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Ho Yay / Rise of the Guardians

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Jack: Awww; you do care.
Bunnymund: Oh rack off, you bloody show pony!

Pitch [to Jack]: What goes together better than cold and dark?

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  • Bunnymund, throughout the entire movie, acts mostly like a type A Tsundere toward Jack, even if his "dere" side is only shown toward the second half of the movie, once Jack gained his respect. It looks like a Defrosting Ice King development.
  • Bunny mostly acts like a jerk toward Jack, but he's quick to defend him if someone else does. The best example is during Pitch's first appearance at Tooth's palace.
    Pitch (to Jack): Oh, good; a neutral party. Then, I'm going to ignore you. But, you must be used to that, by now...
    Bunny: (jumps to attack him) Pitch, you shadow sneaking rat-bag, come here!
  • Later, something similar happens after Jack and the others went after Pitch and the Nightmares. When Jack fell from the sleigh, Bunnymund immediately rushed to check if he was all right.
  • Not to mention their Belligerent Sexual Tension... Bunny is definitely a Tsundere.
  • After the Guardians find Sophie in the Warren, Jack and Bunny sit down and have a chat. Bunny is holding Sophie in his arms, and before Tooth and others come, they three look like a family, with Jack and Bunny as the parents.
  • Later, when Pitch tricks the Guardians into thinking that Jack betrayed them, Bunny is devastated and yells at Jack that they should never have trusted him. Jack looks heartbroken over it.
  • They have a Held Gaze moment... platonic or not?
  • At one moment, Jack seems "flirting" with Bunny by sending him a snowflake which melt on Bunny's nose. Bunny smiles at him afterward. Aww.
  • Not to mention Bunny's reaction the moment where Pitch tries to strike Jack with his scythe by behind. He immediately tries to block it with his boomerang.
  • Don't forget the moment where Jack tries to make amends by making Jamie believe in Bunny.
    Bunnymund: He made you believe... in me?

  • An awful lot of their interactions make it look like Pitch has a Villainous Crush on Jack.
  • When Pitch tricks Jack into coming to his lair, he seems to flirt with Jack in his own twisted way. Especially when he corners Jack against a wall and comes rather close to him.
  • The artbook describes Pitch as "seductive". He never acts seductively toward anyone but Jack.
  • After their first fight, there's this line:
    Pitch (laughing): Finally, someone who knows how to have a little fun!
  • You may think that Jack doesn't care about Pitch, but he definitely sympathizes with him more than the others. That's clear to see in his face every time Pitch mentions he isn't believed in, and he is probably the one who truly horrified when Pitch was defeated and was dragged back at his lair by his own nightmares
  • A lot of fans think that Jack would be the one to make Pitch change, as they think that Love Redeems.

The Antarctica scene

It could mean Pitch sees Jack as a kindred spirit and a potential ally, or it could mean he has feelings for him. Loving him as a son could also be possible viewing his backstory in the books. His relationship with Jack could have been like brothers, too, seeing the artbook.
Pitch: I thought this might happen. They never really believed in you. I just tried to show you that. But I understand.
Jack: You don't understand anything!
Pitch: No? I don't know what it's like to be cast out? To not be believed in! To long for... a family... All those years in the shadows, I thought no one else knows what this feels like... but now I see I was wrong.
  • Word of God says Pitch was sincere in this part, and made himself vulnerable for Jack. Pitch's goal wasn't only to spread fear and rule the world, but to be believed in and accepted by other spirits, and possibly loved. This part hinted that he wanted to have Jack as a family, and being loved by him. The word "family" could imply many things: son, brother, and maybe lover.
  • However, there is the sequel of this dialogue when Pitch made his We Can Rule Together speech:
    Pitch: We don't have to be alone, Jack. I believe in you. And I know children will too.
    Jack: In me?
    Pitch: Yes, Jack! Look at what we can do! (shows him a sculpture made of ice and black sand) What goes together better than cold and dark?
    • This dialogue sounds like Pitch is downright shipping himself with Jack. Furthermore, the sculpture made of black sand and ice could mean anything. That doesn't help when you know that Pitch had been alone for many centuries, much longer than Jack. The OST about this part is even called Seduction.
  • The artbook goes further. One of the first designs for Pitch showed him as a magnificent shadow who actually caressed Jack to persuade him to join his side.
  • And right after this scene when Jack refuses his offer, Pitch has a bit of an If I Can't Have You... reaction toward Jack. Especially seeing as Jack gave his staff in exchange of Baby Tooth (whom Pitch held in hostage):
    Jack: Now give her.
    Pitch: No. You said you wanted to be alone. So be alone.
  • Then, after this exchange between the two, Pitch acted a lot nastier towards the Guardians. That is shown in the final battle when Pitch goes to make a last strike, and attacked Jack from behind. His face showed a real expression of anger towards him.
  • According to the DVD commentary, Pitch was genuinely hurt by his rejection as he didn't want to be alone. The commentary also uses the phrase "...Jack spurned him."

  • Jack and Sandy, anyone? Unlike the others guardians, Sandy was definitely the only one who was supportive toward Jack. It's implied that the two were friends before the events of the movie. And when Sandy died Jack was completely devastated by this, and was overjoyed when he came back.

  • Pitch and Sandy too. Why did Pitch steal his ability? The movie hints that these two have a story behind their rivalry and not only because they are polar opposites. Then, during one scene, Pitch made a little sculpture of sand representing Sandy... before crushing it in his fists.
    • Without mentioning that Pitch is afraid of nobody... except Sandy. And Pitch loves fear too.
    • At one point, when they met each other for the second time, Sandy whipped Pitch.


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