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Ho Yay / Spider-Man/Deadpool

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  • Might as well be called "Spider-Man/Deadpool: Ho Yay the comic". The tagline on the cover for the story is even "Isn't it Bromantic", and we're immediately introduced to a scene of the two being tangled together face-to-face in Dormammu's web with Deadpool ranting about how turned on he is.
    Deadpool: If you don't stop squirming, I am totally going to "unsheathe my katana" all up against your "spider eggs". And by "katana", I mean-
    Spider-Man: What is wrong with you?!
    Deadpool: What?! I'm a red-blooded Canadian male! It's friction and junk biology and spandex grinding on leather and just please stop your wiggling and webbing-
    Spider-Man: Would you just shut up so I can think!
    Deadpool: Don't yell at me... that's totally one of my turn-ons.
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  • Deadpool and Spider-Man dance together. On stage. In their underwear. It's as glorious as it sounds. Also, icing on the cake is that Deadpool wears Spider-Man boxers.
  • Deadpool: "I will not let you die!! Be my bottom and live!" 'bottom' being a term meant for the partner in a gay sexual relationship who is on the receiving end.
  • While fighting bad guys, Spider-Man tells Deadpool that he has something for him later. Deadpool tells him that he's going to die if it's a ring.
  • Spider-Man is really annoyed when he realizes he's starting to like Deadpool and eventually is adamant in believing Deadpool is changing, despite his assistant Anna Maria warning him. Basically he sounds like a girl insisting she can change her bad boyfriend. Later he is seriously hurt and pissed finding out that Deadpool supposedly only befriended him to get a shot at killing Peter Parker (whom Deadpool naturally believes a different person). Meanwhile Deadpool clearly started enjoying Spider-Man's company for real and admits to having screwed up. The hilarity being that neither of them had planned to like each other, but both ended up doing so anyway. They eventually consider themselves best friends.
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  • In the Monsters Unleashed tie-in one shot a group of schoolgirls lure Deadpool to their school in order to summon his "heartmate", who they think is his wife Shiklah so their dead headmistress can posses her body, but instead they summon Spider-Man who insists he and Deadpool are Just Friends when told the details.
  • A rather large one. Taking place in issue #4. Spider-Man calls up Deadpool, and tries to hang out with him, feeling he's starting to change for the better. Deadpool arranges a double-date for them, inviting women he knows. Peter wonders how Deadpool is dating someone when he has a wife, and Deadpool reveals his top 5 free-pass list, which was approved and signed by Shiklah a while back. As it turns out, Spider-Man is on his list.
  • While watching Spider-Man rage fight in his black suit, Deadpool comments that he's both terrified and turned on by him.
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  • In issue 14, Spider-Man and Deadpool are having a big fight. Nightcrawler thought it was just a sparring session. He calls to both of them, and Deadpool tells him to refer to them as life partners.
  • In recent chapter 17, Spider-Man and Deadpool talk while confronting Itsy Bitsy, who asks if they're finally gonna kiss. Later in the fight, they're talking once again, but Itsy jumps between them this time, and says she's getting jealous. When she asks about Deadpool having children, she goes on to say that the three of them could have babies together.
  • The most blatant example has to be the final issue, where Spidey and Deadpool share a hug, only for Peter to stop because it's implied that Deadpool was having a Raging Stiffie.
  • Some of the official artwork throws all subtlety out of the window as well. One of the variant covers features Deadpool upside down with flowers in his hand and hearts around his mouth as he tries to kiss a surprised Spider-Man. Another includes Spider-Man upside down, with Deadpool holding his head, and moving for a kiss.


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