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Hoist By His Own Petard / Comic Strips

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  • In one Peanuts comic strip in the late 1970s, Snoopy threatened the mean cat next door with an electric cane, threatening to "zap" him if the cat came near him again. Unfortunately for Snoopy, when he put it down, Woodstock landed behind him, curiously picked it up, and "zapped" Snoopy with it. (Causing the cat to laugh out loud and Snoopy to groan in the last panel, "That's the first time I've ever heard that cat laugh...")
  • A common occurance in Dick Tracy as many a bad guy ends up falling prey to their own inventions or traps.
    • The Brow tortures underlings with a leg press with huge spikes. When he's knocked out in a fight, he lands head-first onto it and nearly crushed.
    • B-B Eyes is a cop-killer who trades in stolen tires (this was during World War II). Trying to escape, he ends up in a garbage scow dumped into the bay and his body caught inside an empty tire.
    • Yogi Yamma uses a special chemical to make people suggestible. It turns out the chemical is highly viotalie and eventually causes a room fire that engulfs Yogi.
    • After being exposed as a long-wanted cop killer, a millionaire tries to flee the police by climbing down the ivy wall of his building. His foot comes loose and he ends up being strangled by one of the vines.
    • A mad doctor uses a blowtorch on his artificial arm to kill his victims. Chased by the police, he's running across the street and causes a gas truck to crash in front of him. The man then ends up falling with his torch arm right on a pool of gas. BOOM.
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    • A pair of twins kills people with ultra-high frequency soundwaves with special earplugs to protect them. When Tracy escapes such a trap, he chases and the twins run into the street. They both throw smirks at Tracy but, with the earplugs in, don't hear the truck barrelling down at them...
    • The boss of those twins, Flipside, is a corrupt record station owner. While trying to escape Tracy himself, he accidentally falls into a record compressor and gets his head crushed inside it.
  • Knights of the Dinner Table many times.
    • For example, they send their NPC servant to fetch a dented old crown from a room that they figured was trapped. The servant put the crown on his head, which was then revealed to be the powerful Crown of Lordliness. The Knights ended up serving him as he amassed followers and created the most benevolent and progressive ruler in all the realm. This trope came back to bite them again when the Knights years later ended up in his courtroom.
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    • Brian killed the last member of a species while taunting the patron god of said species, knowing that god could not directly act against mortals. Recovering an artifact from that creature, he made an ironclad wish (a pages-long, meticulously worded run-on sentence) that made him immortal. B.A. couldn't find a way to revoke his immortality; then he remembered that the god Brian had pissed off was allowed to attack other immortals and promptly decimated Brian's character.
    • Wanting to take advantage of their newfound wealth and the ridiculous amount of storage in their Bag of Holding, the Knights stocked up on all kinds of supplies and got into the habit of using the bag to transport their NPC troops. Months later, when they desperately needed the supplies from that bag, they started going through the inventory and realized they'd left their hirelings in there all this time. When they opened the bag, they saw that a fortress had been constructed and garrisoned in the bag. From that point on, the Knights had to negotiate with the very pissed-off NPCs anytime they wanted to use the bag's storage, which led to multiple wars between the two groups.
  • A political cartoon, about the attempted repeal of the A.C.A. by the US congress in 2017, pictures Obamacare as a thick wall with McConnel firing a bombard at it at close range. The cannonball naturally bounces on it, aiming back straight at McConnel's head.


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