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"I've only been listening for like five minutes and I can already tell they're really in love. Why can't they see it?"

Red Vs Blue is positively full of examples of Ho Yay in action. Fair warning for Late Arrival Spoilers in regards to Season 16 and all other seasons beyond this point!

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     Ho Yay - Grif/Simmons (Grimmons) 
  • Simmons and Grif are Heterosexual Life-Partners whose Ho Yay is incredibly blatant, to the point that it's barely subtext. Few episodes pass without them arguing Like an Old Married Couple (to the point where Tucker explicitly mentioned it in The Blood Gulch Chronicles), in one of the PSAs it is implied that Simmons carved their initials into a tree, and in the last episode of Revelation, when he thinks Grif is dead, Simmons sounds absolutely heartbroken, far more so than when other teammates have apparently died, just for a few examples.
    • Geoff Ramsey gave (likely-joking) Word of Gay on Grif in a podcast, stating that Grif was secretly in love with Simmons, they were going to get married, and eventually even have a baby together when technology allowed for it. No one at Rooster Teeth bothered to contradict him so take that as you will.
    • When Simmons and Grif are about to be executed for selling their team's ammunition to the Blues after the both of them were re-assigned to Rat's Nest during Reconstruction, Simmons says he wants to tell Grif something... we never learn what that was, because what Grif had to tell Simmons completely ruins the mood, but it cartainly sounded like a build-up to a love confession.
    • Simmons also seems to care more about Grif then he lets on, what with him always insisting they rescue Grif when he's in trouble.
    • In Recreation, Simmons apparently uses the holographic testing room to interact with fake versions of his teammates for emotional support. His Holo-Grif is programmed to shout "I love boners!"
    • In the "Missing in Action" miniseries, Simmons is the only one to notice Grif is missing, and the one to insist they go find him.
    • It should also be mentioned that the longest they have ever been separated In-Universe during The Blood Gulch Chronicles was five hours, and apparently it was enough to provoke depression and withdrawal symptoms in both of them. In fact, whenever they are separated, something bad happens to either or both (more so than when they're together).
    • The "Higgs Bozos" PSA revealed that apparently Simmons and Grif went to a wedding together where Grif ate the entire cake. It's never revealed whose wedding it was just that there was one. Hmm...
    • They have their own segment in the "Fire Fight" PSA where they play together. And they are the only ones who play together. They really are inseparable. And of course they bicker Like an Old Married Couple here too.
    • In the "Rock the Veto" PSA, where the two teams play against each other, Grif and Simmons are both at Simmons' house. They play split screen. So no matter which universe they're in, they're always together
    • They also pinky swore to keep Grif's pajamas a secret.
    • Grif is always the one to drive the Warthog, and Sarge always rides shotgun. Not once did Grif comment about this in any way, but the one time Simmons tries to climb in next to him during The Blood Gulch Chronicles, he immediately says "What are we, on a date?" to which Simmons replies "Oh you're so insecure!" The whole exchange cones across as Grif being defensive about his feelings and Simmons knowing full well what's going on.
    • During Season 14's "Head Cannon," Simmons is literally the only other person seen inside of Grif's head when O'Malley invades it. Additionally, Grif is also SEEN in Simmons' mind (albeit with the position of serving as Simmons' glorified butler).
  • This is practically turned Up to Eleven during Season 15, which might as well be the Grimmons season. What certainly helps is that the season's writer, Joe Nicolosi, actually ships Grimmons in real life.
    • After the war on Chorus, Tucker reactivated the Temple of Procreation, which put the entire planet into an aphrodisiac-induced orgy. Apparently, during that time Simmons and Grif ended up locked in a closet together. They tell anyone who brings it up to bluntly drop the topic, with both of them refusing to look at each other. You do the math.
    • After Grif temporarily leaves the Reds and Blues in "Reacts," there is a long shot of Simmons gazing sadly after his retreating form.
    • With Grif gone, Simmons is very depressed, and as Caboose points out in "Nightmare on Planet Evil," seems to be talking about Grif a lot.
    • Grif, for his part, has been incredibly lonely since the rest of the Reds and Blues left, and has taken to talking to volleyballs with his friends' helmets painted on them. And when we next see him in "Objects in Space," he seems to be working himself up to confess to volleyball Simmons, with various interruptions from all the other volleyballs. And then when Locus finds him and tells him his friends are in trouble, Grif seems very stuck on making sure Simmons is okay before asking about everyone else.
    • When they finally reunite, you'll notice Grif left Simmons out of the list of people he hates, and they both admit to being glad to being back together. Jax was literally gearing up to record them kissing.
    • Heck, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say they actually did kiss in the time between them knocking Jax and Dylan arriving to ask what happened to him, either.
  • The Grimmons is comparatively toned-down in Seasons 16 and 17 after the events of 15, but still noticeable. For instance, while Grif and Huggins are walking to England together, she calls Simmons "Grif's BFF," a term of which Grif doesn't object to. Additionally, when Grif and Kaikaina break into Simmons' Labyrinth illusion in "Theogeny," he makes her promise to never tell anyone else about what they see within and that it must stay "super private."

     Ho Yay - Other 
  • Caboose seems to have a low-key crush on Donut, referring to him with such nicknames as Private Biscuit or Lieutenant McMuffin (with a golden flaky crust), although it could just be Caboose being Caboose.
    • Complicating matters is how Caboose did seem to genuinely think Donut was a girl for several seasons, so it's possible that he was trying to flirt with "her."
    • In return, Donut seems to reciprocate at least some of Caboose's feelings, even giving him a big speech about how they'll always be friends before he returns to base near the end of Season 2.
    • In Recreation, Donut says he thinks Caboose would be a good dad, then goes on to wonder if he want kids himself.
  • Church and Wash seem to have developed this by virtue of a great deal of banter and the fact that Wash has had what amounts to a large chunk of Church's memories in his head for some time.
  • While it's more one-sided Ho Yay in this case, sometimes Caboose seems like he's actively crushing on Church, and always seems a bit too obsessed with getting Church to be his best friend. The "Valentine's Day" PSA certainly didn't help at all.
    • Additionally, frequently Caboose makes Ho Yay-esque statements about Church, although one time Church returned the favor, albeit in his usual sarcastic manner. It was...kind of weird.
  • As of Season 11, Tucker and Wash seem to have grown especially close to each other. Wash even shares a bit of his past and some of his insecurities, which (keep in mind) he hadn't done with anyone else up to that point (even when including Carolina).
    • Tucker, for his part, seemed dead-set on rescuing Wash when he appeared to be captured at the end of Season 11, even more determined than rescuing Sarge, Lopez or Donut (all of whom he's known much longer, though admittedly he knew them for a large portion of that time only as Friendly Enemies).
      • The extent Tucker goes to save him is pretty staggering, considering his initial behavior. Tucker started out very antagonistic towards Wash, misplacing his anger towards Church for leaving without saying goodbye and viewing Wash as a cheap replacement for his best friend. When Wash opens up for a heart-to-heart shortly before pulling his Heroic Sacrifice, Tucker's resulting Jerkass Realization has him focusing all his efforts, resources, and opportunities in saving him from the Feds. He ends up blowing an infiltration mission and sacrificing two subordinates (albeit accidentally) for information on his whereabouts. When it appeared that Kimball was not going to allow them to go rescue his friends, Tucker immediately convinces Grif, Simmons, and Caboose to pack up on a stolen Warthog and mount the rescue operation themselves, claiming that once they got their friends back, "Wash will know what to do".
    • Wash has also seen Tucker sleeping naked. He told him to stop, but still.
    • During The Shisno Paradox, after Tucker learns of Wash's cerebral hypoxia, he lapses into a Heroic BSoD and feels incredibly guilty for his part in Wash's injury. It's worthy noting that Carolina (who Wash gets copious amounts of Ship Tease throughout both Season 15 and The Shisno Paradox) is the only other person to get just as upset as Tucker does about Wash's brain damage and becomes dedicated to preventing it from happening.
  • Of all pairings, Sarge/Wash got some really weird attention during the Season 12 outtakes. With Sarge's VA wanting someone to write "Sargington."
    • Wash is also very kind and pleasant to Sarge during Season 17's "Everwhen" in a flashback sequence taking place in Season 10, with him trying to perk up Sarge after the latter forgets his Rousing Speech, almost coming across as flirting.
    • In Season 17's Killing Time when the Everwhen!Washington makes up a lie about replacing his jammed rifle (He was holding a Magnum) with a Chaingun from the nearby Pelican. Past!Sarge lets out a chuckle and then gives him a compliment as he leaves in a clearly impressed tone.
    "If he's single there's no hope for any of us."
    • Even before that, when Washington states he needs to replace his jammed rifle. Sarge immediately offers his shotgun to him, which is kinda saying something considering how much he loves the damn thing. Especially compared to when Washington told him to drop his shotgun back in Season 8.
  • In Season 10, we get the grand return of Donut. Apparently, he managed to stay alive long enough to have Doc fix him up. They've been living together in a small hut and tending to a sustainable garden - It's just all so very domestic!
    Simmons: Oh, and they made us banana bread.
    (Cut to a loaf of banana bread on the ground with a card saying Hope you like nuts! -Donut & Doc)
    Grif: How nice! I'm gonna have to forget to send them a thank you card.
  • In the PSA-only parody movie "Sarge 2: Sarge Harder," Lopez is quite clearly intended to be Sarge's love interest and the plot revolves around Sarge rescuing him. Of course, it should be taken with a grain of salt since Donut was the scriptwriter.
  • Felix and Locus work awfully well together and seem to trust each other. Which for them is really a big deal.
    • invoked The above gains much darker undertones when it's revealed that Felix has been deliberately manipulating Locus' PTSD into staying as his partner since he realizes that he needs Locus more then Locus needs him, much like an abusive spouse continually manipulating their partner to stay with them.
    • Season 14, which seems to play before Felix jumped off the deep end, seems to give them a sort of Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamic. They still throw insults and snark at each other left and right but then Locus lugs an injured Felix around a battlefield for who knows how long, Felix twists around Locus to throw his knife at a Mook instead of using his partner (who still tries to protect him) as a shield as you would expect from him, and instead of dumping Felix on his ass once they're safe, Locus puts him down very gently on a car bumper.
      • In their intro episode ("Club"), they come under enemy fire while Felix is stumbling around blinded by a smoke bomb. Locus immediately runs to Felix and tackles him to the floor, forcibly holding him down to keep him out of range of bullets. He would have probably stayed on top of him longer if Felix hadn't kicked him off.
      • All in all, one couldn't be blamed for thinking Locus had a thing for Felix with Felix being in deep denial.
  • In Season 14 Episode 16, after Epsilon finds out that in his current iteration he had everybody in Red Team genderbent. This also somehow included Tex. His reaction upon finding out?
    Epsilon: Uh... Let me think about this for a second... (Beat) Yeah, I'm cool with it, but I'm out.
  • While Season 15 already has copious amounts of Grimmons, there's also a lot of Ho Yay subtext in the friendship between Temple and Biff. It really doesn't take that much effort to see their relationship as something more, especially as Biff's death is played more like the loss of a lover as a motivation for Temple's Start of Darkness than the loss of a friend that the story claims it is.
  • Season 17 has Donut and Wash forming an Odd Friendship during their struggles through the Everwhen. Wash is repeatedly shown to be the only one that actively sticks up for Donut throughout the season, to the point where he forces all of the Reds and Blues to go and apologize to Donut after the latter reaches his Rage Breaking Point and lets them all have it. For his part, Donut gives an inspiring Rousing Speech to Wash after he lapses into a Heroic BSoD on Chorus during "Breaching The Torus," and at one point brushes off getting shot by Wash repeatedly with "Eh, what's a Donut without a hole in it?" What certainly helps is the surprising amount of chemistry shown between Shannon McCormick and Dan Goodwin during the season's events.

     Les Yay 
  • On an opposite side of the gender, when Dr. Grey gives Carolina a check up on her damaged leg, she calls her "Sweetie". When Carolina gives a hostile remark upon said name, she gleefully responds that she would love to "psychoanalyze" her.
    • It continues into Grey's later appearances, with her dreamily stating that Wash is a "lucky man" to have Carolina serve as his friend and nurse during his recovery from his neck injury in Season 16's "Recovery."
  • In "Get Bent," Donut's Gender Flip is the most subtextual Butch Lesbian imaginable.
  • Episode 22 of Season 14 has Agent Ohio being a confirmed lesbian. After a war between her Freelancer squad and a Charon Industries squad breaks out, she tells her Charon counterpart, Sherry (who was later confirmed to also be a lesbian by Shannon McCormick, the episode's writer), this:
    Ohio: It's a shame, though - You actually seem like my type!
  • Sister, upon meeting Tex for the first time, comments that "He's kinda hot!". When Tucker points out that Tex is a woman, she revises this comment to "She's kinda hot!".
    • Season 15 confirms that Sister regularly goes through bouts of bisexuality. This comes up when Dylan asks her for an interview, and Sister, being Sister, assumes Jax is there to film them having sex and was ready to start before she's hastily corrected.
    • Sister flirts with Huggins in Season 16, with the latter even revealing herself to be bisexual and turning pink with a Luminescent Blush.
  • In Season 15, Dylan Andrews is talking to Dr. Grey after shooting her partner so she can learn who the UNSC's Ambassador to Chorus currently is. Dr. Grey's response to is cheerily muse that Dylan's "a little bit crazy" before seductively stating "I like that."
  • A relatively minor case in Season 15, but it's worth noting that Carolina was very interested in joining a band that was formed specifically to "pick up chicks."

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