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  • This happens frequently between Shawn and Gus, though mostly coming from Shawn. Lampshaded and subverted in Season 4 premiere "Extradition: British Columbia," where Gus comments about the unusually romantic nature of the vacation destinations. As it turns out, they were all arranged for Shawn's girlfriend, but she had a teacher's conference. Shawn and Lassie have a lot of these moments as well. See also Ambiguously Bisexual.
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  • Possibly Lampshaded in "The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode" when Shawn is telling Lassie he'll help him prove the shark attack was murder, saying they will be like one, and then throwing out several portmanteaus, including Shassie, Sharlton, and Spenciter.
  • In "9 Lives," a suspect misunderstands Gus's assertion that he and Shawn are "partners." When Gus tries to clarify that he means it in a business sense, Shawn interrupts saying they are in a relationship. He later admits that he does such things just because it bothers Gus. This happened a season before, with Shawn insisting he and Gus really were "lovers in the nighttime".
    Shawn: You're in a safe place, surrounded by men who love you. Gus?
    Gus: Lassiter, I love you.
  • A deleted scene from "Daredevils!" shows that Juliet's workout partner, a tough female cop, may have more than a friendly interest in the junior detective.
    • Shawn even jokes around with Juliet about her sexuality in "Feet, Don't Kill Me Now":
    Shawn: Your clogging up my psychic signals. Do you mind keeping Tanya note  busy while I attempt to unclog them?
    Juliet: And how am I supposed to do that?
    Shawn: Gus would turn into Smooth Gus and try to pick her up.
    Juliet: I am not hitting on a girl!
    Shawn: Why, does that scare you? Or does that not scare you...? And does that scare you?
  • In "Shawn 2.0," while Shawn is giving his dad silly reasons not to hire Declan, he includes his "impossibly long eyelashes."
    • To be fair, he was played by Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert from Lost) for whom the comment is hardly uncommon.
  • Lauren Lassiter (but with her brother's face, to Gus): You are a great guy. Are you dating anyone?note 
  • Shawn really wants Lassiter to hug him doesn't he?
  • Shawn and Lassiter's Fake-Out Make-Out.
  • Shawn and Gus go Undercover as Lovers, pretending to they were looking for a school for their kid so they could spy on a client's wife who was a teacher.
  • In "Shawn and the Real Girl", Shawn and Gus go undercover as contestants on a Bachelorette-type show. The bachelorette notes that they seem more into each other than her, that it was really hard to "penetrate that twosome", and that she initially thought they were in a relationship with each other. These are not uncommon impressions, given the length of the Ho Yay section here (and it is by no means exhaustive.)
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  • Gus's own parents seemed to think their son would have been married by now if it wasn't for Shawn.
  • Shawn once explained why he needs Gus because "Behind every great man is a great woman". The great woman was Gus.


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