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  • As Watchmen is the Deconstructor Fleet of the superhero genre, the homosexuality subtext was addressed. Two male members of the Minutemen were having a closet relationship (with Hooded Justice not being a huge fan of monogamy, and a large fan of S&M), and the lesbian Silhouette was cast out of the team after she was outed (we're talking about The '30s here). Aside from these canonically gay individuals, readers have seen homoerotic subtext in many of the male characters's relationships, the most popular pairing being Rorschach and Nite Owl II.
    • This despite Rorschach's expressed contempt (in narration, no less) for homosexuals, though one might argue he was just deeply, deeply in the closet, even to himself.
    • The bottle of cologne that Rorschach nicks from Dan is specifically marketed towards homosexual men. Make of that what you will.
    • When Nite Owl brings Silk Spectre aboard Archimedes, she has to point out to him that she's safely on board and can let go of her hand, a clear hint of his attraction to her. Later and in similar circumstances, Rorschach shakes Nite Owl's hand, and Nite Owl has to pry his hand free of Rorschach's grip.
  • The new Before Watchmen: Comedian mini-series suggests that part of what drove Eddie Blake to become such a monster was the fact that he was really good friends with John F. Kennedy, and watching Jack get shot down just crystallized his own cynicism about humanity.
    • Wait, so Before Watchmen has retconned it being Eddie behind the Grassy Knoll?
    • Before Watchmen has the Comedian behind the assassination of Bobby Kennedy instead of JFK. It also includes this conversation:
    Jackie Kennedy: And by the way, "baby" isn't something you should call the wife of a man you love.
    Eddie Blake: Hey — I didn't mean —
    Jackie: —Any disrespect?
    Eddie: Exactly.
    Jackie: I wish you did. I think I'd like to be honestly disrespected.
    Eddie: Well, I'm...
    Jackie: —-not going to do that?
    Eddie: No, I'm not. Because—
    Jackie: You love—
    Eddie: —Respect him. Honestly.
  • In the movie, there's a folder on Adrian's computer (in a password-protected location, no less!) labelled simply as 'BOYS'. Make of that what you will.
    • And speaking of movie Adrian, he and Dan seem to be...close. More so than in the book.
  • In the Minutemen edition of Before Watchmen (as well as seeing the romantic/sexual relationship between Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis, and Silhouette's relationship with her long-term girlfriend, Gretchen), Hollis Mason (the original Nite Owl) and Byron Lewis (Mothman) are depicted as working together closely. Very closely. They even bicker Like an Old Married Couple, and Hollis frets constantly over Byron's fragile mental health. Hell, Hollis straight-up tells Byron 'you know I love you' at one point.
    • Lest we forget, it's Byron who buys Hollis the building that he turns into an auto shop; considering the fact that Byron is shipped off to the sanitarium soon afterwards, and seems to know he can't keep a hold on his already extremely shaky mental state for very long, it reeks of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy - if Hollis can't be with Byron, then Byron may as well do something to make him happy after he's gone.
  • In Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, we see Adrian as a young man lying in bed with another young man. He refers to him, rather euphemistically, as 'an...acquaintance of mine'.

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