son becomes of age. Lucius is forced to miss the deadline because the Ministry has him under arrest and his wife can't do it for him because he never gave her permission to withdraw more than one hundred thousand Galleons per day. Later he gets another heaping dose when he does send his wife for those hundred thousand and she offers the money to Fudge to have the charges thrown out. Fudge promptly charges him with a bribery attempt and uses the cash as evidence.
  • Subverted in Pyrrha(c) Victory. One of the characters buys the equivalent of a love potion, intending to use it on the boy she likes...and eventually decides not to, reasoning that it would be wrong, and that it probably wouldn't work anyway. Despite this, she trips and accidentally doses herself with it. Moral of the story? Illegal substances are nobody's friend.
  • Escape From the Hokage's Hat: The Third Hokage's law about not telling anyone Naruto has the Kyuubi sealed in him. The parents of Konoha used it to turn him into a pariah. When Ino and Choji actually call their parents out on it and ask WHY they did it, the law prevents them from telling them the real reason and they end up looking like hateful pricks to an orphan.
  • Shikamaru's match with Tenten goes this way in A Drop of Poison. Tenten immediately opens with her best technique which involves throwing massive numbers of weapons at her enemy then, if they dodge, pulling the weapons back with the wires attached to them and throwing again. Unfortunately for her, each of those wires casts a shadow, which leads directly to her own shadow. As Shikamaru explained, once that happened, he just needed to grab one of her weapons to make her bring one to her throat. It didn't help that because she leaps high into the air, she injures her legs upon landing since she can only mimic Shikamaru's movements.
  • In Vapors Deidara accidentally drops some of his explosive clay on himself when Aiko closes the distance before he can blink. When he detonates all of his clay as a distraction to escape, the bit he'd dropped in his own lap blows his leg half-off.
  • In A Lion and His Cub Umbridge sets off an explosion in the Great Hall to try to convince a social worker that Harry's baby daughter would be safer in Ministry custody. When Harry is seriously injured while protecting her, the social worker approves his guardianship on the grounds that any good parent would "set aside their entire being for the child."
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: At the end of Season 2, when Demise is resurrected out of Ganondorf's body, he absorbs the Triforce of Power. However, the Elements of Harmony communicate with it, and turn it against him. The Elements and Triforce then work together to strike him down and render him Deader Than Dead.
  • Thousand Shinji has the next examples:
    • In chapter 8, wanting to pay Rei back for ruining his latest "Annoy Asuka" ploy, Shinji nudges Asuka to take Rei to a shopping trip. Asuka bites the bait... but then she announces that he would carry their shopping bags.
      The look on Shinji’s face would warm both Rei and Asuka for a long time as he was most definitely hoisted by his own petard.
    • In chapter 14, Shinji realizes his planning and scheming has backfired completely.
      Everything tied back to Shinji’s own scheming. He had been snared in a web of his own making. The phrase ‘hoisted by his own petard’ didn’t even begin to cover this sort of thing.
    • Initially, Shinji wanted to get back at his father for abandoning him, but after a while he cast his planned revenge aside because he had found a real family. Then Gendo hurt his family to try to keep him under control. So Shinji hurt him back.
  • In Children of an Elder God, Nylarathotep tried to drive Asuka to despair. He was successful… to the point that she decided to burn everything down, starting with him.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: Kluge forms an alliance with the Emerald Tablet, a rogue A.I. to help him and SEELE bring down NERV and cause Instrumentality. After getting inside the Geofront with Kluge's help, the Tablet quickly concludes that Kluge has outlived his usefulness and kills him.
  • Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations provides us a frighteningly karmic example: In one chapter, the impostor Makoto Fukami shoots Mitsuzane from behind, not once, but twice! Which is a callback from episode 26 of Kamen Rider Gaim where he shoots Kouta in the back.
  • In The Widower Maker, Harry uses a poorly-worded Marriage Law that forces half-bloods and Muggleborns to marry into Pureblood families (and be turned into all but slaves) to go scot free with killing all the women he is forced to marry and their families. And then uses that to ensure the law is repealed.
  • In One Flew into the Cuckoos' Nest a jealous Quire tries to psychically lobotomize Harry, only to be turned into a drooling vegetable when Harry's own mutant ability reflects the attack with increased force.
  • An excellent one from the oneshot Community Service: Voldemort's curse on the Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts position really comes back to bite him, when Dumbledore gets the Eureka Moment to allow all accused Death Eaters to get off with just community service. Specifically, two years mandated community service as DADA professor. It's so successful that by the time Voldemort gets his body back, Wormtail is the only free Death Eater left.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: If Sunset Shimmer had waited for the dance, she could have gotten the crown easily. Instead, she has Snips and Snails steal it early, is caught in the act, and banned from the dance.
  • In A Night in the Sculpture Garden, Irene Adler's plan to blackmail Molly Hooper into helping her backfires when Molly refuses and leaves her stuck as a statue.
  • Psimon in We Are Legion wipes Legion's memories entirely when they meet. Then the swarm of bugs Legion previously controlled go berserk and act on instinct, eating every living being in the camp, including Psimon himself.
  • The Tick vs... MY HERO ACADEMIA! had the battle between Eraserhead and the titular Tick be decided when Eraserhead bound Tick with his capture scarf, only to find it just means he made it easier for the invulnerable, superstrong crazy person to bash him around.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Rocker Racer Number One spends most of his villainous debut stealing from others and knocking out the opposition with his rocket-powered glove. Peter goads him into trying to use it on him, only for Peter to dodge at the last second. Number One's hand goes right through a wall behind Peter, leaving the upstart Villain's fingers horribly mangled.
  • In Coco fanfic "Los Dos Ernestos", Ernesto's plan to kill Hector backfires because he mistakenly drinks from the poisoned glass and gives Hector the other one.
  • Dial: The algorithm that Arnim Zola created to track down anyone anywhere in the world for HYDRA's benefit is taken by Jury Rigg!Dial and repurposed into an algorithm to instead identify all HYDRA agents worldwide, allowing SHIELD to excise them precisely.
  • Atonement: Going to Brockton Bay leads to the deaths of everyone in the Nine except Burnscar and Mannequin and the end of the Slaughterhouse Nine as a threat.
  • A Champion in Earth-Bet: Due to the Avatar's use of fate manipulation, the Simurgh ends up shooting herself with her own Anti Matter Tinker cannon. Which is all the opening the Avatar needs.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Mordru is more than powerful enough to wipe out the Legion of Super-Heroes single-handedly. But he isn't satisfied with his already vasts levels of power so he travels to the actual Hell to make himself one with the essence of Evil. As attempting the merge, though, he put himself in a vulnerable position which gave Colossal Boy and Supergirl the opportunity to destroy him.
  • In Children of the Atom, The Super Mutants stockpile lime to smoke Rivet City's defenders out. Jason uses it on its creators.
  • In The Child of Azkaban, Voldemort and Quirrel bring Harry down into the Chamber of Secrets to be fed to the Basilisk. The Basilisk becomes enraged when he finds out that he was trying to feed him a parselmouth and that Quirrel himself was not a speaker, causing the enraged snake to devour Quirrel and become a protector to Harry.
  • In the Harry Potter/A Nightmare on Elm Street crossover We Are Nothing, Snape's torment of Harry during their Occlumency 'lessons' causes so much damage to Harry's mental shields that he even breaks down the standard barriers everyone naturally possesses, creating an opportunity for Freddy Krueger to attack Hogwarts (albeit 'limited' to attacking anyone that Harry was already angry at in some way), with Snape being one of Krueger's first victims.
  • In eXtra power twin, after Fudge is voted out of office, he attempts to use the Imperius Curse on Scrimgeour to try and maintain some of his old authority, only to be automatically arrested and sent to Azkaban under the rules Fudge himself created about harsher sentences for those who attempt to attack the Minister of Magic.


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