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Because how could a comic called Rock Cocks have any homoerotic undertones? The answer is that they don't. They let you know who is into who else quite explicitly.

  • While it is unknown about Seth Sterling's opinion on women, it is clear that he is very well into men (much to Elizabeth's frustration). His boyfriend is a "souvenir he picked up from Thailand" by the name of "Georgie", first introduced in the story in Track 3 when Suria and Steg walk in on them fucking in Seth's office. Neither seem bothered by it though.
    • Later on in Track 5, after he manages to release the Rock Cock's first album, Georgie manages to get Seth out of work and enjoy the celebration on a balcony at Redd's mansion.
  • Redd Wright is a lesbian, enjoying Rei's striptease and having a threesome with Rei and Meg in her room. Whether or not either of them are her girlfriend or both are or if they are just her groupies is never specified, though they do stay the next morning to fix the gang pancakes in nothing but an apron.
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  • Elizabeth Santos clearly has a thing for men, having a hopeless crush on her boss Seth. In track 5 however, Elizabeth is sent to wake up a naked Steg and Suria in the grotto. When he finds the two on top of each other, she has a hard time deciding which she should look at; Steg's "morning wood" or Suria's "pretty".
  • It is revealed that the Rock Cock's new roadie Dakota is a trans man.
  • Clover and Coral are a lesbian couple that had a clothing-optional wedding at Melody Faire's clothing-optional resort.

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