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The Original Series

  • The title characters are the spitting image of the stereotypical 1950s husband and wife, with Stimpy as the fussy housewife and Ren as the exasperated "working stiff" husband, and the both of them sleeping in the same bed.
    • This song is more than enough to know there's something going on, with lines like "I've never asked for anything, just your happiness" or "And just once, when you strike that pose, could you think of me?".
    • Despite the subject of Ren and Stimpy being more than friends appearing as a harmless joke in the original show, the Adult Party Cartoon series, though not canon, explicitly confirmed it.
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    • "Son of Stimpy": A distraught Stimpy is at the door calling for his "son" Stinky. Ren tries to get him inside to decorate the tree, then points up at the mistletoe hanging over the door, bites his lip and coyly bats his eyelashes. Stimpy screams "Gosh darn it, Ren! That's all you can THINK OF?!" in response. Yeah, that's not even trying to hide it.
      • In this same episode, when Stimpy's "son" introduces his fiancé to Stimpy and Ren. They are holding each other, and sing "Memoriiiiiies..."
    • At almost any given time, the pair truly can't stand to be apart for extended periods of time.
    • Nurse Stimpy's notorious sponge bath sequence — everything about it note . The whole thing played out as a straight guy "giving in to the moment" with another male.
      • The amount of times Stimpy orders Ren to open his mouth in that episode is highly disturbing. Granted he's Ren's nurse, but the mischevous/enthusiastic expressions he puts on while doing that encourages further implications (to those whose minds choose to go into the gutter). The medicine taking scene is really exaggerated, with making the spoon REALLY huge and Ren mentioning that "that's some icky-tasting stuff!" (had Ren mentioned that it was medicine, then it wouldn't have been so risque) and the countless Double Entendres ("Now, swallow every little drop! Isn't it tasty?").
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    • John Kricfalusi himself said different things about their sexuality at different points in the series' run - from "I don't know. It's not my business", through "when it's funny", to eventually confirming them as a gay couple in a magazine released in 1997 (and when he briefly revived the show for Spike TV under the name "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon.")
      • The aforementioned article also revealed that Stimpy is madly in love with Ren. In Ren's case, it was played as "take what you can get" and John, the original voice of Ren himself, once stated that he was bisexual. Doubles as Truth in Television and Fridge Brilliance, as any owner of a male dog can confirm.
    • Almost anytime the two share a reunion, Tchaikovski's famous "Romeo and Juliet Love Theme" plays. Considering it's a song associated with romance...
  • It's more than implied that Stimpy is a Living Emotional Crutch to Ren. In the very first episode (Stimpy's Big Day), Stimpy leaves Ren (temporarily). Ren falls to pieces within the first five minutes.
    • "Hermit Ren" has Ren isolating himself in a cave. He not only goes crazy, but also builds a meaty Stimpy. All while Stimpy created a meaty Ren.
    • The aforementioned "Son of Stimpy" consisted of Ren's heartbreak after Stimpy leaves to go find Stinky.
  • In "Big House Blues", Ren is giving Stimpy a kiss on the lips in his sleep, while lustfully murmuring that they will exchange saliva. However, when he wakes up, he screams and goes to wash his mouth. Note that Stimpy was awake the whole time, and eagerly kicks his foot in the air when Ren pets him and kisses him.
    • Not to mention, Stimpy was completely receptive to all of the affection. He was smiling and went limp after Ren kissed him. When Ren grabbed his jowels, Stimpy puckered up his lips in response.
    • He may have been fully or half-asleep. Only mentioned because this troper has observed cats kicking their legs in the same manner when sleeping.
  • In "The Great Outdoors", Stimpy suggests skinny diving. Ren tells him that he's crazy, and Stimpy responds with "Come on, Ren, you'll like it" as he looks back at him slyly while taking off his skin. The looks Ren gives Stimpy just sells it.
    • Even better is that blatant Sexophone music is playing while Stimpy is undressing. And since it's from Ren's perspective...
    • Not to mention, Stimpy's over-enthusastic demand to Ren to take off his underwear. Ren refuses for a few moments, but eventually gives in, and goes into the lake. When he reaches Stimpy, the latter says "Well, hello there" in a very seductive manner. It's so blatant that you wonder if there were any shippers on the staff.
  • In "My Shiny Friend", Ren orders Stimpy to make him his dinner and flirtatiously adds, "And now I'm going to change into something more comfortable."
  • In "Insomniac Ren", Stimpy has a dream in which he mothers a brood of cats and a puppy, who all resembles Ren and Stimpy. He even breast-feeds them. Then when Ren comes in yelling "What is this?!", they start crying, Stimpy uneasily exclaiming: "You're scaring the children, Ren!"
  • "Double Header" had a particularly heartbreaking scene that is very reminiscent of a couple breaking up. Ren is trying to send Stimpy away, but when Stimpy realizes this, he pleads him not to. Ren is sick of his antics and tells him to get lost, while Stimpy continues begging Ren to take him back.
    Ren: Well, I just don't like you.
    Stimpy: BUT I LOVE YOU! Please, please take me back! Please...
  • In "I Love Chicken" Stimpy falls in love with a chicken for Ren's dinner which upsets Ren, implying he's upset not only because of the fact that he's hungry but because he's jealous of the chicken.
  • "It's A Dog's Life" consisted of their new owner walking in on what SHE thinks is Ren humping Stimpy, to which she freaked out. In reality, Ren was giving Stimpy the Heimlich maneuver since he was choking. Afterward, she took them to get spayed and neutered.
  • "Robin Hoek" consists of Ren in the title role of Robin Hoek (Robin Hood), while Stimpy is Maid Moron (Maid Marian) and everyone else. They even get married at the end of the story. Ren later wakes up, relieved that it was all just a dream. ...At least until he sees Stimpy in his "Maid Moron" getup sleeping next to him.
  • In "Haunted House", there's a brief moment where Ren cuddles up to Stimpy while they're going to bed. What turns him off isn't the cuddling itself, it's just the fact Stimpy needs to shower. While Stimpy is taking said shower, Ren pokes his head into the bathroom and tells him "Don't forget to wash where the sun don't shine!" in a very flirty, sing-song manner.
  • "Dog Tags" not only had a Heartwarming Moment in the previous scene, it ends with Ren and Stimpy drinking some butter milk while gazing at each other tenderly. Even better? The closing iris was in the shape of a heart.
  • "Sven Hoek" introduces Ren's cousin, Sven. He's pretty much a Chihuahua clone of Stimpy, which leads to them being fast friends. When Ren comes home from work, he's horrified to discover a huge mess the two of them made. While that alone would freak him out, it's implied that he's also jealous of the bond they formed.
  • Ren and Stimpy's reunion at the end of "The Big Shot".
    • Ren crying and missing Stimpy, finding Stimpy's catnip mouse and hairballs on the floor. It all plays out exactly like a scene with a couple finding reminders of each other while apart.
    • Stimpy finally cracking and realizing he misses Ren. "I WANT REN! WAAAAAAUUGGH!!!"
  • "Stimpy's Pet" offers this gem. Ren goes to bed, but finds Sid (Stimpy's pet circus clown) in it with Stimpy. Naturally, Ren is none too pleased about that. It's supposed to be played in the same manner that a pet owner doesn't want their pet sleeping on their bed. But considering that Sid is in Ren's spot, it's something else entirely.
    • It's then followed by Sid saying "Oh, I get it. The pink mosquito wears the pants in this family." in response.
    • When Stimpy believes that Sid ran away and doesn't love him, he says, "But I loved him! I loved him more than anything in the world! ...Except you, Ren..." Subtle.
  • For as much as "Ren's Brain" is filled with Nightmare Fuel, it has its moments. Brain Ren, oblivious to his situation, goes to work like normal. He gets a promotion, then we see that he's picked up flowers and some kind of bottle (presumably champagne) while driving home. All while he's excited to tell Stimpy about it.
    • Brain Ren confronts Stimpy and what he doesn't realize is his own body, even calling Idiot Ren a homewrecker. It plays out so much like someone coming home and finding their partner cheating on them.
    • Even Stimpy's montage of playing with Idiot Ren almost comes off like they're having an affair.
  • "Space Dogged" consists of the two in 1950's Russia being launched into space. During the launching sequence as they go faster and faster, this happens. Ren, of all people, lets out a Dying Declaration of Love.
    Stimpy: Ow, my head!
    Ren: I... love you!
  • There's something a little too suggestive with the way Ren grabs Stimpy's face and grins at him during the ending bit of "Ol' Blue Nose" when the two sing together.
  • Throughout "Weiner Barons", it might be easy to get your mind in the gutter. But one telling moment has Ren grab Stimpy and give him a noisy kiss on the cheek in a fit of joy. Needless to say, Stimpy was pretty happy about that.
  • At the end of "No Pants Today", Ren patiently explains AGAIN that Stimpy doesn't need to wear pants. He then offers Stimpy a dress to wear and flirtatiously says, "However, this lovely gown might look nice on you!" while coyly batting his eyelashes.
  • There's an in-universe slip-up that happens during Stimpy's cartoon in the episode of the same name. The main character, Poopy, says "Ren..." in Stimpy's voice before clearing her throat and saying, "I mean, Explodey... How about a kiss?". In fact, the way the cartoon plays out almost feels like Stimpy made a subliminal love letter to Ren...

Adult Party Cartoon

  • "Onward & Upward": Ren forces Stimpy to repeat "You're the pitcher, I'm the catcher!" several times. What prompted the line was a conversation about Stimpy wanting to have sex, but Ren said he's too tired. Then later, there's a callback when Stimpy tries to ask again, but stops midway through thinking Ren is too tired again. Ren has other plans, however, and seduces him. This is coupled by Stimpy's nose taking on a certain shape and hearts in his eyes.
    • Earlier, when they arrive at their new home (a spittoon), Stimpy flirtatiously offers to carry Ren across the threshold like newlyweds. Ren not only obliges, but smiles cutely and bats his eyelashes.
  • However brief, "Fire Dogs 2" had an instance where the Fire Chief asked if the two of them liked women. Ren nodded a little too enthusiastically. Stimpy, on the other hand, asked what a woman was. Ren turns to him and irritably exclaimed that he (Stimpy) will take what he can get. Obviously, it's indicating that Ren wants the women to himself. Except instead of saying something to that nature, he's pretty much telling Stimpy "I'm the best you've got". Jealous much?
  • In "The Altruists", there's the infamous saw-log scene between Ren and Stimpy which almost plays out just like a gay sex scene. It contains Stimpys pants, gasps and his orgasm as Ren goes at sawing. Along with that, Ren stops and orders Stimpy to beg [for him to keep sawing], which Stimpy submissively does. It ends with Ren's saw going limp, and Stimpy wanting to do some aftermath cuddling.
    • The beginning of the episode consisted of Ren applying physical abuse on Stimpy in various ways. The kicker, however, is that Stimpy's reactions indicate that it's meant to be kinky and even Percussive Therapy.
    • The homeless widow says that she had to give up her bra to buy her son a neck. Ren says to Stimpy that he should give her his bra. Stimpy protests sadly, since the bra he wears was given to him by Ren. On their anniversary. Anniversary.
    • Every now and again, Ren refers to Stimpy as "My eediot". Not "my friend", not "This/The/That eediot". In his own way, Ren is pretty much saying "He's an eediot, but he's my eediot."
  • In "Naked Beach Frenzy", Stimpy is jealous that Ren checks out all the women and tries to get his attention by wearing a thong. He also calls him "honey" throughout the episode.
  • "Stimpy's Pregnant" pretty much pushes it to eleven throughout the episode. Stimpy revealing he's pregnant with Ren's child is only scratching the surface.
    • The opening credits has this gem: "The makers of this picture would like to urge you to consider Stimpy for Best Actor in the role of the Wife of the Chihuahua."
    • Stimpy plays housewife and expecting mother to Ren all throughout.
    • They sometimes call each other "honey" or some other form of pet name. In Ren's case it was more sarcastic at first, but then became genuine later on.
    • Stimpy cheekily says "I love you tooooooo!" in response to Ren's snark.
    • Ren at one point reveals that Stimpy has apparently slept with the milkman, the mailman, the refrigerator repairman, and a Jehova's Witness. And a boy scout troop. All in reference to the fact that they had failed to impregnate him while he succeeded. Even though he's bragging, he sounded considerably upset about all that...
    • Mr. Horse addresses Stimpy as "Mrs. Hoek" throughout the hospital scene.

Marvel Comics

The comics even contain their own little gems, whether intentional or not.

  • In "The Maltese Stimpy", Ren is Sam Spayed while Stimpy is Dame Stimpette in Ren's dream sequence. Ren/Sam calls Stimpy/Stimpette "Doll" and "Babe" all throughout. There's even one sequence where you can swear it looks like he/she is about to kiss him... With Ren/Sam smirking at him/her suggestively.
    • A little scene consists of Ren/Sam rehearsing the end of their deal. The dialogue and the fact he's practicing looks a lot more like he's planning to break up with him/her!
    • At the end when it turns out to just be a dream, Ren double checks to see if Stimpy is actually a girl, finding he's not. What he's relieved about isn't exactly clear...
  • In "Dressed For Some Mess", Ren is playing the role of a fashion designer with Stimpy is his model. The two at one point go on a photoshoot, with Ren taking the photos while Stimpy poses. The dialogue is just dripping with one Double Entendre after another! Especially when some of Stimpy's poses are a little too suggestive.
    Ren: That's eet, baby! Work with me! Work with me!
    Stimpy: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, Ren!
    Ren: Ooh yah! That's the kinda suga poppa likes! Now suck in that butt!
    Ren: Geeve it to me, Stimpy! America wants eet! And you got eet! You're oozin' weeth eet! Drippin' een eet! Good good! Now, keep off my seat covers!
    • When Stimpy is accepting his award, he thanks Ren as both his exercise coach and photo re-toucher with this gem. "...Who, in unison, gave me such a smooth-lookin' butt."
    • Later, the two of them are propositioned to pose nude. Together. And they do so with gusto.
  • "Ren & Stimpy's Eencredibly Patheteec Excuse For A Halloween Eesue" has the boys literally working the graveyard shift. It leads to Stimpy showing Ren his tombstone in preparation for "The Big Sleep". He asks Ren to show him his, which Ren at first refuses to do. When he finally relents, his tombstone reads "I'm Weeth Stupeed" with an arrow pointing to the left. It becomes a Heartwarming Moment because Ren basically has said in his own way that he wants to be buried alongside Stimpy for all eternity. Stimpy realizes this and hugs him with an exclamation of "Awwww!" while Ren is embarrassed.
  • Ren grabs Stimpy's cheeks and kisses him on one of them in "Go Bad".
  • At the end of "Yule Time Log", Ren is in Stimpy's arms, and in a reversal of the scene from Son of Stimpy, Stimpy coyly points out that they're under the mistletoe.

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