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  • Vee/Poppy: Vee's friendship with Poppy definitely has moments that stretch far beyond that. Here are the more noteworthy moments.
    • In "Going Batty", when we're introduced to her, Bridget, and Edgar , she's the only one who's both willing to give her a shot and doesn't think she's creepy. Upon seeing her turn into a bat and understandably freaking out, she then immediately decides to help her keep her secret safe upon finding out why. The scene is almost like a love confession.
    • "Vee's Surprise Party" has her be the only one of the classmates not afraid of Vee's scary party, unlike Bridget despite already knowing her secret. In the later scene involving the video tribute, Poppy says "Most of all, she's our Vee " .
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    • "Little Terror" has Vee, Poppy, and Bridget watching Vee's baby cousin Nosy, but they struggle to keep her still. There's a conflict involving Vee and Poppy's clashing babysitting styles, though if you switch the context to two parents trying to raise a child, it's largely the same.
    • "Vampire Weekend" has a field day with this. They're constantly complimenting each other on how great the other person is, including when the pendant switches their bodies. They're also rather touchy feely with each other, especially when switching back.
    • While she doesn't appear in "Batty Fever", Vee speaks fondly of how she's able to work together with her.
    • In "Two Heads Are Better Than One", they're completely in sync when working with each other.
    • During the song in "Vampirina Ballerina", there's more emphasis on Poppy trying to cheer up Vee and encouraging her to take on the performance.
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    • The season 2 premiere "Vampire For President" definitely qualifies for this. It involves Vee and Poppy running for class president, but are hesitant to do so when they think their friendship is at risk. They then try to encourage each other that they'll still be friends regardless , being very touchy feely with each other. Their song also has a scene involving an arch made of balloons that looks like a wedding arch. When Vee wins in the end, they hug each other.
    • "Vee Takes The Court" shows quite a bit of this. The episode involves Vee being part of Poppy's basketball team since their team hasn't won a game all season. The first half of the episode plays out normally, but things get interesting in the second half. Poppy mentions that while she wants to win, she still wants to have fun. Her shaky tone of voice makes it clear she doesn't want to pressure Vee to win. Vee outright says she feels useless if she can't use her powers to help Poppy out. When she does use her powers, Poppy speaks with a sense of disappointment, as does Vee. Vee then realizes it's better to have fun and do your best, touching Poppy's shoulder. They then hug when winning the game.

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