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  • In this episode of Tim's Plants vs. Zombies: "Chuggaaconroy...I mean, not that I'm a judge of male beauty or anything, but if I looked like him I'd be a lot more proud of myself than I am now, 'cause he's friggin' gorgeous."
  • The near-legendary The Speed Gamers duet between Jon and Chugga, singing "A Whole New World." Made even better (or worse, depending on your point of view) by the fact that Jon really sells it.
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  • Jon joined in on Chugga's playthrough of Kirby's Epic Yarn. And...
    Chugga: "I thought I was going to be behind you and... do stuff."
    Jon: (is speechless, because he can't make the joke on Chugga's channel)
  • In one of his guest appearances on Retsutalk, Jon mentions that all three guys are sharing a room together at the time causing Slowbeef and Diabetus to make a few comments along this line. Jon doesn't even bother to make a counter arguement, claiming he knows it won't do a thing at that point.
  • Jon plays a Chugga-themed dating sim in this stream.
    Jon: "You fuckers brought this on yourselves! You fucking wanted this! Don't give me any shit!"
  • It's not all Jon/Chugga. During a Twitch stream of Super Mario RPG with all three guys, Jon mentions a couple people who got engaged during FanFest. This leads to the following conversation:
    Jon: "Emile? Tim? I have to be serious for a moment here."
    Tim: *burps*
    Jon: "I need to ask you guys something really important. Will you guys take each other's hands in marriage before me?
    Tim: "WHAT?"
    Emile: "HELL yes! ...I'm kidding."
    Jon: "You were REALLY excited about that. Wow."
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  • More twitter gold.
    Jon: "I was just hugging you. We do that!" -@Chuggaaconroy, 2014

Mario Party


New Super Mario Bros Wii

  • Right at the beginning:
    Chugga: "It's Chuggaaconroy with our special guest here!"
    Josh: "Don't touch me please."
  • Chugga's rendition of the Jetsons theme: replace George Jetson with 'Josh Jepson', Judy with 'Jonny' and Jane with 'Tim' and then listen to the reactions of everyone else.
    • Later in Brawl, he asked if since Tim was playing Princess Zelda, did that make Josh a prince since Tim was his "wife". Apparently because of his infatuation with this song, Chugga ships Josh with Tim now.
  • If you pay close attention to their second New Super Mario Bros. Wii video, you can hear LOTS of talk like this.
    • In the third vid Chugga says he can't live without Jon. Admittedly it's because he tends to die when Jon does, though.
  • When they reach the flagpole depending on where they landed, they'll go "I'm on top/bottom" or complain that they wanted to be on top.
  • Episode 7: "He was acting really weird. He wanted to kiss everyone last night."
    • Before that:
      Jon: "We brought a house."
      Josh: "We brought a house. That is shaped like a mushroom."
      Chugga: "We're starting our lives together!"
      Josh: "No! God, No!"
      Jon: "Why do you want to live with Josh so bad?"
      Chugga: "I meant all four of us."
      Josh: *at the same time* "He kissed me earlier."
  • In episode 8, Jon attempts to guide the others through the fortress...
  • "See, no one's understanding those Fire Ball Yum's or Fire Yum's Balls references we're making 'cause that was all stuff we did in the hotel room last night."
  • "Why are you just saying thrusting over and over again?" "Because it's THRUSTING!"
  • Near the end of episode 10, if you listen carefully, you can hear Jon calling the face Chugga is making "adorable".
  • Episode 11. Jon has invincibility, Chugga doesn't:
    Chugga: "Can I have a hug so I can have star power?"
    Jon: "No."
    Chugga: *fake sad* "You never hug me anymore!"
    Jon: "Because you don't deserve it anymore."
    Chugga: "Aww."
    Jon: *overdramatic* "I NEVER LOVED YOU TO BEGIN WITH!"
    Chugga: *fake sobbing* "You did not just say that! My life no longer has meaning!"
  • Episode 15 of NSMB Wii has Jon and Josh invoke this while the former is carrying the latter to safety.
    Josh: *faking on the verge of crying* "Thank you, Jon!"
    Jon: *ditto* "You're welcome."
    Josh: "You're such a good friend!"
    Jon: "I'm always there for you!"
    Josh: "Okay!"
    Jon: "Okay!"
    • It also has Chugga saying to Jon "What did I ever do to you, honey?" Jon almost ends the video right there.
      (Chugga dies when the group reach a ? Block. NCS opens it, releasing a Super Mushroom and 3 Ice Flowers; while Chugga's in the bubble, everyone takes an Ice Flower and Josh gets the mushroom)
      Chugga: "Thanks a lot! Wha—what are you targeting me for!? What did I ever do to you?"
      Jon: "We've been through this before!"
      Chugga: "What did I ever do to you, honey?"
      Josh: "Um, what?"
      Jon: "Aaaand that's where we stop the video. Good night everybody."
      (cut to the end of episode screen for a few seconds, before going back to the game)
  • Josh, twice in episode 17 (once per part):
    Josh: "God, me and Luigi are just...screwing each other!"
    Josh: *to Jon, after Jon nearly throws him off a cliff* "You just almost fucked me."

Subspace Emissary

  • Chugga has a screenshot of one of the enemies (looking like he's) sucking off Diddy Kong. Jon questions this.
  • NCS, in a Final Fantasy IV video, mentions a conversation he and Chugga had while they were staying with Jon in Canada... in bed.
  • In Episode 8, Chugga insisting that Jon pointed at him and winked, while Jon denies it by saying he was 'just blinking'.
  • In episode 9 during the 2 dark Samus fight, Chugga seems like he wants to see Jon naked.
    • Chugga says that Zero Suit Samus's name is technically inaccurate, as she's actually wearing a suit. Proton Jon replies to this with "It's not a birthday suit." Chugga brings up that it's Jon's birthday. Hilarity Ensues.
      ProtonJon: "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
  • In Episode 13 we get Tim/Fox and Ganondorf getting married to Master Hand.
    Jon: "So I've got two of my favourite characters, and you've got...two...I you like Fox?"
    Tim: "Yeah, I love him! ...Well, not like that..."
  • In the process of fighting Kirby, Jon proves Freud right and Chugga makes things worse.
    Jon: "Captain Falcon has tripped! Doing a seductive pose for you, Kirby!"
    Chugga: "You threw paper at him and he died..."
    Jon: "Why is the top button so sticky!?" (NCS laughs) "What did you guys do to this controller!?"
    Chugga: (Quietly) "In bed."
  • Episode 17:
  • Chugga: "You said 'we', 'screw' and 'together' so many times in that sentence."
  • In the finale, Chugga and Tim pull Jon into a group hug.
  • The bonus video:
    Chugga: *notices they got an Ike sticker* "Ike!"
    Jon: "Don't rub it in."
    Chugga: "I'll rub whatever I—" *cracks up* "Nevermind!"
    Tim: "Wow. I'm not touching that with a ten-and-a-half foot pole."
    Jon: *Sarcastic Clapping of sarcasm*
    Chugga: *laughs* "In the morning."
    * Jon gets back to the game, Chugga and Tim whisper "In bed" and giggle immaturely*

SSB Tournament

Mario Party 2

  • JonXWario. "D'oh, I missed you!" Chugga then openly asked the DeviantArt community to draw fanart of the pairing... and boy, did they ever! (Bonus: Jon actually favorited the video on YouTube.)
  • "Yoshi is licking my butt."
  • Chugga loves Tim's scat.
  • "69, 69. The shippers are gonna have a field day." (Both Jon and Chugga had 69 coins at the moment.)
  • "You blew me up the ass!" Which naturally leads to plenty of lampshading:
    Jon: "Are you sure you're straight?"
    Chugga: "Yes!"
    Jon: "Because you say things that people shouldn't say when they're straight."
    Chugga: "I meant cause the Bob-omb was on my butt! I didn't mean it like that... Oh my god."
    Jon: "And you wonder why there's slash."
  • Chugga wants to know if everything that touches Jon's crotch becomes his possession.
  • During Minigame Coaster, Chugga accidentally kicks Tim's leg and feels something in his pocket. He asks if it's his phone, but it's actually his wallet, and when Jon realizes what's going on he has this line:
    Jon: "He's just happy to see you."
    Chugga: (groans) "You just fueled so many..."
    Tim: (sputters incoherently)
  • Earlier in the Coaster, they get to talking about Jon's clothes. Chugga implies that Jon is wearing fewer clothes than normal. Jon, after making it explicitly clear that he's not naked, then goes on to tell them not to give the shippers more fuel.

Mario Power Tennis Tournament

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

  • Tim comments on the method of exchanging food (what appears to be regurgitating food into others mouths) in Episode 2 after Chugga shares food with both Jon and Tim. Lampshaded by Jon.
    Tim: "That was so kinky."
    Chugga: "Thanks for that!"
    Jon: "I was wondering who was going to break the ice about that subject."
  • "I'll save you! I'll save you! I saved you. I'm a hero...and I kissed you."
  • After Chugga looks like he's about to get crushed in Egg Engines:
    Jon: "I care more for saving Tim, sorry."
    Chugga: "Thanks."
    Jon: "You're welcome, buddy."
    Chugga: "Love you too."
    Jon: "Aww, you're so sweet."
  • At the end of the first bonus episode, Chugga says "We're all laying down on the same bed."

Wii Party

  • Chugga mentions "surprise buttsex" several times in Globe Trot.
  • "You reached down my pants with that arm!"
  • During Spin Off:
    Jon: "I feel like I understand you more and more every day, Emile."
    Chugga: "Yes. We get closer and closer by the day."
  • Chugga, to Jon: "If you're going to have a butthole seminar for me..." There's context. But still.
  • The entire "Friend Connection" Pair Game between Jon and Chugga.
    Tim: "Welcome to the newlywed game!"
  • Looks like Tim is riding my balls."
    • This is actually more of a shout out to Lucahjin, but the way Chugga says it...
    • And it should be noted that Chugga originally said "Looks like Jon's riding..."


  • Chugga making Jon bite his tongue.
    Jon: "All hail me! I'm sticking out my tongue!" [Chugga's character smacks Jon] "I bit my tongue, look at it! I bit my tongue because of you!"
    Chugga: "I could bite your tongue for you, me being a shark and all. I could bite it off."
    Lucahjin: "Oh god. What are we talking about?"
    Chugga: "I was just talking about biting Jon's tongue— what?"
    Jon: "Umm... What? Get out of this room!"
    Lucahjin: "You know someone is going to ship that really soon."
  • Lampshaded in episode 12.
    Chugga: "Jon and I are stuck together in solitary confinement!"
    Lucah: "Oh, here come all the shippers."
    Jon: "You can go down with this ship, I don't care."
    Chugga: "I won't go down on that!"
    *everybody groans*

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • From Episode 2:
    Josh: "I like that the screen is bigger, though."
    Jon: "I know. That was the one big thing we improved on."
    Chugga: "The power of HD!"
    Josh: "Yeah. And we're all close together. All the time."
    (In the background, Tim gets a Star Coin.)
    Josh: (in a sultry voice) "Although, I love being close to you."
    Jon: "You know you do."
    Tim: "Awww."
    Josh: "Kinda gay."
    Chugga: "I-I can picture, like... I can picture, like, J and J in a heart, carved on a tree."
    Josh: "Oh, no, no, no, FANFICTION!"
    • From the same episode, Chugga sings yet another Hannah Barbara cartoon song parody this time the Timstones. The ending lyric is this. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that, yes, they are aware of their fans tendencies to ship each other, and are lampshading it.
      Chugga: "When you, read our fanfics, you'll have a gay old tiiiiiiime! But you knew that already!"
  • From Episode 21:
    Chugga: "Jon, what were you doing with that Wiimote behind Josh?"

Fortune Street

  • During the Fortune Street filler, Jon attempts to explain Waluigi's crotch chop to Chugga. He immediately realizes how bad this sounds when all the viewers can hear is the grunts he's making.
    • During that same game, lampshaded:
      Jon: "What you can't see right now, ladies and gentlemen, but might be able to pick up on the mic, is [Chugga]'s jumping up and down on the bed." Chugga: "Woo-hoo!"
      Jon: "And making... wow, now this sounds really bad."
  • In "Delfino Plaza (Part 2)":
    Jon: "I have nice [titties]."
    Chugga: "He does."
    Super Jeenius: "This is Match Game all of a sudden."
  • Robbin Hood's Ruins. Just all of Robbin Hood's Ruins. The entire stream: Jon x Chugga, Chugga x Daisy, Chugga x virtually everyone, virtually everywhere. About halfway through Chugga lampshades it by accusing the other players of turning literally anything that comes out of his mouth (that's what she said) into innuendo.
  • Part 5 of "Peach's Castle" wastes no time:
    Chugga: (to Jon) "Give me 69."
    Stephen: "Yeah, Jon. Jon. Give Emile 69. Come on."

Wheel Of Fortune

  • Not even two minutes into Match 1 [½] when this happens, after seeing Jon's good-looking avatar:
    Emile: "Damn Jon, you got hot!"
    Tim: *laughs*
    Jon: "Um..."
    Emile: "I'm just returning what you said before."
    Jon: "I actually said that when your character was a female, though."
    Emile: "Oh. Well, well crap."
    Jon: *cue slow clap*
  • In round 2 of Hollywood, near the end, Jon loses his chance to win a million dollars. Emile decides to comfort him:
    Jon: "What're you- no! No! I don't care that much!"
    Emile: "I'm so sorry!"
    Jon: "I don't care that much! Emile! You do not need to hug me because of a fake million dollars!"
    Tim: "I'm witnessing something."

Mario Party 3

  • Emile, in "Creepy Cavern" part 2: "Did you just fart on my balls?" There's not enough context in the world.
  • There's also the (joking) Ho Yay between Jon (Waluigi) and Bowser. Bowser nearly always does his "sexy" pose for Jon every time he visits him. Jon mentions he is Bowser's husband and mentions forgetting their anniversary. Jon actually seems jealous when Daisy visits Bowser and does his sexy pose, making him talk like Christopher Walken. The other guys get in on it too, as Chugga says "Jon is the one wearing pants in that relationship."

Mario Party 4

  • During part 4 of Goomba's Greedy Gala, Jon says he left his swim trunks.
    Chugga: "I have trunks you can borrow."
    Jon: "All right, well, maybe."
    Chugga: "Jon is going to be wearing my pants!"
    Jon: "Please don't ever say that again."
    Chugga: "Why not, Jon? Do you not want the world to know that you were in my pants?"
  • The intro to Boo's Haunted Bash:
    Chugga: "The only thing scarier than this board is the fact that if Jon wins it, nobody can touch him!"
    Jon: "I like not being touched by guys. So let's make sure."
    Chugga: "Too bad!"
    • In other words, as pointed out in the comments, the scariest thing in the world to Chugga is not being able to touch Jon.
  • ~13:30 in "Other Minigames [Part 1]." Since only Donkey Kong and Yoshi are out, and Jon is currently playing as DK, Chugga asks Jon:
    Chugga: "So Jon, what's it feel like to be inside my body?"
    (Jon, Tim, and even Chugga all groan.)
    Jon: "Have I ever mentioned how much you never think about what you say? Because you never think about what you say."
    Chugga: "Shut up."

Dokapon Kingdom

  • After taking a glimpse of Chugga's female avatar.
    Jon: "Damn Chugga, you got hot!"
    Chugga: "You heard it here first, folks."
  • Some 130 videos into the main project, Chugga goes into a gushing fanboying over how Tim is good at everything he does including motor skills. Perhaps this was intentional as TRG have admitted all three guys are well aware of how they are shipped with each other and with Jon Lucah being an Official Couple now, everyone goes for the next best thing (Emilex Tim).

Wario Ware

  • 4:25 of part 2 has some interesting Protonconroy sprite action.


  • ProtonJon, in response to Chugga's constant cries of "SUCK IT!":
    Chugga: *about to ram into Jon with his kart and defeat him* "SUCK IT!" *misses* "AGH! Dang it! I almost made him suck-" *dissolves into laughter*
    Jon: "Would you stop saying 'suck'?!"
    Chugga: "I didn't mean to say it..."
    Jon: "I'm really starting to wonder what your sexual preference is!"

Mario Kart Double Dash!! Tournament

  • Within all the screaming at the end of the tournament, we hear this little gem:
    Jon: "Emile why are you humping him? Stop that!"

New Super Luigi U

  • In Episode three, Chugga compares Jon to Viridi, while his intention was saying Jon was being Tsundere, Chugga quickly realized that not only have people compared him to Pit, but thanks to his still-recent LP of Uprising, it was well-known at this point he openly shipped Pit/Viridi.
  • In Episode 8, Chugga says that he will suck all of the emotion out of the other Guys' cockles. He amends this to "the cockles of your heart," but not before Jon gets in a Big "WHAT?!".
  • In the ninth episode, the guys play another one-up minigame, where Chugga assumes they'll only end up with a handful of one-up mushrooms. When they leave with six extra lives, Chugga gives us a brilliant moment of innuendo:
    Chugga: "Oh, two or three-up my ass!"
    Jon: "...Youuuu might wanna rephrase that."

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • In Episode 5:
    Tim: "I'm on my knees right now."
    Chugga: "Fuck me down and pull my knees!"
    Jon: "He's not actually on his knees, in case anyone was wondering."
    Tim: "...yeah, that would be awkward."
  • An in-universe example for once: In Episode 8, Chugga mentions a couple video game characters he'd like to see a gay plotline for. Of course, he also says "I'm a stiff robin. I mean a straight robin..."
  • Episode 10 gets comedic mileage from Chugga calling Jon "mommy" then "master".
    Chugga: "I guess he prefers being called master to mommy."
    Jon: "...I'd prefer if you didn't call me either of those, to be perfectly honest."
    • Then later, after a tangent about the name Mortimer and an X-section:
      Chugga: "You handled the women, I handled the Mortimers... oh my god, I am so bad."
      Jon: "Have fun with that one."

Sonic Adventure

  • In Episode 36, during the madness that is Jon playing as Big the Cat:
    Jon: "Every now and then I can be fine."
    Emile: *lowers voice* "Oh you're fine, all right."

Mario Party 5

  • Most of the innuendo of Mario Party 5, predictably, comes from Chugga playing as Daisy. But in Future Dream Part 4 we have:
    Chugga, to Jon: "Enjoy your hot ass."
    Tim: "...Wow, OK."
  • In Minigame Wars Part 1:
    Chugga: "Aw, you shoved me out of the way again!"
    Jon: "Me? It wasn't me — I never touched you."
    Chugga: (dully) "I know." Beat
    Jon: "You sounded really disappointed in that. That's very concerning."
  • More Chugga/Jon, in Super Duel Mode Part 1:
    Chugga: "I'm just blowing your ass to smithereens!"
    Tim: "You're doing something to his ass."
  • And inevitably, when they play Beach Volleyball, Chugga (Daisy) and Jon (Waluigi) are on the same team, which is called... "Awkward Date."

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

  • The whole group tugs on a tree in the hopes of finding a secret. Nothing happens except, to quote Stephen, "we just made a whole ton of fanart if nothing else". note 

Rayman Legends

  • Jon and Emile's characters pose next to each other after the end of a stage in Episode 4.
    Emile: (sounding pleased) "I got to smell Jon's armpit there."
    Jon: "..I'm sure you're thrilled."

Mario Party 6

  • In part 4 of E. Gadd's Garage, Tim ponders whether to use a Flutter.
    Jon: "How big of a dick do you want to be, Tim?"
    Tim: "Uh, six inches?" (laughter) "I don't want to be extreme or anything."
    Chugga: "Man, only six?"
    (Tim uses the Flutter, the new star lands in front of Jon.)
    Chugga: "That was a lot more than six inches."
    Tim: "I'm not touching that with a — you know what, never mind."

Wii Party U

  • The entirety of the Dance with Mii segment, especially Jon's hate of it (especially with at the time of the video he was engaged to Lucahjin), Emile and Tim chuckling away and enjoying it a little TOO much. Emile's line really sells it.
    Emile: "You know, the best part is we don't officially have a fourth member so there's no position we can be in where Jon and I aren't holding hands."
    (Jon groans)

Mario Party 7

  • In part 3 of Pyramid Park they notice the Accidental Innuendo: "Toad Emile's new character dry bones Waluigi!"


  • In episode 20, Jon gets angry at the game. Emile, in an attempt to comfort him, tries to offer him a hug.
    Emile: (nervously) "..Jon? Jon?"
    Jon: "What."
    Jon: "No. No. Go away. I don't want that right now."
    Tim: "I'm witnessing something."
    Emile: (whining) "You never want this!"
    Jon: "This just sounds like an old married couple at this point. He tried to hug me, for those wondering what the heck just happened."

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

  • In episode 1, Jon shares some food with Emile's Kirby.
    Emile: "I've always wanted Jon to regurgitate—"
    Jon: "Wooow! No!"
    Emile: "Y'know, I'm sure my seventeen year-old self would've said that."
    Jon: "No he wouldn't've."

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