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  • Grandpa tells Professor Hawkins "I wish I knew how to quit you."
  • Spoofing with Tristan and Duke. Episode 38:
    Duke: I know how she feels. Guys are proposing to me all the time.
    Tristan: Duke, I already told you I was joking!
  • Speaking of imaginary boyfriends, Episode 28 has Grandpa refer to Yami as "Yugi's imaginary boyfriend."
    • The abridged of the Doma filler episode where Yugi's soul is taken by the Orichalcos is called 'the break-up'.
  • Let's face it—any scene featuring Marik and Bakura will result in large amounts of this trope. In Episode 35, their teaming up was described with Florence claiming they should be partners. Marik responded “You mean like partners in crime?” and Florence replied somewhat sarcastically. In Episode 40, Florence tells Marik it's a good thing he's pretty, because otherwise he would have suffocated him. In the "Leather Pants" video, Marik says that both him and Florence are quite hot and sexy and there is a shot of them standing very close (with sparkles) to the line “And we're really Just Friends!” Right before they die at the hands of Melvin, they sing "Stand By Me" in a duet, and in a deleted scene, got a Dying Confession of Hate so foe yay-riffic it's currently the page quote for Foe Yay/Anime. Incredibly? Their Ho Yay only gets more blatant in Marik Plays Bloodlines:
    Prostitute: Okay, honey. Let's see what you've got.
    Marik: Hey, Bakura, isn't that what you said to me the first time we met? And then I showed you my Millenium Item.
    Bakura: Yes, I was very disappointed.
    • And in the Marik Plays Slender:
    Marik: You like stupid things, Bakura.
    Bakura: Yes I do, Marik. Yes I do.
    • A small one from Slender the Arrival part 4. Marik makes an accidental double entendre about holes when exploring a cave, leading Bakura to laugh uproariously for several long moments. What really sells it is Marik's comment that he's a 'giggly Gus' today—not only does it imply a long history together, but it also has a kind of natural teasing intimacy behind it.
    • Also, the following:
    Melvin: If you're done fighting with your girlfriend, we have a card game to finish!
    Florence: He's not my girlfriend!
  • In "Marik Plays Bloodlines", Marik and Bakura have this conversation:
    Marik: Most people already know that when you open a dictionary and look up the word "sexy" that is has a picture of me. More specifically a picture of my bottom because that's where I store my sexiness!
    Bakura: Marik, can I borrow your dictionary?
    • Apparently, Bakura was doing a crossword puzzle. A very hard crossword puzzle. Marik remains oblivious, as per usual.
    • And now in Marik Plays Bloodlines episode 6, Marik has admitted that he's gay and keeps a whole folder filled with Thiefshipping pictures on his computer. Amazingly, he still denies that any of this is true, at first claiming that Bakura couldn't hear him, and then blaming the ghost in the game. It's becoming increasingly obvious that the only thing stopping Marik and Florence from being full-on Yaoi Guys is Marik's inexplicable insistence that he is not gay.
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    • Though its status as canon is debatable, LittleKuriboh has written Marik and Bakura Go To Censored Town, set in the Abridged Universe where Marik and Bakura actually do get together. Though Marik still isn't gay. Apparently.
    Marik:: I mean, you know that I'm only gay for you! I'm very comfortable with my gayness where you're concerned. But as far as anyone else goes, totally hetero!
  • In Neko Porno - for shadowwolf, Marik and Bakura avoid going to fanfic prison on account of their pairing being pretty much canon anyway.
  • The episode "What would Yugi do?" has so much Yami/Yugi Ho Yay. From Yami's side at least.
    Yami Yugi: You should buy the whipped cream for know...for snacks.
  • Marik's Evil Council 3:
    Alister: Apparently we're supposed you.
  • Episode 45:
    Melvin: I always knew you wanted me to be inside you, Bakura!
  • Episode 47:
    Yugi: Aw, that's cute! Duke and Tristan got their own little hole!
  • Episode 48:
    Duke: We've gotta get outta here, dude! I kinda have this disease where if I don't have half-naked girls applied to my body at regular intervals... I die.
    Tristan: Want me to take my top off?
    Duke: I said half-naked girls!
    Tristan: How do you know it won't work if you don't try it?
    Duke: Dude. Trust me. I know.
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  • Episode 50
    Yugi: Man, what would Tristan do in this situation?
    Tristan: I'm going to touch your boobs!
    Duke: ...Why?
  • In "The Other Abridged Movie," Kaiba has security cameras set up all through out Japan and spends a lot of time spying on Yugi, including watching Yugi taking a shower everyday so that he can always be "one step ahead of him." There is also Joey's whole "surprise buttsecks" thing which he does to a random henchman and Yugi. Some example dialogue:
    Kaiba: When I'm through with you, you'll have to take a shower to wash away the smell of defeat. And I won't be watching you do it.
    Yami: Why would you be watching me?
    Kaiba: I don't know, I just wanted to make sure you knew I wouldn't be.
    Yami: But I never thought—
    Kaiba: Good because I won't!
    Yami: Why would I think that you were watching m—
    Kaiba: I dunno.
  • Kaiba admitting Yami looks 'damn good' in a tutu when examining a photo in episode 53.
  • Just a throwaway line, but in episode 21, as they're going into the virtual world:
    Joey: Bye, darling!
  • The WHOLE Joey-is-a-furry-Kaiba-dream-sex thing.
  • In "Marik's Evil Council 4", Melvin declares that now that Yugi is dead, Bakura will be his boyfriend and they will "go out ten times". Shortly afterwards, Zorc tells Bakura that Zorc And Pals is getting a second season, and Dan Green tells him that "Florence" has just been voted the manliest name ever. Bakura says that this is the happiest day of his life. Too bad that was All Just a Dream.
  • In the movie, Pegasus flirts a lot with Kaiba. "How about I smother your naked body in cream and lick it off?" indeed.
    • Of course, it could be Pegasus trying to piss off Kaiba for the lulz, since in the series he's established as Camp Straight.
  • A lot in Bonds Beyond Time Abridged. Firstly there's Yusei telling Jack Top Gun isn't gay because it's totally straight for two guys to call each other cute nicknames, play half-naked volleyball, and ride their phallic vehicles at extremely high speeds. Jack then says it's time to ride their motorcycles and play some half-naked volleyball.
    Jack: No, Yusei. You can be mine.
    • Later, Yusei reads a scene from a Jack/Yusei Fanfic.
    Yusei: And then Jack turned to Yusei and said "come over here and kick my engines into overdrive".
    • In the last part, Yusei and Yami get their Ho Yay on, with the latter continually adding 'no homo' and Yami replying ambivalently. Until...
    Yugi: No, Yusei. You can be mine.
    *sexy music plays; they eyesex*
    Yusei: No homo, right?
    • Jack Atlas seems to bear some kind of Ho Yay towards Yugi. He gives us this gem, complete with an uncharacteristically soft voice:
    Jack: The greatest duelist that ever lived. I love him.
  • Evil Council 5. This says it all:
    Marik: (To Bakura/Florence) But we had some good times, right? Like that time we all got together to play baseball in the desert. I was the pitcher, you were the catcher...
    Pegasus: I'm not even going to comment on that one.
  • Kaiba/Yugi in Kaiba Finally Snaps, a parody of Mel Gibson's infamous rant at his girlfriend. Apart from Kaiba's card game related double entendres and his obvious obsession with Yugi, there's suspiciously heavy breathing. Because Kaiba is angry at Yugi. Right.
  • When Kaiba enters the classroom in the second episode of season 0, Yugi says, "He's dreamy!"
  • There's oodles of this between Kaiba and Pegasus in the Conclusion to Kaiba's Real Father, but this takes the cake:
    Kaiba: I wanna know where I come from. I wanna know who my father was. I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me!
  • In one episode, in reference to him and Pegasus, Kaiba tells Mokuba to shut up because "Mommy and Daddy are talking. "
  • There's some of this during episode 15 between Bakura (not Florence) and Yugi.
    Téa: Hey, stop groping my Yugi muffin.
    Bakura: Bugger off, you had your chance.
  • In episode 69, Yami Yugi thinks about using his body to seduce a (male) truck driver, when Tea is the one who came up with that idea (using her own body, obviously). He only lets Tea do it in order to be courteous.
  • In episode 72, Kaiba does not take Yami Yugi losing to someone else well. At all. The cheating and breakup metaphor could not be more blatant.
  • In episode 78, Kaiba loudly declares that he has "made love to [Alister]". He corrects himself by saying that they just played a card game.
  • Kaiba touched Joey in Episode 80.
  • Episode 81 has oodles of Yami Yugi/Kaiba subtext. First Yami says 'Honey, please' to Kaiba when Kaiba keeps putting down the US Military. Then it turns out Yami Yugi practices card combos at Kaiba's house on the weekends. Kaiba wants to keep this secret, so they pretend to be just really in sync with each other out of skill, which no one buys into except Tristan. They even have names for the combinations and call out the fan ship name when executing a combo.

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