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Sailor Moon codified many of the tropes for the Magical Girl genre, including the trend of subtext that magical girls are lesbians or bisexual. Fitting, considering many well-known sailor stereotypes.

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     All Continuities 
  • The manga was already leaning on Les Yay, given its girl power themes and one token boyfriend among an otherwise all-female group that become True Companions.
  • There were childlike villains in the SuperS Movie who once said something to the effect of being a child forever being a good thing. Your translation may vary, but Michiru responded that being an adult was better because "there are lots of fun things only grownups can do!" Haruka blushed as red as a tomato. The first North American dub tried to tone down the subtext by making Michelle say, "Life is full of wonderful experiences from beginning to end!" However, Amara still blushed, at least on the DVD.
  • Rei/Minako:
    • Rei/Minako is pretty popular in the fandom. In the Stars arc of the manga Rei and Minako even discuss giving up dating because they'd rather be protecting their Princess. (Of course celibacy does not equal Les Yay, but if they want to give up dating and be with each other, then that's a different story.)
    • In the same chapter in the manga, Yaten demands to know if they have become distracted by boys from protecting their princess and lost their way. They then tell her and the rest of the Starlights, "We don't need boys to get along. Is that bad?", all while leaning closely on each other.
    • There is also tons of Les Yay between Minako and Rei in the manga, to the extent that their last scene together in Stars has suspiciously similar vibes to Haruka and Michiru...
    • In the live action adaptation, Minako's change in character reflavors her relationship with Rei as Foe Yay for a good while.
    • There's also the mentality of "Women from Venus, Men from Mars"(except Rei's a female) and that both the Venus and Mars gods, were if at one point, lovers.
    • In an episode of R Chibiusa causes the inside of a restaurant to go into zero-gravity. All the girls are inside and start floating. Rei's head floats right up Minako's skirt. From the English dub:
    Raye: What a totally weird feeling.
    Mina: Uh, do you MIND!
    • In the Act 28 of Crystal, Minako's birthday gift to Rei is a bouquet of Casablanca Lilies, the same gift she used to get from her first love.
  • Rei/Usagi:
    • There is also Rei/Usagi mainly because of their squabbles, moments where they get along, and Rei's general hints of being a tsundere towards Usagi, especially by the final season.
    • This happened in the manga, 90's anime and Crystal for that matter. Usagi's crush on Rei is practically canon in either version.
    • In the manga Act (and Crystal) that introduces Rei, Usagi first meets her on a bus and then decides to follow her around because she's pretty. When Rei mistakes Usagi for an evil spirit and uses one of her "Evil Spirits Begone" talismans on her and apologizes for it, Usagi thinks to herself that she can forgive anyone who's that beautiful.
  • Makoto/Ami:
    • Makoto/Ami seems to be a popular pairing, mainly from the anime. Most of that comes from an episode in Super S where they are at a college dance party and none of the men want to dance with Makoto because she's "too tall" for them. Well, except for Tigers-Eye but he's just using her for his villainous plot. Ami on the other hand, was the only person who genuinely wanted to dance with Makoto and doesn't seem to think that she's too tall.
    • Also, in an early episode, Makoto blushed when she accidentally looked up Ami's skirt.
    • Even Mako's first episode in the original anime dropped some Makoto/Ami hints at least on Ami's part. After introducing herself to the group Makoto goes over and starts petting Luna who is in Ami's arms. The camera then focuses on Ami who, for about two or three seconds, is noticeably blushing as she stares at Makoto's smiling face before the plot rudely interrupts the moment. Make of that what you will.
  • Both Rei/Minako and Makoto/Ami fans would Squee! in their final appearances as bride maids in the Stars manga at Usagi and Mamoru's wedding. Both pairings are close to each other as if they were getting married themselves(Rei holding Minako's arm, Ami and Makoto holding hands).
  • Also, Rei Hino also invokes this trope at times that Even the Girls Want Her and the idol of her all-girls school. The side-story of Minako attending Rei's school is full of Les Yay involving Rei.

     Sailor Moon Anime (Original and Dubbed Versions) 
  • Despite them being forced to remove any explicit confirmation that Haruka is lesbian, several lines in the original DiC dub have an extreme homoerotic subtext. The way she emphasizes certain words like "Straight" and "Plowing" while simultaneously holding lovingly onto one of the other girls almost comes across as the actors/directors making fun of the whole situation.
  • There's one scene in the anime where Usagi day dreamed that she was kissing Motoki and comes back to reality.......only to realize that she was just about to kiss Makoto. Meeeep.
  • Usagi had a dream where Ami leaving (for Germany) was shown right alongside Mamoru leaving her (having broken up with her in the previous episode), complete with falling Cherry Blossoms. Of course, Usagi's always had a bit of the drama queen about her, but still.
  • In regards to Ho Yay, the R movie had a male alien named Fiore who made friends with Mamoru mainly because of how kind Mamoru was to him when they were kids, which involved Mamoru giving him a rose and Fiore promising to return with the most beautiful flowers he could find. He expressed jealousy towards Usagi upon finding out that she's Mamoru's girlfriend and even tried to kill her due to being possessed by a flower that magnified his hate against humanity. And to cap it off, Usagi was genuinely concerned that Mamoru might feel romantically about Fiore, and the other senshi seemed to think that was possible as well. For his own part, Mamoru was clearly dedicated to staying with Usagi, but there are indications for viewers, that he might have felt that way, when they were kids. For example, after he remembers their goodbye, he finds himself staring at forget-me-nots, and then Usagi tells him that forget-me-nots also symbolise true love. It might be worth noting that this movie was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, who's well-known for putting gay subtext and text in pretty much everything he does.
  • Also, there was one episode of Makoto thinking that Haruka's so absolutely cool. she wanted to become a strong, independent girl like her. Her friends mistake her for dating Haruka.
  • In the anime, Haruka flirts with a lot of girls, including Usagi and a hotel maid who appears to reciprocate (or at least be flustered). In the latter case, Michiru walked in the room when Haruka was putting the moves on said maid and seemingly acts jealous. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Because of her flirtatious nature and Even the Girls Want Her, Haruka has Les Yay with pretty much every girl she runs across who isn't an enemy. The inner senshi are, except in episodes where it's actually a plot point, pretty open about their girl-crushes on Haruka.
  • Rei seems to really admire Michiru's cool, ladylike beauty even more than she crushes on Haruka.
  • Rei's Not a Date with Maya Touno, a one-shot girl. The other Inners were almost completely sure that they were girlfriends.
  • There was also one of the victims of the day in the Super S series: the fashion designer Yoshiki Usui, who was heavily implied to be gay and in some sort of relationship with his assistant. Fish-Eye targets him and doesn't bother to pretend to be a woman this time.
    • Not to mention, the English dub turned Yoshiki and his assistant into brothers and considering that they have previously tried (and failed) to cover up Michiru and Haruka's relationship by making them into cousins... Hm!
    • In episode 135, Tigereye blatantly flirts with Fisheye. Fisheye's response? "Why did I have to fall for someone like you, all muscle but lacking in brains?"
  • Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren are villains in the last season, Sailor Stars, who have a very good degree of Les Yay. They act like a Slap-Slap-Kiss couple and eventually, when Aluminum Siren dies Lead Crow is extremely heartbroken.
    • Not to mention that Sailor Lead Crow spends much of her remaining screen time mourning Sailor Aluminum Siren's death and saying things like "Siren loved amusement parks.". Plus she tearfully apologizes to Siren just before she dies by being sucked into a black hole.
    • The fact that the two of them are drawn as deliberate Evil Counterparts to Usagi and Rei just makes the Les Yay factor even more obvious including having Lead Crow acting very Tsundere to "her rival".

  • Hotaru/Chibi-Usa:
    • The Stars manga includes a scene of them holding hands; when Usagi points this out, Hotaru basically says 'Don't you hold hands with Mamoru?'
    • Which, for some, leads to the logical conclusion of Mistress Nine/Black Lady, despite the fact that, technically, they never meet.
    • This quote from the manga: "It's strange, isn't it? We're both girls, but it must have been fate that we met". When you consider fate and destiny and the role they played in Usagi and Mamoru's relationship, this is a Big Deal.
    • Hell Mamoru even lampshades this, after Chibi-Usa goes out to help the other Guardians after Hotaru's (temporary) death where he notes that he fells like: "I've just given my daughter away in marriage." Yeah.
  • Take a look at this picture. Minako is standing right behind Usagi, with her right hand on her breast and her left hand on her thigh. And Usagi seems to be enjoying it.

     Sailor Moon Crystal 
  • In the manga, Usagi thinks of Ami as "cute" on making her acquaintance in Act 2, while in Sailor Moon Crystal's Act 2, there's a bit of Luminescent Blush as she does it, with Ami also blushing profusely when Usagi effusively hugs her, and again shortly after, when Usagi tells her that she's cuter when she smiles, while obliviously using the -chan honorific.
    • In Crystal, Usagi's first meeting with Rei must be seen to be believed. Crystal takes after the manga to the point of sometimes being word-for-word, but somehow it managed to make the manga introduction more lesbian. In the manga, Usagi is distracted by Rei's beauty and follows her home. When she gets the "Evil spirit, begone" treatment, she forgives her easily because she can't imagine staying mad at someone so beautiful. Can we top that? Boy howdy, we can. Major spoilers for episode three: Ami's going to cram school. Invites an initially uninterested Usagi to tag along, saying "you can see a beautiful girl on the bus around this time." She gets excited for that and it's what gets her to get on. When Ami points out Rei, Usagi gasps, blushes, and we see Rei through her eyes - it's all glossy and the background is full of roses. Cut back to Usagi. Her eyes are now little hearts. "So... beautiful..." she says. She stares at her until Ami tells her that it's rude; Usagi doesn't even seem to be aware that Ami is speaking at all. What snaps her out of her out of her heart-eyed trance? Rei preparing to get off the bus. Usagi immediately says "I'm getting off here!" and runs after, leaving Ami confused. There's just no way to make that platonic.
    • Also, Usagi's crush on Motoki is absent. Mamoru is in fact the only male she shows romantic interest in, after saying Ami is cute, and then undergoing whole scene of Rei meeting above, and getting heart eyes over her again once near the end of that episode. We're reaching the point of Haruka and Michiru; in a franchise not opposed to having canon homosexuality, the evidence says Crystal's Usagi is definitely bisexual.
  • Season 3 contains the Chibiusa/Hotaru moments from the manga, but somehow makes it even less subtle. This comes to a head in the season finale, which contains the fate quote from the manga, but then adds in an additional line where Hotaru says "Chibiusa, I really love you." Really season 3 just contains a plethora of moments for the two. Hell the opening itself even makes this obvious with a scene of the two of them naked and staring longingly at each others eyes. You know who else got a intimate scene like that in the one of the shows endings? Haruka and Michiru the actual lesbian couple of the series.


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