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This is an Ikuni anime. Gayness is expected.

Reo and Mabu

  • Reo and Mabu, full stop. It’s confirmed that they have romantic feelings for each other and that they are a couple, with their Spin-Off manga and Character Blog detailing their lives together and their relationship coming off as more than Heterosexual Life-Partners. It helps that the manga is published in a Boys' Love magazine and it’s essentially about them raising a baby together.
    • Reo says outright: "We are a couple, the ultimate couple!" as he dances a routine from West Side Story. It can hardly get more confirmed than that.
    • As the series goes on, we get more and more glimpses of their relationship. Mabu due to him sacrificing himself for Reo seems to have become a The Lost Lenore for him, with Reo vehemently rejecting the “new” Mabu and viewing him as a shell of a replacement for the Mabu he once knew, very clearly broken by his loss.
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  • The ending sequence of Reo and Mabu’s song has Reo ripping open Mabu's shirt, though this is offset by how he also appears to pull Mabu's heart out of his chest. The novel adaptation heavily implies that the heart extraction is a metaphor for sex.
  • On their questionnaires, Reo says his favorite color is white while Mabu says his is black. White and Black are their respective motif colors, and you can sometimes see them drinking out of "love" and "desire" cups that are those colors respectively, each belonging to their motif owner. In the penultimate episode, Mabu is shown drinking out of Reo's "desire" cup.

Kazuki and Enta

  • Episode 3's secret reveal is basically Enta showing how gay he is for Kazuki. Besides the kiss in episode 2, Enta has also sniffed Kazuki's soccer jersey and sucked on the mouthpiece of his recorder. Even before that, in episode 1, Enta's betrayal at Kazuki quitting the soccer team, his insistence on the strength of their friendship, even how quickly and easily he accepts Kazuki's hobby was all... very telling.


Kazuki and Tooi

  • In episode 2, Kazuki (who is again Disguised in Drag) and Tooi are chasing Nyantaro the cat through an amusement park, and they have to pretend to be a couple and hold hands the whole time or they'll get kicked out.
  • Episode 4 shows Kazuki being rather touchy with Tooi, such as hugging him and sweetly asking him to kidnap Sara.
    • Additionally, Tooi blushes when he sees how beautifully Kazuki eats his soba.
  • Episode 7 and 8 appear to be pushing for more Ship Tease between the couple, with The Reveal of them meeting before, Kazuki's desperation to prevent Tooi from leaving, and Tooi clearly hoping for Kazuki to remember they have met. He's also shown to cry when he lashes out at Enta, something he doesn't normally do outside of overwhelming emotions focusing on himself.
  • On some magazine cover, All of Sarazanmai characters cosplay as Alice in Wonderland characters. While we see that MadHatter!Reo holds hands with March Hare!Mabu, we can also see that Cheshire Cat!Toi with his two hands holds Alice!Sara-Kazuki's shoulder and arm.

Tooi and Enta

  • The SNS promotional conversations imply that Tooi likes to hang out with Enta more than he lets on:
    • When Kazuki couldn't make it to one event on Enta's birthday, Tooi ended up coming early to meet up with Enta and even gives him free tickets to his family's soba shop. Mind you, that last part happens the day afterwards, saying that he totally forgot and it would be a hassle to hand them over that day.
    • The final conversation has Tooi secretly take a picture of Enta while they got a bite to eat (then presenting it in a context where it wouldn't be suspicious), and the photo itself features an Enta themed dessert placed in front of where Tooi should be sitting.
    • It should also be noted that all three photos Toi is shown to have taken all focus on Enta (with only one including Kazuki), and for Enta's photos after the first half, all of them exclusively contain Toi.
  • One of the On the Next previews has Enta happily bragging about how he knows about "all kinds of kisses" to a surprised and embarrassed Tooi.


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