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  • Name any male correspondent and they'll have been shipped with Jon Stewart - in the case of Stephen Colbert, it's almost canon (to the extent that people have started shipping the actors.)
  • Then there is whatever is going on between Jon Stewart and Brian Williams whenever the latter is a guest. Same with whenever Denis Leary is on.
    • Jon seems quite pleased when Brian Williams comes up on Chatroulette.
    • A little known fact: Jon and Brian Williams went to prom together.
    • After Jon reaches into Brian Williams's inside pocket:
      Jon: You have three nipples!?
      Brian: ...You didn't seem to mind last night.
    • In an interview with Pete Townshend, Stewart mentions Townshend wrote that Mick Jagger was the only man he thought 'I'd have sex with that guy' about. Jon?
      Jon: Although, let me ask you this: have you met NBC News’s Brian Williams? [Points to camera] Coming for you Williams!
  • "Stephen Colbert" (the character)/Bill O'Reilly is, unfortunately, canon. To the point where the first version of TCR's website had a fanfiction section with slash between them.
  • "Stephen"/Tom Hanks is also canon. They kissed and declared their love for each other.
  • In A Colbert Christmas, Stephen Colbert had almost all the guests (which of course included Toby Keith, Jon Stewart, and a guy in a bear suit) under the mistletoe at the ends of their respective songs. "Well, this is awkward..."
    • Notably, after Stewart left they both looked at each other and pressed their hands together yearningly through the glass of the door for a long moment. It's more than likely that they are fully aware of the subtext.
      • Fully aware? At this point, they're actively encouraging it.
  • Is this Ho Yay enough for you?
    • Or this? Or even this?
  • Recently in an interview with Jon Hamm, Jon (Stewart) told Hamm that if his wife gave him a free pass to have sex with anyone, he would choose Hamm. Later in the same interview he told Hamm he hoped the man was an alien, because "that kind of handsome, it's just not right."
  • Or the bit in the introduction to the 2006 Oscars ceremony where Jon wakes up in bed next to George Clooney, and then does a happy dance when George tells him it's not a dream?
  • Stewart and Will Ferrell apparently have a manchild together. Not a lovechild, because it wasn't love...
    Jon: (sotto voce) But it was good.
    Will: It was forceful! It was against someone's will—
    (Jon raises a hand)
  • "The White House Beer Simulation" sequence had Jon and Wyatt Cenac dancing and groping each other.
  • In the old 'Even Stevphen' segments that Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert used to do when both were correspondents on the show, they had a Slap-Slap-Kiss variation on this; in one segment, a vicious on-air fight saw Carell suggest that they 'commentate with other people for a while', to which Colbert reacted as if Carell had suggested they get a divorce:
    Stephen Colbert: You've been commentating with Robert Novak, haven't you?!
    Steve Carell: Bob respects me.
    Stephen Colbert: I can smell him on you.
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  • Jordan Klepper apparently has a thing for Jon's "soft Jersey lips."
  • Jon Stewart may have departed, but the Ho Yay has not — just witness Trevor Noah proxy-flirting with Anderson Cooper on the Nov. 3, 2015 episode.
    Trevor: To be fair, when someone as handsome as Anderson Cooper is being mean to you, it still sort of feels like a compliment. 'You want to bully me, Anderson? Sure, I'll do your homework — thanks for asking me!'


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